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    Returning batteries for warranty claim

    I would definitely check your battery ground. You don’t say where you are jumping your battery( connections). My Deere 955 group is consistently having problems there with 30 plus year old tractors. Does the starter crank well with a jump?
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    Diesel mixed with gas

    I find that stuff is great for starting my burn pile.
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    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    I am running a horse farm on 40 acres, using a couple of Deere 955’s for snow blowing, loader for manure/ gardening, backhoe for trenching. I have dug three electrical trenches ( about 500’ )total) five similar length drainage ditches and several tree stump removals. I have not used my backhoe...
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    Kubota GR2110 riding lawn mower review

    The biggest clogging issue for me was dampness and volume of grass being cut ( which was partly a function of ground speed). Many times the tractor rpm would work better at a slower speed but only at low volume and dry conditions. A combo of grass and leaves always clogged less than just leaves...
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    Runs for 10 minutes, then fuel supply slows

    Clean everything in your fuel system including the tank itself. Replace all filters. I use a 6 gallon outboard tank of gas for my “IV” on the gas machines. The diesel 955 Deere has a crud collection pocket at the very bottom of the tank, below the fuel suction line so it is less likely to get...
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    Should I buy another compact tractor or something entirely different?

    I have been running a Deere 955 with a 5 foot front snowblower, no cab for 15 years, clearing about 8000 sq feet of driveway and access roads at a southern Maine horse farm. You can clear an amazing amount of snow with this, and you quickly learn when to blow and when to plow without a cab. Not...
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    New member tractor advice

    I too would give more thought to what those acres will be doing going forward. If it was just hayed you could gross $50k a year. Or consider leasing the land for cultivation. Or having an agreement with a local grower or hayer to work the fields. Brush hogging that acerage is going to be a lot...
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    PTO Drive shaft problem (my latest issue)

    Going forward for all folks with tractor issues: pictures, video, sound all really help. And, as a courtesy to those who helped fix with information, a follow up report on what actually was wrong is very educational.
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    PTO Drive shaft problem (my latest issue)

    If you really do not understand how your tractor snd implement work then get somebody to provide you with some knowledge and observation. You didn’t get on your horse and immediately canter; you had a trainer. Same thing. Most knowledgeable tractor operators will spend time acquainting you...
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    Box Scraper Land Planes / Grading Scrapers

    From what you have described for needs( lift and lower while using the FEL and no time to build it) I would suggest that you look at buying a York rake. I must say however that I seldom use mine as I find back dragging with the FEL easiest and with quick results. OTOH, I have turf tires so I...
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    Kubota GR2110 riding lawn mower review

    I picked up one of these second hand with the 54" mower about 8 years ago; previous owner couldn't be bothered to change the two fuel filters, ruined the fuel pump. Mow approximately 10 acres frequently along with leaf clean up in the fall; now at 1240 hrs. As an engine it really has done well...
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    Comparison JD 2025r and JD 955

    I own two 955’s; my son ‘stole’ one. Good rant. The 55 series is a good analog tractor. New Deeres are digital and not serviceable. If you are over 60 I do not recommend new tier 4 type tractors. My 75 years old neighbor was a Farmall guy who traded and sold his way to compact tractors...
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    Price check 4044r

    I’d love to buy your 4320 without the backhoe. Sounds like a good deal for the Deere dealership. New Deere will drive you crazy if you’re an analog guy.
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    John Deere 750 value

    There is a good private FB tractor group Deere 655 670 755 750 etc group which would be a great place to sell your backhoe, and or your whole rig. Pricing advice too.
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    What size trailer hitch ball on a 16-18' deck trailer?

    I have an 18 foot beaver tail trailer with W 16 feet of flat deck. It is very rugged, over 20 years old and it takes a 2” ball. You would be wise to simply go there, see if you win the trailer at auction, and if there is a nearby auto parts, Home Depot,or Lowe’s buy the needed ball. Best...
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    No. 7 backhoe on a 955

    Here's the "new" 955 without the mounts or power beyond.
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    No. 7 backhoe on a 955

    Hi GBB, You are in luck, as I just bought another 955 without the backhoe, so I can directly compare the two. There is a front and rear mounting bracket and tapered pins (2) that hold the forward frame of the backhoe. You will need the power beyond kit that attaches to the hydraulics of your...
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    Financing  Horse farm tractor: Haying, snowblowing, loader work.

    Ok I am looking to replace my current 955 with a hydro 4WD compact tractor in the 40-50hp range. One salesman got all bogged down on ground clearance for haying and how I had to have a 5 series AG tractor..I think mostly because he wanted to sell that and he didn't think that anyone would want...
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    Deere 955 running a single hose hydraulic piston

    Hi, I have hung an Enorossi mower off the back of my 955 with a single hose hydraulic lift piston for the sickle bar. The Enorossi comes with a single inline valve with a send and a return flow adjustment inline valves. I am unsure what/where I could plug this into the Deere. I certainly do...
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    Absolutely new to haying, need some advise

    Hi all, At the risk of hijacking this thread: I am finally getting into mowing and baling my own farm after 8-10 years of having someone hay it for me. I picked up a 7 foot sickle bar mower for my 955 Deere, and a used 7 foot McCormick side rake. I have put up pix of the siderake: can anyone...
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    Sickle Bar  New or used? Sickle bar mower questions

    Found a new italian sickle bar mower for about $3000. Looking at used sickle bar mowers for like $1500. Been having trouble finding any supplier of parts for the Rossi mower which is a concern. I know that replacing the box can be pricey, but at least Deere parts are usually available. Not...
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    Some GR 2110 questions

    I picked up this GR 2110 3 seasons ago. It has mowed very well at our wedding venue where we have to have perfect manicured lawns every weekend. It means mowing about 10-12 acres with the 54" deck. So far the unit has done very well, despite twice putting in gasoline(loose nut behind the...
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    TC 30 electrical issue

    Hi, I have a horse farm owner(possibly not terribly tractor savvy) who has a 2003 TC 30 that stops running when the brake pedal is actuated, or the clutch is depressed and shifted from neutral to H, M or L. There would appear to be an electrical wire shorting when the brake/shift pedal is...