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  1. kirkawilson

    Is there an external temp gauge for TC29D

    Something like this might work:
  2. kirkawilson

    Rotary cutter gearbox

    I've been using TSC spindle grease on a 'leaky' gear box for 5 years now and it seems to stay put for a while. I can hear the gear box 'whine' when it needs another shot of grease. Usually cut about 20 acres before it needs topping off...
  3. kirkawilson

  4. kirkawilson

    New farm... Finding livestock water lines across 126ac?

    Possibly they are fed from a well?
  5. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    The control module on my Briggs & Stratton Q6500 (see picture) 'fried' a few months ago. Bought it new from Home Depot in 2018. Only use has been for camper and home back-up, so less than 20 hours total on the unit. Failure occured at the end of a ~1 hour home power outage. All home back-up...
  6. kirkawilson

    Reclaiming an old field.

    Possibly use a power harrow or power rake to level followed by some soil samples to determine how to fertilize.
  7. kirkawilson

    Ford 1520 front wheel/axle leaking

    Possibly related, I replaced both bad tie rod ends (your #42 on diagram) on my NH1920 because I noticed a lot of 'play' translated to the arms on top of the wheel assemblies of the front axle. The oil leak that I was having from the wheel assembly has almost stopped since replacing the tie rod ends.
  8. kirkawilson

    Ford 1520 front wheel/axle leaking You can check the parts diagram here.
  9. kirkawilson

    NH TC30 Stalls When removing Parking Brake or taking it out of Neutral

    I also recall that these relays require a full 12V feed to them before they will make good contact. You might want to double check the wiring and harness connections on the relays.
  10. kirkawilson

    1530 tractor maintenance

    You might consider adding some SeaFoam to your diesel fuel for a couple of tanks and see if things improve.
  11. kirkawilson

    Pictures of an athletic field contractor

    These guys make some fine equipment. g2 turftools®, inc. And these guys can dress it up for you New Ground Technology
  12. kirkawilson

    NH TC30 Stalls When removing Parking Brake or taking it out of Neutral

    Does it die as soon as you put it in gear, even without letting the clutch out? If so, its probably the weight sensor under the seat, that prevents you from starting it without sitting in the seat.
  13. kirkawilson

    Ford 2N not starting

    Might be a timing problem. Make sure distributor cap is positioned correctly and snug. Also check distributor cap does not have a small crack anywhere.
  14. kirkawilson

    Help identify Chinese tractor.

    Grill and color resembles a New Holland made in China, but could not find exact match.
  15. kirkawilson

    Seat for 1720 ford tractor

    Messicks says: #SBAA55070040 SEAT DRIVER $1075.90 Usually ships in 3-7 business days Product replaces 355700440 355700443 81879220 83968407 83986550 87761303 SBA355070470 SBA355700440 SBA355700441 SBA355700442 SBA355700443
  16. kirkawilson

    Runs rough when hot

    Make sure the distributor cap isn't cracked. A hairline crack can cause some of these synptoms. They are hard to find too.
  17. kirkawilson

    I have a 29hp 4 wheel drive tractor for our 20 acres and front tires are always flat

    Maybe tweels will solve your problem.
  18. kirkawilson

    Basic small engine problem - What fixed it?

    Blocked air intake on carb/air filter?
  19. kirkawilson

    Help with rotary cutter gearbox

    This might work:
  20. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    See posts #6429, 6432 & 6434 in this thread for my fried generator story.
  21. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I have not used any of these battery systems for my home backup power but I am considering getting one to replace my inverter generator that just got fried.
  22. kirkawilson

    More hearing aid stuff

    I am 2 days into my new Philips 9040 Hearlink 2 hearing aids ($1500) from Costco. I've had moderate hearing loss in the mid frequencies (bite) for many years but waited until pricing dropped. They are working fine but I noticed at the gym yesterday that they don't block ambient sounds like my...
  23. kirkawilson

    Hello, looking for Service & Shop Repair Manual's for a Ford New Holland: 1991 TRACTOR - UP30554, MODEL - AP413A

    Looks like a pretty good deal. I only have the IT service manual and use it regularly. The other three manuals might come in handy when you need more details. BTW, I had the clutch replaced in my NH1920 about 12 years ago by a 'tractor guy'. He offered either a rebuilt clutch or a new clutch for...
  24. kirkawilson

