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  1. Inspector507

    Belt for 914A MMM

    My belt has some chunks out of it, but still works for now so I hate to remove it. Can this belt be obtained from aftermarket sources? I know I can get one from a dealer online for $50 plus shipping. Hoping to acquire one locally. All I know is it's supposed to be 159.8". But I don't have any...
  2. Inspector507

    DR Trimmer model question

    Anyone know where DR hides the nameplate on their wheeled trimmers? Model and serial number? I just acquired one used and can only find the engine number plate but nothing for the trimmer itself.
  3. Inspector507

    Looking for info on older Bobcat mower

    I'm possibly going to an auction soon that has a Bobcat Zero turn mower. All I know is it's an orange color, has a steering wheel not levers and has a front mount 72" deck. I'll try to attach a pic. I'm looking to find out what engine. I assume it's gas. How well do they hold up if taken care of?
  4. Inspector507

    Backhoe  Older Kelley Backhoe

    I'm going to look at Kelley Backhoe that has been stored 10+ years. The owner said it fits a Cat 0 or a Cat 1 tractor. It only has a 3"sq boom. No hydraulic tank or pump, just fed from the tractor hydraulics. I would assume it would be a B15 model. Anyone know what I'm going to look at?
  5. Inspector507

    New advertiser

    I see The Smart Farmer has finally come to his senses and decided to start advertising in TBN. The greatest tractor resource on the internet. Welcome
  6. Inspector507

    Thank You

    Thanks TBN for the remembrance of 9.11.2001
  7. Inspector507

    Group 4 ROPS??

    Here's some new info on the Group 4 ROPS that are to supossed to be available for shipping by 9/12. Fits 1600, 1700, 1700B, 2000, 2000B, 2210, 2210B. Group 4 ROPS Edit........changed 2010 to 2210, sorry.
  8. Inspector507


    I did not know that New Holland was Kubota powered. This guy seems to think so. eBay Ad
  9. Inspector507

    Thanks for nothing PineRidge.....LOL

    I was approached by my Administrator yesterday saying she needed to meet with me early this morning. I asked her "What for?" "For alleged internet abuse by visiting a "banned" website." "What? Me? What kind of banned website?" "Weapons" Now, lets go back 3 weeks in time. There has been a big...
  10. Inspector507

    Man, 80, hurt in tractor accident

    From the Columbus,OH Dispatch Man, 80, hurt in tractor accident Sunday, June 12, 2005 ALEXANDRIA, Ohio — An 80-year-old Licking County man was injured when he was pinned under a tractor on his farm. Alexandria firefighters were called to the farm at 4939 Castle Rd. in Liberty Township just...
  11. Inspector507

    Anyone looking for a Yanmar?

    I ran across a good deal at LMTC's website today. A YM2000 with a new Sitrex 5' finish mower for $4200 cash. Might be worthwhile checking out if you're looking.
  12. Inspector507

    Re-Decking a Trailer

    I was wondering......Since the new pressure treated lumber is not really good to use in contact with steel, what should someone use to put a new deck on a trailer with? The trailer I have is decked with plain 2X6 lumber painted, but I'd like to replace it with treated lumber. Am I going to have...
  13. Inspector507

    New banner??

    Got this tonight
  14. Inspector507

    Today's surprise

    Today\'s surprise Last night I was out clearing the drive, even though they predicted another 6" of snow overnight. Had family coming today from out of town and I wanted as little mess for them to get through as I could. Suddenly it turned to freezing rain.... Woke up this morning as usual...
  15. Inspector507

    Excerpts from a Cowboy's Guide to Life

    Excerpts from a Cowboy\'s Guide to Life Excerpts from a Cowboy's Guide to Life......Author Unknown • Your fences need to be horse high, pig tight, and bull strong. • Life is not about how fast you run, or how high you climb, but how well you bounce. • Life is simpler when you plough around...
  16. Inspector507

    2005 Class .5 and Class 1 Models

    Dealers just should NOT leave new releases laying on their desk where people can read them....... I was trying to read this upside down (it was facing the sales lady), but here's what I could write down. The TC21DA will move up to 23HP and be labled TC23DA. The TC24DA will move up to 26HP...
  17. Inspector507

    My trip through the power plant

    A very good friend of mine works in a Midwestern power plant. Probably not a good idea to mention where this is, I took a camera in there Probably not a smart thing on my part due to security concerns. Anyway, we went to visit them last month. He works in the coal yard at the plant and I...
  18. Inspector507

    Internet Explorer Guru's HELP!!!

