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    Single plough attachment

    Hi! For Plough we need traction . And the best is wheight . The most is better. For space between wheels Minimum. 16 in. for 8 in. plough and 18 in. for the 9 in. plough. I make steel wheels I try with one inch steel pads the wet soil stick on and wheels slips. I add two inches . high steel...
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    Single furrow ridger

    Hi! Some years ago! I make and use this implement. Tills and makes small hills in same time. Now I use rotary plow for make beds 3 FT large for two rows on the top. Good Luck! Oldmech
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    Steel spade wheels or wheel weights for ploughing/ridging

    Hi! For traction steel wheels are very good. I make mines two in. pad incredible traction. but very bad for grass. A good compromise Tires with 60 kg weight in wheel and with tire chains. In wet soil tire grip come full and tire slip no more traction. Tire chain are self cleaning . You can...
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    Two-stages snowblower for BCS

    [Hi! I forget The universal joint is from Suziki steering. pict 1. For connect I use 1/4 x 6 in.x12 in. steel plate im make a 60mm hole in center for Quick hitch adapter. Two Lovejoy L095 between blower shaft and quick hitch My cost for everything less 200. But a lot of work I try it with...
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    Two-stages snowblower for BCS

    Hi! A friend gives me a old front end snowblower. The problem or trouble is bad rotation. I change rotation. Not easy! But I make it. First step! Change the output side. We must cut (I use a 4 1\2 in.Grinder with disk) the top of output important to cut at same height each side for 180 deg...
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    BCS735 mods

    Hi ! Two weeks ago. I finnish mowing and come back at home. Bang! The PTO lever quit the U stand and go in and turn around the wheeel. result A rod PTO lever bend and the shift lever bent. I was lucky the PTO fork in trans was ok. The BCS lever system for gears and PTO are very fast for change...
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    Primary/heavy tillage w/ BCS850

    HI! Moldboard plow is a good implement. No dangerous for operator. You cannot brook tractor gears. If you hit rock wheels spins. But Make good plowing is ART. Adjusting the moldboard plow is not easy. Need some try. For plowing you need good traction and the best is more weights .Duals are...
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    Transport speed?

    Hi! You can use transport speed with load. But with limit. Is your trailer have brakes. Is the road flat with no curve. Some years ago. I use my Grillo with trailer for going at the river for water. About half-mille. 3 barrels 2/3 full about 80-90 gals. With no problem. I do not use transport...
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    Poughing with a Fort two wheeler

    Hi! For plowing we need traction. BCS and Grillo are too light and need weight in wheels. I add 80 lbs for my Grillo. Second is grip tire chains are very good.Because chains are self cleaning. In wet ground tire grip come full and slip no more traction. Personnal! Tandem wheels are zero for...
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    yanmar L100 problems (replacement engine in a John deere 110 lawn mower)

    Hi! I think May be .your engine is too tight. New piston and rings. Do you have check rings gap in the cylinder before install. So for connecting rod and bearing Do you have check clearance (with plastic gage) on crankshaft. For chinese clone. Some parts are same. Some other dont fit. I do not...
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    Grillo with Gravely rotary plow

    Hi! I can use Old Gravely implements with my Grillo via my homemade adaptor. I try the rotary plow for first time this year. Run pretty well.. I like old Gravely implements. They have one adjustable safety clutch. So I can adjust the clutch for slip on big rocks or big roots . Can protect gears...
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    Help with identifying model

    Hi I am very sorry my first thread is false or wrong. You have two idle pulleys one for the short belt and other for the long belt this one go from engine to front spindle then the left spindle and go on the idle pulley next to engine. The short go front spindle to the left spindle between a...
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    Help with identifying model

    Hi! For Belts help . The short belt for top pulley is for power from engine to front spindle. I make a fast draw (pict) for the long belt Between 3 spindles mower. Good luck Oldmech
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    Mowing 2 acres

    Hi! Gravely and Grillo have the same rotation. BCS Wrong or bad rotation. I can use Gravely implements with my Grillo I make a special adaptor. I dont have the 50 inch Gravely rotary mower but make fine job. I use one last year. I have a SEP Mainline mower. This one was side discharge pushing...
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    Grillo g107d tire size

    Hi! I own a Grillo 107d for now more five years. The 5-10 tire are ok for the most use. 5-12 add some height more clearance but add speed no always a good thing. I think 5-10 are a good choice . Except may be (I dont have) for rotary plow. For winter I add tire chains for snowblowing. Good luck !
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    BCS 715 manual

    Hi! For the small ACME diesel engine. For start. Look Pict 1 . You must pull speed lever at half or more 2. You must pull up the small button for (fuel primer) 3. Pull starter rope very hard and fast( with two hands) If engine dont start. Pict2 With diesel engine we must change fuel filter at...
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    grillo 107d

    Hi! I have a Grillo 107d for now over five years. Run fine. At first I had some clay soil. With tiller tines in soil look for push the tractor. BCS and Grillo are too light. I add weight in wheels 80 lb . Now a lot better. For flail mower . I dont know. For me I prefer rotary mower. More easy...
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    Lets see your machines...

