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  1. GSVette

    Ford M1C137-A Equivalent

    Need to drain and refill the gearbox on my Ford 917 flail. M1C137-A is what is called out- what is the closest equivalent?
  2. GSVette

    Here kitty, kitty

    Got an alert from my video surveillance system at my Spokane, WA area shop-had the following still photo attached Think I’ll be watching a bit more carefully when I’m out and about[emoji3]
  3. GSVette

    Just closed deal on ‘17 XR4155HC

    I just finalized the purchase of the subject tractor after a year and a half of often painful research. I had gotten really close to purchasing a Yanmar YT359C but just couldn’t get the price down under 40K-which was a price point I was having real issues with. After negotiations stalled, I...
  4. GSVette

    YT359C Test Drive-impressive

    Test drove (actually wife did most of the test driving) the YT359C at a local dealer yesterday. Must say I was thoroughly impressed with the machine, particularly the i-HMT drive system. The A/B drive mode is a far more useful feature than I had envisioned-allowing an easy transition from...