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    One more 3000 cltuch question

    Just wanted to see if anyone could verify I'm interpreting my manual right. It says that when installing a double clutch assembly into a "current tractor" (Ford service manual from 1970, same year as my tractor) no readjustment is necessary. The entire section basically says take the old one...
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    Reassembling starter, brushes

    I was installing a new drive on the starter for my Ford 3000 last night and accidently let the rotor pull out from the brushes. It was late so I didn't spend much time on it yet, but was having trouble figuring out how to hold the brushes out to get the rotor back in position. I tried removing...
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    Broke the key

    I did it once too. Used a combination of dental picks, and some very delicate needle nose pliers. Something like these.
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    Winshield for JD Gator

    If you don't mind an hours worth of work, it's very easy to make one with a piece of clear plastic and some cheap pipe clamps. Not nearly as pretty as the ones you buy, but about 1/3 the price. Go off and on easy too.
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    Any internet/computer experts?

    Having trouble with the internet at home, but I'm baffled and don't know what to do at this point. I have Verizon cell 4G LTE. On the laptop, IE won't even connect to homepage (Yahoo). Firefox will, and loads Yahoo just fine. I can click on and load any Yahoo article, and do searches. But...
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    Ford "double" clutch?

    I think I might have figured out why I'm having such a hard time determining the correct clutch for my 3000, I think I'm misunderstanding the terminology. I have an April 1970, 8 speed w/ live PTO. Would this be considered a "double clutch? The New Holland site lists both single and double, and...
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    Ford 3000 clutch assembly p/n

    I need to get the clutch in my Ford 3000 fixed ASAP, but when I went to order parts I'm getting confused as to exactly which assembly I need. I typically go to Messicks and find the part number on the diagrams, but I'm not having any luck this time. I know my tractor was made on April 1, 1970...
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    RTV 900 glass windshield

    I used these when I made my windshield. Worked a bit better than zip ties and not too expensive. I think I paid about $20 on Ebay for 6 of them. My Ranger has a tube frame around the windshield and these clamp right on. I don't know if the RTV is exactly the same, but I think it'll work. They...
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    Ford 3000 clutch issue

    I've had an issue with the clutch on my ?9 (I think) Ford 3000, gas tractor for a while, and it's getting bad enough that it's time to get it fixed. It's not a normal worn clutch issue, and though I had someone tell me what was likely causing it, it's been long enough that my brain decided I...
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    Stihl 250, compression/pull starting issue

    I have a Stihl 250 that all of a sudden last year seemed to have too much compression. So much so that I can't pull start it more than a few times before the rope breaks. I've had a few ideas along the way that I thought fixed the problem, only to find out I was wrong. Originally, I was...
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    Older Deere electronic de-stroker question

    Was hoping someone might be familiar with the electronic de-stroking kit for older Deere tractors. In the process of changing out hydraulic pump and ran into a quick question. Question being, looking at the diagrams on Deere's site, it appears that if I remove the de-stroking kit, I can just...
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    JD 2550 pump question

    Pretty sure my hydraulic issues have been narrowed down to a failing main pump (JD 2550). My initial assumption was to just buy a new pump, but I see John Deere offers a rebuild kit. Are there any opinions whether this is a route worth considering? It would save me some money, but I don't know...
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    Hydraulic troubleshooting

    I'm having some intermittent hydraulic problems on my JD 2550, and was hoping someone may be able to steer me in the right direction, at least in regards as to where to look. Last year while cutting hay in Sept., the hydraulics slowly quit on me. First it was the loader, and things got worse...
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    Chainsaw bar question

    This week I bought a new bar and two new chains for my chainsaw (Stihl MS260) The current bar/chain size is 16? .325, .063, 62 teeth. I thought that it was a 67 tooth chain, and ordered that. When I got it I realized my mistake, but decided I would prefer to switch to the 67 tooth size (it makes...
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    42" 3pt disk by Wallace Mfg

    Maybe put a post on the QDMA forums? I'm shocked no one has bought it yet. The original price, I thought, was low.
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    New Idea fertilizer spreader

    I acquired an older New Idea fertilizer spreader, and have a question for anyone who might be familiar with it, or one like it. It looks just like this one. I forget the model number, but I'm guessing it's the 116. My question is the gear box and how to fill/change the fluid. There really isn't...
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    Poly closure foam for metal roofing?

    Any tips on where one might purchase universal poly closure foam for metal roofing, online? Basically a roll of 1 thick poly foam, most are around 1 wide. I can find it on many sites, but none where I can actually order it. I'm putting a metal roof on an old barn and need to keep the snow and...
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    Avoiding the inevitable bees

    Each year about this time I start brush hogging the family farm (135 acres) in southeastern Ohio. I'm the only one left on the farm, and my job doesn't really allow me the time to run cattle. I like to keep it clean however, so I spend most of my free time from now until Oct. mowing the hay...
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    Avoiding the inevitable beed

    Each year about this time I start brush hogging the family farm (135 acres) in southeastern Ohio. I'm the only one left on the farm, and my job doesn't really allow me the time to run cattle. I like to keep it clean however, so I spend most of my free time from now until Oct. mowing the hay...