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    What size tractor can we get by with?

    My rule of thumb is 1HP per acre. I have a heavy 45HP Mahindra for my 46 acres, and I think it's been perfect. And the mechanically simple and power efficient shuttle shift is my preference.
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    How would you fall this?

    I just finished a week long stump pulling project, and have roots on the brain. Lots of good advice here and much depends upon your tool kit. If you have a backhoe and good access around the root ball, some decent distance work pulling soil away could gradually loosen things enough for it to...
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    Can <40hp compact tractor tow a trailer?

    Depends upon how fast you want to go, how wide a range of gearing you have, and how good your traction is. Traction depends upon tire type, ground conditions and 4 vs 2 wheel drive. Also, the slope you're pulling upwards on. On most hills around my place, pulling nothing, but being fully loaded...
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    FEL level indicator

    My Mahindra came with one, standard. Don't they all? It is handy, but for all the road building and terracing work I do, I just find it a starting point, being level. Whether shoveling or dozing with the 4in1 clamshell open, it usually needs to be tipped up or down some degree depending upon the...
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    Tires filled with Beet Juice too heavy for landscaping and field work?

    I have a 45HP Mahindra with industrial type tires filled with water. Not sure what beet flavoring adds to it. Lower its blood pressure? Anyway, I'd say keep them full and no worries. It all depends on your soil. If completely dry they won't leave a mark. Clayish texture, perfect imprint of the...
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    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    Cab was initially an indulgence as it added significantly more cost. But I came up with a little extra to spend and my dear wife encouraged it, as a little gift to me. Extra cost is really the only down side. Even in woods, I'd think a ROPS bar would interfere similarly. I like to brag, "This...
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    Is it possible to be objective for a moment about Mahindra? Question relating to career change

    Someone with experience using all of the leading brands would be best to do a comparison. And that's not me. My choices about 4 years ago narrowed to Deere, Kubota, and Mahindra. The only models reasonably nearby. I did 6 months of research for my first ever tractor. At the time, the Mahindra...