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    Another use for my tractor.

    I was brush hogging the apple orchard and found a bald faced hornet nest, before they found me. Drove by it many times with my Ferguson TO-35. First I thought I would go with my wheeler and shotgun, but after I thought about it didn't seem like a good idea. Next I put the forks on my L3540HSTC...
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    test strips for sleeved diesel

    I've searched on here and google and can't find what I need. My buddy is a small farmer and has a new Ford diesel pickup, three diesel tractors, 70 hp Farmall, 85 hp Ford and a 106 hp New Holland. He asked me to find him the coolant test strips for sleeved diesels for all four. Anybody know...
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    1958? Ferguson TO35 gasser, need stud kit for manifold and exhaust pipe.

    I bought the manifold and exhaust pipe muffler from Yesterday's Tractors, but they don't sell hardware for them. I've been all over the internet and I can't find anything. Of course where I live you can't find anything like that.
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    B7100 hydraulic remote

    I bought a Country Manufacturing Inc 8500 2 ton dump trailer. I have one remote on my L3540 and need to find out how to hook up a remote on my B7100. All I have is the operating, parts, IT and WSM manuals and can't figure out where to hook two lines so I can operate a double acting cylinder. If...
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    B7100 & Pat's Easy Change

    Has anybody tried using Pat's Easy Change on a B7100DT? I bought it new in 1979. I'm hoping they will work, because I'm getting tired of hooking up my box blade and mower. I know I'll have to buy a longer top link too. Hooking anything to my 3ph on my L3540 is a piece of cake compared to the...
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    How to auger a 18" hole through sand that's collapsing

    We have to auger through 5' of compacted sand and into the virgin clay for the columns on a Pole Barn. Problem is the sand just keeps collapsing. Cleary Buildings is doing this. Now trying to figure out how to do this. Someone from Cleary mentioned using a 20" sonotube around the auger, but...
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    Backhoe  Useing backhoe on a steep hill

    I have a L3540HSTC-3 and I might have to operate the backhoe on a steep hill, maybe 40 degrees with the backhoe on the uphill side. Will the engine still get oiled properly? I don't want to hurt my baby.
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    B7100 test glow plugs

    I had some trouble starting my B7100 last winter, so I decided to check out the glow plugs. I tested them one at a time and each glowed bright red. Or do I have to test them with all three hooked at the same time. thanks
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    1979 B7100 bad engine vibration 650 hrs

    In the spring I noticed an engine vibration that you could feel in the foot plate. I'm not a mechanic. I checked the engine mounts. Checked clutch in/out for change at all rpm's. No change. Vibration got worse in August. Talked to the dealer on the phone. He said to open up injectors one at a...
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    I need help with the forums.

    Before when I completely read a highlighted post it would lose its highlight. Also when someone added a comment to a post it would put me at the new comment, instead of at the beginning of the post again. I've tried many things and I can't seem to get it back to the way it was. The only...