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    Cat 279C - Aux Hydraulics - Is this normal or is it broke?

    I have a Cat 279C skid steer. I bought it used and it's been great. I thought nothing was wrong with it until I used a buddy's 289D to drilling post holes. When I put down pressure on the post hole auger with my 279C, it will stall the auger when I get down deep in the hole. But on my...
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    John Deere 7210 PTO and MFWD Not Working, Problem Solved CCU Calibration Issue

    I purchased a JD 7210 sight unseen from a wholesaler. Crazy maybe but it was $10k less than anything I could find local. It had been painted with new interior kit so it looked good and the engine and transmission was strong. The seller told me there would be some things I'd have to fix but it...
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    John Deere 7210 Rear SVC Issue

    John Deere 7210 with dual rear SCVs, standard three position (extend-neutral-extract). These are the fancy ones in a stacked configuration with speed and function controls (auto/manual/no detent) and the test ports. Rear SCV Issue SVC1 started to bleed down, I replaced the check valves in the...
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    Adding a case drain to skid steer

    Finally made the move to a skid steer for brush work around the farm and I need to run a shredder with it. This will be one of those mulching type shredders used to clear underbrush. The newer ones use a piston pump that requires a case drain even though it's a standard flow unit (~20GPM). My...
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    Anyone ever replaced the parking pawl on a John Deere 5420?

    I think the parking pawl is broke on my 5420. Something is broke for sure. It won't hold in park. This is the power reverser transmission. I've checked the cable and I can see it moving the level on the top side of the transmission. So, I'm afraid its something inside - between the linkage...
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    Components for Livestock Scales & Moving Dirt

    I've been moving dirt in for my new corral and starting to think about the concrete pad I'm placing under my squeeze chute. I'm going to place my chute on scale beams so I can weigh my cattle. So, I'm looking for components. Can anyone recommend a good brand for the digital brain unit and the...
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    Water Trough Installation

    Here in Central Texas, we don't get too much cold weather, but it does get down into the 20s several times during the winter and every once in a great while, it gets really cold like 10 or 12 degrees. Most folks don't do much to protect water troughs during the winter, just cut them off when...
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    Chemical Primer Source

    For my corral project, I'm going to use a chemical prep (something like Chemprime) instead of sandblasting. Anyone have a recommendation of what to use and where to get it? I'm going to need 5 gal or so.
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    Hanging Gates - Corral Build

    I'm just starting a corral project and have about a dozen gates to hang. I usually hang them in place with the tractor FEL, put some blocks underneath, shim things until it is about right and weld away. But that's hard to do with just one person, so I built a couple of tripods with winches on...
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    Stump Grinding Two Large Oak Trees

    I cut down two old large oak trees that had been dead for a while and needed to grind the stumps. Earlier this year, I purchase a used stump grinder for $2k that I don't think had ever been used. Its's a Bumalight 3P 24 which is a 3 point mounted stump grinder with a 24 inch wheel and...
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    Shelf Life for 55 Gal Oil Drum?

    Does anyone know what the shelf life would be for a 55 gallon drum of oil? I've been toying with the idea of buying a drum of oil for all my farm equipment as well as the cars and trucks. I figure it would take me about two years to go through a barrel of oil. But, I'm afraid it would go bad...
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    Grinding Stumps Infected with Oak Wilt

    Like a lot of Texas, we have some Oak Wilt around my place. It's not too bad and we want to keep it that way. All of the trees that have been affected so far are only live oaks. We don't have any red oaks here. I need to cut down a few dead trees that are near the house and due to that...
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    Anyone Use a 3pt Stump Grinder?

    I've got a chance to pick up a lightly used Baumalight 3pt stump grinder for about $2500. This model with a 24" disc sells for ~$5600 new. I've got enough HP and hydraulics to run it. A stand alone stump grinder with a 65HP engine behind it does a heck of a job. I'm wondering if I will get...
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    Overhead Diesel Tank Project

    I re-furbished a used overhead diesel tank that I purchsed for $60. The stand was a little beat up, so I built a new one. The tank itself was dirty inside, but almost no rust. I replaced all the fittings, hose and nozzel. To clean the tank out, I used a hose nozzel followed by a custom made...
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    Locking Valve for Overhead Diesel Storage Tank

