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  1. Recoveryhill

    L3700 starting problem

    Keep it simple stupid, I was unable to decipher the date stamps on the battery and couildn’t recall exactly how old it was. After having checked all the obvious connections and done some housekeeping in the engine bay all that was left was a couple of hundred for a new battery. I doubted...
  2. Recoveryhill

    L3700 starting problem

    Obviously cleaned + & - posts and connectors at the battery first. Negative side is fastened to the belly beside where the battery mounts. The stud goes through the sheet metal layer, then a 1/4” flat bar underside The head inside the battery compartment appears to have had a weld where you...
  3. Recoveryhill

    L3700 starting problem

    Battery connect only. Will proceed to opposite ends next. Thanks
  4. Recoveryhill

    L3700 starting problem

    Yes thanks. The sudden failure probably indicates such a lack of connection. I will start with ground off of battery and work toward starter. This tractor has been remarkably reliable over the years in a harsh environment.
  5. Recoveryhill

    L3700 starting problem

    L3700SU. Repairing road after 5” rain yesterday. Shut down to fuel and no restart, acting like dead battery. Ran jumper cables and no go, showing 14volts. Lights work and glow plugs work but turn key to start, a couple of labored revolutions and click. I have the service manual and will...
  6. Recoveryhill

    16 acres and a hobby farm what tractor?

    Farmer making hay on your land? Part of the deal should have him move bales to a location of your choosing.
  7. Recoveryhill

    L Series owners

    L4700SU HST since 2010. Rock solid. Only two problems are range selector, I just leave it in Middle Range and PTO control cable which I have replaced twice, wouldn't go from PTO on to PTO off. I've found that if I shut the machine down with clutch depressed and let cutter spool down before...
  8. Recoveryhill

    L2501HST VERY hard to shift from low-medium-high

    My L3700 is over 10 years old. It was never easy to shift and gradually got worse. I checked linkages and assume the problem I inside the transmission. I've tried 2WD, 4WD, Front tires off the ground, modulating the speed pedal, reversing, going forward, nothing helps. High range was always...
  9. Recoveryhill

    Oil & Fuel HST transmission fluid does anyone use a non Kubota brand? Recommendations?

    With the cost of an HST pump, why I ask would you not use Kubota HST fluid? I don't predict dire results of using something else, but why would you?
  10. Recoveryhill

    BX22 Stuck in Turtle !!

    I have an L model with 600+ hours and it was always difficult to shift between L/M/H. At about 400 hours it was in M and ever since I have been unable to shift to either L or H. I've screwed with the linkage, bumped it fwd and back while trying and directed harsh words at it. My solution was...
  11. Recoveryhill

    Carbon Dioxide

    You are almost correct but missed an important fact. Recent NASA research: “This new data set shows that as surface temperature increases, so does atmospheric humidity,” Dessler said. “Dumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere makes the atmosphere more humid. And since water vapor is itself a...
  12. Recoveryhill

    Carbon Dioxide

    Most definitely not Politics. Confusing basic science with politics is like confusing gravity with pizza. My sole purpose in this post was to present facts and stimulate thinking regarding selection and operation of various internal combustion tools. Nothing can or will change overnight...
  13. Recoveryhill

    Carbon Dioxide

    The latest atmospheric measurements of CO2 come in at 412 parts per million. This is the highest in more than several lifetimes, an increase of 47% since the start of the industrial revolution and 11% since the year 2000! Carbon Dioxide functions like a Heat Blanket in the atmosphere, trapping...
  14. Recoveryhill

    Dazed and confused!

    I operate a Kubota L3700, and have for years. HP be damned. It's all about tractor weight and gear ratio. Throw 700 HP at a 6,000 lb machine and all you have accomplished is to poison your neighbors.
  15. Recoveryhill

    Dazed and confused!

    Hey guys. How about defeating life saving pollution controls (small particle carbon emissions) in order to boost torque and Horse Power?
  16. Recoveryhill

    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    Probably a good idea. It was never about the equipment though, from post #1. I almost choked at the advice to go grab illegals at Home Depot cause they are cheaper than goats. I'm outta here!
  17. Recoveryhill

    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    A good portion of my post was removed for being (political)? I did mention stupid so if that relates to some group, sorry. I love the fact that suggestions to go grab illegals to clear bush because they are cheaper than goats is acceptable but any mention of Global Warming in this context is...
  18. Recoveryhill

    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    I live on a mountainous tropical island which is steep and where vines and tough grasses grow like they are on steroids. We don't have the fire risk present in California but unless one cuts with regularity, the jungle will swallow everything. I used two stroke chain saws and trimmers for...
  19. Recoveryhill

