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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    Many will say I've never had a problem, but it is possible. First year out of college I worked for a smaller road builder wit a 225 CAT excavator. They were using it bucket heel, paralell to the ground, to partially tamp the stepped sewer and water line trenches for a small develoment. Job...
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    Where to buy lye/caustic soda/Sodium hydroxide in bulk?

    Dispatched about 9 tractor trailers of 50% solution every day for a few years. Found out is was considered a kosher cleaning compound while showing the Rabbi what was the prior 3 products in prep for a shipment of kosher coconut oil to Hoffman LaRoche. Got real easy to schedule the right...
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    Ford Announces New Company, Model E, what's your thoughts?

    Local van/shop does a big business, including the ocal auto dealers. My 2011 silverado came with one key and fob. $120.00 for (2) mated VATS [chip] keys and one fob. Third owner and he had to delete 7 out of 8 keys/fobs and program in what I bought...worked for me.
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    64 years old TD14 dozer still pulling the Giant logs. Unbelievable......

    Around ten years old, I'm riding with dad, returning from who remembers where when he stops at this guy's yard to look at an International that wasn't switching over. With the owner in the seat, dad standing on one side of the engine and i'm on the other trac watching the grown ups talking...
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    Cruise control issue on wife's car

    undoing the plug broke up a film of corrosion. My Silverado developed a bad brake light switch. Cruise stopped working then it wouldn't come out of park. First replacement off flea-bay was a chinese wonder, I could get out of park but lost my brake lights. Went to GM for an OEM switch and...
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    Driveway Ideas?

    Grew up with my father working for the town highway Dept. and they would build new curbs [changing from limestone curbs to a concrete radius] and would fill the void with slag from the steel mill and grade/roll it out then spread screenings and roll it again. Often would let the last one done in...