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  1. grnspot110

    For Sale: 1980-2418 Power King (North MO)

    I have for sale my 1980-2418 Power King, with wheel weights all around: Weather cracking on rear tires, hasn't changed since I bought the tractor about 6 years ago: Includes: 4' front blade, restored: 12" Brinly 3-pt plow, restored: 4' mower deck, original: Also, a hmde, matching...
  2. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    She's too busy napping, on my lap in the house now. Just the way we both like it!
  3. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    I won't admit that the recliner is pointed at a tv hooked up to a Roku unit (mostly old westerns). Dottie really prefers that I'm between her & the chair!
  4. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Dottie in "her" recliner in the shop:
  5. grnspot110

    Do homeowners buy snowplows to plow their own properties?

    Right after I bought my slightly used 2016-025R I picked up a slightly used Frontier loader mounted blade for it:
  6. grnspot110

    What was the best dog you've had?

    The one that has me now: Dottie, our 4th Dal!
  7. grnspot110

    How did your knee replacement go?

    I had my right knee replaced in the spring of 2019, the left one a week before Christmas of 2019. I had more swelling & discoloration on the second one. Mine were worn out, bone on bone with a small hole worn in the left one. Physical therapy is a must as far as I'm concerned, even had the...
  8. grnspot110

    Honey Locust Tree

    Tordon RTU for stump killing!
  9. grnspot110

    Prostate cancer

    I had surgery for PC 18 years ago at 52, along with hormone implant. Side effects of the implant weren't worth it, had that removed at proper time & not replaced. In my case, I feel like the implant was just a moneymaker for the Urologist, changed over to an Oncologist after the implant was...
  10. grnspot110

    Looking to buy my first JD

    I bought a new (leftover) 2018 - X580 w/54" deck last summer, very happy with it!
  11. grnspot110

    What kind of vintage car do you wish you had?

    53-56 Ford pickup!
  12. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    2016- 2025R w/5' Frontier blade:
  13. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    My 2016-2025R with H130 loader & 5' Frontier blade:
  14. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Dottie in "her" recliner in the shop:
  15. grnspot110

    3-Point Hitch Trailer Mover

    I built my own multi-use hitch, had to remodel it a bit to fit the quick hitch:
  16. grnspot110

    Collectible tractors?

    I started out with JD two-cylinders, a 1958-520 & the 1958- 720D ES hat I grew up on. Then started collecting JD lawn & garden tractors until I found my 1953 JD-40S. Next came the 1980-Power King 2418, then the 1961 Cub Lo-Boy: Lastly was the 1944 JD "LA", then the 1948 AC "G": Still...
  17. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Still needs the running boards & mud flaps put on, hope to pick it up today:
  18. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Took the JD F725 to the farm to mow a couple days ago:
  19. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Put the blade on the 1953 JD 40S today: Also have the blade on the 1980 2418 Power King:
  20. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    After 4-5 years I finally got the 4' Power King blade painted this summer: Still need to put the 5' Ford blade on the 1953 JD 40S:
  21. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Squirrel watcher:
  22. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Had to give my "Old Guy", Chief his final trip the vet yesterday, at 14 years old, his eyesight & hearing were gone, his hind legs were giving out so it was time. Didn't make it any easier though. We still have "Baby Girl", Dottie to keep us company: RIP old fella:
  23. grnspot110

    Another New Project, Moved Over to the Dark Side!

    Well, I did it again a few months ago, this time it's an Allis Chalmers model "G": It had been a granddad/grandson project & had set in a storage unit for "a couple of years". I bought it not running, brought it home, put in a good battery & fresh gas & it started right up! I've painted the...
  24. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Chief & Dottie (in chair) at the cabin:
  25. grnspot110

    755 should I buy it

    I gave more than that for mine 2-1/2 years ago without the loader (1000 hours): Very nice little tractors!
  26. grnspot110

    Mowing.....Tell us about your yard weapons.

    For the house yard, 2000 JD F725: For fall leaf cleanup, 1980 314: For the farm, 1993 JD 755: Hauling, 1961 Cub Lo Boy w/ JD 17P cart: Snow removal, 1953 JD 40S w/5' blade or 1980 Power King 2418 w/4' blade:
  27. grnspot110

    Small bridge ideas?

    I used an old trailer house frame, bolted treated 2 x 6's to the frame to nail oak planks to: After many years of use, the planks were deteriorating, so I added treated 2 x 10's & 2 x 8's to resurface: This bridge spans the spillway at my north pond, I use it for the Gator, JD-790 & 755!
  28. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    3" of heavy snow overnight! I use a little McCulloch thrower for the walks: 1953 JD 40S for the drive:
  29. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Used PK today to clear the 1/2" or so of snow w/thin layer of ice on top off the drive before it became solid ice: Another 3-5" of snow predicted for Tuesday/Wednesday!
  30. grnspot110

    Yard trailers - what have you got?

    For yard work I have a JD 10P & 17P: At the farm I use a homemade 5 x 7' (approx.):
  31. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Put the 1953 40S to work this morning on 8" of wet, heavy snow:
  32. grnspot110


    8" of wet, heavy snow this morning, so I put the 1953 40S to work:
  33. grnspot110

    The story behind your Avatar?

    My own personal "cabin in the woods"!
  34. grnspot110

    Trailer behind tractor?