    Hello, looking for Service & Shop Repair Manual's for a Ford New Holland: 1991 TRACTOR - UP30554, MODEL - AP413A

    The serial number matches up with a 1991-92 number from Ford 1920 tractor information If it has a loader, the clutch housing access hole is located underneath one of the loader mounting plates..can't remember which side..and you need to remove the loader to see it. You might be...
  25. kirkawilson

    Hello, looking for Service & Shop Repair Manual's for a Ford New Holland: 1991 TRACTOR - UP30554, MODEL - AP413A

    Your model number AP413A translates as follows: AP4 = Ford 1920 1 = Diesel engine 3 = Live PTO, 540 rpm A = 4x1 four speed manual transmission.
  26. kirkawilson

    Hello, looking for Service & Shop Repair Manual's for a Ford New Holland: 1991 TRACTOR - UP30554, MODEL - AP413A

    I think this IT manual FO-46 will work for you if the tractor is a model 1920.
  27. kirkawilson

    No start

    This is a 2 man job that makes a mess. First man unscrews the fuel filter bowl until it starts leaking diesel onto the ground from the threads. Second man gets in tractor and keeps cranking engine until it smooths out, not until it first fires, gotta keep cranking to get the air out of all lines...
  28. kirkawilson

    Nuclear anyone?

    Pretty good video on nuclear power.
  29. kirkawilson

    Squeaking noise on a New Holland TC29D

    Almost sounds like some rear tire tread is hitting the rear fender well?
  30. kirkawilson

    Got asked to bid a very unusual project

    Jack-up (spud) barge with jib cranes.
  31. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Residual magnetism can be lost naturally from not being used or from the load on your generator being connected when the generator is shut off. It can also happen from running a generator with no load for too long.
  32. kirkawilson

    ford 1700 won't move and stalls when clutch is released

    If it's 4 wheel drive and engaged, you might need to check the front axle too.
  33. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    Thanks grsthegreat! This outage was mid-afternoon and only lasted about an hour. We ran errands during the first part of the outage and only cranked the genny when the power was still out upon returning to the house. We never ran the microwave during this outage, but ran it successfully in...
  34. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    We've lived in this house since 2008 and this is my 2nd portable generator that failed. The first was a 'standard' (non-inverter) generator that failed mechanically with a bad valve on one cylinder, so I replaced it with the B&S inverter gen. that just fried. All wiring to and from the transfer...
  35. kirkawilson

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    My 4 year old portable Briggs & Stratton Q6500 inverter generator (gas) has been working flawless until this past Tuesday when we lost power. Six circuits in the house breaker box are dual-powered through a transfer switch fed from the generator. On Tuesday, I cranked the generator with 3 pulls...
  36. kirkawilson

    Tie Rod Boots

    Make sure the thread direction and size matches.
  37. kirkawilson

    Ford 1700 just quit while brush hogging

    Neutral safety switch?
  38. kirkawilson


    Unhook the linkage and be sure it is getting full travel when it is put in gear. If it is going in all the way, the problem is going to be internal to the transmission. Lets hope its the linkage and can be adjusted. Thanks
  39. kirkawilson

    New Holland TS125a Won't Turn Over

    If it has a fuel shut off solenoid, it would be in the fuel supply line before the injectors. Aftermarket 1931612, 5196873, 48055262, 87739558 New Holland Solenoid Valve for New Holland Tractors T7030, T6050, T7040, T6060, T6070, T7050, TS125A, T6080, T6010, TS130A STANDARD, T7060, T6020, T6030...
  40. kirkawilson

    New Holland TS125a Won't Turn Over

    If you've got a jump box or other 12V source, you can "jump" the fuel solenoid open by connecting 12V across the solenoid wiring terminals. If it starts then, you either have an electrical wiring problem in the tractor wiring harness or the solenoid is bad. Last time I had to jump my fuel...
  41. kirkawilson

    Rant: Modern household appliances are of poorer quality

    After going through 15+ washers and dryers over the years, I bit the bullet and bought Speed Queen brand. They have turn knobs on the front and are "supposed" to be the last washer and dryer I will ever hafta buy. They have been flawless for 6 months now...only 19.5 more years to go.
  42. kirkawilson

