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    Sold the PP-50

    Worked great, but I found that I didn't have much use for it. I'm getting $700 for it which isn't too bad. I'm using the proceeds to buy a bigger trailer for my Kubota tractor. I'd like to be able to make a little cash with it this spring tilling garden plots. Ian
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    Choosing steel for a trailer build

    I'm researching for a potential trailer build that probably won't happen because of the price of steel, but it's fun figuring things out before my bubble gets popped. It's a 6x12 tandem utility bumper pull. I'm looking at steel, and want to build it plenty stout enough for it's intended...
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    Would you trust me to weld a trailer up?

    Thinking about building a 6x12 tandem axle trailer if my metal contact is cheap enough. Should find out tomorrow. Here's an example of my welding, 1/8 7014 fillet weld on 1/4" plate. My wife said, "If it breaks, just fix it." My reply was, "What if it breaks at 70mph on a crowded interstate...
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    Small Deck Over?

    All the deck over trailers I've seen are 14K+, 20'+ heavy equipment trailers. Has anyone ever seen a small trailer built as a deck over? I'm thinking axles normally used for a 5' wide trailer built deck over to make something like a 12x7 tandem 7K trailer. Ian
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    Mig Amp question

    I've read that mig amps is fairly equivalent to wire speed. Turn up the amps and wire speed is adjusted to match (or visa versa, turn up the wire speed knob and the amperage is adjusted to match). How does amps on a stick machine correlate to amps on a mig machine? Seems like they're not...
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    Land Plane Size?

    I'm curious, how wide a land plane could a 25hp BX pull? It doesn't pick up a bunch of dirt like a box blade does, seems like I could run a wider implement. I really have no use for one since I moved, now I'm just wondering about it. Ian
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    Question about I-Mig design

    I'm looking at Mig welders and have a question on Everlast's I-mig. Why does the Mig power cable come through the faceplate to hook up on the outside? Why couldn't that be an internal connection? Ian
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    No welding for me for awhile

    I'm in the process of buying a new house and it has a 12x24 shop. The listing said it had a 100a service in the shop, but on closer inspection, it has 12ga feeding the shop panel. Looks like there will be no welding until I get the shop rewired. That might be a bit. Won't have any money for...
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    Where do you get your abrasives?

    I want a 7" twisted wire wheel and a 36 grit flap disk. Lowes and HD don't carry stuff like that. Ian
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    When to stitch weld vs solid bead?

    Title says it all. When do you stitch? Ian
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    Amber vs green AD lens

    Is there a major difference between them as far as ability to see the puddle? I'm considering upgrading my HF helmet to a Jackson W60 TrueSight. It has a built in cheater lens and turns all the way down to shade 5 for torch or plasma. Ian
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    For those with a Plasma cutter...

    BUY A ROLLER GUIDE. Make it a priority. The ease of use is greatly improved with one over the wire standoff that comes with the torch. The stance is wider which makes it more stable side to side and that means less tendency to tilt the torch. My cuts in 1/2" plate are much cleaner and...
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    Made a good 6010 bead tonight...

    by accident... Of the 10 or so sticks I burned tonight, I had about 3 inches of bead that had the flux curl up and let loose in one piece. The rest of it wasn't anything memorable, but that's the first time I've seen 6010 flux come off on it's own when I was behind the stinger that laid it...
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    welding wire cost

    Was looking for some 4 ga wire today. When I found it, the price was $37 for 25'. They did a price check and said that the current price was $83. The tag was apparently 3 years old. Welding supply has it for $1.22/ft plus shipping. What does it cost where you live?
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    Welding thin to thick

    I've asked this question before, but can't find it now. I'm welding those sheet metal legs to the 1/2" plate. I don't want to blow through the leg material, so I thought about using 1/16 7014. Any penetration in the plate thicker than the sheet metal is a waste anyway. what do ya think...
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    joining copper/brass to aluminum?