    Bucket Cylinder LA463 Loader

    Evening. So a Bucket Cylinder on my L3700SU/LA463 started leaking. Even though I'm at the end of the world, simple, right? Called Messicks with part number from my manual and they said that even with that part number and age (purchased in 2010) they couldn't identify the correct kit and told...
  20. Recoveryhill

    L3700 SU Work & Repairs

    My L3700 is now 9 years old and going strong. Since October it has been deployed recovering from Hurricane Maria, a devastating storm that took my roof, and many others. I purchased chain-on forks for the bucket and they have seen hours and hours of use. So far debris on my property filled...
  21. Recoveryhill

    L3700 Hydro won't shift between ranges

    Hi there, I have a 9 year old L3700 that I use primarily in middle range. For the past year or so when I wanted Low or High, I have been unable to actuate the shift arm. I tried PB Blaster penetrant where the lever goes into the transmission and every other means of trying to coax it to...
  22. Recoveryhill

    Well Worked L3700SU

    I live in mountainous rocky tropical terrain and my tractor does a combination of bush hog and road work. The road work is accomplished with a Box Blade, Grader Blade and Landscape Rake. I'm one of those that changed the Hydraulic fluid at 50 hours and at 400 now, will change in another 50...
  23. Recoveryhill

    Review - LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

    I have had persistent problems with a couple of zerk fittings on my Kubota L3700, getting them to take grease. This was especially true of the u-joint fittings on the pto shaft. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled into a discussion here of the LockNLube coupler, available from Amazon for...
  24. Recoveryhill

    L3700 PTO Issue

    I was finishing up with the bush hog a couple of days ago, disengaged the PTO and noticed that it seemed to still be rotating. I shifted it in and out a couple of times and it remained powered regardless. I shut the tractor down at low rpm, restarted and the PTO was disengaged. I suspected...
  25. Recoveryhill

    Unfair Competition

    A recent post, which has disappeared, was made by a Chinese company looking for advice on how to market some unspecified products to the tractor community, in the U.S. The reply from a poster in North Carolina made a number of assertions, which may or may not be true. The bottom line however...
  26. Recoveryhill

    Adjusting Track Width, L3700

    I know this has been covered before but here's my results for adjusting the track width of the rears on an L3700. Elapsed time: 1 hour Tools: 200# X 1/2 drive torque wrench w/24mm socket and long extension, 2.5 ton trolley jack and a jack stand. Placed jack under axle housing and jacked...
  27. Recoveryhill

    Six Ply Rating

    Does this mean six plies on an R1 tire or six ply wannabe in the marketing brochure? Six Ply Rating is stamped on the side wall of the tire. My RF R1 went flat on me yesterday while working dirt, on the road. I pulled it a while ago and off to the shop. I got the bead seated easily and...
  28. Recoveryhill

    Hard Working L3700

    Here's my dirty L3700 after ten days since delivery and 12 hours on the meter. I did some bush hog work before our latest storm swept in and since then it's been road and vehicle recovery. Wednesday we had 10" of rain and I pulled a Honda out of High Water in Gallows Bay and a Ford Ranger out...
  29. Recoveryhill

    Dealer Up Vote

    I purchased from my closest dealer.....1,200 miles away. There were a couple of minor issues, missing 3pt. attach pins and a missing cotter pin, courtesy of Kubota Japan, that they missed during setup inspection which I noted, on delivery of the L3700. I emailed the salesman on this, got a...
  30. Recoveryhill


    I took delivery of my 3700 a week or so ago, with a 60" bush hog and heavy box blade. Road repair/maintenance is at the top of my needs list and last Saturday I angled the box with the outboard rippers lowered and it did a fine job of angling the ditch line. Before I was able to work it...
  31. Recoveryhill

    Inspect your new tractor!

    I took delivery of an L3700, a couple of days ago. After putting the SQ160 mower together and running an hour or so before dark, I was very happy. In the morning I was so proud of the tall stuff that I'd reduced to mulch, I walked the cut over area. Hard for even me to believe, a silver bit...
  32. Recoveryhill

    L3700 lands on Caribbean Mountain

    I resolved issues to clear the tractor and implements off the "dock" and called my friend Benny the roll back wrecker operator to haul the 3700, Bush Hog and Black Blade, from the port to my mountain redoubt. All arrived a couple of hours ago and was successfully unloaded in various flat...
  33. Recoveryhill

    B3300SU becomes L3700SU

    I was about to purchase a B3300SU but given my needs, terrain, configuration and price, I have purchased an L3700SU. This is an L3400 "stripped down" according to the seller, but stripped of what that matters, I don't know. According to the dealer, a major one and exporter too boot, Kubota...
  34. Recoveryhill


    Hello all, first post: I live in the mountainous Virgin Islands and am trying to keep a residential estate of 4 plus acres open to the jungle. We have had, for the past several years, more rain than normal which accounts for phenomenal growth of Elephant Grass (Guinea Grass) and Tan Tan trees...