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  1. CompactTractorFan

    Death of Member JDgreen227

    Hello Everyone, It has been years since I posted on this site; a busy life has gotten in the way and has not left me enough time for hobbies such as tractors, but I wanted to share some sad news: I found out tonight that member William Burns (JDgreen227) passed away earlier this year. I don't...
  2. CompactTractorFan

    New to Quick Hitches - What do I need?

    I just recently purchased my first quick hitch from Harbor Freight Tools. I have never used one before, so I'm wondering what parts I will need. What do I need to place on the draw pins circled in the photo to secure the attachments? Can I just throw a lynch pin on the end and call it a...
  3. CompactTractorFan

    Glass Fuse Confusion

    Having trouble finding the correct glass fuses for replacing blown ones in 12volt cigarette lighter plugs (for automotive accessories). I seem to have to replace a blown fuse every so often in different accessories ranging from lights to air compressors, but I am having trouble locating the...
  4. CompactTractorFan


    I just changed my e-mail, so how do I sign up for the newsletter again? :confused:
  5. CompactTractorFan

    Don't remember seeing this link posted here before, so I thought I'd share it with everyone: Tractor Reviews, Videos, Pictures and Tractor Prices
  6. CompactTractorFan

    3-Point Dethatcher

    I came across this company in my web travels: CMP ATTACHMENTS, llc I thought I would pass it along for anyone looking for a reasonably priced 3-point dethatcher. There are not a lot of units like this on the market.
  7. CompactTractorFan

    Weight Distributing Hitch Question

    I have a question regarding weight distributing hitches. I have a vehicle that is rated to tow a 5,000# trailer without a weight-distributing hitch and a 10,000# trailer with one. If I purchase a trailer that weighs 2,000# empty and has a GVWR of 7,000#, but I only load it with 2,000# of cargo...
  8. CompactTractorFan

    Got a job at Harbor Freight Tools

    Yup, I just got a job at the local store which is 10 minutes away. I went in for the first time on Monday to do some paperwork/training. This will be my first "real" paying job (I graduate high school this year). :D
  9. CompactTractorFan

    Little tractor standing tall

    Got the Kubota running for the first time in a while. While I was "exercising" the backhoe, I snapped a few pics:
  10. CompactTractorFan

    Extinguishing a brush fire with a lawn tractor

  11. CompactTractorFan

    Need Help Replacing Work Light Bulb

    I need your help! I have a magnetic 12volt worklight I purchased at TSC. A few months after I bought it, it stopped working. I took it apart, and I found that the filament in the bulb was broken. Now I can't get the bulb out to find a replacement. I tried and tried, but it would not budge. I was...
  12. CompactTractorFan

    My Christmas Luck

    I don't think I will forget this Christmas for a long time... Was driving home from a fire call on Christmas Eve in the snow, and I hit a deer. Thankfully there was no damage to my car, but I had to wait for the police to come out and search for the deer (looked like both front legs were...
  13. CompactTractorFan

    Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

    This is great! :laughing: Farmer Style (Gangnam Style Parody) - YouTube
  14. CompactTractorFan

    Engineering Flowchart - Does it move?

    Thought you guys would like this: :laughing:
  15. CompactTractorFan

    Amish Mafia

    What kind of new show will they come up with next???
  16. CompactTractorFan

    TBN Funnies

    I have always thought TBN'ers were a funny group of people, so on July 12th of this year, I started copying bits and pieces of posts that I thought were funny. I do not have the authors listed, so please forgive me if I offend anyone. Enjoy! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  17. CompactTractorFan

    Cutting up a tree from Sandy (Photos)

    Thought I would share some pictures of me and my cousins cutting up an uprooted tree after Hurricane Sandy: If any safety violations are pictured, it's not my fault. :D
  18. CompactTractorFan

    Tractor Rollover Rescue

    I read this article in a firefighting magazine I subscribe to: Thought it would interest TBN'ers, especially the many who are first responders. Stay safe!
  19. CompactTractorFan

    Redneck Sandblasting

    I love this guy's respiratory protection: :laughing:
  20. CompactTractorFan

    New Holland 9-11 Remembrance Program

    Great job New Holland! :thumbsup: I think this is a great program. It should be offered all year long: New Holland Offers 9-11 Remembrance Program -
  21. CompactTractorFan

    Cyclone Rake Screen Problems

    We purchased a Cyclone Rake Z-10 last season. We did not get to use it much due to a major problem: The screen keeps clogging up with grass clippings. I have tried both the "leaf screen" and the "grass screen" with no luck. Even if the grass is already mowed and I am just trying to collect...
  22. CompactTractorFan

    Man killed while trying to create Sasquatch sighting

    What a way to die: :confused2: "He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting" Man killed while trying to create Bigfoot sighting | Fox News
  23. CompactTractorFan

    Low cost horn & light modifications

    Picked up two accessories at TSC yesterday. The first one is an hand-powered air horn ($5), the second is a magnetic 12 volt work light ($22). Both make great additions:
  24. CompactTractorFan

    Fire Department Skid Steer

    Interesting article: Homewood Adds a Bobcat to Its Fleet to Improve Post-Storm Response | Firefighter Nation A fire department in AL recently acquired a SS to assist with emergency operations. There are also documents attached to the article that cover standard procedures, maintenance and...
  25. CompactTractorFan

    Hauling a tractor with a pickup

    Came across this picture while doing a Google search. I have never seen someone haul a tractor of this size in a truck bed: :confused2:
  26. CompactTractorFan

    Can anyone identify this trailer?

