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    TMG 26" 3PH Stump Grinder

    Does anyone have one? There is a new one for sale five hours from me that is priced OK. It's the swing type, and it is about half the price of a Baumalight. I can't find any reviews on this model. I know TMG is kind of bottom of the barrel, but I am just using it for home use.
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    Agrimetal Blade Type Aerator?

    I have been looking for a three point hitch core aerator but one of these came up for sale locally. Does anyone know anything about this type of aerator? They seem pretty rare. Do they work as well as the plug type? My soil is basically black gumbo and it is getting pretty packed in some spots...
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    Buying Advice  T4.100F Vineyard Orchard Tractor

    Does anyone here use one of these as a regular farm/yard tractor? I wan't to upgrade my current John Deere, but everything with 60+ HP is too tall to fit in my buildings. I like the fact that they are narrow and not too tall. I would just use it for blowing snow, tilling and cultivating. I would...
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    Comparison  72D Autoconnect weight VS 7-Iron

    Does anyone know why an autoconnect 72" deck is 345 lb and a 7-Iron is 448 lb? Is it a misprint, or is the autoconnect deck just made out of thinner metal? Also I am finding two different versions of the autoconnect deck. One has larger drive over pads, which I'm assuming is better?
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    Changing 3520 Cab Mower Bracket Without Removing Tank?

    Is it possible to change the bracket without removing the fuel tank? When I installed it I removed the tank and it was a lot of work. I just upgraded to a 3720 and I'm going to swap the bracket over.
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    Buying Advice  4710 Mower Deck on a 3520

    Does anyone know it it will fit? I know it's slightly different, however by looking at the pictures it looks like it can be made to fit. I know the 4210-4410 decks are a direct fit on the 3320-3720 tractors.