    I picked up a 300 gallon overhead storage tank for $60. The hoses, nozzle and shut-off valve are frozen up, but the tank is in real good shape. I went down to the local farm supply and got a new hose, filter, and nozzle, but I can't find one of those locking shut-off valves. You know, the one...
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    Shop Winch

    I have a large I-beam in my shop with a 2 ton chain hoist for heavy overhead lifting, but needed something in middle of the room for small stuff. The winch is a brake winch with an 800 lb capacity. The wire is 3/16 with 840 lb limit. It made for a fun afternoon project. Now, I just need to...
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    Dry Rotting Tires

    I once counted all the tires I have. Between the cars, truck, trailers, ATVs and farm implements, I have over 100 tires. Ugh! Most of my tires dry rot after a few years and by 10 years, they are pretty much shot. Not worn out, but dry rotted. I have a few really old tires on farm...
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    Brand Recommendation for Trailer Wiring Leads

    My new cattle trailer came with a Phillips brand wiring connector lead. This is a 7-way RV style that all the new trucks have. Anyway, I've been using the 6-pin round for years and will be slowly switching over to the 7-way RV (blade) style. I like the quality of this wiring lead, but can't...
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    This ones for you Eddie (snake)

    We killed a 44"' rattlesnake last night in the back yard. We were sleeping with the windows open and I heard it rattling. It was loud enough to wake me. Turns out our cat and the snake were in a face off about 80' from the house. That's why the snake was rattling. Anyway, four of the six...
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    Bait for Large Animal Trap

    I pick up one of those large live animal traps. This one is big enough for a coyte. I don't particularly have a coyte problem at the moment, but this will be something the kids and I can do together. I'm not sure what we will catch, but it should be fun. What kind of bait works best in these...
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    What kind of animal tracks are these?

    Location is rual central Texas on the shores of a stock tank. I should have laid a quarter down beside the tracks to give an idea of size, but the largest one was about 3 inches in diameter overall. Thanks!
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    JD5420 Stuttering/Loosing Power Under PTO Load

    Well, after 700+ flawless hours, my JD5420 hiccupped on me today. I went out to shred and it started loosing power when I engaged the PTO. So, I went back to the shop figuring the fuel filter had clogged up. It was time for an oil change anyway, so I changed the oil and fuel filters and blew out...
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    JD5420 Stuttering/Loosing Power Under PTO Load

    Well, after 700+ flawless hours, my JD5420 hiccupped on me today. I went out to shred and it started loosing power when I engaged the PTO. So, I went back to the shop figuring the fuel filter had clogged up. It was time for an oil change anyway, so I changed the oil and fuel filters and blew...
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    Most Common Wiring Connector These Days?

    All of my gooseneck trailers have the 6-pole round connectors on them and that's what I have in the bed of my truck and on the bumper. In fact, all of my trailers have this connector. In shopping around for a new cattle trailer, I noticed that all the new gooseneck trailers come with one of...
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    Lawn & Garden Trailer

    This past week, the kids and I were clearing rocks out of our lawn where I had tilled this past winter. We are smoothing it out in preparation for planting grass. Anyway, I have this "lawn and garden" trailer I built 13 years ago. We pull it behind the ATV. I wanted it to be heavy duty...
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    Stock Trailer Brand Recommendations?

    I'm in the market for a stock trailer. I'm looking at 14k 20'x6'8" pipe top with brush fenders, single rear gate with slider, etc. Any brad recommendations? I'm looking at WW, CM and Gooseneck. I'm in Texas, so having a local dealer is required. Thanks!
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    Source for G70 Grab/Slip Chain Hooks

    A couple of years ago, I purchased a box of slip and grab hooks. These were 5/16 G70. They were china made, but the price was great. Quality seemed ok. Anyway, I used all of my slip hooks up replacing the ends of my safety chains on my trailers and I need some more. These are 5/16 G7 slip...
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    Watering Young Trees

    I, uh, used my tractor to dig the holes to plant these trees. So there's the required tractor involvement. The tank is 50 gallon and I purchase it down at the local ag sprayer equipment dealer. I like to buy from these guys because they have everything you can imagine and the tanks come with...
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    Landscaping Flip Up Ramp

    I'm going to build a landscaping type flip up ramp on an old 5x10 open frame trailer I'm rebuilding. This was the first trailer I bought almost 20 years ago. Anyway, I'm not sure what material to use on the frame. I'll probably use 3/4 #9 flat expanded metal for the covering, but can't...
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    Piano Restoration Project