    Is there a weld method to join a copper or brass fitting to an aluminum base? I've got a small aluminum radiator that I want to put compression fittings on for copper tube, but I can't find any aluminum compression fittings that I can get tigged on. All the compression fittings are brass or...
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    Been a rough day on the plasma

    Was cutting some 1/2" plate and a hot piece (1"x3') fell on the torch cable wouldn't come off no matter how I kicked at it. Finally grabbed the torch cable and flipped it off. Melted through the outer jacket and made a flat spot on the air line inside. No damage to wires. I normally have...
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    My hack grill

    Got to playing around with the 20lb propane tank that I cut for a test and made a small grill. Nothing fancy, just me piddling with the plasma and welder. The top is 300F but the handles are cool to the touch. I didn't expect that. I need to put a pipe on the exhaust, don't have anything...
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    Drag Tips for Plasma cutters

    Anyone use a tip like this? Looks like it has built in spacers to hold the tip off the surface. Ian
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    Interesting Birthday Present

    Didn't think my wife had it in her, but she found me a 1/2" sheet of steel for a welding tabletop. Haven't seen it yet, will take some pics later after we go pick it up. :thumbsup: Ian
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    Bought some shade 3 safety glasses.. use with the plasma, but they're too light. I've got sunglasses that are darker. I reordered the same style in a 5. The shade 5 ace hardware goggles are a bit dark. I wanted to try a 4 but the one pair of shade 4 glasses I found was $45. Not gonna happen. Ian
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    Does a propane tank absorb propane?

    I'm getting ready to do some test cuts on a 20lb propane tank in preparation for converting a 40lb tank to a grill. I read someplace that propane gets into the metal of the tank and will leech back out after you've purged the tank. I've also read that what you smell is just the chemical they...
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    Helmet Mods

    I have a halogen shop light above where I'm welding and although it provides nice light, it sometimes activates my lens and it shines down inside my helmet from above. The back piece also stops the occasional spatter from coming in from above. Now it will skip my scalp and go down the back of...
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    What to use for a grill grate?

    I'm still forming ideas for the grill I want to make. what are you guys using for a grate to put the meat on? I have a piece of expanded metal, but it isn't the flat kind, which would make it hard to clean. After finding a 20lb tank, I have decided that it's a bit too small, even for just my...
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    Ordered a Power Plasma 50

    Well, I bit the bullet and ordered an Everlast PP50. Guess I'm eating cereal for a bit. LOL. Mark gave me a lot of tips while I was on the line with him. Gotta get a water trap and a line dryer. Ian
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    Source for 8/3 extention cord wire

    I want to make an extension cord for my welder but haven't been able to source the 8/3 wire anywhere. The ready made cords you buy have the standard welding plugs on them and I'm set up for NEMA 10-50 plugs. I just need the wire. Any suggestions? The Lowes big wire rack didn't have any and...
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    Running a rod too hot

    What are the results of running a rod too hot? I had the welder set at 110a and rather than put back a partial stick of 3/32 6011 I laid aside earlier, I decided to burn it and see what happened. It actually looked pretty good considering the nut behind the stinger. Ian
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    Fans and SMAW

    I've been using a small 9" fan to keep the fumes out of my face when I'm at the bench practicing on the assumption that SMAW is almost immune to air movement affecting the weld. I was reading something recently that suggested wind can cause porosity in the weld and wondered if I was messing up...
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    Got any vertical up gems of knowledge?

    I'm practicing uphill stick. Seems more practical than just flat or fillet. I'm using 3/32" 6011 at 50a DCEP. I've tried the various weave patterns.. frowns, triangles, squares, unicorns, daisy pedals... ;). Little circles seem to work best for me. As is the norm, a constant movement is...
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    Do you V for butt welding 1/4" material?

    Title pretty much covers it. That "favorite rod" thread got me wanting to get better with 6011. I was butt welding some 1/4" scrap using 1/8" 6011 at 100a and wasn't getting penetration to the back. I left a gap of about 1/8". It was DCEP. Judging by the penetration I got, I figure if I V...
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    Will a B2920 handle a full size implements

    Wondering if the B2x20 series has enough lift on the 3pt to use full size implements like PHDs and moldboard plows, or do they still require the low profile/junior versions. Ian
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    Jonesin for a 'B'

    I keep telling myself that it would be too big for mowing the lawn. Wouldn't be able to get enough for the 2660 and implements. Don't have a trailer big enough to transport it. Don't have enough property to warrant it. Doesn't keep me from wanting that 3030 though. It's tough to be me...
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    Plowing feed plots with the BX (no pix)

    Went out to a buddy's place yesterday and put in a couple feed plots for him. I guess between the two plots, it was about 1/3 acre. This was ground that hadn't been turned over in a long time. We both forgot our cameras.. :mad: I confirmed to myself that the BX just isn't cut out for...
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    First hydraulic line damage

    Apparently snagged a hydraulic line on something tonight while mowing. It got dark on me and I started noticing a lot of dust in the headlights.. Turns out it wasn't dust. It was a fog of hydraulic fluid that appeared when I turned left. Guess I'll see what the damage is tomorrow when I...
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    BX cruise control. Do you use it?

    Anyone use the cruise control that the BX is outfitted with? So far I have not had a use for it. Ian
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    Price for garden tilling?

    Since I have a plow and tiller for my 2660 now, I was thinking of offering a garden tilling service next spring. What do you think I should charge for the average backyard vegetable garden? Ian
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    Did the 50 hr on my BX yesterday

    I was dreading it because of what I read about getting to the oil filter. Turns out my dread was unfounded. I don't know if Kubota changed something but the right engine fairing on mine is formed to allow access to the filter from the outside. I pulled a wiring harness down, put my oil filter...
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    Pushing T-posts in with FEL?

    Anyone ever use a BX loader to push t-posts in? My shoulders have been giving me a fit today and I need to put a few posts in tomorrow. I'm kinda doubting the BX has enough front end weight to handle the job, but I thought I'd ask. Ian
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    diagnose my air compressor

    My compressor got rained on. What it's doing is this. If the tank is empty and you turn it on, it pumps up to 150psi like normal. If it's got 75 in it, it acts like the motor doesn't have enough power to get the pump going. It turns over a couple times and hums like it's locked up. What do...
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    My little chicken coopette

    Decided to get a few laying hens. Without having any idea what I was doing, I set about building a small coop. Still gotta add the doors and a ramp for the chickens, and trim some of the siding. I cut it square, but my lousy framing is crooked. LOL I was going to just let them free range...
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    BX2660 PTO finish mower capacity?

    I've been wondering how much mower my 2660 can handle. I know it runs my 60" belly mower in tall grass without so much as a hiccup. I'm growing tired of raking my lights off on the bushes and think something I can back under the bushes might be just the ticket. I tend to wait too long to mow...
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    Bought a Framing Nail Gun

    Got a Hitachi 21° full round head nailer. Don't really need it, but am building a small chicken coop and used that as an excuse to collect another toy. Figured out a couple things pretty quickly. 1. They didn't have any coated nails at Lowes and the uncoated ones pull out fairly easily...
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    Hey you Geometry whizkids...

    Can you solve for A? This is a roofing question. --Ian
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    Diagnose a bottom plow

    Bought a used plow today. What it seems to be doing is this. If I shorten the top link enough that it will dig in, it wants to dive straight to the bottom. Lengthen the top link a little and it skips along the surface. Prior owner said it did the same with him. Would a worn share cause that...
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    Break Test Discussion

    Might as well get all the discussion in one thread. I've always been told that the weld is always stronger than the base metal and if something is going to break, it's going to be the metal beside the weld rather than the weld. This tells me that what I've been told is a bunch of hooie. Ian
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    Anyone have some 1/8" 7024 they'll sell me?

    I'd like to try some but 7024 only comes in 50lb boxes. Anyone want to sell me a pound or so? Ian
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    Can a BX move round bales?

    Title pretty much covers it. Will a BX2660 with a 3PH bale spear lift and move a round bale? I have no idea what they weigh. thanks, Ian
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    My Cultivator

    It's a work in progress, but this is what I came up with. 9" sweeps attached to the T frame I made for my hiller/bedder. 1.5" x 3/16" square tube shanks. I thought I was going to have to weld on additional framework for 2 overlapping rows, but figured out that I could just mount them...
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    BX Tail Light Vulnerability

    I have raked the tail light lenses off 3 or 4 times cutting close around shrubs. Anyone make a bolt on guard for them? 2"x 1/8" flat stock formed to the outside shape of the light would be just the ticket. It would wrap around and bolt onto the existing light bracket. Ian
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    Cultivator Sweep Angle Suggestions.....

    I'm putting together a cultivator and am welding up some square tube to serve as shanks for the sweeps below. What I'd like are suggestions for what pitch they need to be for a starting point before the top link adjustment starts. When the frame is level, do they need to also be level or...
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    This week's drops...

