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    Buying used WVA-Deutz-Fahr 5080 Keyline, loader tractor

    Has anyone changed out the oil and filters for their Deutz - Fahr M keyline tractor. Does anyone have a service and user manual with info for changing out fluids. If you did change out the oil, fuel, hydraulic filters what filter and fluid did you use? Any help would be appreciated
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    Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline tractor, Changing fuel and oil filters?

    Hello Tractor friends. I just bought a 2022 Deutz-Fahr Deluxe cab, loader tractor for @30K with only 325HRS perfect shape, extra front hydraulics. I want to change the oil and cannot find any oil or fuel filter part numbers. I was hoping someone has the same Deutz-Fahr 5080M Keyline and could...
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    Buying used WVA-Deutz-Fahr 5080 Keyline, loader tractor

    Hello, My neighbor has a Deutz-Fahr 5080 Keyline with under 900 hours for sale. Tell me about the SSQA loader connections as it was mentioned by another owner. The tractor was used for making hay and mowing pastures. It has extra lights, extra hydraulic lines to loader, like new tires, barn...
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    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    Hello, I am looking at a Deutz-Fahr that is being sold by neighbor. What is the SSQA that you mentioned with quick attach connections for loader. The tractor has 900 hours, with extra lights and extra lines to front loader. Asking 44K. It has been barn kept and used for hay. Tell me more about...
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    Kubota Loader Ram hydraulic cylinder leaking MX 5000 Loader LB 702, nervous,need help

    Hi, I am a newbie to owning a tractor and equipment. I have a Kubota 5000 with loader LB 702. I think I can do the repairs in my Grandfathers shop. I inherited the Kubota tractor from my late father. This was his baby and it was always kept inside a barn under cover from the weather. This is...