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    Oil & Fuel  Oil coming from valve cover breather

    I finished putting on my backhoe on my John Deere 790 and fixing or replacing the hydraulic hoses that were leaking, and when I cranked it up to test, all of a sudden a rush of oil came out of the hose from the valve cover breather. I always had it vent out and drip a little but never stream out...
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    Bent my John Deere 7 Backhoe hydraulic cylinder.

    Was putting on my JD 7 backhoe on my JD 790, and it is a real issue every time, there has to be a better way to put a backhoe back on. I cannot get the bottom rails to click and lock to say nothing of reaching and getting the top pin in place. I don't know what the engineers were thinking when...
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    How much will that tractor cost, the true price of ownership.

    Ok, you bought the tractor with a FEL and you want to figure out what is the true cost of ownership. Lets take a small tractor like the John Deere 3025D and figure the total ownership costs for it, which was sold new for around $18k before the pandemic but now has gone up to $25k. You have to...
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    Building a Bucket for your Tractor.

    I used my FEL bucket to spread crushed rock, asphalt millings, piles of old concrete, roof tiles, etc to make the roads in our section of the woods, and of course I went overboard and drove miles from my lots or properties scraping the roads. So I think you can imagine what happened to it. It...
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    Comparison  The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

    I like that advice and also... "be careful of what you wish for (cheap), as you may just get it." When you go shopping for any tractor, vehicle or attachment or even tools, you find out very quickly how good was your buy. If you see a issue with the new ones on the lot, that gives you a good...
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    Give us your feedback on the dealers with the most positive experiences you had when purchasing..

    a tractor in your area including the initial contact, delivery and the follow up, for first time buyers. Lets keep it to just the positive side, so that others can see who they are and they get the benefit of your experience when they go to purchase their tractors. I think that would be a great...
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    Gravity Farm Diesel Tank, is it worth getting one.

    i was thinking of getting a Farm Diesel tank for the tractors, so would not have to drive all the way to town for diesel. Is it worth it and what accessories do you need to buy to go along with it?
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    Do R1 and R4 tires have more impact on the wheel bearings?

    I was running my Kubota L3301 on the open road when I noticed the front tires jumping up and down, so I slowed down but they still continued to jolt, so I went into the soft sand, and then they ran smoothly. But wouldnt the harsh jolting caused by the design of the R1 and R4 cause major internal...
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    Are tractor prices dropping, have they peaked?

    I looks like the prices for gas, diesel, used cars, and other commodities have peaked from the tremendous surge of the last year..
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    What is the most important things to look for when buying a tractor?

    Whether new or used, there are things IMHO that go beyond just the price and size and what you think you need, as a there are critical issues which need to be looked at. Like will this manufacturer be there when I need parts and service, to say nothing of it having financial troubles and being...
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    How do you find the correct part numbers for tractors?

    I went to check a part and found out that for the FEL LA525 there are different parts for the pivot pins depending on location. That seems a bit much as all the pivot points are basically the same but the upper bucket pivot pin has a grove in the middle while the other pins appear either not...
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    How often should you grease a tractor for light duty?

    I never greased my old tractor except when I changed the oil which I think I did several times in twenty years, so I was shocked when I saw in a video that you need to grease every 10 hours of use. What is a more normal level for greasing a tractor under light conditions or usage?
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    What are the most reliable tractors to own?

    I was looking at the best of tractors, and I came across this list as the most reliable tractors in North America.. 1. John Deere 2. New Holland 3. Case IH 4. Kubota 5. Massey Ferguson 6. Fendt 7. Claas Is this list correct or is Kubota better than John Deere or on par, and why are Case and New...
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    Buy a salvage tractor vs just buying parts

    I have to get the body panels and hood for my JD 790 in addition to changing the wheels and hubs, and misc.. Is it better to just get a salvage tractor rather than pay thousands for new parts on a 20plus old tractor.
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    How much does it cost to build a pole barn and what kind is best..

    If you want to build a 20 by 40 pole barn, what kind should you build, and what should it cost? Is metal or wood better, and where can you get the materials or is a prefab cost the same considering time and effort...
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    Should you trade in your tractor when you buy a new one.

    With all the scams going on out there, unless someone brings in cash to buy your tractor, its not worth selling it. But for anyone to walk around with 20-30k in their pocket to a strange setting to do the transaction is getting harder, to say nothing if your the one accepting and counting it out...
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    Should I use conventional oil, or synthetic oil in my tractor.

    I was bringing my tractor to my mechanic, when he stated something that just startled me. We were talking of the maintenance on the tractor when he said "you should only put in and use synthetic oils in any engine", I was shocked to say the least, as once you put in synthetic oils, as it can...
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    Who actually makes the tractor and whose engine and transmission does it carry?

    I was looking at the LS tractors at the dealer, and noticed it had Mitsubishi engines, but now I am told the LS uses Yanmar, Mitsubishi and LS engines depending on model. Now I know my John Deere is basically a Yanmar drivetrain with engine and transmission, but the FEL and Backhoe are to my...
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    Tractors from Auctions, what do you check before buying.