    Saw this trailer while driving a while back: I was wondering if anyone could identify it? There was a manufactures plate on it, but I could not make it out. I believe the name started with a "B", but I'm not sure... Thanks
  27. CompactTractorFan

    Interesting Exhaust Mod

    Came across this listing on Tractor House. Have never seen anything quite like it...
  28. CompactTractorFan

    Generator Transfer Switch Question

    With all the talk about generators recently, I was think back to this question I had back when were were looking into purchasing a generator: Let's say you have a nice big 15kw generator, like this one: Generac 5734 Portable Generator - GP15000E - 15,000 Watt Electric Start Portable...
  29. CompactTractorFan

    Duplicate Posts

    We seem to be having an issue with duplicate posts. Not only I have seen a lot of repeat posts by other members, but it is happening to me too. When I go to make a post, a window appears asking me if I want to stay on or leave the page (which I must do to make a post), then it posts double. This...
  30. CompactTractorFan

    Stake Pocket D-Ring

    I don't recall ever hearing anyone talk about this product before, so I thought I'd share this video with you: Seems like a good idea...Just not sure if a stake pocket would be strong enough to take the force of 12k pounds???
  31. CompactTractorFan

    Best solvent to remove excess grease?

    I'm at the point now where there are huge globs of grease near every grease point on the tractor. Time to do some cleaning... I was wondering what the best solvent is to use for this task that will not damage the paint on the tractor? I tried a little paint thinner, and that worked very well. I...
  32. CompactTractorFan

    HELP! - Squeaking noise coming from front wheel?

    I am having a problem with my Intrepid. There had been a squeaking noise coming from the right front wheel area. I thought it was the wheel bearing. Also noticed heat coming from the area. Took it to the local shop (Meineke), and they took it apart and replaced the bearing ($250). That...
  33. CompactTractorFan

    Unable to post attachments

    I tried to post some pictures and I got this message: :confused:
  34. CompactTractorFan

    Bed Liner Options

    Looking for recommendations for lining the bed on our new F-150. We are currently leaning toward getting Line-X. I was wondering of anyone has any reviews for the Line-X? Are there other options we should consider?
  35. CompactTractorFan

    What's that noise???

    While tractor'n the other night, I heard a loud clanking noise. Thought something was seriously wrong with the tractor. Took it back to the garage, and upon further inspection, I found this under the seat: Oops. :D
  36. CompactTractorFan

    Dumpster Cleanup

    Spent Saturday using the BX to load a 20 yard dumpster with junk. Had the the load hauled away today...It weighed in at 10 tons!!! :confused2: :confused2: :confused2:
  37. CompactTractorFan

    Solid Side Utility Trailers

    OK, so now that we got the truck down. I'm moving in to the trailer phase. :D No, not right now, but sometime in the future... I've been looking at trailers to preform tractor hauling duties among many other tasks. This might include hauling bulk materials sometime in the future. I have been...
  38. CompactTractorFan

    UTV "dump truck"

    I came across this company that modifies Polaris Ranger's: ASAP All Terrain | Off Road Emergency Rescue | Polaris ATV | Alternative Support They mostly do units fire Fire/EMS departments, but they now offer a "dump body". ASAP Custom Select All Terrain | Off Road Emergency Rescue | Polaris...
  39. CompactTractorFan

    Vermont governor almost gets killed by bears...what an idiot...

    Is it really worth risking your life for bird feeders??? :confused2: :confused3::rolleyes: Vt. governor chased by 4 bears in backyard |
  40. CompactTractorFan

    This guy needs a trailer...

    He is lucky he wasn't killed... Could have been a lot worse! - YouTube
  41. CompactTractorFan

    Need a dump/plow truck? - Here is a great deal!

    Just was browsing Truck Paper and I came across this great deal: 1997 FORD F350 XL Light Duty Trucks - Dump Trucks For Sale At The price is not super low...BUT, look at the condition and miles!!!
  42. CompactTractorFan

    Removing Kubota BX25 Loader - Timed Test

    There is a lot of talk about the time it takes to drop the loaders on various tractors. Here is a video of me removing the BX25's loader. First time doing a video like this. 75 seconds!!! :dance1: Removing Kubota BX25 Loader - YouTube When I get a chance, I'll get a video of me installing the...
  43. CompactTractorFan

    April 2012 Member of the Month - MossFlowerWoods

    Congratulations David!!! Seems like you just joined yesterday, but you deserve to be the MOTM. :thumbsup: Member of the Month: MossFlowerWoods -
  44. CompactTractorFan

    Thinking of Purchasing Ford F-150 - Some Questions

    So, as a lot of you already know, my parents are thinking of purchasing a truck. We were originally thinking of getting a Toyota Tacoma, but we have pretty much ruled that out for various reasons (including the input from TBN members). We have decided that we want to look at the F-150 very...
  45. CompactTractorFan

    Toyota Tacoma - Your Thoughts?