    One I built mostly from parts on hand:
  35. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Put the 1953 40S to work this morning:
  36. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Blades are now on both the JD 40S & the 2418 Power King:
  37. grnspot110

    2 acres too small for a tractor?

    2004-790, my loader tractor: 1993-755, my farm mowing tractor: 1953-40S, something I'd wanted for 50 years, never really expected to own one: Before; After; 1980-2418 Power King: Before; After; 1961-International Cub Lo Boy (not yet finished): Before; After; The 1980-...
  38. grnspot110

    Hauling firewood on a landscape utility trailer

    I used 3-1 x 6" CCA for my sides with an angle iron top edge. They a jointed at 7'/9' for easier handling 8 PC Utility Trailer Wood LH / RH Sides Latch Rack Stake Body Corner Brackets | eBay. These sides are over 20 years old & still going strong!
  39. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Dottie like to be close:
  40. grnspot110

    What did you name your tractor?

    I use the model numbers on the John Deere's; 40, 314, 755 & 790. Then there's "PK" & "Cubby":
  41. grnspot110

    Disc Harrow Pull disc to 3 point

    I used an old 10' JD drag disk to make my 5" offset 3-pt: The reason for the 3-pt is for transport & to get into tight places!
  42. grnspot110

    New/old Farmall Cub

    Good to get the Cub back in running condition! :thumbsup: I just recently picked up a 61 Lo-Boy off CL, my first Cub:
  43. grnspot110

    Another New Project, Moved Over to the Dark Side!

    Took off the "junkyard special" alternator this morning, had to cut some of the welds where the knot-head welded to a bolt that held the original regulator plate.: I have a new "mini" alternator on order for it. Put on the new exhaust pipe & muffler: Installed the correct air cleaner:
  44. grnspot110

    Another New Project, Moved Over to the Dark Side!

    Kinda' been looking for one of these for a while, this one showed up on CL just before my hernia surgery. With lifting restrictions & waiting on my new trailer, I didn't pursue it til last week. 250 mile round trip to pick up what was advertised as a 1958 Cub Lo-Boy. I'ts not as good as...
  45. grnspot110

    Aluminum Utility Trailers

    Picked mine up on 22nd, Hillsboro 78" x 120":
  46. grnspot110

    Floe Cargo Max Trailers?

    If I decide on this, it would be to replace both my 8' Sowco: And my 10' Woodworth: I'll still have the 18' Woodworth for bigger loads: Just looking for now, I've found several YouTube videos on the Cargo Max trailers, most of which are "self-promoting". I'd like to hear from some...
  47. grnspot110

    Floe Cargo Max Trailers?

    Anybody here familiar with Floe Cargo Max trailers? FLOE CargoMax Trailers I like the looks of them, but no dealers very close. I have seen them a couple years ago at a farm store in IA.
  48. grnspot110

    Price Check John Deere 790

    5' Frontier cutter here: No problem pulling it at all, I use it for heavy grass & weeds. Also have an old JD 5' cutter for brush cutting, Only problem with it is the lower 3-pt pins are a little too wide, so the arm rub the tires at times.
  49. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Lap girl at the cabin last fall:
  50. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    PK earned his keep this morning, first time I've really used him:
  51. grnspot110

    Creosote or concrete?

    Don't know if they grow in your area, but around here if you want a post to last, use Hedge (Osage Orange). Cut a few this morning: A good sized Hedge corner post will last well over 50 years!
  52. grnspot110

    Lets see your Deere

    I guess I should add my 755 that I bought a little over a year ago to do my finish mowing at the farm:
  53. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    1953 JD 40S w/5' blade & 1980 Power King 2418 w/4' blade
  54. grnspot110

    Dog pics

  55. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Chief & Dottie watching me work in the cabin today:
  56. grnspot110

    Eating in the 50's

    We used stone jars, some were to big to carry to the cellar, had to fill them where they sat. The jars weren't worth much then, Dad bought them at farm auctions for little of nothing. This 8-gallon sold for $850 at Mom's auction three years ago: Buyer came from Omaha just for the jar!
  57. grnspot110

    Show your trailer sides

    I showed the sides for my 16' trailer early in this thread. Here are the sides for my 10' trailer, wood slats for the front sides & ends, ramps for the rest of the sides: The 4 x 8' Snowco just uses aluminum ramps:
  58. grnspot110

    Let's see your knife.

    I started carrying electrician's knives when working as a firefighter, the screwdriver blade was used to pull meters (old school, fire service isn't supposed to do that anymore): I now carry a two blade electrician's knife since I can't find the same 3-blade I used to carry!
  59. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Chief & Dottie outside the shop last summer: Chief is getting old enough that he spends a lot of time in his bed when Dottie is busy following me around!
  60. grnspot110

    Stuck Inside

    I head for my woodworking shop that is 50' from the house: If I don't feel like doing anything, I can watch videos: It replaces the old shop that burned 11 months ago: Fortunately, we had good insurance on it!
  61. grnspot110

    EGO Power Lawn Equipment

    Not criticizing EGO, but I decided to go with Oregon 40V for a chainsaw last year: Not to replace my gas saws, but for thinning up to 3-4' saplings out of my timber. Two batteries last me around 3 hours of work, (cutting, treating the stumps & piling), which is all I want in one day anymore...
  62. grnspot110

    Small Fishing Boats.... whatcha got?