    ... are all straight 1/4" plate drops off the plasma table. No circles. Looks like I'm practicing butt or straight fillet welds this week. Ian
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    What the welding shop has me doing...

    If you read my other thread, you know that a local shop agreed to supply me with their drops for welding practice. I go get a bucket, weld them together and then go back and exchange them for more drops. I don't have to pay for practice material and their drops come back heavier. Not much of...
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    Ground Clamp Differences

    What is the difference between these two clamps? There must be a purpose for the different shapes. The part number for right one starts with 'LPG', but I don't know if that really stands for 'low pressure gas' as in a ground to go on a pipe. I got this pic from thanks, Ian
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    7018 and Moisture

    I'm a little confused about what I see on the shelf at the store. I have been reading how you have to keep 7018 sealed till you're ready to use them and then keep them in a rod oven after you break the seal. I have repeatedly seen 7018 sold in unsealed cardboard boxes. I bought a pound...
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    Clamp vs Screw electrode holder

    What's the pros and cons as you fellas see them? If I had to list a gripe about the PA200, it would be fiddling around with that screw head changing electrodes. I think when I lengthen the cables, I am going to get a clamp type electrode holder. Ian
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    Weld Critique Plz

    I got a bead today that finally looks like something. I was doing the little circles rather than just trying to lay a straight bead. This is Hobart 1/8" 6010 at 64 amps, electrode positive. What can you suggest to improve on this result other than just practice? Self diagnosis tells me more...
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    Cultivator sweep stem

    Anyone know what size stock the stem on this is supposed to take? It's a bad picture, but looks like maybe 1" square. Here's the agri supply link. Ian
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    Need some scrap for practice.... so

    I thought I'd go down to the shop where I usually get my steel and see if they would let me "borrow" 10 or 20 lbs of their small drops. I go home, weld them all together and then return their scrap a little heavier and a little easier to move. I then get another 10-20lbs and repeat. Think...
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    Source for cultivator shanks

    I finished my bedder and am thinking about adding the ability to put cultivator shanks on it. Anybody know a good source for rigid cultivator shanks? A line of 10" shovels across the back might be just the ticket for loosening up the soil. Ian
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    Got my PA200 last night

    I got home from night shift to find a box on my back porch. I should have gone to bed and left it for this morning, but I had to take it out to the shop and burn my first couple rods at 2am. Guess what.... I don't know how to weld. LOL I did figure out that 7014 doesn't stick nearly as...
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    Welding Table

    I've got a set of metal legs I was thinking about putting a top on to make a small welding table. It would be about 3' square and about 3' tall. My projects won't be that big and I'm a bit space constrained so I figure it would work for a base that won't catch on fire. Might build a small...
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    How do you decide on what amperage to use?

    Do you just start in the middle of the range on the box of rods and go up and down depending on how it's welding? Learning to stick weld over the internet is going to be fun, I can tell already. :laughing: I need to go find a class someplace to teach me the basics. Ian
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    What do you think of this stick welder?

    A Lincoln AC-225 stick welder. HD has it for $289. I'm not a welder. I've played around just little bit with a light duty 110v wire welder. I'm looking to try a stick for the versatility and the extra capacity in steel thickness for a cheaper price than a comparable mig. How long does...
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    Taller tires on a BX?

    Anyone ever put taller tires on a BX to get more ground clearance? I keep forgetting to look to see how much room I have between the rear fender and the existing tire. Ian
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    I'm as fickle as they come

    First, I wanted a cultivator. Had one lined up for a decent price but over a week long period of mumbling to myself, decided against it. I finally came to the conclusion that my 2660 doesn't have the ground clearance to make good enough use of it to warrant the money and having it sit there in...
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    Everything Attachments

    Good deal. I'm glad you found a good price. :)
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    Dewalt 14" chop saw blade suggestions

    A buddy of mine and I went in on a Dewalt 5.5hp 14" chop saw from Lowes so we could make more accurate cuts for our little projects... my tractorette and his toyota offroader. The first thing I cut was some 2x2x1/4 square tube and it seemed really slow, especially on the top flat and bottom...
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    Everything Attachments

    Well, not really. They just have stuff priced to absorb the shipping. You don't see an extra shipping charge on your order form and it gives you a warm fuzzy. Walk into their store, and I bet the prices are different for cash-n-carry. I'm not busting their nads, it's just a reality. If they...
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    Bedder/Hiller furrow attachment

    I am wondering why the furrowing attachment on these are forward of the disks. Looks like in the video the disks just cover up any furrow the shovel may try to make. At the end of the video, they stop using them together and raise the disks for a second run with just the furrower down. Seems...
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    What size hiller disks to buy?