    My parents are finally reaching the stage that they NEED a new car. They drive a '95 Ford Explorer & '93 Toyota Camry. They are falling apart, literally... They have somewhat kinda convinced get a Toyota Tacoma. This will be a daily driver that will (hopefully) double...
  46. CompactTractorFan

    Let's see your Kubota

    Spinoff of the JD thread...I'll start:
  47. CompactTractorFan

    March 2012 Member of the Month - RobertN

    Congratulations Robert!!! :thumbsup: Member of the Month: RobertN -
  48. CompactTractorFan

    Dodge Intrepid - First car, what do you think?

    Yes, I'm thinking about getting my first car...:D :cloud9: I have the opportunity to buy a 2000 Dodge Intrepid from my uncle. It has 130,000k miles. Still waiting to find out what engine is in it. He's asking $1,600. Do you think it's a good deal? Do you think the Intrepid is a decent car???
  49. CompactTractorFan

    New Driver

    Yup, I got my driver's license today. :D
  50. CompactTractorFan

    New JD 1000 Series Cab

    Came across this picture from overseas: Just wanted to share...
  51. CompactTractorFan

    Spout fell in fuel tank, can't get it out - OK to use tractor?

    Have a bit of a problem here... Today while refueling, the plastic spout fell off the fuel can and in to the BX's fuel tank. We tried everything we could think of...Went out and bought a transfer pump and a tool to grab small parts. Drained the tank and prodded around. No luck locating the...
  52. CompactTractorFan

    Had a little wind damage...

    We have had some strong winds (and rain) for the past day or two...The front of the house did not fair so well...:confused2:
  53. CompactTractorFan

    Cleaning MMM Deck

    Took the MMM off the BX for the season today. To tell you the truth, the underside of the deck had not been cleaned since we got the tractor. So, after dismounting the mower, I hoisted it up with the FEL and gave it a good cleaning top and bottom.
  54. CompactTractorFan

    Pics of new Echo blower

    Here are pics of our new Echo PB-770H (Echo's most powerful) backpack blower. Has worked great so far...
  55. CompactTractorFan

    My tractor videos

    Thought I'd compile some of my tractor videos in one thread: Enjoy! Tractor Video #1 - YouTube A Ride Around On The Tractor - YouTube Plowing Snow With Kubota BX25 - YouTube
  56. CompactTractorFan

    Ted from Everything Atttachments has a close call:

    Check out this video: EverythingAttachment's Channel - YouTube
  57. CompactTractorFan

    I get stuck with the sauce...

    Funny how I always end up making the cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, and I don't even eat it...:laughing:
  58. CompactTractorFan

    This is ridiculous - No alternators in the US!!!

    I can't believe this... We had the BX picked up by the dealer on 11/09/2011 to fix the electrical problems outlined in this thread: They determined that it was the alternator and they would repair it...
  59. CompactTractorFan

    Useful Tractor Information Resource

    Forgive me if this was posted before, but I thought I'd share this helpful tractor resource. This will be particularly useful for people new to tractors: Compact Tractors - Equipment | Lawn & Garden | LSU AgCenter I also poked around other parts of the site, and it looks like there is a lot of...
  60. CompactTractorFan

    Dead Battery - BX25

    So, apparently the battery on the BX25 is dead. It started yesterday when I had the 4-ways on while the engine was turned off. They were only on for about 5 minutes, and when I went to start it back up it would not start. Had to jump it with the car and it started right up. I then let the engine...
  61. CompactTractorFan

    Cyclone Rake Z-10 On Order

    Today we placed an order for a Cyclone Rake Z-10 with the mower deck adapter, 3-point hitch adapter, "blue diamond" impeller housing liner, Tuff-PRO mower deck hose, Duel-PRO wheels, 32' estate vacuum with Tuff-PRO hose, power unloader with Tuff-PRO hose, roof rack, wall mounting kit, and 3rd...
  62. CompactTractorFan

    Leaf Vacuum

    We are looking at purchasing a leaf vacuum in the near future. We are leaning toward a Trac Vac but will consider other options. A few questions: What are pros/cons with a Trac Vac vs a Cyclone Rake? Any input on the Cyclone Rake? Any other brands to look at? We are leaning toward one of...
  63. CompactTractorFan

    Breaking The Slab

    Spent a part of the day today breaking up this big slab of concrete and hauling it off with the BX. Broke it all with my grandfather's 16 pound sledge hammer.
  64. CompactTractorFan

    Atlas of Rural and Small Town America

    My mom sent this to me...thought the guys on "The Tractor List" might like it: Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America
  65. CompactTractorFan

    Missed it's first birthday...

