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    Husky GT52XLS

    mower comes with either Kohler 7000 series or Kawasaki, thinking that Kawasaki is better, does anyone know what transmission come with either engine? almost $1000 less than JD 380.
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    eMax 25 seatbelt way too small

    just got the tractor and it is a tight stretch to attach the seat belt around me, told salesman and he tried, he's not as old and fat as me, and it was too tight also. Female end is about 12" long male end is like 2 feet long. Anyone else have this problem or does everyone else go without (not...
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    Buying Advice  Used BX25D vs Mahindra eMax 25

    Was looking at new BX25D and new Mahindra eMax 25, w/ backhoe, then saw BX25D loader, mower, backhoe under 200 hrs, backhoe never used, almost no scratches in FEL, 60" mower has most use for $18,000, eMax was $22,500 similar price for BX25D new. What do you think, am keeping my B2920, like John...
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    snowblower for B2920

    what is the experience between the 50 inch and 51 inch blowers, for $1000 extra is 51 inch that much better? Have 400+ feet of paved driveway and running out of space to put snow with loader.
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    JD 530 or 540

    looking at JD 530 verses JD 540, what is difference in gas consumption? Does water cooled 540 last longer? difference in cost is $1000.
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    Need help in picking trailer

    Time to buy trailer, have a Kubota B2920, but trailer will be used for construction materials, car hauler, even moving pre-built gazebo. Looking at 18 foot, 7K or 10K, presently have 2012 GMC Crew Cab, 5.3l, auto with max trailering, BUT would like to get 2500HD in a few years. 7K verses 10K...
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    Used B3030

    I found a used B3030 with just over 100 hours, 2007 model year, does anyone know of problems with that model? Has 63" front mount snow blower, does this get powered by mid-mount take off, and can mid-mount deck be added without problems? Thanks in advance.
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    Comparison  B2920 vs B3200 vs JD2520

    started pricing the JD 2520 because of the quick change bucket (FEL) and other quick attach implements, tractor with R4, 62" MMM, 200CX loader is $18,500 (before any taxes). Then of course I had to look at Kubota (have owned two), so I priced B2920, FEL, 60" MMM and was at $18,500, then looked...
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    BX24/25 or B2920 with backhoe?

    Was going to buy a B2920 but had not finalized the deal yet, but now I am buying 2 1/2 acres of ground to build another house. Already have 4 1/2 acres and will be taking care of another house we own for mowing. Question is with building a new house there would be a need to install a culvert...
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    B2920 verses BX24 & B3030

    I have decided to get a B2920, previously I have had a B1750 and L3010. The B1750 did not have quite enough power, almost bought a B2910, but went with L3010 instead. The L3010 was too big, too heavy to trailer. Now am going back to B2920 for the power and small size, good pto power, not size...
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    used L3010 Kubota

    I need to downsize, I have a L3010 HST with FEL, 72 inch finish mower and 58 inch tiller, only 50 hours, any idea on what it's worth, will be looking at smaller Kubota if I can sell.