    I'm going to make a one row disk hiller/bedder in the coming weeks. I have no experience in these things. What size disks should I get? I see 12", 14", and 16" disks with 16" or 22" shanks. I'll be pulling it with my 2660 and will be making a T frame like BriarHillBrittanys made. I was...
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    Mowed with the 2660..

    First time I've mowed with the MMM. I like it. Of course inside 5 minutes I hit a 3 or 4 pound rock that I didn't see, left over from pulling a bush up by the roots a few weeks ago, so I have a dinged blade under there that I haven't fixed yet. :mad: The power steering makes tight turns nice...
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    Other uses for cultivators

    What do you use your cultivator for other than cultivating? Ian
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    Everything Attachments

    Wish you fellas were closer.... when you opening up in central KY? :)
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    Howse single bottom plow on a BX?

    Anyone use the Howse 12" single bottom plow on their BX? I'm curious if it's too tall for the hitch to lift fully. Ian
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    KK XB tiller VS standard Tiller

    I'm debating the purchase of one of these tillers and am wondering what the major differences are. I talked with someone at KK, and they said it was exactly the same build... same gear boxes, same drive shaft, same gauge metal, just a narrower hitch for BX size tractors. Initially I thought...
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    BX2660 bottom plow size

    Will a 2660 pull a 14" single bottom plow or would a 12 be a better match? Ian
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    #4 Gravel is a LOT easier.. scoop with the FEL than dirt but it's heavy... I was really glad that my tires were loaded and my box blade was back there. :eek: Drop that bucket a few inches, stop it a little too abruptly and you can feel the back of the tractor try to lift. Ian
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    Economy Unadjustable Disk Harrows

    I was looking at some of the small economy harrows and noticed that several of them are not adjustable for angle. Anyone here have one of these low end harrows and care to comment on how they perform? thanks
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    How wide a disk harrow for a 2660?

    Just a 4 footer to cover the tracks or can it pull a 5 foot disk? Ian
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    Tilling gardens for money?

    Anyone plow/till gardens with their BX in the spring? I was wondering if it pays enough to warrant thinking about. If so, how much do you charge? Ian
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    convert 2 bottom to 1 bottom?

    I'm not seeing any 1 bottom plows on CL but do see 2 bottoms for about half the price of a new 1 bottom. Could I take one of the plows off a 2 or will I just be better off waiting for a 1 bottom? Ian
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    Bought my first garden implement

    Probably not the most useful, but definitely the least expensive ($139). Got a Countyline Potato Plow (middle buster). Guess I'm planting potatoes this year. LOL I was jonesing for something garden oriented to pull with the tractor and the 48" tiller I really wanted wasn't going to get past...
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    tranny oil level low

    I've been reading where some said that the oil level in their BX tranny dropped in the first few hours of use. I went out and had a look at mine and it took a full quart and could probably use at least another pint. It isn't leaking that I can tell, so I figure they attached the FEL, cycled...
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    Don't ya love it when....

    You go to change the grade of an area and find that at sometime in the past, that spot was used for a household garbage dump... UGH. Bottles, hair rollers, sweaters, rusty tin cans, garbage bags, old shoes, roofing shingles, big balls of nylon string.... You name it, I'm finding it. I bet...
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    Not another oil thread.

    Nope, after serious consideration, I decided NOT to ask which oil you guys used. just thought you'd like to know, I saved you from that. Ian
  86. H

    bx2660 hydraulic pump

    I've not looked. Is it integrated into the transmission? I assume it is. Ian
  87. H

    Using FEL remote for removable tranny cooler

    I've been thinking about a removable tranny cooler. Seems like if you had an FEL setup, all you would need would be a small radiator with QDs to hook up to the FEL remote and a dc fan with a disconnect so you could take it off easy. Might be able to hide it behind the brush guard if so equipped...
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    Search Syntax Help

    Is there a thread here someplace that has the search switches listed? The usual "" to limit a search to an exact match doesn't seem to work. I tried the AND switch that google uses and that doesn't seem to work either. thanks, Ian
  89. H

    BX break in period

    The manual says not to run full throttle for 50 hours. I've got 20 on it now and have been running it at 2-2200rpms. I'm using the loader to move heavy wet dirt. I figured the bucket would have the same power at the lower throttle setting and would just move slower due to the lower pump...
  90. H

    How are the MMM with buildup?