    I went through several boats over the years & this 6 x 15' (12' deck) was my ultimate fishing boat: Powered by two electric motors, a 54# 12V on the front & 96# 24V on the back. I used it in small lakes up to 240 acres. I sold it 7-8 years ago as I didn't get it out enough anymore!
  63. grnspot110

    DIY Disc?

    I bought an old 10' JD drag disk for $50 & made a 5' 3-pt out of it, nothing fancy, but it does what I need!
  64. grnspot110

    Where to buy H / I Beams?

    If you have a county bridge department, you might check with them. I was able to get a 5' used H beam that way when I built mine:
  65. grnspot110

    Old car nostalgia ??

    This 1925 "T" was at a tractor show next to me this weekend: 193? Hupmobile was at a tractor show last weekend:
  66. grnspot110


    3-1/2 hours for me:
  67. grnspot110


    3 hours on the F725 at the farm yesterday: And another hour today at home!
  68. grnspot110

    Leaf collection ideas

    I picked this up off CL last fall: had enough hose from a previous project to make it to the mower. Bought a new remote hose for it. Use it on my 1980 JD 314:
  69. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Chief (top) turned 11 this spring, our third Dal & the first one to make 10 years. He has one bad eye & doesn't get around the best, but he's happy & that's what counts! Dottie turned 4 last month, lots of energy & likes to be close, really close! :D
  70. grnspot110

    Those Craigslist photos

    I once spotted this picture in a CL ad from IA: The poster had tried to block out the two trailers behind the Snowco. I posted my own ad in the same CL area that this trailer was not for sale & was setting in my drive in MO, the original ad was deleted the next day!
  71. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Thanks! Local builder, it started out 16' w/3500# axles & slide out ramps. When I brought Dad's JD 720D home, I took it back & had the 6,000# axles, wheels &tires put under it (frame is plenty heavy enough). Next, after cancer treatments, the ramps got too heavy for me, so back to the builder...
  72. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    19+ year old Woodworth trailer (w/more recent modifications):
  73. grnspot110

    Lets see your Deere

    I'm down to 4 now; my 1970-70 I (industrial): , next is the 1980-314: The 2004-790: & my pride & joy, 1953-40S: I guess it didn't specify tractors, so here's my 2007 TS Gator: And my newest acquisition, the F725 mower I picked up a year ago: Then, there's the Eska 130: It was...
  74. grnspot110

    Which small chainsaw ?

    I went with an Oregon 40V, 14" for my small work. I use it mostly for thinning my timber of up to 3" Hackberry sprouts. I can cut a few, stop & treat the stumps, then cut a few more. Two batteries last me a couple hours of cutting, treating & piling, which is all I want of that kind of work...
  75. grnspot110

    Trailer Features - What To Look For

    Loading legs will take care of the lift problem: When in the down position, they're an inch or so off the ground. When loaded, just back up a little & swing them up!
  76. grnspot110

    Trailer Features - What To Look For

    My 16' Woodworth (a local company), started out with 3500 lb axles & 5' slide-in ramps. When I brought Dad's JD 720D home, I had the builder change the axles, springs, etc. to 6,000 lb. After cancer treatments, the ramps got too heavy, so I took it back to the builder for a 5' ramp-gate...
  77. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    I had a little adjustment made to my 16" Woodworth (a local builder) last fall. I needed a little more room to get the best balance with the JD 790 & 5" Woods finish mower, so I took the 19 year old trailer back to the builder to have a 2' dovetail added & cut the ramp-gate down. Also had...
  78. grnspot110

    Anyone built there own weight box for a three point?

    I didn't build this one but modified a JD box I found on CL, I started by adding RR rail runners & a 2" receiver tube that is bolted to the box. Then, an old galvanized grainery door for a tray over the scrap iron & lead weight inside, with two plastic conduit tool holders. A chainsaw...
  79. grnspot110

    Winshield for JD Gator

    I used 1/4" Lexan on the 550 Mule I used to have: When I bought the '07 "TS" Gator, it had a partial aftermarket windshield on it, I added Lexan to extend the top with aluminum double channel for strength:
  80. grnspot110

    looking for best chan saw in 14" class. Wants light weight, reliability

    I have one of the Oregon 40V with two batteries: I bought it for a purpose, clearing up to 4" +/- trees in my timber, mostly Hack-berries. With the two 4ah batteries it will last me two hours plus of cutting, piling & treating the stumps. Which is a day's worth of that kind of work for me...
  81. grnspot110

    trailers for tractors

    I built this 5' x 6' for my JD 790, using parts I had on hand: Would have been nice to have a bit more tongue weight, but I didn't have room with what I had.
  82. grnspot110

    3 point wood splitter

    Just curious, why "full throttle"? I use the hydraulics on my JD 790 for my 3-pt splitter at a fast idle. No, it's not fast, but I work alone & i'm not fast either & it works fine for me. I just added long hoses to hook to the loader bucket connections & tie the joy stick off to the opposite...
  83. grnspot110

    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    My "TS" Gator had this after-market canopy on it when I bought it: Since I haul it 30 miles to the farm a lot, I rebuilt the rear mount to something sturdier bolted to the frame: If the thin plexiglass windshield ever breaks, I'll go to 1/4" Lexan.
  84. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Same as last year, the 1953 JD 40S w/5' front blade: I did get it painted though, put the blade on yesterday: And the rear weights: I'll put the 49 blower & cab on the 314 in a few days: '04-790 w/300 loader if needed:
  85. grnspot110

    Ready for Dear Season to start this weekend

    My season ended Wednesday when this guy came back about 8 am: He maxed out my 160 lb. bale scales (field dressed) & I didn't have his front feet & head of the ground yet! Seven points, one broken off on the right side. Finished grinding today with 44 lbs. of burger for the freezer.
  86. grnspot110

    Wood shed ideas?