    Been kinda of busy recently, so it slipped my mind that the BX was delivered one year ago 9/25...:ashamed:
  66. CompactTractorFan

    Interesting John Deere "Forklift Tractor" Attachment

    Check out this JD...Never seen anything like it... JOHN DEERE 4320 Tractors - 40 HP to 99 HP For Sale At
  67. CompactTractorFan

    Crazy Tachometer - From Mud???

    Something strange happened today. I was getting ready to mow and I had the engine at/near full throttle. I was going through a muddy area and the tractor was covered in mud. I started to drive out of the area and all the sudden the tachometer went crazy. At one point it showed 4800 RPM...
  68. CompactTractorFan

    My New Wolo Light

    I wanted to get a cheap amber warning light for the BX...I started by looking at the light Harbor Freight sells. They did not have one in the store, so I got rain-check (it was on sale)...They said more would be on the truck Wednesday. I ended up going back to HF before then...I noticed that...
  69. CompactTractorFan

    Kubota Grader

    Came across this Kubota "grader tractor" when browsing a New Zealand used equipment site (link to the site was posted in another thread). Pretty interesting... KUBOTA ME5700 GRADER 2007 For Sale in New Zealand ? Farm Trader New Zealand
  70. CompactTractorFan

    First the septic, now the electric...

    Oh, boy...This has been one heck of a week... It all started on Friday. We noticed a sewage smell outside. Soon after, we noticed some sewage bubbling up on the lawn. We called the plumber but he could not come out immediately due to rain. When he did come out, he first found the lid to the...
  71. CompactTractorFan

    Wild Goose Chase - Literally

    Sometimes you do what you have to...:D Geese - YouTube
  72. CompactTractorFan

    30,000+ Posts - Wow!!! (Part 2)

    Well folks, we have another one in the 30k club! Congratulations Soundguy!!! :thumbsup:
  73. CompactTractorFan

    Best Safety Glasses

    What is the best pair of safety glasses for the money??? For it being recommended that you wear safety glasses when you do almost anything today, all the pairs I have tried leave much to be desired...
  74. CompactTractorFan

    30,000+ Posts - Wow!!!

    Congratulations Bird for reaching 30,000+ posts! :thumbsup: You are the first to reach this milestone on TBN. Well, one of the first: :D
  75. CompactTractorFan

    Congratulations to dcyrilc - Member of the Month

    Congrats Cyril! :thumbsup: Member of the Month: D Cyril Colbeck -
  76. CompactTractorFan

    Congratulations to Messick's - 1.5 millionth Kubota

    Congrats guys! :thumbsup: Kubota’s Milestone 1.5 Million Tractors Sold -
  77. CompactTractorFan

    It sure is hot out here...

    As of 1:15 p.m. 4/22/2011 - Montgomery County, PA (1st pic is the indoor/outdoor thermometer, 2nd is the attic thermometer)
  78. CompactTractorFan

    Compost Project

    Thought I'd share some pics of our new compost bin system... We built this two-bin pen to store our "finished" compost (in the larger aera) and our "mid-stage compost" (in the smaller area):
  79. CompactTractorFan

    Women Killed By Lawn Equipment Trailer

    Young woman killed in freak accident |
  80. CompactTractorFan

    Happy Birthday Johndeere3720!!!

    Happy 16th Birthday Jake! Enjoy your day! :) Let us know if you get any tractor implements...:thumbsup:
  81. CompactTractorFan

    Rural Execution

    A very sad story...This happened in my county at a rural farm house: Two dead in Montco shooting, gunman at large | Sounds like it was a professional killing...
  82. CompactTractorFan

    TSC 5'x10' Utility Trailer Coupon

    In case anyone is interested:
  83. CompactTractorFan

    I think I want a Deere...

    Connecting the MMM was hard enough before I watched this video...It just rubs it in...:( JohnDeere Media Player
  84. CompactTractorFan

    Tracked B3030 HSTC

    You don't see these everyday: ;) 2011 KUBOTA B3030HSDC Tractors - Less than 40 HP For Sale At
  85. CompactTractorFan

    Congratulations to bp fick - Member Of The Month June 2011

    Congrats bp! You certainly deserve it! :thumbsup: For those who did not see it, here is a link to the article: Member of the Month: “BP” Fick -
  86. CompactTractorFan

    Kubota RTV Fire Truck

    This must be the coolest RTV ever: Creative Fire Apparatus, LLC - Fire suppression and rescue vehicles for limited access areas Make sure to check out the videos.
  87. CompactTractorFan

    Haven't been around much lately...

    Hello friends! I know some of you have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately, and I thought I would offer a quick explanation: Besides finishing school for the summer, I recently became a volunteer firefighter. As I'm sure many of the other firefighters on here know, all the...
  88. CompactTractorFan

    There's a screwdriver in the take out???

