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    Kubota GR2110 riding lawn mower review

    I picked up one of these second hand with the 54" mower about 8 years ago; previous owner couldn't be bothered to change the two fuel filters, ruined the fuel pump. Mow approximately 10 acres frequently along with leaf clean up in the fall; now at 1240 hrs. As an engine it really has done well...
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    Financing  Horse farm tractor: Haying, snowblowing, loader work.

    Ok I am looking to replace my current 955 with a hydro 4WD compact tractor in the 40-50hp range. One salesman got all bogged down on ground clearance for haying and how I had to have a 5 series AG tractor..I think mostly because he wanted to sell that and he didn't think that anyone would want...
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    Deere 955 running a single hose hydraulic piston

    Hi, I have hung an Enorossi mower off the back of my 955 with a single hose hydraulic lift piston for the sickle bar. The Enorossi comes with a single inline valve with a send and a return flow adjustment inline valves. I am unsure what/where I could plug this into the Deere. I certainly do...
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    Sickle Bar  New or used? Sickle bar mower questions

    Found a new italian sickle bar mower for about $3000. Looking at used sickle bar mowers for like $1500. Been having trouble finding any supplier of parts for the Rossi mower which is a concern. I know that replacing the box can be pricey, but at least Deere parts are usually available. Not...
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    Some GR 2110 questions

    I picked up this GR 2110 3 seasons ago. It has mowed very well at our wedding venue where we have to have perfect manicured lawns every weekend. It means mowing about 10-12 acres with the 54" deck. So far the unit has done very well, despite twice putting in gasoline(loose nut behind the...
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    TC 30 electrical issue

    Hi, I have a horse farm owner(possibly not terribly tractor savvy) who has a 2003 TC 30 that stops running when the brake pedal is actuated, or the clutch is depressed and shifted from neutral to H, M or L. There would appear to be an electrical wire shorting when the brake/shift pedal is...