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    What to Look for in Zero Turn Mower

    I think I'm going to upgrade from my riding mower that doesn't cut well. This would be to mow about 1.5ac, including around a lot of trees. I'm probably going to look at 48-54" deck width. I don't need commercial level, but would like something that is still dependable and serviceable. There...
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    3 Point Land Leveler

    I'm thinking about getting a 3 point land leveler to keep the driveway smooth and level out various spots around the place. Just light duty stuff. I'm thinking about the Behlen 7' model from Tractor Supply given the good price point. I don't think I need scarifiers since I have a box blade with...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Questions

    I'm rebuilding the lift cylinders on my JD 521 loader mounted to a 5105 (2001 model). The parts book shows many more seals than are actually on the cylinder, so the parts kits include several different extra seals, which is expected. However, I'm not finding replacements for two of the seals...
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    Starlink Dish Mount

    Got my Starlink dish finally. The best place to mount it to the house was on the tall side with sloped ground. Luckily, I have a work platform that is setup to be lifted with a forklift. Nothing like trusting your life to your 11 year old son. He's done this before, but first time in the 5055...
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    JD Heater Grid Kit

    JD sells a heater grid kit for my 5105. While I have the loader off and everything torn apart, it would be a great time to install it cleanly. From what I can tell, these fit a bunch of models. How well do these work for cold starts for others?
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    PTO Tiller Questions

    We've decided to hold off on a planter, but still want to expand the garden. The only tiller we have is a very small weed-eater style. I've rented a rear-tine when needed. I want to buy one, but want to go with a PTO tiller since I have tractors. I'll probably run it with my JD 5105 (45hp)...
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    Spray Bedliner for Operator Platform

    I'm going to have to clean up and repaint these platform panels on my 5105 project. As you can see, there was a lot of wear from where my feet are and some overspray from the previous owner trying to pretty it up. I was actually thinking about painting them with spray on bedliner instead. It...
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    Fuel Line Protection

    Working on my 5105, the fuel line runs under the tractor and of course behind the dash where the fire was. Is it worth trying to find some kind of protector to protect the bottom so it doesn't get snagged? Maybe the plastic wire harness cover stuff? It's just bulk fuel line, so it is cheap, but...
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    Planters for small tractors

    We're thinking about expanding the garden and I've been looking at 1 or 2 row used row crop planters to attach to either my 5055 or 5105 (when I get it going). It would be for rows of sweet corn, pumpkins, and beans. Anything to look out for there? Have others done this? I have experience...
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    JD 5055e Radio Installation with Pictures

    I decided to go with a cheaper Sony unit without a CD player. It has USB, so CDs would be pointless. It has a detachable faceplate, I thought those were done away with. The radio and adapter I got. Inserting the mounting bracket is just like any other DIN opening. Connecting the included...
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    JD 5055e Radio Addition

    2017 5055e got here today. I've done a little bit of searching on this. Obviously, I need some tunes. I need to remove the panel and see what I'm dealing with as well. From what I've found I need the antenna kit from JD, p/n AL222926. Looking online, that's a pretty pricey kit. Do I need...
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    JD 5105 Repair Thread

    I thought I'd use a thread to chronicle my repair of my 5105. Today I got the loader off, pulled it into the shop, and got the hood off with the help of my kids. My plan is to get the bare minimum parts to make it run, so I can be assured that it will run, before getting the rest and tracking...
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    Global Loader Attachment

    Is there a more common name for this? Searching for it doesn't seem to work. I know the skid steer quick connect is more common. I'm looking for a good set of pallet forks with the global quick connect for a JD H240 loader. The local dealer wants $2k for Frontier. I'm in CO.
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    Learn Me About JD 5E Series

    So insurance is totaling my 5105. I've been looking around at used 5E series tractors, so I'm curious about what others think about them. I've read through the 5045E thread, and there is a lot of useful information there, so thank you to those who responded to that one. I'm thinking a 5055...
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    JD 5105 Fire

    This happened Friday after brush hogging the larger areas that I keep mowed. I mowed about an hour, ate a quick dinner, and finished another 45 minutes. I parked it here and went to spray thistle on the 4 wheeler and my wife and kids yell "fire" at me. Must have been electrical, but the only...
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    Replacement Seat for JD 5105

    My JD 5105 has an aftermarket seat (not a great one) that needs to be replaced. I don't necessarily want to buy all of the expensive factory parts to make it stock again. It seems like there area all kinds of aftermarket seats available online, but there is very little mounting information...
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    Grass Seeding

    I'm wondering if there's a good attachment out there that can incorporate grass seed into harder soil besides a grain/grass drill. I had a building built last year and have a couple areas to seed. I had fairly good luck by spreading the seed then using the box blade to pull top soil over the...
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    Loader Lift Capacity

    I have a JD 5105 with a JD 521 loader. I'm looking at buying an automotive lift at some point, and most of them require you to unload off of the semi trailer when they deliver. The pallet weight is 1700lbs. I'm wondering how well this rig will do with that heavy of a load. The forks I have...
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    JD 5105 Steering Cylinder Rebuild

    The steering cylinder on my tractor was dripping fluid past the polish rod, so I ordered the repair kit and completed it today. Taking the cylinder apart wasn't too bad, but getting the new seals in place was a pain. It's not leaking anymore and hopefully it will stay that way. In the one...
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    Springs for Pat's Quick Attach

    One of my release springs broke and I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can order some spares online. The local farm store doesn't carry springs (weird, I know), so I might have to venture into town.
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    Next Project!

    FB Marketplace is dangerous. I found a cheap Rhino SE-7, but it needs a bit of work. The wheel bearings need to be replaced and the gearbox is missing the input shaft. The blades and carrier are present, but I'm sure the blades can use sharpening. My plan is to get a replacement gearbox and...
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    Pat's Quick Hitch

    What do you guys think of the Pat's Quick Hitch system? Did you find that your top link was too short with it? I have a Cat 2 hitch, but I just use the sleeves for my cat 1 blade. I know they make one that attaches cat 1, but I don't want to lose the cat 2 capability.
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    New Building!

    Or at least a new shed. I got one of the shed kits from Lowes and unloaded it with my 5105. I was pretty impressed with how it handled 1400lbs. I could probably use some more weight in the back, the rear tires were a little light (had the box blade on the back). I just needed to get it off...
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    Hydraulic Selector Valve Question

    I have a JD 5105 with center-hydraulics and a joystick for the loader. I'm thinking I'd like to get a hydraulic top-link on my box blade and be able to run other hydraulics as necessary. I could just disconnect the bucket tilt and connect the other hydraulics as necessary, but I was thinking...
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    Toolbox Mount for JD 521 Loader

    I was looking around on the tractor for the best way to mount a 50 cal ammo can toolbox. This bracket is on the loader and it seems like the perfect way to mount it. The bracket has a retaining pin on the shaft that holds it on, so it can easily be removed. My question is, is this the factory...
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    Joined the Club

    I joined the club and bought a used JD 5105 with a 521 loader. I've had it for about a month, and like it quite a bit so far. I've used it for a little bit of driveway repair to get the hang of everything. I've moved a bit of dirt around. I'm building up a leveling pad for a 10x10 shed this...
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    MF 3545 Tranmission Input Shaft Seal

    New member here, seems to be a lot more information on the internet than when I last dug into this tractor. So the background is I have a MF 3545 with the electric over hydraulic primary in the transmission (gives it 16 speeds). Four years ago, a bad financial decision about an alternator...