    1925 hyd return line leak

    I have never succeeded, on first try, with replacing a worn tractor hydraulic o-ring with a new one that 'looks' just like the worn one. I get multiple sizes and thickness of o-rings that are close to the worn size and try each of them until it stops leaking.
  43. kirkawilson

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/29/22 @ 7:02 PM EST
  44. kirkawilson

    ford/new holland 1715 clutch issue

    I have never actually seen the clutch access port on my 1920, likely because it's behind the left loader mount. Your 1715 might have one there also. This thread has more info: And there is a...
  45. kirkawilson

    Steering ball joints

    Its likely that the hole diameter has been 'wallered' out from use. You might find a thin bushing that will fit inside the hole and keep the arms from squashing the boots. Otherwise, you might fill-in some welding metal. Or, replace with ends having oversized tapered shafts.
  46. kirkawilson

    Disc Harrow Can my Ford/NH model 1920 pull a 6' disc harrow effectively?

    I pull a 1978 BushHog Model 1423 tandem disc harrow [4 gangs, (2 front gangs & 2 back gangs), 5 discs per gang] with my NH 1920 4WD, FEL and rear tires loaded. It cuts 7 feet wide with gangs straight across. Bushhog manual says minimum HP is 18. I hafta make multiple passes on 'hardpack' dirt...
  47. kirkawilson

    ford 1620 leaking hydrolic fluid from hydrostic unit
  48. kirkawilson

    Runs nice and dies in 20 min UPDATE UPDATE

    Just found this: TC29D stalling when hot SOLUTION - Drained fuel from tank. No water was seen in fuel in tank. Filled tank with 2 gallons of Methanol attached a rag to a stainless piece of 2.5 foot by 1/8 piece TIG wire and scrubbed the tank. There was a considerable amount of varnish and...
  49. kirkawilson

    Oil & Fuel Ford 1920 fuel filter mysterious spring do have a strange problem. Another thought is that the power to your fuel solenoid shutoff is fed from your ingition switch through a fuse block to the to the solenoid. You might wiggle your ignition switch when it starts acting up and see if the terminal points in the switch are bad...
  50. kirkawilson

    Oil & Fuel Ford 1920 fuel filter mysterious spring

    The fuel feed line to the filter comes from the bottom of the tank (labelled B) and into the matching 'B' on the filter inlet side. The 2 lines in the top of the tank are for 1) venting/overflow of the filter and 2) diesel return line from injectors.
  51. kirkawilson

    2004 B7610 will not start

    Just a shot in the dark:
  52. kirkawilson

    1220 wont restart after warm up

    Could be the starter relay. Had to replace mine last year. Mind is mounted on engine side of the firewall near the outside edge. Pretty simple replacement.
  53. kirkawilson

    Ford 1720 cranks won’t start

    You might want to connect a jump box (or jumper cables) to your fuel solenoid posts and apply 12 volts to the solenoid from the outside battery to see if it still heats up and/or opens correctly. Could be a wiring harness/dash/switch problem that the jump box will bypass.
  54. kirkawilson

    TC 30

    Might try this: 2006 NH TC30 won't shut off with key
  55. kirkawilson

    Rotary Cutter - Gear Box Lubrication?

    I use this because my RC gearbox seal leaks badly.
  56. kirkawilson

    Looking to buy a used 3520H. Opinions? What's it worth?
  57. kirkawilson

    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Don't know if this has been suggested, but maybe load it with dry ice to shrink the cannon ball and loosen it? Might need to insert a pvc pipe section inside the barrell in contact with the ball and then load the dry ice inside the pvc pipe so the dry ice doesn't touch the barrell and shrink it...
  58. kirkawilson

    won’t rev up

    Or maybe the seat safety switch. Check the wiring connections. It may not be fuel related. Another thought is make sure that no gasoline was mistakenly added to the diesel fuel.
  59. kirkawilson

    won’t rev up

    Might be a clogged pickup tube in the fuel tank or debris clogging the bowl inlet. Maybe you can blow backward toward the tank. You could also loosen the filler cap to make sure you are not pulling a vacuum on the tank
  60. kirkawilson

    Ford 1220 MFWD Hydro switching to turf tires and front wheels hit the spindle

    Look under wheels and weights at
  61. kirkawilson

    Starting Problems - 2005 New Holland TC35A

    See postin #10 here:
  62. kirkawilson

    1990 ford 1720 pto grinding

    No pictures in my I&T FO-46 repair manual but it says that the Ford/NH 1720 PTO safety switch is located on top of the rear axle center housing. I would follow the wiring to it and make sure the PTO engagment lever is in the circuit. Alternatively, you can bypass all safety switches and engage...
  63. kirkawilson

    JIF Peanut Butter Recall,, Have You Tried To DECIFER The Lot Numbers??