    Yep, that's right. We found a screwdriver in the bag with the Chinese tonight. :confused2: :laughing: :confused: :eek:
  89. CompactTractorFan

    Check Out This News Report:

    Check out what the older man in the 2nd half of the video is wearing: :D Radiation threatens future of Fukushima farms - CBS News Video
  90. CompactTractorFan

    RTV w/R4's???

    Here is something interesting...It looks like a RTV with BX R4 tires...:confused: 2010 KUBOTA RTV900W Other Equipment - Utility Vehicles For Sale At
  91. CompactTractorFan

    Congratulations to RadarTech (a.k.a. RT) - Member Of The Month May 2011

    Congratulations RT!!! :thumbsup: For those of you who did not see it, here is a link to the article: Member of the Month: RadarTech -
  92. CompactTractorFan

    Air Pistol Recommendations

    Well, I've decided my fairly new Daisy Powerline pump-action air rifle is not for me...It's just not fun to shoot with all the pumping (10 pump) and it's just too cumbersome...:confused2::( So...I'm looking to buy a CO2-powered pistol. I figured it would be best to ask all you fellers...;) So...
  93. CompactTractorFan

    Low Cost Brush Forks

    Check out my cheap brush forks! :D I got the idea from LostInTheWoods. They work pretty good.
  94. CompactTractorFan

    The BX25's going to be getting some work done...

    She's going to be leaving us for a few days soon to get a new radiator shroud and new seat belt installed. :(
  95. CompactTractorFan

    Wheel Loader Fire

    Just thought I'd share this story. Glad to here the firefighters are now OK... Two firefighters injured in Bucks County |
  96. CompactTractorFan

    Is this how you light a brush pile???

    I thought I've read on here about how hard it is to light a large brush pile...;) YouTube - Lighting the Burn Pile
  97. CompactTractorFan

    Combination Garden Package

    I was wondering if anyone has a "Combination Garden Package" like this? Seems like it would be a good beginner's package...Thoughts? Garden Package Oh, and go to the Stevens Tractor homepage. Catchy song...:laughing:
  98. CompactTractorFan

    Seized Lower Hitch Point

    I need some help: The lower hitch point on my BX's left lift arm is sized. It will rotate in some directions but not in others (like the right one does). This makes hooking up an implement very difficult. I have to hit the lift arm with a mallet to get it to go on. I tried using some WD-40 but...
  99. CompactTractorFan

    I must be crazy...

    Because I joined "the other site"...:D
  100. CompactTractorFan

    Ford vs Chevy - No, it's not about your favorite brand...

    Is it just me or have others noticed this too: After looking at pics online, I noticed that Chevy trucks seem to nosedive in the front and their beds seem to ride very high while Ford trucks seem to be level. Also on the Chevy trucks they seem to have a very large rear wheel well...So, is it...
  101. CompactTractorFan

    Anyone Played This Game???

    This is my kind of computer game: :thumbsup: JohnDeere offers Frontier attachments including turf care tools, seeding tools, snow removal and trailers
  102. CompactTractorFan

    BX25 Stuck Grease Fitting

    There is a grease fitting on each side of our BX25's BH that once you get the grease gun on it will not come off. The two zerks are also the only ones that are painted on the whole tractor...:confused: Does anyone know a remedy for this???
  103. CompactTractorFan

    BX25 Loader Control Valve Grease Zerk

    In the operators manual it mentions greasing the "loader control valve". Is that the valve that the joystick is attached to? If so we can't find the zerk...
  104. CompactTractorFan

    Your Dream Attachments List

    If you could have any attachments you wanted [for the tractor(s) you have now] what would they be? What brand? What size? This should be interesting...
  105. CompactTractorFan

    Guess who's 16 today???

    Any guesses??? ;)
  106. CompactTractorFan

    Polaris Ranger Seat Nets

    I noticed that the 2011 Polaris Ranger's have nets on the sides of the seats. Why did they add them? What are they for? (obviously safety related)
  107. CompactTractorFan

    Who makes the best grease gun?

    Who makes the best grease gun? We have a Home Cheapo air powered grease gun and a Horrible Freight manual powered grease gun. We have had nothing but problems with both of them. :mad::confused2::( :mur: Does anyone make a good grease gun?
  108. CompactTractorFan

    Now these are crew cabs...

    Check out some of these custom crew cab trucks: :confused2: Alton Truck Manufacturing Listings Index
  109. CompactTractorFan

    Interesting Landscaping Trailer

    Check out this trailer: Haulmark Trailers - Specialty Trailers - Enclosed Landscape Trailers - Landscaper WT3 Bumper Pull Trailer
  110. CompactTractorFan

    What other websites can you be found on?

    What other sites are you on? I'm on: CountryByNet - CompactTractorFan, PlowSite - PlowTractor, LawnSite - LawnTractor,
  111. CompactTractorFan

    JD Build Your Own

    Is it just me or does the JD build your own not work??? I manage to get to the second step, and then it crashes...Also, is there any way to get brochures from JD online??? :confused:
  112. CompactTractorFan

    Neat skid steer...

