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  1. OldMachinist

    Electrical problem

    Somewhere along the red or red/white wire from the "B" terminal on the ignition switch to the battery connection to the starter solenoid there's a inline fuse.
  2. OldMachinist


    Should be hydro gear part #70314 but would need the info from the model sticker on the transmission to know for sure. Hydro-Gear 70314 KIT, HUB 1/2-20 ($43.29) Example
  3. OldMachinist

    2006 Z Force 50 got a new seat today

    Finally got tired of the kidney punching low back seat and installed a fork lift truck suspension seat. I've got 754 hours on it.
  4. OldMachinist

    wiring info

    Okay if I interpreted your model number right you have a 1320. Here's the wiring diagram for that. Let me know if you need help reading the diagram.
  5. OldMachinist

    GT 2544 Mower Belt Rubbing

    Are you sure you have the belt routed the right way?
  6. OldMachinist

    Apparent dead short in wiring, kills tractor

    Have you pulled the three wire connector off the regulator/rectifier on the engine. After that one start pulling the connectors off the dashboard stuff one at a time. Here are some wiring diagrams that should help.
  7. OldMachinist

    Cub Cadet 3204 Starter Relay
  8. OldMachinist

    Z-Force drive belt idler

    I just wanted to share a picture of what happens when the bearing in this idler failed. I have 30 year old Sears tractors that still have the original idlers pulleys on them but the idlers on the machines these days seem to fail early in life. They only put shielded bearings in them which does...
  9. OldMachinist

    Oil & Fuel  Oil Change Trick

    I read many posts here with complaints about the drain hoses on the Kohler engines. I just wanted to share a little trick I do to change the oil on my Z-Force 50 with the Kohler Command engine. They put a nice rubber drain hose on these but it take a long time for the oil to drain so what I do...
  10. OldMachinist

    Z-Force Fuel Tank Gromment

    Just one more little note before I go outside today. If you have a Z-Force with the black rubber gromment(part#01000281) where the fuel line goes into the tank be aware that it is prone to failure. There is a new red colored gromment that replaces it. The new part number is 02002253. All the new...
  11. OldMachinist

    Z-Force 50 Blade spindle greasing

    I been using my Z-force for about year and am very happy with it for the most part but greasing the center blade spindle was always a problem. It just didn't seem to take any grease so the last time I took the blades off for sharpening I took the spindle bolt out to investigate. What I found was...