    I don't recommend my approach to solving this. Our Jif PB jar lot number was outside (before) the recalled lot numbers, so I told my wife it should be safe and asked her to taste test it for us to make sure. After I picked myself up off the floor, I threw away the jar and reached in the freezer...
  64. kirkawilson

    1990 ford 1720 pto grinding

    Here is some help from previous postings. The 1720 and 1920 models are very similar.
  65. kirkawilson

    1968 Ford 5000

  66. kirkawilson

    Ford 1510 thermostat housing

    Look at #27 on the Messick's image under 01-Engine, 06B03 Cylinder Head. They might be able to get it for you.
  67. kirkawilson

    Battery powered chainsaw Works good
  68. kirkawilson


    This might help: ERROR CODE
  69. kirkawilson

    Should the community make the rules?

    The golden rule applies here...He who has the gold makes the rules.
  70. kirkawilson

    1700 Caught COVID (barely starts)

    Here are some things to check. Also, be sure your diesel fuel is good.
  71. kirkawilson

    frozen clutch
  72. kirkawilson

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good plight!
  73. kirkawilson

    Deleting GM Cylinder Deactivation

    I turned mine off 3 years ago using the VCM tuner It's a 2014 Honda Pilot, and I had excessive drive train vibration and poor acceleration response. Recently had to replace a defective motor mount that was likely damaged before installing the VCM tuner. It has worked...
  74. kirkawilson

    1980 Ford 1700 rear rims and centers
  75. kirkawilson

    1980 Ford 1700 rear rims and centers
  76. kirkawilson

    TC40DA electric (over hydraulic?) anomaly. No joystick functions!

    The block lettering number on a 7.5 amp fuse can be confused with a "25"? If you are still blowing a fuse, it is likely that your dashboard wiring harness repair job has a couple of wires crossed or there is still a short somewhere close to the repair spot. I also had a "varmint" lunch on my...
  77. kirkawilson

    Any idea what's causing these circles in my gravel driveway?

    Maybe a Wolverine urinated in the "O's" in Ohio last Saturday?:ROFLMAO:
  78. kirkawilson

    ford 1710 voltage regulator

    Chuck E. I just repaired a 1710 with charge problem:Intermittent high and low voltage. The problem was in the voltage sense connection that has a junction from the supply line ( the red one coming from the starter): There is a crimp junction just behind the steering wheel post in the wiring...
  79. kirkawilson

    Ford 1700 3 point hydraulic lift problem

    Could be an air leak at the quick connects or a gasket. Make sure the quick connect o-rings and gaskets on any hydraulic access are good. My hydraulic experience is limited but if you can locate JC-Jetro on this forum, he might talk you through it.
  80. kirkawilson

    Ford 1700 3 point hydraulic lift problem These folks say: No hydraulic filter on the 1700 only a metal screen. My old 1700 when the screen would clog would start to jerk and move slow. Knew it was time to clean it.
  81. kirkawilson

    new barn design help

    You might find some help here: Extension Store
  82. kirkawilson

    Hydrogen infrastructure

    Here is another company 'giving it a go':
  83. kirkawilson

    Paint color code 1972 IH 140 yellow color
  84. kirkawilson

    Paint color code 1972 IH 140 yellow color

    From international 140 yellow paint code? - Yesterday's Tractors The Wisconsin Historical Society say's it should be No. 483 Federal Yellow PPG # is MTK 81518 A I took that number off of my can of paint.
  85. kirkawilson

    Paint color code 1972 IH 140 yellow color

    Might be this yellow: Paint-Yellow 11.5 - 759-3588 | Cub Cadet US
  86. kirkawilson

    Ford 1920 With a Rattle

    The comments under the Youtube video from Jim say: Yeah! The PTO countershaft was totally destroyed. I spent a lot of time replacing it and fixing the underlying problem - which in my case was the clutch fingers were out of adjustment. Newholland/Ford no longer sells the tool to perform the...
  87. kirkawilson