    Check out this railway skid steer at the bottom of this page: Operations and other mysteries
  113. CompactTractorFan

    Lost the key...

    Well, I seemed to have lost one of the keys to the Kubota...:ashamed::mad:
  114. CompactTractorFan

    Be careful with your trailers...

    Check this accident out: Motorist Escapes Serious Injury - Berwyn Fire Company
  115. CompactTractorFan

    What's in the envelope???

    I wonder what it could be...
  116. CompactTractorFan

    Any one know of some good catalogs?

    Anyone have any recommendations for: industrial, tractor, rural living, AG, tools, hardware, outdoor, or any other catalogs that might be of interest to someone on here? :anyone:
  117. CompactTractorFan

    My Carryall Project

    Thanks for the help on the carryall everyone! Here is the finished product: Detailed pictures to follow later...
  118. CompactTractorFan

    Battery Operated Warning Lights

    Here are some FlareAlert lights I added to the grill and ROPS on my BX25: FlareAlert LED Emergency Beacon Flare - Red: Automotive They are magnetic, battery operated and have steady burn and flashing modes. THae seem to put out pretty good light. Here is a video: YouTube - Christmas...
  119. CompactTractorFan

    3-Point Hitch Problems

    Question #1: I'm having problems hooking up my new carryall on my BX25's 3-point hitch. To hook it up to the lift arms, I have to loosen this link (picture #1), but to do that I have to disconnect the pin and take the whole end off (picture #2). Is the link supposed to move without...
  120. CompactTractorFan

    Home Depot Service Trailer???

    Check out this trailer: Campbell Hausfeld Truckwrks 8 Ft. Locking Portable Organization Job Box and Tow Behind Service Trailer - TT500000DS at The Home Depot It looks like a service body mounted to a trailer.
  121. CompactTractorFan

    My Carryall Saga...

    Well, after researching here on TBN I decided to by my first attachment (parents own tractor). I was planning on purchasing this carryall from TSC: CountyLine Carry All - 2128210 | Tractor Supply Company Previously I had looked on line and found something that said our local store (35 minutes)...
  122. CompactTractorFan

    CountyLine Carryall

    I'm thinking of purchasing this carryall: CountyLine Carry All - 2128210 | Tractor Supply Company Does anyone have one of these? How good does it hold up? (it gets 5 stars at the TSC website) I don't want to just throw $120 away of a piece of crap. Also, will it be a good fit for my BX25?
  123. CompactTractorFan

    Tractor Supply Hours

    Does anyone know what the usual hours are for tractor supply stores? We are planning on making a trip to our not-so local store and we cannot find the hours on the website. We called but did not get an answer (or recording).
  124. CompactTractorFan

    Interesting Trailer

    Here is an unusual dump/service body trailer for sale on gov deals: - Government Surplus Auctions
  125. CompactTractorFan

    Why I love this site...

    First off, I would like to offer a big thank you to Muhammad and all the other administrators, moderators, and members for making this site what it is. Unlike other internet forums where there are many people who just post to inflame other members and argue with them, members here on TBN all get...
  126. CompactTractorFan

    Not so smart...

    This is a careless way to remove a stuck loader...:confused2: ***link now broken***
  127. CompactTractorFan

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating  Snow Is Coming!!!

    We are getting the first snow of the season tomorrow!!! 5"-10"!!! :dance1: Can't wait to use the tractor!!! I'll be sure to post pics...;)
  128. CompactTractorFan

    My Dad

    Well, my Dad finally got on, so please welcome steves06 to TBN!!! (He says he will introduce himself here at some point, but don't hold your breath...;))
  129. CompactTractorFan

    So What Did Santa Bring?

    So, what did everyone get for Christmas?
  130. CompactTractorFan

    Hitch Rating Question

    I have a question about hitch ratings: I was looking at trucks online and I came across this one. In GM's towing guide it says that if you tow over 5k you need a WD hitch and most of their hitches are rated for 12k/10k...etc with WD and 5k without. On this truck (if you look closely at the hitch...
  131. CompactTractorFan

    Calling All Firefighters!

    I know there are quite a few firefighters on here and I was wondering if anyone is on either or Firefighter Nation?
  132. CompactTractorFan

    Wear Seatbelt When Using Backhoe?

    My BX25 has a reversing seat for use with the backhoe. Should I have the seat belt on when using the backhoe? I have up until now, but now I'm wondering if I should...
  133. CompactTractorFan

    Turf Attachment Questions

    I have a couple attachment questions regarding turf/lawn care attachments: #1 If you wanted to seed a new lawn wit h your tractor, what would you use? I have seen these huge (and expensive) "Seed Drills" that can be used for primary seeding or overseeding: 2010 LAND PRIDE APS1572 Other For Sale...
  134. CompactTractorFan

    Another Kind of Craigslist Scam

    FYI, you may want to keep your tractors hidden. My uncle was telling me that his neighbor called him to tell him that his New Holland was for sale on Craigslist. Apparently, his tractor was sitting by the road and someone driving by just snapped some pictures and offered it for sale...:confused2:
  135. CompactTractorFan

    Amazing Video

    Here is an amazing video of a worker climbing a 1700+ foot TV tower. :eek::confused2:
  136. CompactTractorFan

    Now this is a manure spreader!!!

