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    Repair or Replace Grasshopper 618?

    I've got a Grasshopper 618 w/52" mower deck & tandem rear wheels; also got a Model 12 PowerVac that I've seldom used and just keep in storage. I believe that the engine is a Kohler Triad TH18. I just finished mowing the yard (1 hr.) a couple of days ago and was getting ready to pull it into...
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    Got'a love her!

    Here's the birthday cake the lovely Mrs. made for me this morning.
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    Got'a love her!

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    Semi Trash Pump Northstar or Powerhorse?

    I'm in need of a semi-trash pump in the 2"-3" intake/discharge range and Northern Tool has both the Northstar w/a Honda engine and the Powerhorse w/a "Powerhorse" engine. I've never heard of Powerhorse but the pump would be for occassional use and the price is certainly less. I'm leaning...
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    Operating PTO implement out of seat?

    I've recently bought a logging winch to use on a B3030 to help with ice & wind storm downed timber clean up. The winch is ideally used by pulling the clutch control rope from the side rather than sitting in the tractor seat both for safety and productivity reasons. According to my manual the...
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    Top link only shortens from one end??

    I needed to hook up a new implement that required shortening the top link from my more common length but only one end of the top link would screw into the turn buckle part. Both ends are threaded and even with one end screwed in all the way I'm still a little long to make the connection easily...
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    Mounting lights on metal barn?

    I'm just completing a barn with the usual ribbed metal siding. I want to mount lights on the gables but am not sure how to do so. The siding has a 1" high rib right in the midline where the flat base of the light would screw to the building. Is there a special type of T-box for this...
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    Utility ATV or golf cart?

    My wife said she thought we needed a utility vehicle of some sort to carry buckets of deer corn around to the other side of our lake; this is a chore mostly done by her and the bucket is getting heavy. I'll almost certainly buy something used if I can get good condition and price. Before I got...
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    Leinbach Utility Grader

    Anyone use a Leinbach utility grader to maintain gravel road? Your opinion/experience would be appreciated. It looks similar in design to Road Boss (which I know is well regarded) but is considerably less expensive; undoubtedly lighter weight material construction. I have a well packed gravel...
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    Three wheeled tractor?

    Some time ago someone posted a picture of a 3 wheeled tractor. Actually it was a tractor missing the left front wheel with a woman sitting on the right rear to act as a counter balance. When I showed it to my wife she thought it was really a hoot. Apparently it stuck in her head and she'd...
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    B3030 50 Hr Service

    When doing your 50 hr. service don't forget to check everything. Don't mind my wife feeding the deer and turkeys, but now we're talking serious!
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    B3030 Loose Bolt on Transfer Case

    I was caught up on mowing last weekend and decided I'd lube all the grease fittings and do a general walk around inspection before attaching the backhoe to take out a stump. I noticed a bolt just above the lower link hinge point (about the 7 o'clock position from the PTO) that seemed to be...
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    Tire valve stem gone!

    Here's one for ya. Yesterday I'm loading up the FEL with some fallen branches, etc. and notice that the front tire looks low (B3030 w/R4's). Thinking I need to fire up the compressor and add a little air, I take a closer look and notice that the bead seems to be separated from the rim; little...
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    Underground Electric Service?

    I'd like to build a barn for my new tractor & implements and it sure would be nice (almost required!) to have electric service in there. I'd really like to run the service line underground. The site I'd like to use is on the oposite side of a drive just put in last year over a hard packed...
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    B3030 Bra

    Yahoo...just had my B3030 delivered Saturday! Managed to run the full tank of diesel out mowing 4-5' tall grass up & down some fairly steep hills. Gave that little tractor a pretty good initial workout. Rained on Sunday & out of town this week - rats! Get this: Upon seeing the dust, pollen...
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    Dynamo vs Alternator

    Can someone clue me in on the Kubota "dynamo" vs an alternator . Seems that the dynamo lacks sufficient amp output to be all but useless especially if one wants to add some auxillary work lights.