    Ford 1920 With a Rattle

    Don't know if this guy got his figured out but it might help you troubleshoot.
  88. kirkawilson

    Cup holder

    My experience with a magnetic cup holder (from Northern Tool or Tractor Supply, I think) was not good. The cup holder is made from a durable rubber-like material but the magnets would not hold onto any if my tractor metal, including the fenders. So I drilled a hole in the holder and mounted it...
  89. kirkawilson

    Does anyone know where I can find the spanner for this cap

    Is this the same steering cylinder you repaired in 2015? If so, probably should consider removing the cylinder assembly from the tractor and taking it to a repair shop that has the proper tools. I just did that with one of my FEL cylinders and it is working fine.
  90. kirkawilson

    Equipment shed - I remembered I don't know how to build one...

    You might find some help here: Extension Store
  91. kirkawilson

    Need help identifying brand of rotary cutter

    Maybe a vintage Titan 1600 series? 1600 Series Cutter | Titan Implement, LLC
  92. kirkawilson

    Ford/New Holland 1720 Clutch Overhaul Questions

    When my 'tractor guy' replaced the clutch in my NH 1920 about 9 years ago, he gave me the option of a rebuilt clutch or brand new clutch for $300 more. I paid the extra $300 to hopefully never hafta split the tractor again. The new clutch is still doing fine after 450 hours of use, primarily...
  93. kirkawilson

    hay mower for 3510 question

    You might want to consider a drum mower also,
  94. kirkawilson

    Time for a new portable generator

    I recently bought this one at Home Depot and have been happy with it.
  95. kirkawilson

    Weird surge in RPM’s when turning.

    Sounds like a similar problem here? TG1860 stalls and then wont turn over
  96. kirkawilson

    Need help identifying tractor tires and understanding inflation

    This thread might help: ck3510 R4 tire pressures
  97. kirkawilson

    Ford 1700 Starting issues

    My neutral safety switch is near the steering column inside the cowling between my legs. I think that the 1700 has a clutch safety switch somewhere in the 'throw' of the clutch mechanism under the tractor. Also might try this:Ford 1700 not turning starter, battery good, new starter 1 year ago...
  98. kirkawilson

    PTO problem on 1997 Ford/Newholland 7740

    Could this be causing your rattle?
  99. kirkawilson

    KingKutter bush hog hitting tires of JD790

    I would start with bnew17's spacer (bushing) suggestion to fill the space between the lower lift link hitch pins and the lower lift arms. If that doesn't work, turn the pins around on the cutter and mount from the inside.
  100. kirkawilson

    Diesel Running Backwards

    Yes, my diesel tractor ran backwards briefly (less than 30 seconds) without damaging the tractor. Main concern is that the oil pump does not work good in reverse. Here are some details:
  101. kirkawilson

    Which Backpack Blower?

    I bought a used a Red Max backpack blower (I think the 5150) about 10 years ago, used it for 6 years and passed it on to my son who is still using it. All residential use. Still runs like it did the day I bought it, and is built like a tank. I actually bought a Ryobi backpack blower because it...
  102. kirkawilson

    Ghost in the tractor... (Engine suddenly quits with motion)

    Sometimes the ignition coil will start failing when it gets hot. I've had 2 mowers that did this. Replacement ignition coils aren't cheap but will generally fix the shut-down problem.
  103. kirkawilson

    Why am I destroying tail wheel forks?????

    Only other thing I might suggest is to raise the tailwheel when making big turns to keep the torque off the tailwheel assembly and 3ph.
  104. kirkawilson

    New holland tc 45d

    Hope this helps: 2003 TC35,40,45D RELAY DIAGRAM
  105. kirkawilson

    New Holland wont start

    If you can 'jump' start your tractor between the battery connection on the starter and the solenoid (I use a screwdriver, and there are sparks), then there is a problem in your wiring harness switches, relays, grounding, ignition switch, etc.
  106. kirkawilson

    Bought my 1st tractor....need help!

    Some pictures: 850 - Tim's Tractors
  107. kirkawilson

    Bought my 1st tractor....need help!