    Came across this video when surfing you tube: WOW!!! :confused2: YouTube - New Holland Articulating Tractor Spreading Manure with a Nuhn Quad Train
  137. CompactTractorFan

    Moving Ladders

    Here is an easy (and lazy) way to move heavy and bulky ladders using a wagon and of course a tractor:
  138. CompactTractorFan

    Decorated Tractor

    So what do you think of the Kubota Christmas tractor???
  139. CompactTractorFan

    Kubota BX25 Lift Arms Not Going Down

    On my BX25 the backhoe is currently attached right now, and I need to check the hydraulic fluid level. This needs to be done with the lift arms down. Since there is no 3-point hitch on the arms, they won't go down. :mad: I tried adjusting the draft control, and after I turned all the way to one...
  140. CompactTractorFan

    Tractor Maintenance Forum

    Muhammad, have you thought about starting a forum for threads relating to tractor maintenance issues? I think it would be good so these issues would not be mixed in with the general owning/operating.
  141. CompactTractorFan

    BX25 50 Hour Service

    Well, today we (me & Dad) preformed the 50 hour service on the BX25. First I took off the backhoe and mower. Next, I took off the mower for the first time. :mad::confused::confused2: Then we started to take off the grill guard and we did not have a tool to take off the hex bolts on the front. My...
  142. CompactTractorFan

    Today's Project Time

    I would like to start a thread like "Today's Seat Time", but for projects that do not involve tractors. Example: home repairs, property care, gardening, equipment maintenance...etc...
  143. CompactTractorFan

    Utility Bed

    Does anyone have one of these utility beds (or have pictures of one)??? I just came across them and they look like a great idea. Any help would appreciated!!!
  144. CompactTractorFan


    Today I started taking the leaves down to the road. In our township the public works department collects the leaves from the side of the road for free every week this time of year. Of course here are some pics: ;)
  145. CompactTractorFan

    Warning Lights

    Has anyone added warning lights to your tractors? (strobes/lightbars/beacons) I've seen some people with them before and I'm looking for ideas. Pictures are always welcome. :thumbsup:
  146. CompactTractorFan

    Off Road Diesel

    I've heard a lot about off road diesel (aka: "red diesel"). Can I use this in my tractor that reads: "use ultra low sulfur or low sulfur diesel only"? If so would it be cheaper than diesel from the gas station? Where would I find it?
  147. CompactTractorFan

    New Tractors Photos Section

    I'd like to suggest that a new forum section be created for users to post photos of their new tractors so they stand out form the normal buying/pricing/comparisons. So, what does every one think of the idea?
  148. CompactTractorFan

    Kubota BX25 Photos

    I thought I would start a thread to post pictures of my BX25 form time to time for your enjoyment: :thumbsup:
  149. CompactTractorFan

    What is this attachment?

    I was just browsing tractor house (as I love to do even though I just got a new tractor ;)), and I notisted this strange looking attachment on the 3ph of this JD 3520. It is not completely visible, but you can see part of it in pictures #1, #3, #5. It looks like some sort of landplane/raking...
  150. CompactTractorFan


    How do you get rid of geese??? They make such a big mess with their...uh...droppings. HOLD ON...before you say "just shoot them" I'm in an area if you did that the SWAT team willed be called out, so that is out of the question. :confused2: We tried: a big orange ball (named "Terror Eyes"...
  151. CompactTractorFan

    Another Day...Another Tree...

    OK, so today I removed the next tree on the chopping block.
  152. CompactTractorFan


    Well, I figured it would happen sooner or later... Today when I was removing a tree (thread to come ;)) I was back-filling the hole and I thought that it was completlly full. Of course there was a spot that was not, so I drove right in and one of my back wheels started spinning. :mad: The 4WD...
  153. CompactTractorFan

    Backhoe as Tiller

    Can you use a backhoe as a poor-man's tiller??? I'd like to have a small garden next year and I don't think a tiller is in the budget. So, has anyone done this before??? I think I once saw a video of it being done.
  154. CompactTractorFan

    The Dumb Things DIYers Do...