    Okay, what does a tractor have to do with a piano restoration project? Well, here is how the story goes. Our church put me in charge of our old piano restoration project. After calling a couple of local piano restoration experts and careful consideration, it was determined that the piano was...
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    Work Platform For FEL

    I had this 4'x4' platform lying around that came off a staircase at a concrete plant and I decided to put it to good use. I cut holes to fit my pallet forks, added a railing and called it a work platform. There are anchors welded on each side for straps to hold the platform tight to the pallet...
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    Generator Setup for House

    Below is a write up of my generator hookup. If there is something I've missed, please let me know. Constructive feedback is welcomed! Important Notice An incorrect generator hookup could possibly energize the power company's transmission line creating an illegal and dangerous situation. Any...
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    Eddie Walker, still on for 10/27?

    Eddie, Is the get together at your place on 10/27 still on? If so, do you have any details: Time, what we can bring (food/drinks), directions, etc?
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    Gated Entrance Project

    Okay, this is my latest project. It's a gated entrance that will be complete with electric gate, dual keypads, intercom system, video camera feed, exit detector, remote openers, pipe railing, rock walls, concrete drive, lights, landscaping and sprinkler system. I think that about covers it...
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    Setting Fence Post - Harv's Way

    Two pictures of the same set of posts. There are seven post in this shot - three on each side of the gate opening and one at the end. Eat your heart out Harv! Please note I used my tractor to dig the post holes. No tractors were harmed or injured during the digging of the holes.
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    Getting set up for 55 gal diesel drums

    Okay, I’m finally getting my act together on the off-road diesel fuel. I’ve found two local off-road bulk suppliers and I’m off to get my permit from the nearest taxpayer office. After evaluating the 500 gal tank, my annual usage, etc, I’ve decided to go with 55 gallon drums. From what I...
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    Wire Size Chart With Grounding Conductor

    I'm looking for a wire sizing chart that also has the minimum size conductor for the ground. I've searched my electical contractors book and it has all the wire sizing charts for voltage drop, etc but they don't include the ground size. For example, a 200 amp service needs a 4AWG ground wire...
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    Replacement oil for MIL-L-46152

    Hey guys, I'm changing the compressor oil in my Ingersol-Rand air compressor. The information tag on the door says use a MIL-L-46152 SAE 10W oil for the compressor. This is a 1980s vintage air compressor so I think this specification is obsolete. Anyway, it looks like transmission fluid and...
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    Things to do with that unused shop space

    It won't be long before theres too much junk piled around it to render it useless.
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    Concrete Anchors for Basketball Goal

    I need some concrete anchors to install my basketball goal for my kids inside the shop. The post has a base plate welded to the bottom that is made to mount on four 5/8” threaded rods. You are supposed to set the threaded rods into the cement slab when it’s poured, but I didn’t do that. The...
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    Proper orientation for NEMA 5-15 outlets

    Is there a proper orientation for NEMA 5-15 outlets? These are the standard 120V AC outlets found in most homes. The reason I ask is that my chart of NEMA configurations shows the ground pin at the top, as it does for most all the receptacles. However, in most homes, the ground pin is on the...
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    Fence Building - Barb Wire Racks

    In need to fabricate a rack for unrolling barbwire for fence building, but can’t seem to find any pictures to get ideas from. I’d like to be able to do a seven wire fence in one pass. I’m thinking a 3pt mount to use with the tractor. If I had a flatbed pickup, I’d make the rack to fit it...
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    Electrical PVC verse Regular PVC

    I’m just about ready to trench several hundred feet for water, electrical and communication lines at my new place. I’ve always used gray electrical PVC for my electrical/communication runs and the regular PVC for water. I know the gray electrical PVC is UV resistant for exposed applications...
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    General Rule for Gal/Hour Fuel Consumption

    I need to know the fuel consumption rate for my JD5420. I know it will vary depending on what I'm doing with the tractor, but I just need an initial figure to work with. You'd think that after 300+ hours on it, I'd have some idea, but I've never tracked it. Seems to me there was a rating in...
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    Trans-hydraulic Fluid verses Regular Hydraulic Fluid

    This question has been bugging me for sometime. Perhaps all the great minds here can explain it to me. I run the trans-hydraulic fluid in my JD5420. Although I don’t understand the reason why, I know to use it and not regular hydraulic fluid. However, I have several implements that hook up...
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    542 FEL Grapple Hose Kit?

