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  1. Snowback

    Shed Move with Tractor - Redneck Engineering

    A neighbor of mine picked up a shed from another neighbor, and needed it moved a few hundred yards down and across the street. I offered to help not realizing how big a job it was. (12'x 20' metal shed and a couple of fences needed to come down). It actually went fairly smoothly and no one...
  2. Snowback

    2538 HST Quick Hitch - Fender Modification Tip

    Picked up a quick hitch from Ranch Ex. (Sourced through and delivered for free)...
  3. Snowback

    Tier IV Starting Procedure - mCRD engines

    Just curious what you all are doing on start up for optimal longevity and performance. The manual for my 2538 HST states to turn key to the left and then start once the light goes off. (It's an oil pressure light though, not the glow plug.) :confused3: Since the manuals seemed a little...
  4. Snowback

    Battery Maintainer - Good/Bad/Ugly?

    The GPS locator unit on my 2538 has just enough parasitic draw to make parking the machine for a couple/few of weeks at a time problematic. Time for a battery maintainer I guess. Anyone have either of these units, or perhaps want to suggest another low cost solar option or better idea? Panel...
  5. Snowback

    Performance Tune for 2538 HST

    I know, I know - no such thing. BUT - anyone with an early model 2538 HST from last year should check with their dealer to see if they have the new updated programs loaded on a laptop. My machine was running great, but the throttle has always seemed a tiny bit sluggish and "bouncy". I chalked...
  6. Snowback

    Be careful where you place hands while tractoring

    ****** Warning - some graphic details here. Met some friends for dinner after Church last week and learned all about a freak accident that happened to my buddy's father in law back in July. The FIL had joined us for the meal as well. He'd been running his midsize Kubota through a smaller...
  7. Snowback

    Mahindra Owners Club Hats - collection growing

    Wohoo! I just received my new $20k hat, on the right, to go along with my 4 year old $13k hat on the left! :cool: These are actually pretty darn nice. Seriously though - Thanks Mahindra. I will wear these proudly in public!
  8. Snowback

    Mahindra 2538 HST oil and Engine Oil too clean?

    So after 35+/- hours, both oils are still clear to my eye. I was expecting manufacturing slag and burrs to make it dirtier after this much run time. There is so little discoloration that I can hardly see the level on the dipstick, or recognize the very slight shadow of the level line at the...
  9. Snowback

    Swiss Army Knife Tractor Setups - Pics or it didn't happen

    Let's see the gear and implements that you can haul around property or from the pond to barn as needed all in one fell swoop. Bonus points if you can haul all the implements together, but pics sampling all of your kit laid out with pictures works as well. :thumbsup: Kudos to MossRoad for the...
  10. Snowback

    Property out of town - Haul your tractor, or build storage - opinions?

    I'm struggling with potentially biting the bullet on some type of onsite tractor storage. Our property is 40 miles from town. 30 minutes by car or truck and 45+/- minutes when loaded with trailer. Not really that bad in the overall scheme of things. It is somewhat of a chore/pain to load...
  11. Snowback

    Excavator carnage at airport

    Must have been a Monday...
  12. Snowback

    Front End Loader "Tonka" War for Grown Men

    Safety seemed a logical forum for this one. I think this kind of deal might be the right setup for the next Mahindra commercial where they's always showing the grumpy old JD owner at the end. Video is hosted at liveleak, thus a link is needed. Grab your beer and enjoy! - Front...
  13. Snowback

    Home built front end loader - Pedal power involved

    I'm just going to leave this right here... Click following link for the video. Picture below is not linked, so click the text above. Video Here: - Badass Mini Front loader ** Volume**
  14. Snowback

    Equalizer Weight Distribution Hitch - Worthwhile on a Ram 1500

    Greetings Wise Haulers! We recently picked up a tract that needed a little more HP and weight for tractoring than my stout little Max 25 could provide, but I did not want to have to go buy a 3/4 ton or 1 ton pick-up to haul a bigger tractor. It was time for a little research. A quick, but...
  15. Snowback

    Greetings from TX

    Howdy, Just joined today. Amazing how many new folks are joining. I have been lurking for a while and have learned quite a bit. Thanks everyone! Proud owner of a Mahindra Max 25 with FEL, 4' Box Blade and 4' Brush Cutter. Use it to maintain 2 acres and play around our community that always...