    What things have you found around your home/property? :confused2: Here is my top five: #1: We had to replace our well pump. The cap was not above ground, so we called the previous owner. He told us the location and said it was 18" down. Well, it turned out that it was 6'+ down and encased in...
  155. CompactTractorFan


    Today my grandparents came over, so I was proudly was showing off the new BX25. I wanted to show them the backhoe, so my Dad said it was OK to dig in an near area near the garage that was dug up before. Well, after the second scoop I pulled up something that I thought was a vine. It was not; it...
  156. CompactTractorFan


    We (me & Dad) just mowed the 2.5 acres for the first time with me on the BX (60" MMM), and my dad using the 48" Ferris walk-behind. When we had the old 42" rider it took my Dad about 6 hours+ to do the whole property. :thumbdown: With the Ferris it took about 4 hours+. :thumbdown: When we both...
  157. CompactTractorFan

    Trailers With Equipment/Landscape Gate

    Does anyone know any trailer manufactures that make a trailer with a equipment/landscape ramp except for Kaufman??? One with a gate like this:
  158. CompactTractorFan

    Unusual Dump Trailer

    Here is a dump trailer I came across built by Felling Trailers. (I know another model was discussed here before) Dual-Dump Hydraulic Dump Trailer, Independent Dump Boxes, Landscapeing Dump Trailer
  159. CompactTractorFan

    Removing Stumps

    Here is a stump I removed yesterday. It only took about an hour or two using the backhoe and a tow strap.
  160. CompactTractorFan


    Last night I crashed the two day old BX25 into the garage door (which we just got this year). The BX was unharmed except for a few minor scratches, but the garage door and frame was completely destroyed. While we were removing the door, it started pouring rain. So we had to try to find tarps to...
  161. CompactTractorFan

    Hardware Store

    Does anyone have an hardware store near them? I'm so happy that a hardware/industrial store opened about a mile down the road from me, so I can walk or ride my bike. I better watch it or I'll be going down everyday...:confused2:
  162. CompactTractorFan

    Weight Distributing Hitch On Dump or Equipment Trailer?

    I was just wondering...Does anyone use a weight distributing hitch on a dump or equipment trailer. After researching it looks like that most pickups couldn't tow a 10k or 7k trailer without a weight distributing hitch. Pictures would be welcome!!!;)
  163. CompactTractorFan

    New Tractor Owner!!!

    We just pulled the trigger (if the financing application goes through) on a Kubota BX25 with: loader, backhoe w/12" bucket, 60" mid mount mower, and industrial tires. Pictures to come! I'm so excited!!!
  164. CompactTractorFan

    Kubota Advice Needed!

    My family is planning on purchasing a tractor. Were were planning on getting a riding lawn mower, but now we're deciding between: Kubota BX2660 with: FEL, 60" MMM, and R3's. (which we've been planning on getting all along). - or - Kubota BX25 with: FEL, BH, 60" MMM, and R4's. We are planning...
  165. CompactTractorFan

    Dream Machine

    I've been thinking...Would it be possible for a manufacture to make a piece of equipment in the 100hp range with: the cab and PTO of a tractor + the loader and hydraulic capacity of a skid steer + the seat and backhoe of a backhoe/loader? I guess that equals a TLB on steroids...:eek:
  166. CompactTractorFan

    Category 2 Attachments

    Why is it there seems to be very few implements/attachments for category two hitches? (75-100hp range) After looking at attachments for CUT's and SCUT's I noticed there are very few attachments for the larger utility tractors.
  167. CompactTractorFan

    A story I have to share...

    This happened long before I was born but I have to share it anyway...My Grandfather was a welder (he used to own a ironworks). One time he needed to weld a gas tank on one of his cars. He flushed out the tank but there was still vapors left. Since he was concerned about an explosion, he took old...
  168. CompactTractorFan

    Yard Sale Finds

    So, what interesting things have you found at yard/garage sales? Around my area most yard sales don't have "guy things".:cool:
  169. CompactTractorFan

    FATAL LAWN MOWER ACCIDENT...This one hits close to home...

    As you don't know, I have a deep interest in firefighting (even more than tractors). So naturally when I heard sirens close by yesterday I had to find out what was going on. After going on to our county incident map website and seeing that it was a vehicle accident up the street I started...
  170. CompactTractorFan

    "The Fleet"

    Here is our "fleet" we use for everyday mowing/maintenance on our 2.5 acres. Left to right is my wheelbarrow & wagon, our Honda 21" mower (2010), our Ferris walk-behind mower (48" I think), our MacKissic 4" chipper/shredder, and last but not least our old (2000) Craftsmen 42" riding mower (that...
  171. CompactTractorFan

    Hypothetical Towing Question

    OK, lets just say you don't want to spend money on a truck for your new 10,000 pound GVWR dump or equipment trailer that weighs 2,000 pounds empty. You have an existing large SUV with a tow rating of 9,000 pounds. What would be the right (and legal) way to do it? 1. You use "as is" and don't...
  172. CompactTractorFan

    Removing Sod

    Can you remove sod for a garden with a FEL?
  173. CompactTractorFan

    BRI-MAR AG Dump Trailer

    Has anyone seen/used these new AG dump trailers friom BRI-MAR? Trailer Features, Specifications and Options: Bri-Mar Trailer Features, Specifications and Options: Bri-Mar
  174. CompactTractorFan

    The endless battle...

    Is there any way to get rid of well-established out of control bamboo?
  175. CompactTractorFan

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone! I'm 15 years old and we currently don't own any tractor yet, (unless you count an old broken down riding mower) but my parents are investigating getting one in the future.