    Hi! I read Gravely 5200 serie start 355 lbs to 476 lbs. First L model start 275 lbs if you add governor and starter over 300 lbs. Dont forget Gravely are cast iron. My Gravely L model : 275 lbs+130lbs(Reduction wheels)+30 (Diesel engine)+30 (hitch) +battery I think near 500lbs. My Gravely...
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    BCS VS Gravely

    Hi .For mowing or snowblowing Gravely are a lot better than any BCS or Grillo Because Gravely PTO are LIVE and with two speeds one for each gear. Transmission with planetary and bands as automatic give a true shuttle you can go front and reverse with no clutch. You can go in first gear then go...
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    Lets see your machines...

    Hi! I use a Quick Coupling. For center I make a special bushing between adaptor(quick coupling) and the SEP casing. The big problem is the SEP spline shaft. I make a 18x15 Din 5482 special spline shaft fix with bushing. Machine shop ask me 200 for make the shaft. But Now. I find something. We...
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    Lets see your machines...

    Hi I have a 735 diesel with ACME ADN 37/2 377cc I think 8.8 hp Very powerful because long stroke . Hard to vrank I add a compression release lever. Take about one liter hour. I use it a lot in summer. The mower is a SEP MAINLINE. I adapt it for BCS The 735 is a very good tractor. 5 front speeds...
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    Walk behind tractor trailer ideas?

    Hi! I use a modified home made VTT trailer I add a seat and a feet rest and also a special tongue for use pto water pump. This trailer dump and can load 800lbs I add a pict Good Luck Oldmech
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    Grillo OPC lever

    Hi! First try to adjust clutch cable Very important you must to have 1/8-1/4 in. play. MAY BE this could correct your trouble.I add a pict.Good luck! Oldmech
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    Redoing ignition on Gravely walk behind

    Hi! The best is original or OEM part but I add a pict of Kohler wiring (Magneto electric start) engine. Good luck. Oldmech
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    Adapting a trailer for use with Grillo G85

    Hi! For trailer the more simple and less expensive is garden trailer . I add a pict. No problem for turn and very stable. You can add a step for foot . Now I use a Home made VTT trailer bigger load 800lbs. Good luck Oldmech
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    run away bcs tiller problem

    Hi! I use a long time ago a front tines tiller ARIENS . We adjust the rear long coulter in soil and we can till in very hard soil. May be add a rear coulter at the BCS tiller could help for reduce run away. I join a pict May be I make one and try. very easy to make and inexpensive. Good luck Oldmech
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    new to sight and bcs

    Hi. I have a 735 BCS as yours ( 61858 is the serial number) Mine is a 1982 sold by Mainline Before BCS America. I have a diesel and rope start. I add a pict of Wiring. This is a Charge and start system only. For stop You must use the kill switch on handle bar. You can try( When engine is...
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    Goldoni better than BCS

    Yes For gearing.Some Goldoni have four front speeds as Jokers 11ds or 11s model or one working speed more than 740 BCS All Goldoni two wheels tractors are now supplied with a patented GEARSTOP device which meets the requirement of the EU safety directive EN 709.2010 Goldoni tractors are very...
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    Any GX gurus out there?

    Hi! Before start. Drain carburator (six month) and tank (year) for remove water and dirt. With time condensation make water this one go down in tank and carb. You can use gas stabilizer. I add a pict for help to drain. I make this with my garden tiller for 20-30 years with succes. Good Luck Oldmech
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    My Pasquali 2 wheeler

    Hi! Very good tractor. I own a Pasquali 15 years ago. This one was the better . A lot better than BCS or Grillo because more heavy Mine was all iron casting casing. not the light alum alloy they use today. I reminber mine had two PTO one was ground PTO other with two speeds. PTO shafts was 19mm...
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    weighted tires on grillo 107d

    Hi! No problem for tranny . They are built for pull. They use worm gear very strong. More weight more traction. Yes I put glycol in my Grillo tires but I think less two gals each. For plowing I built steel wheels. These ones are heavy. Pads are 5 in. large 2 in. deep they provide good traction...
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    Special mower

    Hi! I am working on a side mount sickle bar mower for two-wheels. I work on the drive system (very special) No pitman. All position sickle bar 45deg down and 90 deg up. I reduce 965 rpm speed to 640 by pulleys. Run very well empty. But Yesterday for first time I connect the moving cutting bar...
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    Plowing soil

    I like work soil with moldboardplow. This homemade steel wheels give incredible traction. I am plowing about 6 in. deep. Plowing add air. remove compaction but do not destroy all . Turn over soil about or less 135 deg. Plowing need less power than tilling. Later I till only 2 in. deep for good...
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    Power Barrow for BCS Grillo and Gravely

    I just finish. Turn very tight less 7 ft. Very easy to dump. Very light. Engine torque transfert weigh to tractor So I think could be go with load on very steppy hills. I do not try again with heavy load. 6 cu. ft. and may be 300-400 lbs capacity. Thanks and Good Luck! Oldmech
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    Grillo with logsplitter