    Got my 2660 in December, and am looking forward to spring and the grass cutting season. My old JD LT-180 required hosing out after every other cut (~2 acres each). How do the Kubota decks fare when it comes to clippings building up under the deck? Ian
  91. H

    Over inflating tires to seal bead?

    Well, one of my back tires leaked down and a buddy at work said they always over inflate their tractor tires for awhile to thoroughly seat the bead . He said he had 35lbs in his. I just aired it up according to what the tire had on the sidewall, which was 20lbs. Opinions? Ian
  92. H

    Opti-Lube Oil Fortifier

    Anyone used it? I got a flier for it in my XPD order. A search here didn't yield any results. Ian
  93. H

    Ordered myself some Opti-lube XPD

    After seeing how XPD did in that test compared to the Howes I bought, I decided to ditch it and buy some XPD. I emailed them and asked what the shelf life of it was, and they replied that there was no expiration if I kept it sealed and in a cool dry place (<75 deg). I ordered a gallon, which...
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    Going to a Farm Machinery auction tomorrow

    Q1: What do I need that I might find for less than my self imposed limit of $150? Plow.. no. Middle buster.. no. Subsoiler... no. Harley rake.. no. Box blade... got one already... Tiller.. decent one would bust my limit. Rear blade... maybe Snow blower.. budget bust and not needed in...
  95. H

    Learning curve

    Man, you can really make a mess with the FEL and box grader trying to learn how to use them. LOL My driveway was better before I started messing with it. Ian
  96. H

    Interesting screwup

    I don't know if it was actually a screwup or if Kubota is reusing printer paper. I got that brush guard for the 2660 for Christmas and last night I was perusing the one page instruction sheet. On the back was an internal kubota email from a quality control supervisor complaining about the...
  97. H

    Santa bring any tractor presents?

    After swearing that she wasn't buying my Christmas present at the Kubota dealer, she did it anyway. Gotta love her. Brush guard for the 2660. :thumbsup:
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    2620 vs 2630

    What are the main differences between these two? Ian
  99. H

    Anyone ever bought a tractor and then...

    traded it in for a larger model within a year or two? Ian
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    BH teeth on a FEL?

    I see everyone is using a tooth bar on FELs. Has anyone ever drilled an FEL edge and just mounted individual BH teeth or are they different than what goes on a tooth bar? Ian
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    Everything Attachments

    Love the videos.. being a tractor newb, it's good to see what the various implements do. :)
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    How big a CB for block heater?

    My BX complained this morning when I started it at 19 deg. It cranked right up, but knocked and smoked for a minute. I think I am going to get a block heater for it and need to run some AC out to the wood shed. Need some lights out there anyway. How much current do those heaters pull? Is...
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    Belly Weight

    Someone recently said not to take the MMM off because it adds 250lbs of low CG weight. Anyone ever make a weight to go in place of the MMM? A piece of plate hanging from the mower mounts in addition to the weight would act as a protector for that plastic HST fan and would afford more ground...
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    Tractor Acquisition Disease. Is it curable? The dealer had a brandy new L3700 out back. :drool: Ian
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    Quick adjust turnbuckle replacement?

    Is there a replacement for the turnbuckles that prevent the side to side movement of the 3PH lift arms (don't know the proper name for them) that has a quick adjust feature? I was thinking something like a small ratchet strap but they won't fit in a space that small. Ian Edit.... a...
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    My 3PH Carry All

    Well, this is what I ended up with. It's made of 1.5", 3/16" wall square tube. 30" forks. I think it's plenty stout. The firewood rack I made for it needs some tweaking though. It's not totally finished yet but I strapped it on temporarily and did a test run. First thing is that I didn't...
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    Made my first payment

    And to get it started off right, made it between a double and triple payment. The 0%/60mo was the feather that tipped me over to buying one, but I want this monkey off my back in 24 months. :thumbsup: Ian
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    Ok, a bit of excitement here. It's snowing... we have about 2 or 3 inches. I have a new tractor. Just learned how to put the bucket in float mode (thanks to TBN, tractor manual was no help). Just played around trying to scrape a few snowflakes off my drive. My hands are cold. The grin...
  109. H


    I want to thank everyone that patiently answers my very basic questions about tractors and implements. After my recent 2660 purchase, I am learning about what is what and the limitations of my tractor. I realize that what I ask may be ol' hat for someone raised on tractors and PTOs but it's...
  110. H

    Subsoiler Qs

    I visited a used tractor implement place today and they had an old ford subsoiler for $100 that the guy said was made of real steel instead of the junk iron he said the newer aftermarkets were made of. I thought about using it to break up dirt for pickup with my bucket. Can you run these...
  111. H

    Decided against a box scraper

    I was considering the pros and cons of buying a box scraper today. The only thing I would really use it for is grading the 150yd driveway once a year and helping friends (# of friends seem to multiply when you have equipment). I don't have problems with the driveway washing, it just settles...
  112. H

    How much can I hang by the lip of the bucket?

    I was going to build a counterweight that mounted to the 3ph, but decided to just make it without mounts and put it on the carryall (that I'm making). It's going to be a 25 gallon pickle bucket with bricks and concrete in it. I thought about putting a chain with a hook in the concrete and...
  113. H

    Christmas Wish List

    My wife has been bugging me for a Christmas list. I'm not much of a christmas guy and would be satisfied with a nice meal and forget the presents. Anyway, I told her today that I emailed her an idea but she wouldn't like it. I told her I wanted a grill guard for the BX. :thumbsup: She didn't...
  114. H

    Bro-tek Steering protector

    Anyone use that with success? Looks like it just places the top link in front of the assembly. Doesn't really protect the boots from sticks that will just flip past the top link. Ian
  115. H

    Love my 2660

    Been busy this morning moving some brick, bringing firewood up to the house, moving some sand, pine straw bales and skimming some sod for my wife's garden. Best purchase I've made in a long time. :cloud9: Ian
  116. H

    How much post hole digger can it run?

    How much auger do you think my BX2660 would run? 19.5 PTO hp. I suppose it would greatly depend on soil conditions. thanks, Ian
  117. H

    How to ID class 1 3ph implements

    Newbie 3ph question. If I go to a farm auction, how do I identify class 1 vs others if it isn't identified? I'd hate to buy something only to find it doesn't fit. Ian
  118. H

    Newbie red diesel questions

    A couple newbie diesel questions. Is the red farm diesel legal only for those with tax exempt farm status or can any tractor tank up with it? How much cheaper is it than regular diesel with all the taxes added on? Generally, where can it be purchased one 5 gallon can at a time? I don't need...
  119. H

    Angle of attack for bucket

    Total equipment newbie here. I was out this morning using the bucket on the new BX2660 and am having mixed results. I'm moving dirt from a pile that has been sitting for a few years, it's well settled and has grass growing on it. Once (just once) it cut right in and got a nice scoop, but the...
  120. H

    Kubota CUT engine specs

    Somewhere in my research, I found an easy reference for Kubota engine specifications. I can't find it now, I've looked for 20 minutes. Anyway, I noticed that the engine in the BX2660 had the same bore and stroke as a couple other tractors, one or two which claimed over 30hp. Now I don't know...
  121. H

    Show me your 3pt carry-all

    One of the first things I think want to make for my BX2660 when it gets here is a carry all for the 3 point. I envision something that will carry a half pallet (4x2) stacked about 3 or 4' high with firewood. I'll use it for transferring firewood from the wood shed to the house rack. thanks, Ian
  122. H

    Price Check  BX-2660 Price Check

    My local dealer quoted me $15,100 for the 2660 with MMM and loader out the door, tax included. How is that price? I haven't checked the other two dealers within driving distance yet. thanks, Ian
  123. H

    Researching the BX2660

    Hey guys (-n-gals), I'm researching the BX2660. I plan on using it for mowing ~2 hilly acres and using the FEL for general yard maintenance like moving mulch, dirt and moving firewood from the wood shed to the house. Might groom the gravel driveway with it as well. Do these machine have...