    I’m using a WR Long brush grapple and Tree Terminator tree shear on my JD5420. I’ve got both attachments configured for my 542 FEL. For hydraulics, I’m using a Hyvair solenoid valve that is connected through my power beyond. I mounted the Hyvair near the FEL so the attachments hook up in the...
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    Automatic Float Valves for Livestock Watering

    I've just finished my new shop out at the farm and I've put in a couple of new water troughs for the cows as the well equipment is now housed inside the shop. I've never been happy with the cheesy float valves we buy for $10 at the local farm supply. I've used the nice ones that are all brass...
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    Auto Lift Recommendation for New Shop

    Well, I'm out shopping again for my new shop. This time I'm looking for an automotive lift. There is a Fort Worth, Texas company that sells under the "Direct-Lift" brand name. A friend of mine from Oklahoma says several folks up there are buying them for their automotive shops. There is at least...
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    Land Clearing & Snakes

    We are clearing land for our new house/shop and I almost grabbed this guy while picking up branches.What kind of snake is this? The last picture is where he apparently lives. My vote was for a non-poisonous rat/chicken snake.
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    Exhaust Fans for Shop

    I’m in the final planning stages for my new shop and how I want the welding room set up. Two things I want are an overhead beam for lifting and some exhaust fans. I’ve got the builder all set on the overhead beam, but haven’t figured out the exhaust fans. I could go to the local farm supply and...
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    Source For 3pt PTO Drive Shaft Replacments

    Somehow, I sheared the yoke on my JD660 tiller. Anyway, they want $383.24 for a new PTO drive shaft. I think I'm the one being shafted. Even the yoke by itself is $330.75. To fair, it does have a slip clutch, but I'm thinking a generic replacement shaft is going on that thing. Other than...
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    RV Sewer Drain for New Shop

    I’m building a new shop and plan to install a sewer drain for an RV. I’ve seen them at RV parks and they look pretty straight forward, but I wonder if I’m missing something – like an upstream vent stack. So far, I’m just planning for a 4” riser with a screw cap similar to a clean out. Anyone...
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    Fixing Flats

    I took in the front tire from my JD5420 to get a patch put on it. It's a 11.4x24 tubless. I had put a plug in it, but it was leaking very slowly. Anyway, the guy charged me almost $50 to put a patch in it. This is a place that regularly fixes tractor tires and has been in business for many...
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    3pt Sprayer Project

    I've mostly finished my 3pt sprayer project and thought I'd share some photos of it. It's a 230 gallon tank. The frame is home made for category II. The pump is a typical roller style PTO pump that will put out 12GPM at 100PSI. I wanted to be able to use it in different configurations, so I...
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    Rear Blade  Heavy Rear Blade verses Box Blade

    I owned a cheap 5’ box blade for my first tractor (JD770) but never used it much. Now, I have a JD5420 (65 PTO HP) and need either a rear blade or a box blade. I need to do some basic leveling, filling in some trenches for the electrical/water lines, and for putting in and maintaining a gravel...
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    Three Phase Converter Question

    I need to get a 3-phase converter for a 16" metal chop saw. The only experience I have with phase converters is the static type I have on my mill. I know there are static and rotary converters, but don't know for sure which one I should get. The chop saw has a 5HP motor that runs at 1720RPM...
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    Cable Reels for Welding Trailer

    I've seen a few welding trucks outfitted with hand crank cable reels for their welding leads. I've done the basic on-line searches, but don't find that many folks selling them for a decent price. I did find one company that makes them and sells direct on ebay. Still, they run $500 for a pair...
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    LED Trailer Lights

    I’m building another trailer and am once again considering using LED lights. I use the oval tail/brake lights and 2 inch round clearance lights that mount with the rubber grommets. I’m still using the sealed beam lights as they are cheap, easy to find, and for the most part, different brands...
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    Come-A-Long (Brand Recommendation)

    After 15 years, my cheap, no-name brand come-a-long has finally bit the dust. I need a new one. My one vice is that I like to buy good quality tools and I don't mind spending the money. So, what brands do you guys recommend and where do I go shopping? So far, I've only checked out the ones...
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    Buying a Used 300 Gallon On Site Fuel Tank

