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  1. brewdog

    Coyotes in Southern Ohio

    I was Deer Hunting with my son this year in southwestern Ohio and one of the local young fellas hunting with us was telling us he sees Coyotes in his back yard all the time. They're afraid to let the kids play out in the yard. There really needs to be a "bounty" put on them. The population...
  2. brewdog

    Finished my man lift platform.

    I was tired of standing on pallets to do elevated work. Earlier this year, I bought a grapple and when it was shipped to me it was inside a angle iron frame. The grapple weighed 600 lbs., and the frame didn't have any problem supporting the weight of it so I decided to make the angle Iron frame...
  3. brewdog

    Sims Cab arrived for my Boomer 3040

    After waiting 10-12 weeks, the new Cab is here. Here's a couple photos of it on the pallet. I'll post more pics once its mounted and wired up. The Dakota Model comes prewired and pre-assembled with tilt out front and rear windows. Since we have far more cold wet weather here than hot...
  4. brewdog

    New Holland T1530- 45 hp

    Has anyone been able to price this fairly new tractor from New Holland? I've not seen one yet, only the literature on the web.
  5. brewdog

    Muffler & Exhaust PICS - Ford / New Holland 1520

    The old vertical exhaust was always getting bent over from low hanging limbs. I broke it off twice, plus it's so annoying having to look around it all the time. I went to Advanced Auto and bought a muffler a couple 90's and welded it together. Works great so far and is out of the way. I...
  6. brewdog

    Sims Cab Project

    This is a Sims Cab that I installed last year. The heater is terrific on those f rigid snowy mornings. The unit fit like a glove and was fairly easy to customize with lights heater etc. Here's some photos.
  7. brewdog

    Fork lift project

    I'm just getting things tacked together. Using 2" x 4"x 1/4" steel tubing for the frame and forks.
  8. brewdog

    Ripper project

    I've been wanting to build one of these for my Wood 7500 Backhoe and normally I make everything. This time I bought some pieces from Met Kit website. The shank is 3/4" plate. Added a hardened steel bar to the front of the ripper shank for wear protection. Thought you guys might want to see...
  9. brewdog

    Tires  R4 Tire and rim size for a TC30 ?

    Does anyone know the factory recommended tire sizes (front and rear) for a set of R4 industrial tires on a TC30 ? Thanks in advance.