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  1. Menagerie-Manor

    Nice Yanmar tiller on FB cheap.

    Just came across this...
  2. Menagerie-Manor

    Added Pallet forks to my loader

    So I've learned you cannot winch logs up a ramp onto my mill in the PNW weather, a 1500lb log just spins. Since attachments for the Vtek loaders are unicorns I fabbed up a set of loader brackets and lucked out with a skid steer pallet forks on sale at Titan shipped for $249. Shifting the load...
  3. Menagerie-Manor

    Came across a treefrog backhoe attachment

    If anyone has interest.
  4. Menagerie-Manor

    When all else fails

    Make a new one. Could not find a replacement when the dam thing snapped, then I nailed a mini lathe on Marketplace for $200 a few weeks ago.
  5. Menagerie-Manor

    Broke the Joystick base on my loader

    So I need to locate a new cast mag base for my Besko loader stick, anyone have a source.
  6. Menagerie-Manor

    Any Cad guys here

    Looking to have a simple 2D cad drawing sketched up to have a flat plate bracket laser cut. Any recommendations or is anyone interested.
  7. Menagerie-Manor

    YANMAR RSB1401 tiller

    Just came across this and I'm gonna follow up tomorrow and see if I can get more info and pics. At $900 I don't think I can go wrong.
  8. Menagerie-Manor

    Yanmar 1303 Tiller

    Just came across this Tiller that's only a few hours away for a decent price, any thoughts.
  9. Menagerie-Manor

    Adjusting Throttle Tension FYI

    Needed a thin open end wrench for the inner nut to hold back and noticed several of the flat steel chuck wrenches for my pneumatic tools fit the nut nicely.
  10. Menagerie-Manor

    Tiller  For 100 bucks what do you think

    Worth it ?
  11. Menagerie-Manor

    2310 Oil filter cross reference

    Does anyone know the equivalent napa or any over the counter oil filters for the 2310. Came up with one part # using the YM276 for reference. I'm coming up with a NAPA 1568.
  12. Menagerie-Manor

    My New LX172

    Picked up this tractor about 6 weeks ago and gave her a complete going over including new seat, bags, mower deck rebuild blasting and powder coating. Ready for another 20 years service.
  13. Menagerie-Manor

    Looking for a JD to replace my Craftsman

    Shopping around locally for a used JD probably in the 100 series to cut about a 1/2 acre and other minor activities related to lawn and garden. I have a full grown tractor for all the heavy work. So it comes down to the choice of engines (42" or 48" not a concern) Briggs or Kawasaki and not...
  14. Menagerie-Manor

    Laser Cut Parts

    I wanted an additional step to get my old butt up in the seat and came across this outfit in Reno. Thought I would give it a shot so I sketched up a step plate and sent it over last Monday morning. They priced me out at $63 including material and shipping so what the hell I ordered them. I...
  15. Menagerie-Manor

    Steering Spline Size YM2310

    Anyone know the shaft size and spline count on my 2310, thought it was 3/4 - 36 but it's smaller.
  16. Menagerie-Manor

    Winches  Added a winch to my YM2310

    Decided to tackle this since I've been in creeper gear with back issues lately. Found a basic 1/4" steel winch mount and welded on some mounts to bolt up to the frame, wound up being pretty simple. Also fabbed up a mirror bracket that uses the original location and one of the many motorcycle...
  17. Menagerie-Manor

    Here is a nice buy in Oregon on a JD 400 if anyone is looking.

    FEL and attachments included. I would grab it but that would not leave enough ready cash for a Hotel when she kicks me out...
  18. Menagerie-Manor

    HP Hydraulic Line Removal

    I'm plan on removing the 12mm HP line from the banjo bolt to the pump to improve the routing due to issues with the FEL structure and since the FSM does not include specific instructions like many automotive manuals do are there any do's or don'ts associated with the removal. I assume the line...
  19. Menagerie-Manor

    Adjusting throttle friction on my 2310

    Ok so before I get pissed off and dismantle the the body what's the secret to access the throttle friction adjustment. The FSM I have for the 276 diagrams an access panel that does not exist on the 2310.
  20. Menagerie-Manor

    Increasing Width Rear Wheels

    On my YM2310 it appears as though I can flip the inner rims to gain about 3 or 4 inches of width on each side, am I dreaming or is this doable.
  21. Menagerie-Manor

    New Member Of the Grey Market Club

    Finally realized I was spitting into the wind with basic homeowner type of equipment so it was time to get something with a bit of muscle. Should keep me busy around here over the summer. She's a YM2310D and was delivered earlier today so I spent a quiet afternoon learning all the controls and...