    How about one of the metal carports? You can order them with sides & ends or enclose it yourself! Mine has the taller frame at extra cost, I enclosed it myself over time. 10' rolling door on the opposite end. Added an open woodshed to the right side (south facing) several years ago & a...
  87. grnspot110

    carry all

    I found an old one at a farm auction for $5! Threw away the rotted wood, painted the frame & built one to use on tractor drives: Sold it after I quit the drives.
  88. grnspot110

    3pt ballast box

    I started out with a slightly used factory box; added RR rail runners & 2" receiver tube that bolts to the bottom: Filled to about 8" of the top with scrap iron & lead, bolted in a metal grainery door for a tray, plastic conduit on the outside for long handled tools & layered 1/4" plastic...
  89. grnspot110

    Using "Sun Block"?

    Long sleeved shirt & hat year round: Outback-style Sun Hat | GEMPLER'S
  90. grnspot110

    Identify This 3PT disc?

    Not sure of the model, but it's a John Deere disk! I used to have one very similar to it I used with a JD 520 (35 HP) It would be way too heavy to use on a compact tractor at 7'!
  91. grnspot110

    Chart of hummingbird arrival in your area.

    Saw a couple about two weeks ago & one a couple days ago. They should be here in full force as the Columbine is in full bloom! (The pink blooms) Columbine normally brings them in force around here, but not this year!
  92. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Thanks! Yes, I have three trailers, a 4' x 8' Snowco, 6-1/4' x 10' & 7' x 16' Woodworths. I've taken the 16' to the farm twice already with the JD 790 w/5' Woods finish mower. Pickup is rated for 9600#, my biggest load is around 7K#. Haul the Gator on the 10' quite a bit & loads to tractor...
  93. grnspot110

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    I've been casually looking for a NTM pickup for a little while. April 28th, we were in St Joe, MO when I saw a Chevy crew cab I wanted to take a look at. Went back to the dealer's lot before we left town, turned out to be a 2014, 6 banger, not what I needed. When we got home, the wife came up...
  94. grnspot110

    Man Lift ideas

    Find one of the plastic totes, the kind with the metal cage around the tank, & cut the top out!
  95. grnspot110

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    My forks come in handy on the 790:
  96. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Had the 1953-40S out a couple of days ago blading an inch of fresh snow:
  97. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Used the 790 to break up & re-pile the snow pile the snow pile at the back of my drive today: To make room for what's coming. :(
  98. grnspot110

    Snow Decisions?

    Yesterday's 6" of snow was too wet & heavy to leave on when the forecast was for near 0 last night. I pushed it off before noon; Wasn't enough snowfall afterwards to worry about. Went out to scoop the snow off the trailers this morning, hard & crusty, pretty tough scooping!
  99. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Put the 1953-40S to work yesterday on the 6" of wet, heavy snow we got:
  100. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Chief & Dottie like to use me for a bed!
  101. grnspot110

    We got the Christmas tree up today!

    We put our outdoor ornaments up Thanksgiving weekend: We like the "airblowns: Even light the tractor sheds:
  102. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    3" of wet snow this morning, time for the NTM 1953-40S to earn it's keep around here:
  103. grnspot110

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I used the 790 to pull these two (yes there are two) logs out of the ditch yesterday: 18" x 30' Red Oak, had to cut the second one in half to get it out of the ditch: Where they crossed the ditch, they were over my head, the second one fell into the bottom & was in a bind because of the...
  104. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    I'll be using the 80-314 w/cab & 49 blower: And the newly acquired 1953-40S w/ "Ford" blade: The blade will be painted green when weather permits!
  105. grnspot110

    Wood splitter's Tractor 3-pnt- verses- stand alone splitter's

    It all depends on your needs! I have a 3-pt splitter that I made for a 1958 JD 520, using the tractor hydraulics: When I sold the 520 & bought my '04-790 I had to add a splitter valve & long hoses to reach the loader bucket connections. I tie the joy-stick off to the opposite fender with a...
  106. grnspot110

    Advice on Ground DEER Blinds.....

    Mine is permanent, 6' x 6', made mostly of used lumber: It sets on high ground, overlooking some open area & trails: This guy came within 40' of me: I use one of the "Buddy Heaters" in in cold weather, makes a good place to get out of the weather when I'm working at the farm!
  107. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    I'm going old school this year, 1953 40S that I picked up 2-1/2 weeks ago w/Ford blade I got a week later: Had to build a mounting bracket for the blade & set up a cable lift from the 3-pt:
  108. grnspot110

    Good generic chain saw press or scabbard?

    Layered 1/4" plastic sheets:
  109. grnspot110

    Where does your tractor sleep?

