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    Ford/NH 445d - How to make it start in the cold

    I am on a mission to make my 445d start with relative ease during the winter. Today we got up to -3*f for the high, after 5 or 6 hrs on the block heater and 15 min on a 10A charge (new 4Dc battery last month) it started, but not very willingly. I do not expect it to start like a high pressure...
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    Adding Auxilliary Hydraulics to Ford/NH 445D

    I have a 1996 Ford NH 445D 4x4 skip loader. I bought it as a project with the flywheel bolts broken, so I have gotten to know my way around the machine a bit getting it fixed up and running right, along with other repairs. I have added a quick attach conversion plate to the front end and...
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    New Holland B95C Iveco filters

    Good evening. I am new here, 1st post. I recently purchased a 2013 New Holland B95C Backhoe Loader. I really like the machine, getting spoiled by some of the comforts compared to my old 580SL, but unfortunately I am having a hard time speaking Italian. I need to get the machine serviced and am...