    Internet Explorer Guru\'s HELP!!! OK guys I have an issue with IE6 that just popped up and I don't know how to "fix it". Whenever I click a link to another website, the new page opens minimized. See attached screen shot. I know it's easy enough to just click the box and open it, but it used to...
  19. Inspector507


    I'm thinking.......oh boy that's a terrible thought.......I'm thinking that I see new Moderators. Congrats guys
  20. Inspector507

    Lime in a Dog Kennel

    A co-worker of mine has an area 16x16 fenced off for his hunting dogs. He makes it a point to clean up after them on a regular basis, but a neighbor has complained about the odor. Neighbors are very close, he lives in town in a sub-division. He was wondering if it would be harmful to the dogs to...
  21. Inspector507


    I have a Sears chipper/shredder powered by an 8.5HP Techumseh. I have trouble starting it. I guess I just don't have what it takes in the "behind" to pull it over fast/hard enough. This is not a new problem, been that way since new. The Tecumseh model has an electric starter you could add, but...
  22. Inspector507

    Member Hospitalized

    One of our newer members, Mark777, has been hospitalized since last week with an ulcer type of problem. I posted this here because the original post was in the Yanmar forum and not everyone reads those. See this post He sure could use some prayers and good wishes. His wife updates me quite...
  23. Inspector507

    Is a Poly Drum legal for fuel?

    I've been looking for an economical way to get 25-35 gallons of diesel to the house. Tired of using the 5 gallon can. 25-35 gallons will last me all summer and possibly the winter too. Of course I'd use an additive and filters and what not. My question is............can you legally transport 35...
  24. Inspector507

    Ford 502 Mower

    Has anyone heard of this mower? It's a 60" sickle mower. Are they 3PH mount?
  25. Inspector507

    Lion on the Loose

    This past week sure has been exciting in Central Ohio. There have been reports of a female African Lion loose in the area. Multiple sightings, most of them by law enforcement personnel, whom i would tend to believe. So far after 4 days and searches by air and on ground, nothing but deer and a...
  26. Inspector507

    TC18 Rear Remotes

    Visit this post for pictures TC18 Rear Remotes
  27. Inspector507

    TC18 Rear Remotes

    Picked up my remote kit today for the TC18. Bud, who delivered my tractor last year, offered last week to help me install them when I was ready. Of course he was off work today and I was ready TODAY. Here are all the parts as taken out of the box. Seat was removed to make life simpler.
  28. Inspector507

    GIF Animator

    I used to have a free to download GIF animator on this 'puter before I had to do a restore. Now I can't find it on the 'net anywhere. I have no idea of the name either. All the ones I can find now are either Java based or some such. This one let you add your pics in and then would animate them...
  29. Inspector507

    Emilee's new tractor

    Emilee\'s new tractor If anyone read the post I made about my new Grandaughter in another forum, you know I bought her a pedal tractor. Here it is.... I know she can't use it for a few years but.......
  30. Inspector507

    My turn to brag

    This a follow-up to the reply I made to Garry. As I mentioned there, my youngest son is expecting his first baby in April. Well, it seems Mom took a fall on Sunday, nothing serious, but was feeling some pain and went to the hospital around 4PM. She was bleeding a bit and feeling some...
  31. Inspector507

    Class I Soft Cab

    Ran across a soft cab mounted on a TC24DA at the Louisville show. Looked very nice. I did ask some questions, but I guess I was "disturbing" the NH reps. I asked if it was an NH accessory. "Well it's in the NH display, So I guess so"......Will it fit all Class I Boomers?? "It's mounted on one...
  32. Inspector507

    Terrain Contour Control

    Jim McCuan from Integration Engineering has his TCC (top&tilt) at Louisville. Here are a few pictures.....rather bad ones due to the camera. I'll try to take better ones tomorrow. Here's one with the box scraper in motion.
  33. Inspector507

    New 3054 at Power Show Ohio

    Ran down at lunchtime to visit with Kiohio (Jeff) at the Power Show. They had a DK55Cab, A DK50, a CK20 and the new 3054. Here is one of the new designs, the gear shift lever on the dash.....
  34. Inspector507

    I'm in TC18 Heaven !!!

    I\'m in TC18 Heaven !!! I'm so impressed with this little TC18 w/turf tires, I can't stand it I used a Yanmar 1700 2WD w/no loader for the last 3 years and got the TC18 this past summer. I've had some issues with it, but nothing a little visit a few times from the service guy "Bud" couldn't...
  35. Inspector507

    Time to say THANKS.......