    Had to do a little re-arranging after I bought the 1953 JD 40 Standard: JD 790 w/300 loader on the right.
  110. grnspot110

    Critters captured on camera

    Took the camera deer hunting today, this guy showed up about 9: This one was a half hour later: It started snowing at 11, so we headed home.
  111. grnspot110

    Tractor Log Splitter

    Here are the pics that I can find: I originally built the splitter for my JD 520 using the tractor control, just added a lever & flipped the linkage over to it. The "H" beam came from the county bridge dept. (used), had to buy a new cylinder, but most of the rest of it was scrap I had...
  112. grnspot110

    Tractor Log Splitter

    I bring my rounds in from the farm & stack them along the fence about 20' from the wood shed. Either split by hand w/Fiskars X27 splitting axe or sometimes use the 790. I just roll the blocks from the pile to the splitter & stack the splits as I go, no big hurry! I understand that my...
  113. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    Chief & Dottie checking out the newly cleared area for a shade at the farm: Either that or waiting for dinner! ~~ Lowell
  114. grnspot110

    Tractor Log Splitter

    I prefer vertical tractor mounted to save having the extra engine to keep up. I originally made mine for a 1958 JD 520 using the tractor hydraulics: When I sold the 520 & bought an '04 790, I had to add a control valve to the splitter & long hoses to the loader bucket connections: I tie...
  115. grnspot110

    new carport

    I had one put up several years ago by "Tri-State Carports". I later enclosed it myself & added a woodshed lean-to on the south side. This fall, I ordered another one from "Elephant Structures" (another Caroline Carport name) as they were the only ones I could find that would sell me one not...
  116. grnspot110

    3 point log splitter

    I run mine off the loader bucket connections on my JD 790: I tie the joy stick off to the fender with a tarp strap & use the control valve on the splitter: It's not fast, but keeps up with me! ~~ Lowell
  117. grnspot110

    side by side diesel tractor?

    I made this one from a parted out JD 317 a few years ago: I built it for parades, used it to pull a line of garden carts: Sold it this summer because I had too much stuff! ~~ Lowell
  118. grnspot110

    ATV Trailer Build

    One of my earlier projects: Can't find the build pics of it! I built it to haul the 140 in parades, so it is designed for hard surface. Problem was the 6" wheelbarrow tires would pry off the rims when turning, so I eventually went back to single axle. I needed to be able to take the beam...
  119. grnspot110

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I brought this load home from the farm today, about half was already cut, the rest cut today. Wood rack by the shop is now full, the rest is in the "excess" pile along the back fence.
  120. grnspot110

    Log arch

    I use a winch on mine, then chain the log for towing: ~~ Lowell
  121. grnspot110

    Elephant Structures Barns

    I just added a lean-to to the side of the enclosed carport I got from Tri-State carports several years ago. The The original carport has the heavier frame, making it taller than their "standard" model. I enclosed it myself later. The 18' x 21' carport I got from "Elephant Structures"...
  122. grnspot110

    New trailer hitch law in NY?

    Simple trailer hitching accessory: Just a piece of 1/2" plastic pipe with a cap attached to the trailer coupler! ~~ Lowell
  123. grnspot110

    Getting ready for deer season.

    I stay ready! ~~ Lowell
  124. grnspot110

    New trailer hitch law in NY?

    Just being sarcastic! I do pull doubles here, but not out of state. Went past three state patrolmen beside the raod with this load a few years ago: ~~ Lowell
  125. grnspot110

    Where does your tractor sleep?

    Normally the 314 & TS Gator are in this shed, Gator sets farther back: The 790, 420 & 70 I are usually in here: Things are re-arranged today so I can back the 16' trailer in the open shed for a show tomorrow: Lowell
  126. grnspot110

    Job Site Bathroom

    I grew up in a different time, I guess! An outhouse was our"bathroom" until I was grown. I built this one for the picnic ground at the farm, with extra space so it could be used as a "changing room", if needed:
  127. grnspot110

    Foam for cart tires

    If you don't like your rims! I've used it & it does work, but makes a heck of a mess if you need to remove the tire later on. Also, some brands rust the rims really bad! My JD 420 had some type of "hydro-seal" in the front tires when I bought it, had a pencil sized hole in one rim because of...
  128. grnspot110

    Fire Extinguisher mounting locations!!

    Mine is clamped to the ROPS: For those who want to "let it burn", you won't recover everything with insurance & a good extinguisher can stop a fire before much damage is done! ~~ grnspot
  129. grnspot110

    Pictures of your Tractor!

    Don't have these two anymore, but grew up on this 720D ES, Dad bought it new (leftover) in 1959 with a 227 corn picker on it: Sold it a few years ago since I only started it 3-4/year! I bought the 520 30 years ago when we bought our property. Sold it five years ago when I bought the 790...
  130. grnspot110


    Actually yesterday, I spent the morning mowing for the first time this year at the farm with the 790 & 5' Woods finish mower. Since I had to slow down & mow some of it twice, I ran low on fuel by noon & had to head home (after Dottie & I polished off a few hot dogs). Wasn't quite done, but...
  131. grnspot110

    Pictures of your Tractor!

    Here are part of mine; 1969-L/60 Custom, 83-420, 80-314, 70-70 I & 04-790 behind: 420 & 790: Lowell
  132. grnspot110

    My 2014 Spring Garden

    My Tators & onions didn't fare too well through the hail storm: They'll come out of it, but will be set back some. Right now, the tators are covered with sawdust, 34* predicted tonight! :eek: BTW, the insurance adjuster was here today; house, two storm windows, gutters, roof, some...
  133. grnspot110

    What's your dog's name and how did you name it?

