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    Review of 4710

    Ran out of time to bring my 1440v into the shop for engine work but need to get gardens ready. So, my buddy offered his 4710 and rotary tiller. It's about 20 kms as the crow flies between the farm where it resides and my place, but road closures and rush hour meant a LOT of extra travel...
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    A-C/Simplicity 311GT

    I picked up an if not dead definitely dying Allis 811GT (Simplicity '79-'81) and have done a little reading about the Simplicity A-C deals. This one has been re=powered as an 18HP (as later evolution of same tractor did) but judging by the wear on almost anything moving has a LOT of hours on...
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    Cold Start Pre-heating?

    My M-F 1440C with E3CD-T is soon to get its turn in the shop. Reading through the Iseki workshop manual for the engine, there is no mention of what to use and where to put an electric heating element for cold starts. I do my big snow removal with a D5H but it is a bit clumsy around buildings...
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    Parts for E3CD-T rebuild?

    I bought an M-F 1440 (not sure what Iseki model this is) with an E3CD-T engine that one of friend's employees ran with no coolant. Suspect only rings and maybe pistons (did not seize - so bores probably good) but darned if I will pay the incredible prices of parts (and in our case horrendous...
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    M-F vs. Fendt?

    My best friend has a few small farms that he/we cultivate to feed his herd of horses (usually around 25). We started working with whatever old equipment we could score, but as he became more successful in business he switched to buying new stuff from local M-F dealer. We did try a bit of green...
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    Cat vs. Fiat notes

    We have a fair bit of earth moving to do to turn unbroken land into site for shop and home, roads, etc. First thing I bought was a D5H with a 6 way blade, then later a 941 track loader - that turned out to have cracked block. I need the tracked machine this summer, and no time to convert to...
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    I bought a slightly broken M-F 1440V from a friend, but he was replacing it with a brand new one so kept the FEL and rear mowers. IIRC the loader was an M-F 1466 but I believe that it has a brand-specific attachment system and no "parallelogram" correction of bucket angle with boom lift. So...
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    1440V comments

    This year I bought a 1440V from my best bud. One of his employees managed to run it without coolant (leak) and it doesn't run so well any more. I am assuming just rings, but what else should I expect has been damaged? I am in Canada (SK) so where do I get Iseki parts at a decent price...
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    Which Iseki is M-F 1440V?

    I have an M-F 1440V that I bought last year with an engine that had been run dry of coolant. So, need to find a service manual and parts supply to rebuild. I see we have manuals here, but where do I cross reference the tractor model and serial to match up with Iseki information? It is a 3...