    I have gone to several auctions and am looking to see if can steal a bargain on a tractor or heavy equipment, but I was warned to check them thoroughly before buying. But they only allow a brief window before the auction, other than the obvious such as dead battery, what issues should you look...
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    What trailer should I get for Kubota Tractor, and what should I pay?

    I had a 16 foot dual wheel trailer for the smaller John Deere 790 tractor, but it was unsteady even for that tractor, and now got the bigger and heavier Kubota L3301, with LA 525 FEL and box blade on back. I got the old trailer used and it was wooden deck, and I didnt like replacing the broken...
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    Do you take it to the dealer for maintenance or do it yourself.

    I never took my John Deere 790 to the dealer for anything, did it myself no matter what it was, but now its pretty beat up. So for my L3301 I am thinking its best to have the dealer do everything, but got to pay pickup and delivery back, to say nothing of the sky high charges, but want to keep...
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    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    I have to constantly be fixing parts on the tractor such as the latches, seat, fenders, hood or attachments such as posthole diggers or rotary cutters, etc.. My buddy told me any welds would not hold on such thin metal for the like, but there has to be a way to do it rather than pay for a new part
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    What tires should you get on a new Tractor, R1, R4, or Turf?

    I love the Turf tires on my JD 790, but it seems they tend to pick up any nail or sharp object and puncture constantly. Thus when I got my L3301 I was ok to see R1 tires, but after almost tipping over just hitting bumps on the road, I am looking at the R4. What should you look for in a new...
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    What is the good Chainsaw for clearing?

    As I posted before, I am clearing several lots, and need a good chainsaw to tackle the bigger trees and can grind them down afterward with a stump grinder. But you really cant find out much of anything out of the stores on what works for solid pine and oak that we have down here. What is a good...
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    Kubota oil dipstick and filler locations..

    I read my manual and then went to check the oil and hydraulic levels. The hydraulic was easy to find although it seems a bit in the way, but I can live with it. But the oil dipstick was impossible to find to say the least. Then after looking it up in YouTube finally located it, and then went to...
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    What causes tractor rollovers?

    I was using heavy equipment for paying my tuition and was driving a tractor when I was sent over to mow a steep hill near a school in the morning. Well, there was heavy dew so it was very wet and I slid down all the way to the bottom, over and over and I wonder how they managed to mow such a...
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    Comparison  Whats the best non turbo 40Hp tractor for small farming?

    I am fixing up my JD 790 with FEL and Backhoe for future replacement, and either sell or trade in if I get what its worth on the market, and would look for at least a 40 Hp tractor, non turbo, Gear driven, and with dealer support. What is the best one out there for a reasonable price...
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    Front End Loader coming off in the middle of working.

    While working on transferring dirt my FEL on my John Deere 790 tractor intermittently comes off. Its a John Deere 10 FEL and I usually have the John Deere 7 Back Hoe attached, has anyone come across this.
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    What attachments should you use on a tractor to clear land.

    I have looked at what the salesmen say will 'clear land' with a 30-40 hp tractor, but usually it seems to fall short of cutting heavy vegetation and large brush, to say nothing of trees. What can be used especially in the front of midsized tractor to knock down, mulch or grind to clear land.
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    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    I knew the regeneration cycle would be happening as I kept away from the larger diesels as my buddy burnt two engines up on his trucks. But the regeneration lights come on, right as I am in the middle of something, or it starts beeping and I have to stop immediately out in the field and find a...
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    Tractor News  What is driving up the demand for tractors?

    Is it a real need for new tractors, or is it panic over supply as parts to put together new tractors got squeezed in supply chain. Or were prices held down by other factors. Why such a sudden increase....
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    Where to find hydraulic cylinders for my John Deere 70 loader on my 790.

    Anyone know where I can find hydraulic cylinders for my John Deere 70 loader on my 790, as the dealer wants $1200 per each, and there are 4. I tried rebuilding them with the kit, but it has dents and scratches on the tubes, so they just break the seals and leak.
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    Hydraulic Arm Cylinder repairs

    Any ideas on Hydraulic Arm Cylinder repairs, as my upper and lower arms on my John Deere 790 leak like a sieve, as going through a gallon or more on a monthly basis even after rebuilding with standard JD kit.. And the price for the arms from JD are $1200 each for new ones.
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    Price Check  What did you pay for your tractor

    I was looking at 4 tractors, the John Deere 3025D, the 3035D and the Kubota L2501 Gear Drive and the L3301 Gear Drive. The 2021 3025D was $18499 but rose up to $22,499 on the 2022, while the 2021 3035D was listed at $22,602 but is going for 26,499 on the 2022. I looked at the Kubota L2501DT and...
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    L3301 tires

    I just got a L3301 and the R1 tires seem to lend one to tip over, as they seem a bit too light or not wide enough. What should I do, replace with turf or fill them up to add weight..?
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    Kubota L3301 issues

    I just acquired a Kubota L3301 Gear Drive Transmission., 3rd Function valve with grapple, with R1 tires. I want to know what issues I should look out for, and what implements I should add and costs, as I would like to farm and use for land clearing.