    Muhammad, I know I've said it before, but I want to say it again. Thanks for hosting such a great site here where 8200+ people have joined to discuss common issues. And maybe I should mention it's FREE The moderators, along with yourself, keep this site a great place to call "home". A bunch...
  36. Inspector507

    Farm Machinery Show in Louisville

    Anyone going next month?? National Farm Machinery Show
  37. Inspector507

    Any BX owners want a higher 3PH lift??

    Hello all BX owners. For those of you that want a higher lift on your 3PH, you need to see this..... Higher 3PH lift for a BX I have been allowed to anounce this from JimMc a member and advertiser here on TBN. He is working feverishly on new modifications for many of the CUT tractors. This...
  38. Inspector507

    New Terrain Contour Control available

    A new Top and Tilt System will be available soon. See This Post
  39. Inspector507

    New attachment notice (LONG)

    OK's finally done!! Or will be very soon. For those of you who have been looking for a Top and Tilt KIT, if you will, one will be available very soon. As some of you know, Jim McCuan of Midwest Equipment and I have met several times. I also try to keep abreast of his new...
  40. Inspector507

    Looking for a branson in Ohio??

    Anyone notice LMTC has a branson 3510 TLB on his webpage at special prices?? Must be trying to get rid of it before winter And Sitrex mowers on sale, overstocks!!! Jerry
  41. Inspector507


    It takes ONE person to cry foul.......and the post is gone. It takes ONE person to mention CENSORSHIP and the post gets locked.....
  42. Inspector507

    Notifying Moderators

    Where did the little "button" go to notify a moderator about posts that may be inappropriate or whatever?
  43. Inspector507

    Toothbar Tutorial (my Version)

    Here are some photos as I put my toothbar on last night. The 54" toothbar weighs about 60-70 lbs I'd say.
  44. Inspector507

    Can you guess what this is?

    Can you guess what this is? Can you guess what it WAS? It's about 3-400 lbs of stainless steel. It served a useful purpose until I got tired of all the hassle and replaced it with what should have been used in the first place. Oh, it tractor related, because it fell over on my new TC18. Now...
  45. Inspector507

    Up, Up in the Air.....

    This weekend is the annual Balloon Festival here in town. This morning, while retrieving the newspaper, I looked up and saw these balloons. This is the first time seeing them this weekend. Friday and Saturday the wonds sent them the opposite way, or the winds were too strong to fly. They are...
  46. Inspector507

    TC18 UN-Delivered!!!

    The TC18 had to be sent back to the dealer today. The MMM did not lift evenly. The tech could not get it to lift like it should here so he wanted to take it back to the shop. There was a problem a few years ago with the lift stop being too tall. They'll confirm the remedy with NH before doing it...
  47. Inspector507

    TC18 Delivered!!!

    The new Boomer finally made it's way home Here is the first of many pics. This one still on the trailer. Didn't upload the pic
  48. Inspector507

    New Boomer

    Considered an offer today for a TC18, loader, and 60" MMM for $14,300. Delivered, and they have 2 service trucks on the road every day if needed for warranty work. I really want to take advantage of all the 0% financing right now, and the Boomer seems really good to me. What's anyone else's...
  49. Inspector507

    New Midwest Dealer

    There is a new Midwest dealer in SW Ohio. For now he is stocking mainly back blades and box blades. He is even offering a discount if you mention TBN. He sells Branson's as well. See Wayne at LMTC. Little Miami
  50. Inspector507

    Auction of equipment

    I noticed an auction coming next weekend here in Ohio that will have at least one Branson 2810, several First Choice blades, rakes, box blades and tiller. Zanesville Ohio I may have to attend
  51. Inspector507


    Anyone wanting to install some 1½" Mini Gauges on their tractor...Take a look at the set Sunpro has on clearance. Regular $44.99 now $9.99+ shipping Sunpro Mini Gauges
  52. Inspector507

    Tractor Barn, Armada MI

    I just saw that Vince Mogos the owner of Tractor Barn, known as Tractor Barn here on TBN, passed away on February 19, 2003. Tractor Barn
  53. Inspector507

    Snow Attachments  My $8 Snow Blade

    Didn't know if this post should be in the attachments forum or projects . This is an "attachment" but will be a "project" to put on. Went to an auction today and picked up a 54" Bolens fornt blade the guy had on his '55 Avery. The project part will be trying to get it on the Yanmar. Maybe lift...
  54. Inspector507

    CK20 at Louisville

    Here's a picture of the CK 20 at the show in Louisville. Nice looking MMM on it too. Jerry
  55. Inspector507

    Profile search?