    "Chief", sitting, anybody who's been around fire chief's will understand (they think they're God! "Dottie", (Lil' Miss Lot's of Dots) laying down, self explanatory! ~~ Lowell
  134. grnspot110

    My 2014 Spring Garden

    Mine isn't doing as well after yesterday evening: Hail was mostly pea to marble sized, but some 1" or so! High winds & at least 1-3/4" of rain (hail broke the gauge). Plenty of limbs to pick up today, fortunately, no roof damage. Did have a "scam" roofer came to the door...
  135. grnspot110

    Outhouse for convenience

    I built my own, mostly with used lumber: Hole in the ground is lined with an old water heater tank with the ends cut out. Toss a little wood ash in the hole occasionally for odor control. ~~ Lowell
  136. grnspot110

    Logistics of firewood hauling and splitting?

    Just finished splitting & filling my woodshed for next year: My shed too, will hold enough wood for two years: I bring mine in from the farm & stack it along the fence about 20' from the woodshed, then split & fill the shed as needed. Lowell
  137. grnspot110

    If you haven't seen the "NEW" gas cans, they have out done themselves!

    Fortunately, I've picked up several of the tapered Rubbermaid gas cans over the years, along with some replacement spouts: My two Diesel cans are vented, but had a small vent hole until I drilled them out & installed stubby valve stems with the core out. I loosen the vent caps when in...
  138. grnspot110

    Getting the '49 MT ready to get restored by a friend

    This is the one we brought back from IA: A little paint popping on the hood, but overall pretty good condition. ~~ Lowell
  139. grnspot110

    Raised garden beds

    I use "lazy man's" raised beds in one garden, no forms, just keep the walkways the same all the time: Planting beds are around 30" wide, so I can reach from either side. I mulch everything with aged sawdust, preferring Cottonwood. In my other garden, I work the whole garden, but still...
  140. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    A couple recent pics, first "lap-nap" time Chief on my right, Dottie on my left: Dottie trots beside the Gator, while Chief rides in the back: Chief doesn't get around real well anymore! ~~ Lowell
  141. grnspot110

    Car Hauler or Equipment Trailer -- What is the difference please?

    I prefer hinged loading legs over blocks, shown here in the up (storage) position: When down, on level ground (no load) they are a couple inches off the ground. When the weight is on them, simply back up a few inches to release them. When loaded, drop them down & pull forward onto the legs...
  142. grnspot110

    Tomato Cages

    I have used two 16' cattle panels about 1-1/2' apart with twine tied across between the plants, worked OK, but I prefer the cages! I only plant 14 full sized plants, plus several various "patio" varieties in pots. Supplies all I need, the wife doesn't eat many! ~~ Lowell
  143. grnspot110

    Are Antique Tractor Collectors a Dying Breed?

    Thanks! I kinda' like to pick up "junkers" & see what I can do with them. Here are my "modified s": The L/60 Custom from a 60 lawn tractor with a blown engine: 317 Special from a parted out 317 rolling chassis: & most recently, the 70 I "Industrial", made from the 1/2 70 lawn tractor...
  144. grnspot110

    Are Antique Tractor Collectors a Dying Breed?

    I used to have a couple "two cylinders": I've since gone to strictly lawn & garden tractors & attachments due to space & hauling limitations: There seem to be collections around here (agricultural area), but the shows aren't getting any bigger, except for the lawn & garden sections! ~~...
  145. grnspot110

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Depends on what I'm doing on which tractor I use: Lowell
  146. grnspot110

    How do you enjoy your free time?

    Free time, it's all free time, except the Drs. appointments! :D Our home property is 1-1/2 acres, so plenty to do here. The farm is 190 acres with plenty of timber to play in. Used to fish a lot, but not so much anymore, same with hunting. Retired at 55, 63 now & I still can find...
  147. grnspot110

    Draft Horse Question?

    Just a curiosity, we have a large Amish settlement west of us (Jamesport, MO) with more moving in to the north. One family has a property several miles east of the main settlement . A couple years ago I saw one of his young sons on the highway with a team of draft horses (2-horse team) heading...
  148. grnspot110

    Trailer Mesh tailgate

    Lift assist using springs & cables for the ramp-gate. I made my own with garage door springs in exhaust tubing: My 16' trailer also has two heavy coil springs on the hinge pins: This gate was built to hold up a 7500# tractor! ~~ Lowell
  149. grnspot110

    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    Bought a 550 Mule about 14 years ago: Decided I wanted a change last summer, couldn't find a good used 610 Mule, so I bought an 06 "TS" Gator: grnspot
  150. grnspot110

    It's Cold !

    What do you mean tonight, they've only been outside for "necessity" trips all day! ~~ grnspot
  151. grnspot110

    3point log splitter

    I made my own, originally for a 1958-JD 520, when I sold the 520 & bought a 790, I replumbed it to use on the 790, by adding a control valve on the splitter & longer hoses to reach the loader bucket hydraulic connections. Works great for me & low cost! ~~ grnspot
  152. grnspot110

    Christmas lights

    Some of what I used to do, in addition to the outside tree & house lights, cutouts & inflatables: Getting old & tired, so we don't do as much anymore:
  153. grnspot110

    Interesting woodstorage Show me Yours.

