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  1. GWood627

    Title for Tractor?

    I don't have any official paperwork from the dealer, barely an invoice showing sale with no serial # etc. That I can get off the tractor. Are there titles or any other "official" paperwork that I should have received. All I have is the owners manual. Goodby hydrostatic and hello Power Shuttle...
  2. GWood627

    Upgrading from MF1635 to MF 1645 in only 20 Hours!

    After purchasing the MF in August and waiting 2 months for the BH-80X to arrive, I've discovered the 1635 is underpowered for me. Since the BH was never shipped the dealer offered to let me use his mini excavator until the BH arrived. Big mistake for him! I realized (feeling stupid at this point...
  3. GWood627

    3-Point Hitch  Delivery of new Massey 1635

    Well, the tractor and trailer arrived one day before the bush hog. The back hoe is on back order and I have minor problems already, anyone have some suggestions to my problems? The 3-point hitch will not go up all the time and it's very difficult to get it to stay in the middle posisiton. I only...
  4. GWood627

    MF OEM Manuals, Available online? What's your first tractor mistake?

    Anybody know if the owners manuals are available on line? I'm looking to learn as much as possible before taking ownership of new MF1635 next week. I figure if I can get the basics down, I'll be able to ask more intelligent questions during the delivery. I'm guessing the guy's going to stick...
  5. GWood627

    I feel like a kid at X-Mas!!!

    I'm antcipating the arrival of my very first tractor late next week. Wow, I hope I sounded that excited when my kids were born but ****, this is a tractor we're talking about here. A MF1635 72" FEL Q/A, Woods Back Hoe, 8', Woods 6' Bush Hog and a Taylor-Way 400 2.5 ton dump trailer. What kid...
  6. GWood627

    What are typically maintenance costs for compact tractor?

    Just looking to get an idea of maintenance costs for a Massey ferguson MF1635 new. I'd rather know upfront and be prepared then to get zinged. I had a 40" RV and filters-fluids with labor ran me about $500.00 per year. I'm no ace mechanic, or any for that matter, but do most of you guys change...
  7. GWood627

    Price Check  Did I get a good deal?

    I just purchased a package deal and was wondering if anybody out there in TBN land could comment. 2013 Massey Ferguson MF-1635 HST with quick attach DL-120 front loader, R4 Tires and Block Heater Woods BH-80X, 4-Point Sub-frame with Hydraulic Thumb and 16" Bucket and Power Beyond Kit Woods HC-72...
  8. GWood627

    Just joined TBN

    Hey everybody. I've enjoyed all the posts regarding tractor reviews, pricing and general likeability. It helped me make a final decision for purchasing a compact tractor in the NorthEast US, Catskill Mountains NY to be specific. It looks like a good bunch of people on this site, mostly helping...