    I used to know how to do a search on a members, state, etc. How do you accom[plish that now? I can't seem to be able to find it? Jerry
  56. Inspector507

    Lincoln Welder?

    How about the Lincoln K1297? AC 40-225 DC30-125 Is this a good unit have around the place? And could I learn on it easily?
  57. Inspector507

    Fluid Leak

    I have a serious fluid leak on my 3PT. It is coming from the area of the seal #15 (see attached). Is the o-ring #18 supposed to keep the fluid out of that area or is it seal #15? The seal #15 was not inside the connector #7 when I saw the leak. Any help would be appreciated. Jerry
  58. Inspector507

    Equipment for Kioti

    JimMc, Any chance there will soon be ground engaging equipment from <A target="_blank" HREF=>Midwest</A> that matches the Kioti Orange? As we all know.......the 2 oranges are not the same color. Jerry
  59. Inspector507

    Quick Hitches  Midwest Quick Hitch

    I have it on good authority that the new Midwest Quick Hitch production will begin VERY soon. Patenting with the Gov takes soooo long. It may be available as early as Feb-Mar. <br><br>Jim has listened to us here........and it seems the hitch will be built to Cat 1 standards and powder...
  60. Inspector507

    Anyone looking for TS100 or TC24?

    Check these specials out that were used at the Ohio State Fair. I do not work for them, but they come highly recommended for their customer satisfaction. TC24 for $11,647 or a TS 100 for $31,990. <A target="_blank" HREF=>Franklin Tractor Sales</A> Jerry
  61. Inspector507

    Springy Seat

    Someone over at the *old* Yahoo Club said he uses old auto valve springs under his Yanmar seat to give it a little bounce. Not having any valve springs around, I stopped at the local military surplus dealer. He had just what I was looking for. I mounted them under the replacement seat for a...
  62. Inspector507


    Some questions have been posted recently about Branson Tractors. I happened to look at them at the Power Equipment EXPO in KY this past weekend and got a couple of pics for you guys that are interested. They looked solidly built from what I saw.
  63. Inspector507


  64. Inspector507

    Power equipment EXPO in KY

    Just attended the EXPO in Louisville this past weekend. Snapped a couple of pics of the PT's for you guys while at the show
  65. Inspector507

    Met Pieter and JimMc at the EXPO

    Met these two along with the other people they brought with them to the EXPO down in KY. What SUPER GUYS. They took the time to explain every portion of their equipment and manufacturing proceesses to me today. Asked me all kinds of questions as to what I thought looked good, what needed...
  66. Inspector507

    More Wix Filters

    Posted over at the Yahoo Group from Wix: <font color=blue> All our filtration products are fully warranted in writing to meet or exceed all the performance requirements of the applications we assign them to. We do not want, nor do we expect, Yanmar or any other manufacturer to warrant our...
  67. Inspector507

    Brake Engaged Idiot light

    Finally got around to doing this project. Here is a simple wiring diagram if someone wants to do it too.
  68. Inspector507

    Silly cat

    This is Bitsy, the cat that comes to get me on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, when she thinks "we" need a nap. We usually go downstairs in the family room where it's cool and quiet for said nap. She was dumped out of a car window at about 4 weeks of age when we lived in town. She was named...
  69. Inspector507

    This was a simple project

    Thank goodness my flag pole install went better than Harv's tetherball pole went. Dug the hole with the 12" auger and hit water....... been raining a lot here. Bought a telescopic flagpole from Sunsetter for the front yard. I guess hitting water is better than hitting a mountainous boulder.
  70. Inspector507

    My Favorite Helper

    Here's a pic of my 'helper' after a hard day of helping Dad
  71. Inspector507

    Thanks Muhammad

    I don't own a PT, but it sure is nice they have a "home" of their own now.
  72. Inspector507


    Imagine the surprise one of my inspector's got when he went up on a roof top to do an inspection and encountered "Bacon" in the building next door. Bacon was owned by the cook at the restaraunt next door. He said it wasn't for eating, it was just his pet.
  73. Inspector507

    Sooner Sales

    I see that Sonner Sales no longer sells grey parts to the public. Hope this is NOT a trend.
  74. Inspector507

    Too wet to till??

    Was it too wet to till? Probably. Did I get the tractor muddy? Yep. Did I get seat time though? Sure enough.