    I have 3-4 years supply of firewood on hand at this time, woodshed is built on the south side of a metal carport. I prefer not to be this far ahead, but my wood supply is at the farm 30 miles from home & across county lines. Due to Emerald Ash Borer scare, many areas don't allow firewood to...
  154. grnspot110

    ATV or UTV

    I've had my old 550 Mule for 14 years, I bought it over the ATV's because of the usability! For my needs, if I were to buy a new one, it would be the 4WD 610 Mule, small enough to use around the yard, but big enough to do what I need at the farm. ~~ grnspot
  155. grnspot110

    Chain Saw scabbard

    The box uses scrap iron for weight, up to about 8" from the top. The top row of bolts holds a galvanized shelf, leaving room for tools & chains: The lower row holds the RR rail legs & receiver tube: grnspot
  156. grnspot110

    Chain Saw scabbard

    I did something similar using 1/4" sheet plastic on my ballast box. Don't have to worry about the chain with the plastic! ~~ grnspot
  157. grnspot110

    Ballast Box Upgrades

    Layered 1/4" sheet plastic, sandwiched together! That way, the chain only touches the plastic! ~~ grnspot
  158. grnspot110

    Ballast Box Upgrades

    I don't like the idea of using concrete, since it's permanent! So I used scrap metal, including some lead in my JD box. I put a 2" receiver tube under the box with 2 RR rail skids. Tool holders are on the outside of the box with a metal tray about 8" down inside for chains & tools. Total...
  159. grnspot110

    Instead of bucket hooks

    I prefer a boom for lifting: I do have small hooks on my bucket, but seldom use them, much prefer to use the boom. I store my tractor/loader with the "quick-tach" bucket off, so I just put on whatever I need at the time, bucket, boom or forks. ~~ grnspot
  160. grnspot110

    3-Point Hitch Sorry another logsplitter question

    I built my own splitter several years ago to use the hydraulics on my 1958-JD 520, total cost, around $200. After selling the 520 & buying an '04-790, I added a "splitter valve" & long hoses to hook up to the loader bucket connections. Nearly doubled the total cost of the splitter! Tie off...
  161. grnspot110

    First robins of the year

    We have a few Robins all Winter, but more have shown up recently! I've seen a couple flocks of Meadowlarks recently too. Wife took this mid-February about a mile from home, they flew over regularly We've also had a half dozen Whooping Cranes around the last couple of days! Foot of snow...
  162. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    1980-317 w/cab & 49 blower: & my 83-420 w/54 blade: grnspot
  163. grnspot110

    How do you store you logging/tow chain?

    I made a chain box to fit in front of the grille on the 790: Also carry some in the top of the weight box: grnspot
  164. grnspot110

    Feeding wild birds

    Can't afford to feed them all! :D
  165. grnspot110


    Finished up the #10 cart w/520 pedal tractor today & got the "parade unit" out for a few pics: I am going to need to extend some drawbars before parade day to allow for tighter turns though! ~~ grnspot
  166. grnspot110

    Deere Blade--What's It Worth

    From the looks of that blade, the only abuse it's had is letting rust! The blade edge looks like it's had very little use, the braces from the lower 3-pt pins to the frame aren't bent (that is the first weak point on them, most have a "fish back" welded to them). As I stated before, I have...
  167. grnspot110

    Do you grow vegetables from seed or starter plants ,What do you grow ?

    I start tomatoes & marigolds in my 10' x 10' greenhouse. Heat pad for four flats at a time. I don't start as early as some, but do use an old electric baseboard heater when needed. I pump water from rain barrels behind the tool shed a few feet away. grnspot
  168. grnspot110

    Chains and Binder Storage

    When my 16' bumper trailer was being built, I saw a gooseneck there with a box between the uprights with a screen bottom. On the way home, I called back & had them fabricate a box between the "V" of the tongue on mine, screen bottom & lockable hinged lid. When closed, it also makes a good...
  169. grnspot110

    Winchester model 1890 .22 value

    I have two Winchester model 1890 .22 rifles (shorts only) in what I would call "fair + condition"; one is a 1908, the other is 1913, from what I can find out. And one model model 90, shorts only, (1926) in good + condition. Where can I find a responsible value for them, to sell them? ~~ grnspot
  170. grnspot110

    Dog pics

    9 month old Dottie's first snow: grnspot
  171. grnspot110

    building a 3 point disc

    I built mine from an old JD drag disk. Made it as an "offset": grnspot
  172. grnspot110

    fire wood

    I would hate to loose the big double trunk Ash in our back yard (far left in picture): But it's too big to do much with it. At least, if it does fall to the beetle, there's lots of good firewood close! ~~ grnspot
  173. grnspot110

    Is this a stupid idea?

    I have scrap iron in my JD box, this leaves about 8" in the top for tools & chains: 2" & 3" plastic conduit tubes one one side for long-handled tools: Old RR rails for runners on the bottom w/2" receiver tube, unit is bolted on. Chainsaw sleeve is made with 1/4" recycled plastic: I...
  174. grnspot110

    Christmas Trees

    Wife & I both grew up using wild Red Cedars. After we were married, we started buying White Pines from local tree farms (cut your own). I planted some for Christmas tree use, used some of them, then, one year it got too dry to have them inside. I talked the wife into getting a fake, used it...
  175. grnspot110

    What about yard waste?