    Here is another guy with similar problems:Power steering installation - Tim's Tractors
  108. kirkawilson

    Old dog with arthritis

    We used Novox and CBD oil for our dog for 2 years before she passed last month. Helped her a lot.
  109. kirkawilson

    Alternator issues on NH4630

    This might help.
  110. kirkawilson

    1990 model 1920 manuals?

    Welcome aboard! For my 1920, I referenced the I &T Ford Shop Service Manual FO-46 very frequently. I got my FO-46 hardcopy from my independent tractor repair guy. There might be some online versions but you might borrow one from a repair shop and copy it for less?
  111. kirkawilson

    NH Workmaster 45 with starting problems

    Neutral start relay might be under the left fender. TC25 - Safety Start Relay? (where is it)
  112. kirkawilson

    1920 electrical problem

    17 is the fuse box.
  113. kirkawilson

    Why me?

  114. kirkawilson

    Everything Attachments

    I've been using these Titan Clamp On Pallet Forks For Tractors - Bolt On Pallet Fork Tractor Bucket (Free Shipping) Titan Attachments™ clamp-ons for years. Yhey are strong enough but can get wiggly without the stabilizer. Make sure the bottom of your bucket is able to take the stress at the...
  115. kirkawilson

    Need guidance on why my fuel gauge got scorched

    Don't know if this wiring diagram is different but it is from the I&T FO-46 manual.
  116. kirkawilson

    Stuck in the mud

    The MF 135 orchard model tires may solve some of your problems.
  117. kirkawilson

    1715 Clutch Replacement Advice

    These might help a little.
  118. kirkawilson

    1720 No Start/Neutral Start Switch

    Your shut-down problem sounds like a problem with your fuel solenoid wiring. Your starting problems are very common with these ##20 series tractors. After many failed troubleshooting attempts, I bypassed my entire 1920 wiring harness and installed a push-button starter on the dash that shunts...
  119. kirkawilson

    Rebuilt ford 1300, no oil to top

    Relief valve opening should be 35-37 psi.
  120. kirkawilson

    Do you want a smoother cut, softer ride, and longer tractor life? Check this out

    MTD has tried this...similar. Here is another idea... Good luck with your invention...have you filed any patents?
  121. kirkawilson

    Glow plug health, how to tell?

    Might be able to match the glow plug dimensions from the table starting on page C1.
  122. kirkawilson

    Pictures of Your New Holland

    My 1998 NH 1920 4WD; 760 hours
  123. kirkawilson

    A Wooly Ride

  124. kirkawilson

    Ford 1920 front end loader problemf

    My NH 1920 has a Bush Hog 2245 QT loader with a single joystick. I have not been able to identify the joystick valve but it has "1627-1H COEF" stamped on the valve body. I'll try to attach a couple of pix.
  125. kirkawilson

    NH 1920 diesel engine running backwards

    Last week, I was pulling my NH 1920 into my pole barn and caught the front edge of my FEL bucket tip on one of the center telephone poles. I was barely moving but the immediate stop gave me quite a jolt when the tip slightly dug into the pole. I quickly disengaged the clutch and the tractor kept...
  126. kirkawilson

    Multi-Box Building Units-Wooden Shipping Containers

    Anybody have experience using these wooden shipping containers? Website says; "These like new well built wood framed shipping crates offer a 10'6" ceiling height. Typical wood framing make them easy and inexpensive to modify. Ideal for tiny homes, whether it be a cozy weekend get away or income...
  127. kirkawilson

    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    1992 Ford/NH 1920 with 760 hours.
  128. kirkawilson

    New Holland 2120 will not start

    Woops...wrong one. Here is 2120 wiring diagram.
  129. kirkawilson

    1920 Alternator not charging based on instrument gauge

    Here is the alternator output test instructions from my IT manual (FO 46), it the image attached.
  130. kirkawilson

    1715 Wiring Diagram

    This is the only color codes in the manual. It says its for a 2120 but the colors might be common.
  131. kirkawilson

    1715 Wiring Diagram

    Walt, don't know how close your 1715 is to a 1720 but here is the one from my ITC manual.
  132. kirkawilson

    Ford New Holland 1920 starting issue

    My go-to method for starting my 1920 is to 1) unscrew the starter protective sheet metal strip nearest the seat, then rotate strip up and out of way for access to starter; 2) unplug starter solenoid spade connector and pull back rubber boot from starter battery connection; 3) make sure tractor...