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    7-pin trailer connection tester WISHES

    I believe that one will test the truck side circuits but not the actual trailer. Looks like the brake tester is testing the adjustable brake force signal from your brake controller. Here is the one to test the trailer...
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    mixing turf and farm tires

    This is what I did and it seems to help. Also is supposed to help with tread wear if you drive regularly on the road.
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    Woodchippers: PTO vs gasoline driven

    According to their site
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    Tooth bar?

    Use the money to rent a mini-ex for the day. So much easier and won't risk damaging your tractor.
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    Stupid Things I Have Done

    Was your contractors last name Carroll by chance? Sounds like the work of the Irish Travelers from my area.
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    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    I kind of like the know shifter in my Ram vs the console shifter in my brothers Ford. Its all electronic shifting and I would much rather have the extra space in the console. Only frustration is the truck I drive at work has a column mounted shifter so I am always reaching for the wrong spot...
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    Link to one of the most impressive barns that I've ever seen online. And it's for sale!!

    You would think the photographer would remove the mouse traps from the kitchen before taking the pictures!!
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    Tractor sold to me as a 2021, but is actually a 2020

    As others have stated its based on the year it is sold not manufactured. This is why when you get parts for tractors and other equipment such as mowers they ask for the serial number and not the year model as they track the parts compatibility by serial number sequence.
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    Any experience with a landscape rake?

    Depending how much land you need to remove rocks from you may be better off hiring someone with a rock hound attachment on a skid steer or possibly renting one if a local place has it available.
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    creating a culvert

    I have seen it done with a torch but I am sure a cutting a disk or plasma could also work.
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    creating a culvert

    Its not a problem if you do it correctly. Fill the tank with water to displace any remaining propane and you can cut it without issue. Have seen several done this way to make trailer grills etc
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Here is a comparison that includes the Ryobi saw.
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    Crossed cables while trying to jump start.

    Must have either blown a fuse or fuse-able link. Will just have to track down until you find the break.
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    You can order an Ethernet adapter and then just use your own router to connect everything so you can set it up as you need.
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    Unless the heavy rain/snow includes heavy wind or ice that takes out the cable lines. I have actually had very little issue with dropping service due to weather particularly compared when I was using Viasat internet.
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    Aggravating McAfee popup

    Once you have used malwarebytes just uninstall it to avoid any popups then reinstall if you need it again in the future.
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    PTO Drive shaft problem (my latest issue)

    In the second picture it doesn't look like you have very much range of motion in the telescoping of the PTO shaft or at least the cover. There may be plenty but I would watch as you raise and lower it to make sure it isn't bottoming out.
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    PTO Drive shaft problem (my latest issue)

    That helps. Where the shaft attaches to the tractor you have to pull back on the plate with the spring behind it closest to the tractor which will disengage the lock and then you can slid the coupler off. This may be difficult since it has been attached for so long. The chain is to keep the...
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    PTO Drive shaft problem (my latest issue)

    Based on what you've told us it could be a bad U-joint or Gear Box. So you have never removed the finish mower from your tractor to know how the PTO shaft attaches? There are a couple different retention methods if you post a picture it should be easy to tell you how to remove it. Once you can...
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    Good set of tools for the boy?

    I don't think anyone has mentioned TEKTON yet but worth a look. TEKTON Hand Tools | Shop Sockets, Wrenches, Screwdrivers, and Pliers
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    Anyone go from gas to electric, then back to gas?

    Main thing is right tool for the job. Some yards or task just won't ever be right for electric. If you are using them close to home where you can put a battery on charge when needed it works but gas would be better if not. I have 6 acres around the house and use an EGO string trimmer it can do...
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    EGO electric trimmer review

    EGO does POWER+ Commercial Metal Blade Combo Kit
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    Septic tank and leach field

    Apparently the flushable locators are available to be rented not sure if you would be able to find one local. Flushable Septic Tank Locator | Septic Tank Locating Equipment
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    Septic tank and leach field

    Any good septic company should be able to come out and locate everything for you. They will put the camera into the pipe and push it to the tank. They then use an above ground detector to locate the camera and this can tell them the location and depth of the camera. You may as well have them dig...
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    Revolting internet charge increases

    You may want to double check that if you call. Might have been true as part of an introduction bundle but maybe not now that your on a standard plan.
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    Call for Price or Quote by Phone

    They don't want to lock themselves into a price. It may adjust and they don't want people seeing that it was listed for less last week. Also it gives them a chance to talk to you about how much you need a tractor before they drop the price on you.
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    Why did Mfgrs redesign dispensers?

    Operator error??
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    Backing up a Gen Trailer

    Could you put some fork pockets under the trailer and use your loader to pick up the entire genertor to put it away?
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    Dealing with sharps in the shop

    First thing I tell all my employees when collecting trash cans is never pick up the bags from the bottoms or sides only grab the tops where its loose plastic or the knot you tied. Public trash so never know what may be in there.
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    Just bought 6 acre of land. Now what???

    Before commiting to the idea of living in an RV you might want to check with the county. Most places won't allow that or if they do it is via a temporary permit while you are constructing a home.
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    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    That's crazy that they can build a trail like that on your property. Here I could build a fence thru the right of way I just have to give the utility the key or expect that the lock will be cut if they need to get in.
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    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    Will you ever need to cross it with utilities? The contractor building my home is also building another home on property with a gas line and they need to cross it with the electrical service. They are almost finished up building and still trying to get thru the engineering red tape of what is...
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    What size/width driveway for truck and gooseneck trailer?

    I assume this is in a rural area but there could be codes that dictate how wide of a driveway you can install depending on how the property is zoned.
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    Titan Attachments on Amazon

    There are 2 types of 3rd function. 1 that works with a buttons to open and close independent of the loader movement. The other is a diverter valve which you have to hold the button and then curl the bucket but instead of curling the grapple will open or close. If you have 2 buttons and one is a...
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    Web sites don't lie to people, but...

    What I found when I was buying was the dealer basically had a stock photo of the model on the website and not the actual tractor that was on the lot. I am sure that is easier than taking new photos of every tractor and since unlike cars and trucks most all look the same it is still off putting...
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    1.5 inch flexible aluminum conduit

    That's contridictory to the info in the first post?? Is it this Southwire 250 ft. 12-Gauge/2-Gauge Solid CU MC (Metal Clad) Armorlite Cable 68580055 - The Home Depot
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    Well plumbing Device?

    Its a pressure relief valve to bleed excess pressure if the pump were not to cut off properly. Everbilt 1/2 in. Brass Relief Valve for Use with Well Pressure Tanks EBRV50NL - The Home Depot
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    Big tire disposal?

    Here is the link for the tire drop off locations in SC just find the correct county and you should have your answer. Recycle Here SC | SCDHEC
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    Don't settle for the mahindra diverter valve system. Get the WRLong system. This gives you an open close switch for the grapple that works independent of the other loader functions. This way you can use your loader as normal while also opening or closing the grapple. Even if the cost is a bit...
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    I use a larger version of this brand it has worked well for me. Of course I don't abuse it and just use it for picking up brush and not ground engagement task. 60″ Two-Cylinder Brush Grapple | Express Steel Inc
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    UTV vs Bull

    Depends on the state I am sure but here in GA a UTV isn't street legal.
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    Air conditioner woes

    They probably are not 100% wrong. It most likely is on its last leg. So even if you get it going again I would start budgeting for a replacement sooner than later. On the bright side you will most likely see an energy cost reduction with the new unit.
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    Help Me Understand Septic Problem

    Could be wrong but it looks to me like a repair has already been attempted. The pipe on the top part of the picture apears to be one of the expandable couplings linked above. Based on the amount of glue on the outside of the joint I would say the last person who "repaired" it still had a leak...
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    Found this tool similiar method to what I was trying to describe above but goes into the pipe instead of around it. The Fetch broken well pipe and pump removal tool
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    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    Similar happened to me. Luckily I have family in the well repair business. They have a homemade tool designed to be lowered into the well and grab the pipe. Probably just a reproduction of something available commercially if I know them. It is a short length of steel pipe with 3 hinged clamps...
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    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    You live in Pittsburgh it shouldn't be very hard to find a steel supplier local to you. They should have steel pipe available and may even have someone on site that can fabricate any mounting points or wire access holes you need.
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    Well pressure Switch question

    To add does your water heater have a thermal expansion tank and also have you tested that you pressure relief valve is working on the tank.
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    Mixing concrete in the FEL Bucket

    Sounds like an excuse to buy a new tool! https://www.(Temporarily blocked due to reports of company closure)/Cosmo-80-350-Tractor-PTO-Cement-Mixer-p/csmo-bm80-350-cm.htm
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    Concrete Floor Leveling Question

    To bad you can't just put the sink over the drain so that is hidden under it. Would just need to have it installed on legs so the water an go under.
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    Concrete Floor Leveling Question

    Hard to tell exactly what you working with without pictures but if you have a tub faucet then that will need to be mounted to blocking inside the wall. Sounds like you already have drywall installed so that is going to have to come out so you can properly install everything. Is the drywall...
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    T-posts in hard ground - a hack

    Didn't price shop just a quick google search out of curiosity. Your are correct it is less than half the cost Fence Post Driver-T-Post Driver | Agri Supply #102729
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    T-posts in hard ground - a hack

    A standard t-post driver weights about 20 pounds so 10 more pounds and you don't have to repeatedly pick up and drop it. I think its a clear winner other than cost.
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    T-posts in hard ground - a hack

    They do make a drive with a pull cord. Just going to cost you $919 Titan Post Driver 30-Lb. Driving Head, 1.3 HP Honda GX35 Engine, Model# PGD2875H | Northern Tool
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    Stihl Professional Battery Weed-eater

    Regarding the comments on professional use I see things going that way not because of power but noise. Your state may not ban gas equipment but I could see an HOA requiring homeowners to only hire landscape crews that use battery equipment.
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    Time to kick the hornets nest... bush hog, rhino, or woods 10' Brush hog?

    I purchased a 6ft cutter last year and considered the same 3 brands. I ended up going with the rhino. I wasn't able to compare them in person but the rhino seemed to be the most heavy duty option and once received I wasn't disappointed. One of the biggest selling points to me was the blade...
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    5th wheel hitch for 3 point.

    You can get a hitch for you 3pt that will carry a gooseneck. If you don't need to swap back and forth from truck and tractor usage regularly you could purchase the adapter as you pictured except for gooseneck that you could swap out as needed. OR you can purchase a 5th wheel to gooseneck adapter...
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    Pre-fab trusses for shed style shop?

    Here is a place in Augusta, GA that should be able to help you out Armour Metals
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    Homestead Implements Grapple

    Unfortunately I would have to agree. They are great about fixing issues but the issues shouldn't exist in the first place. My first purchase from them was the SSQA hydraulic auger. Found out real quick that they had installed the adapters in the drive to the hoses backwards so hydraulic oil was...