    I’ve found a 300 gallon used fuel tank that came off another farm. It was used for gasoline, but I want to use it for diesel. The tank and stand need a good sandblasting and paint job, but I can handle that. My questions are more about the condition of the inside of the tank. Currently, the...
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    Home Made Trailer

    I finally got around to building that 18’ trailer that I’ve been needing. 5200 pound axles with dual brakes, sealed beam lights, sealed wiring harness, 5’ ramps with storage trays, spare tire holder and brake-a-way controller.
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    Hay Spears - FEL and 3pt

    After almost a decade of owning a John Deere 770, I had to sell it to get something that would be a bit more functional around the farm. We need a better way to move round bales around so with the bigger tractor comes FEL and 3pt hay spears. I picked up the main spears for a little over $60...
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    Forks  Pallet Forks on JD5420

    I made a trip to the local forklift grave yard and ended up with a monstrous carriage that was six feet wide by 6 feet tall with some sort of side shift and other things I didn’t recognize. It was a class two carriage, albeit a heavy one, with two pairs of 34 inch forks. I also picked up a...
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    Grapple  Grapple Installation – WR Long on JD5420 542FEL

    I just finished up my WR Long grapple installation on my JD5420. The grapple ran about $2,000 and the electro-hydraulic valve kit just under $400. The valve kit was less than it normally runs because I ordered it without the control grip and wiring. WR Long seems to be the only folks willing...
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    Easiest Hole I’ve Ever Dug in Solid Rock

    We have this fence that crosses a dry creek bed. The fence leans too much because we would never tackle digging holes in the rock. So, time to play with the new toy – a Belltec which has constant hydraulic down pressure and carbide tipped teeth on the auger.
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    Upgrading a 5420 with 5425 triple mid SVCs

    I have an almost new 5420 with dual mid SVCs. The 5425 series that will be out in March are available with a triple mid SVC. I want to put one of these on my 5420. Yes, I know I can get a diverter valve or independent third SVC that is plumbed into the power beyond. I’ve even narrowed the...
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    Found a Used Belltec Auger

    I found a used Belltec auger with a 9 inch RAD (Rock And Dirt) auger. He's asking a little over $3,000 for it, but I think I can get it for that. It has the hydraulic top link. Funny thing is, I purchase the same darn thing a few months ago for $4700. It was new and that's a good price for...
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    Price Check  John Deere 5420 Pricing on Completed Sale

    I recently purchased a JD 5420 in Texas. For those who are shopping JD pricing, here is what I got. I ended up getting just under %18 discount off of list pricing. See the attached file for the itemized breakdown. I also priced a 5425, a newer version of the 5420 that will be availabel in...
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    Carraige Bar Stock for Pallet Fork Project

    I'm looking for carraige bar stock for my FEL pallet fork project. has 1.25x4.375x47 long for around $150 each (top and bottom). They are fully milled including notches. Shipping would be about $60. Does anyone know of a supplier other than these guys? I can mill the stop...
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    Electric Hydraulic Valve Kit From W.R. Long - ???

    I’ve been looking for a clean installation of a third electric/hydraulic spooler valve for my mid-SVC. This would be to control a grapple, etc. I’ve read the threads about diverter valve and add-a-valve installations, but I want a true third mid-SVC. I know I could probably call Prince or...
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    3pt Hay Spear Project

    I just finished up a 3pt mounted hay spear. Nothing too special, but I thought I’d post the details in case someone else is looking to make one. For Category II Lower Beam Width: 40 Inches Distance Between Lower Link Pins: 32.5 (Inside) & 36.5 (Outside) Height of Main Spear: 14 Inches from...
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    Forks  Pallet Forks from Dick's Agri Supply - Comments?

    Pallet Forks from Dick\'s Agri Supply - Comments? Anyone purchased a fork pallet attachment from Dick's Agri Supply? They are a tad higher that Markham's but Markham's out of stock on forks right now. I purchased a couple of 47" hay spears from Dick's and I'm happy with them, but they have...
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    Quick-Tach, Fast-Tach, Skid Steer - Same Thing?

    I'm buying my second tractor and it will come with a quick disconnect type bucket. The FEL is a John Deere 542. My question is: How many different mounting systems are there for FEL? I'll be shopping for a grapple bucket, pallet forks, etc. How do I know they will fit the JD 542 quick...