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  1. grnspot110

    For Sale: 1980-2418 Power King (North MO)

    I have for sale my 1980-2418 Power King, with wheel weights all around: Weather cracking on rear tires, hasn't changed since I bought the tractor about 6 years ago: Includes: 4' front blade, restored: 12" Brinly 3-pt plow, restored: 4' mower deck, original: Also, a hmde, matching...
  2. grnspot110

    Another New Project, Moved Over to the Dark Side!

    Kinda' been looking for one of these for a while, this one showed up on CL just before my hernia surgery. With lifting restrictions & waiting on my new trailer, I didn't pursue it til last week. 250 mile round trip to pick up what was advertised as a 1958 Cub Lo-Boy. I'ts not as good as...
  3. grnspot110

    Floe Cargo Max Trailers?

    Anybody here familiar with Floe Cargo Max trailers? FLOE CargoMax Trailers I like the looks of them, but no dealers very close. I have seen them a couple years ago at a farm store in IA.
  4. grnspot110

    Draft Horse Question?

    Just a curiosity, we have a large Amish settlement west of us (Jamesport, MO) with more moving in to the north. One family has a property several miles east of the main settlement . A couple years ago I saw one of his young sons on the highway with a team of draft horses (2-horse team) heading...
  5. grnspot110

    Winchester model 1890 .22 value

    I have two Winchester model 1890 .22 rifles (shorts only) in what I would call "fair + condition"; one is a 1908, the other is 1913, from what I can find out. And one model model 90, shorts only, (1926) in good + condition. Where can I find a responsible value for them, to sell them? ~~ grnspot
  6. grnspot110

    Low-cost Charcoal Grille?

    I'm in need of a "cheap" charcoal grille that will only be used about once/year at my Garden Tractor Trail Ride. Yesterday, I pulled this old non-galvanized water heater tank out of the ditch at the farm: Tank is 13" in diameter & 43" long. The plan is to split it lengthwise, add hinges...
  7. grnspot110

    Trenton, MO Tractor Show - June 15-16th, 2012

    It's time for the annual Trenton, MO Farm Equipment Show June 15th & 16th! Show will be held at the NCMO Fair grounds livestock pavilion. .3 mile north of 9th St. & Oklahoma Ave. stop light. Most anything farm & garden related is welcome (tractors, machinery, L&G, old trucks, etc.), no entry...
  8. grnspot110

    Cheap Disk Project

    This is what I've been working on the last couple of days! I started out with an old JD tandem drag disk ($50), used out of my scrap pile, except the two 5/8" x 4' rods for the rear support braces ($13) & some 1/2" grade 8 bolts out of my bolt bin. I still need to cut the rounded ends off the...
  9. grnspot110

    Added to Cart!

    Last year I made a 5' x 6-1/2' cart to use at the farm with my JD 790. Decided I needed a chain saw & tool holder to get them out of the cart bed. Welded up a swa holder from scrap & used an old ammo box for the tool holder;
  10. grnspot110

    790 Tail Light Lens?

    Does anybody know of a source for tail light lenses for a 790 (Stanley #040-1975)? Mother Deere wants over $35/ea. for them! ~~ grnspot110
  11. grnspot110

    Wildlife Cover

    I've been working on some wildlife cover lately. This area, about 1-1/2 acres, used to be heavy cover next to a pond. A Whitetail doe had fawned there for years. But it was getting to may big trees, making it too open for her. I'm clearing most of the bigger trees, making two brush piles & will...
  12. grnspot110

    120V Engine Heater on JD 790?

    Anybody use an engine heater on a 790? If so, what type? I got a new "screw-in" block heater with my '04 790 last Spring. Looked about putting it in yesterday & can't find a freeze plug to install it. The heater is a Zerostart from Thermo #3100003, 790 is not listed in the paperwork, so I...
  13. grnspot110

    Cell Phone Opinions Please!

    Dear old AT&T is at it again! Got a letter a few days ago that my cell phone will not work after Feb. 28, 2011 if I don't update. I stopped by an AT&T store yesterday to see about it, looks like they want my bill to increase from $25 to at least $39+. So I'm looking for options! Rural...
  14. grnspot110

    Wood splitter on a 790?

    I have a vertical hyd splitter I made to use on my JD 1958 - 520 using tractor hydraulics. I've sold the 520,so I need to re-make the splitter to use on my 790. Plan is to set it up to "free-stand" the splitter(maybe w/bracing) beside the tractor & hook the hyd. hoses to the "bucket"...
  15. grnspot110

    Farm Disk Extensions

    Does anyone know where I can get extension spools to add a blade to a disk gang? I'm getting ready to make a 3-pt disk for my JD 790 & the gangs I have are only 4' long. I would like to add one more blade to each gang! These are spools that bolt on the the end of the original blade shaft &...
  16. grnspot110

    Another Style Grille Guard

    Finished my grille guard for the 790 yesterday! My steel supplier sold me a couple of scrap pieces of flattened mesh for $5, one piece was big enough for the grille guard. :) After cutting to size, I bent the sides back, welded on an 1/8" x 3/4" angle on the top, 1/2" angle on the back edges...
  17. grnspot110

    Dirt Moving  Make-shift Box Blade

    Finished up my "make-shift box blade today!:) One 5' King Kutter "XB" 3-pt blade, 5' of heavy wall 2" square tubing, two 1' x 2' x 1/4" steel plates, a few bolts, a few pieces of scrap = box blade! I already had the blade, which I didn't use, $55 worth of steel & a little time welding. If I...
  18. grnspot110

    Opinions on 3-pt Quick Hitch

    Looking for opinions, good or bad, on the category 1 quick hitch! Are they really worth the expense? I can get a Speedco locally for $170 w/1 pr. of bushings, more bushings are $20/pr. I have a half dozen or so attachments at home, plus 3 at the farm, some would need modified for width. This...
  19. grnspot110

    Loader  JD Quick-Attach Brackets

    Does any body know of a source for the "weld-on "hooks" to make other attachments for the 300 loader? I can make my own, but it would be easier to buy "ready-made" if they aren't too high. ~~ grnspot110
  20. grnspot110

    New to Me 790

    I've been looking for a while now. Wanting to replace my 1958, JD 520, 2001 M2554 Bush Hog ZTR, & 69-JD140 w/Johnson loader with a Compact. Last week I found a 2004 790 set up just like I wanted about 140 miles from home on CL. Brought it home Monday, 383 hours, R-4 tires, 4WD, 300 loader...
  21. grnspot110

    Driveway Grader

    :rolleyes: I'm thinking of making something similar to a DR Powergrader. Has anybody used or made something of this nature & how well do they work in "real life"? What have you made for this pupose?
  22. grnspot110

    22 x 9.00 x 10 Tires

    Does anybody know of a source for 22 x 9.00 x 10 front tires for my 550 Mule other than the Dunlops? I am mostly on sod & hard surface, the Dunlops seem to wear too fast. I plan to put Carlisle All Trails or Strykers on the back (22 x 11.00 x 10). So far I am having trouble fining anything...
  23. grnspot110

    New To Site

    Just found this site recently, I grew up on a small midwest farm through the 50's & 60's, using all JD equipment. I'm Now a retired firefighter, collecting & restoring older JD L&G tractors. I also have the 1958-720D I grew up on & a 1958-520 I bought to use about 25 years ago. I have...