    Hi! I make one adaptor with hydraulic pump (from tractor) This adaptor is fit on Grillo quick hitch. This homemade Logsplitter is small but powerfull . All work very well. I join some pict. Good luck ! Oldmech
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    Case VA

    Hi! My neighbour have a CASE VA 1951 with No PTO .It is hard to find this Option. Where find and the price for. This small tractor look clean. Thanks you! Oldmech
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    Best Buy New 2-Wheels

    Hi ! For Help other and discussion. I own many two- wheels. They are several make and model. We must look price and quality. For gardening. Medium size tractor I think The GRILLO 85d is the BEST BUY . $2250 with Kohler 10hp. and $2850 with 7hp YANMAR DIESEL. Very Good. BCS 732 is good but...
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    Grillo with Gravely mower

    Hi! I make one adaptor for use my Gravely implements. Front PTO on GRILLO is SAME rotation as GRAVELY. I try this afternoon the 30 in. Gravely mower. Good balance. Easy to drive. Maybe I could remove 1.5 in on bottom of mower for better level I dont know. Later I could try my Gravely snowblower...
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    New life for Gravely Snowblower

    Hi! Last year My snowblower Gravely gearbox was broken. I found a good Auger and gearbox from A COLUMBIA 10-28 snowblower Same width same rotation same shaft dia. The Problem was shaft height of Gravely blower vs shaft of Columbia 10-28 Differ 2.5 in. Now I wait for snow. Good luck! Oldmech
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    Gravely vs Grillo

    Hi! I like my Gravely Diesel The transmission is a MASTERPIECE OF ENGINEERING . Gravely are Best for Snowblowing and all Mowing works . But fronts implements are not the best ideas for gardening. Tractor and you walk on your work. No good! Compaction and humidity losted. The 107d Grillo is a...
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    Center Wheels Gravely Hitch

    I want thanks Milkman for his BCS sulky pictures on other treads.. I make a Hitch from center wheels. With this way the seat dont Unbalance the tractor and no more Up and down. More confortable. Easy to remove two pins two minutes. Easy to make and inexpensive. Thanks and Good Luck! Oldmech
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    Kohler Diesel

    Hi! I just read on Kohler website. The company write They could sell A new range of diesel engines very soon Ask at your dealer. I know Kohler buy LOMBARDINI last year. Lombardini are very good Diesel engines. I hope they have relative good price. Thanks! Oldmech
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    Bcs TO Gravely

    I Would like use (Dream) the very good Old Gravely implements on BCS tractors. I seen on Gravely website The new Gravely Rapid -M This one can take some old Gravely implements via adaptor 785107. I would like know the BCS PTO Specs. As ROTATION SIDE Front pto CCW or CW . Speed Size of splinned...
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    Gravely snowblower broken

    Hi! Everybody. I am sad now. Last storm the cylinder of my snowblower hit a large stone under snow. (6 teets are missing on bevel gear). I think parts are hard to find. I plan transform or modify the snowblower First add two steel plates one each side for make as a funnel at to blower. and add...
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    John Deere 112 Diesel

    Hi! I buy a very used John Deere 112 . I fit a Dek-Diesel 10 h.p engine. Just minor grinding Jobs some welding. Crankshaft is about one in. more high and half in. more front .Hood is 3 in. more high. I like Diesel engine. Less maintenance No Carb. Float needle choke No ignition Sparkplug Point...
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    very special tractor

    Hi! No oil no problem! This tractor Lanz Bulldog 1940-45 burn Charcoal or coal . Specification. One cylinder Bore 225 MM x 260MM stroke two cycles Semi-Diesel . The Germany company was Buy by JOHN DEERE in 1960 . May be a day. Thanks Oldmech
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    How to fix new engine on Gravely L model

    I choose a L model with reduction gears . For GOOD SPEED as L8 in low range (May be a little bit sloower) For GOOD BALANCE. I am very happy with this new tractor. The REDUCTION GEARS is A MUST For my adapter. Pic no. 1 How first step: We need crankcase and the input- Sun-gear shaft from the...
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    42 in. Mower for Gravely

    40 in. Gravely mower are hard to find here. I found a 42 in. deck in a srap yard. I had at home a damaged (brooken cylinder) 30 in. Gravely reel mower. I take the Gravely reel mower (very good) gear box (Rotation output is reversible) With 8 in. drive pulley. Make a frame for fix all together...
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    A rare Gravely

    For sale A Gravely L model Serial H 17944 The motor is a OHV one cylinder Engine run very well. The guy want sell it. I think is a Robin engine I dont seen it again. May be next week. Thanks !Oldmech
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    Gravely and gardening

    I look for minimal work of soil. Here is medium and heavy loams First work AT FALL Best implement many thousand years old TURN PLOW I look for. Now I use Gravely rotary plow. I remove two blades and weld a small steel plate at bottom. I use slow speed and 1500 eng.rpm . At SPRING I think it is...
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    One wheel seat

    I want thank everybody for report on sulky thread. This help me a lot for my One wheel seat for two wheels tractors. I just finish! I can use standing up or seating. Confortable Compact Very easy to adjust the balance of unit. I was very surprise Just one step on wheel axle make a big change...