    For the leaves & garden waste to compost: Merry Mac, 5 HP Briggs, screen removed so it doesn't plug with green plants. I gave $67 for it off ebay! For sticks & branches for mulch: $450 for it off CL (about 1/2 new price), 10 HP Briggs, handles up to 3" (better be pretty straight!), 2" is...
  176. grnspot110

    log splitters

    :welcome: It depends on your needs. If you want to work faster, get the independent splitter. for me, a 3-pt splitter using the tractor hydraulics works fine! I originally built mine for a 1958 JD 520, when I sold it, I added a control valve & longer hoses to the splitter & use it on my JD...
  177. grnspot110

    What ATV, side by side or UTV do you have.

    I guess I'm still "old school", my 550 Mule that I bought new 13-14 years ago: Does anything I ask of it! ~~ grnspot
  178. grnspot110

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Put the 49 blower & cab on the 314 today:
  179. grnspot110

    We grow 'em BIG in Taney County

    Nothing wrong with taking the young ones to eat, after all, if you're going to butcher a beef, you don't shoot an old bull! I just finished grinding the yearling doe I got yesterday. I grind every bit, as that's the way I prefer to use it, chili & dried sticks. I spent 20+ minutes watching...
  180. grnspot110

    How will you cope with the snow this winter?

    1980-314 w/49 blower & 1983-420 w/54 blade; If that's not enough, '04-790 w/300 loader & 80 blade; If that fails, heck with it, I'm staying inside!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: ~~ grnspot
  181. grnspot110

    Who still mows with vintage JD garden tractors?

    My primary mower is an early 90's F525: 1980-314 for general towing, backup mower & snowblower: 1983-420 is mostly used for heavy towing, moldboard plowing & pushing snow: grnspot
  182. grnspot110

    What's your LEAST favorite fall task?

    I like working in the timber, just me, the kids; & the wildlife! ~~ grnspot
  183. grnspot110

    What is your MOST favorite fall task?

    I would say harvesting firewood also: I've got around 2-3 years worth home now. Don't like being that far ahead, but wanted to beat any Emerald Ash Borer restrictions, we don't have them yet but they're coming! :( ~~ grnspot
  184. grnspot110

    ballast box for Deere 855 CUT

    I picked up a JD ballast box off CL, added RR rail runners and a 2" receiver tube underneath. Filled to about 8" from the top with scrap iron & some lead, galvanized tray on top of fill, giving me a tool & chain storage. Tubes for long handled tools on one side & chainsaw sleeve on the other.
  185. grnspot110


    Moved one of my rain barrels out from behind the tool shed to make room for the 275 gallon tote. It was a tight fit to get the 790 worked around so I could let the tote down into position, but it's there now. I used a black coiled pipe fitting (barb to 1-1/4" threaded) siliconed inside the...
  186. grnspot110


    Saturday, wife & I went to the Rutledge, MO flea market; I picked up a couple 260+ gallon totes & one 55 gallon barrel for rain water storage, along with a few other goodies. Wife got her a Revere Ware pan lid she needed, another RW pan & assorted other items including an old school arm-desk...
  187. grnspot110

    What is your wood hauler?

    I use my'06 Chey K1500 & 16' Woodworth trailer (6000# axles), w/16" removable sides & 550 Mule to haul to the trailer. Sometimes leave the Mule at home haul a full load, depending on my needs.
  188. grnspot110


    Using the 70 I & 10P cart to haul frost-bit plants to the shredder for composting.
  189. grnspot110

    Anybody here build a disc harrow from ground up?

    Not from ground up, but I used parts from an old JD drag disk to make my offset. Not pretty, but it gets the job done! ~~ grnspot
  190. grnspot110

    Post photos of your improvised tool box for your SCUT

    Slightly bigger tractor, but this is what I have on my 790: Plate w/ tubes for hammer & big screwdriver/prybar. Ammo box clamped to loader frame. Chain tray between grille guard uprights. Ballast box has scrap iron in it, tray about 8" down from the top is old galvanized grainery door...
  191. grnspot110

    Splitting Firewood with the Wife and the BX25

    Brought the last load of what I had cut at the farm today: Picture was after I took the sides off the trailer, side storage is in the shed behind the trailer, trailer is stored out back nearer the wood pile! This gets me up to 10+ cords, enough for 2-3 years, depending on the weather. ~~...
  192. grnspot110

    ATV spreader

    Herd for me! I've used mine on my 550 Mule, 3-pt disk & now use it on my JD 420. Just clean it good after use & a light coating of oil before storage when using fertilizer. ~~ grnspot
  193. grnspot110

    Weight Box

    I picked up a "very slightly used" JD box off CL a couple of years ago for $70. I've added my own modifications to it as follows: Welded up a pair of runners w/RR rail & 2" receiver tube, filled it with 600+ lbs. of scrap iron (including the rails & some lead), added tool tray about 8" down...
  194. grnspot110

    Low-cost Charcoal Grille?

    I'm in need of a "cheap" charcoal grille that will only be used about once/year at my Garden Tractor Trail Ride. Yesterday, I pulled this old non-galvanized water heater tank out of the ditch at the farm: Tank is 13" in diameter & 43" long. The plan is to split it lengthwise, add hinges...
  195. grnspot110

    Re-badged ZTRs?

    Model #2554; 25 HP Kohler Command, 54" deck: