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  1. Bota4me

    What power broom to buy?

    Looking to get a power broom... So far stihl, shindaiwa and echo are my choices. What do you guys recommend and why? Thanks
  2. Bota4me

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Nice day to cut and split up a cherry tree thats been down since fall... First i had to make a path through the yard. Then the fun began:)
  3. Bota4me

    Oil & Fuel  BX fuel filters what gives...

    Hi guys, while operating my bx25 last week it sputtered a couple times. Soo i figured maybe my fuel filters were due to be changed. Looking in manual i believe it said 500 hours. Well my bx has 188 hours. I only buy fuel from 1 busy Shell station down the street. Sells a lot of diesel. Also has...
  4. Bota4me

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Ty guys keep them pics coming! Heres a pic of about half of my firewood. Theres about 41/2 cords here another 4 in barn from last year for this years burn
  5. Bota4me

    BX - Buyer's Remorse? Loader remorse, anyway.

    Well if you have an aerator it can pull that..... Barely:)
  6. Bota4me

    Already disappointed in new Husvarna 435

    I did a lot of research in the power to weight dept and ended up buying a husky 562xp. If you can swing the $$ i highly reccomend it as i cut mostly in 20" oak msple area & it seems perfect for this:) Good luck w your purchase.
  7. Bota4me

    Theres a new sheriff in town

    it is a 361. In great shApe:) Gonna hang onto it for a while. If i dont use it i may fleebay it.
  8. Bota4me

    Theres a new sheriff in town

  9. Bota4me

    Theres a new sheriff in town

    ANd wow is he a badass:) Hes got lightning quick acceleration, smooth as silk and way more torque than seems possible from a 60cc! Im a stihl man converted for now. This xp562 is one sweet saw!
  10. Bota4me

    Husky 562 xp

    nice:) good to hear scooby. This wood pile will be nervous then if i show up with that lol
  11. Bota4me

    Husky 562 xp

    Stay out of the chainsaw shops..... I have a stihl ms361 that has performed great for me for last 7 years. But i saw that sexxxxxy new husky on shelf and looking for a touch more oomph than my 361 without more weight. What do you guys think? I wanna hear from owners also good and bad on it. Ty...
  12. Bota4me

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Im loving all these pics guys!! Heres one of my woodstove. Gotta live that free heat:)
  13. Bota4me

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    With heating season in full swing..... I was out gathering firewood today with my trusty mule. Pics of any tractor with logs split or not welcome:) my mighty bx said , the oil man can kiss my #%^.
  14. Bota4me

    Bx1860 vx B2320 - Contrast/Compare

    I know i LOVE mowing w my bx25! Power steering, diesel power & sips fuel. Are you SURE your craftsman will make another year?:))
  15. Bota4me

    Highest hour bx

    Ok guys im interested in how many hours these mighty bx's will go! Please post yours ty
  16. Bota4me

    Using a BX as a mower/tractor

    Well if i could buy over i wouldnt change a thing. I love my bx25 as a mower, i take off the bh and fel in about 5 minutes for both. I wasnt sure like you about using it as a mower but i now am spoiled by the power steering, manueverability and how little diesel fuel it uses compared with gas in...
  17. Bota4me

    Let's see your Kubota

    Heres my bx25 doing some spring cleaning. Beautiful day out!
  18. Bota4me

    Bx25 hst peddle grease fitting

    Could anyone tell me where the grease fitting is located for forward reverse treddle? Also how often to grease it? Thanks in advance
  19. Bota4me

    you might be a redneck if --

    Works good to push my logsplitter into the back of my truck also!! With ramps of course, lol!! I love my fel on my bx25. Cant imagine not having it.
  20. Bota4me

    Just another new Kubota Compact guy

    Welcome, like another member said this aint no ordinary lawn tractor!! I have done more work with mybx25. I cannot believe the power of diesel and hydraulics. Love this site and members.
  21. Bota4me

    I love my BX

    Ya, love my bx25 also! Bought it this spring amd wonder how i got along without it. Put in a garden, dug 6 piers for a deck, love the mmm and just fixed up our drive From hurricane.
  22. Bota4me

    What a site

    I finally registered, it was actually painless!! Lol The wealth of info on this site is incredible. What a bunch of loyal knowledgeable people. All the reading led me to buy my first real tractor a Bx25!! Absolutely love it so far. 20 hours... Thanks again guys!:thumbsup::thumbsup: