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  1. zzvyb6

    Kubota Mowing Deck Wheels

    Scalp wheels are for occasional use, not full time, so I just grease them when I feel guilty. My Deere wheels have jerks.
  2. zzvyb6

    Kubota BX 2230 motor 4WD with PTO/lift/hyd deck lift

    Worth more in parts. Sell locally & on eBay. Quite a good market for JD & Kubota parts.
  3. zzvyb6

    Pros to having a riding mower over a zero-turn

    My front mower runs a 76" high offset mower deck, rear discharge. It runs a broom that clears my 800' driveway of snow in 2 passes. It pulls my hayrake without the deck or broom attached. With a 2200 to 540 gear reducer, it nicely runs my 45/25 Winpower pto generator even though it's a bit...
  4. zzvyb6

    Where do you buy tires? What brands to avoid.

    I recently found out that my J.D. dealer sells all parts BELOW Amazon prices, PLUS no need for shipping costs if I pick them up, PLUS no sales tax if for farm use. So do your homework. BTW: my experience with Chinese tubes is that they can not be patched because rubber cement dissolves them...
  5. zzvyb6

    Rear 3PH is not working - running into a wall

    #pt lift has it's own pressure relief valve. Could be stuck open or the o-ring is torn and leaking.
  6. zzvyb6

    What is the function of the spring inside a spark plug

    Spring is an inductor. When couple with a resistor, its a filter to smooth out the spark supply spike to produce a pulse.
  7. zzvyb6

    Table saw versus track saw

    Labeled for metal cutting. Some even indicate iron/steel or aluminum. Harbor Freight, TSC, Rural King, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Amazon, flea markets. I use the thin ones, less ablation, easier to run curves.
  8. zzvyb6

    How many hours does an alternator last on a NH compact tractor?

    They put tiny little rev counters in them. When the count times rpm divided by roll angle and left front tire pressure goes over 1500, the alternator phones the factory via a Bluetooth link for permission to disable the field current. What else could it be ???
  9. zzvyb6

    DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone questions

    I found out my Samsung S20 and S22 phones don't support the DLI Flight software. Be sure to check out their list of supported phones, OR: buy a used phone that works with the drone you choose !
  10. zzvyb6

    Old 11.2-24 tires, worth retubing after patching main hole in tire?

    There may be future leaks & splits on the way, for both sides probably. I suggest you get the new tires, drain as much fluid if the fluid is other than salt water. Beet juice is expensive. Save this stuff. If you depend on your tractor for daily or weekly use, bad tires when you need the...
  11. zzvyb6

    Stolen tractor in Michigan

    Foton or Nortrac branded....
  12. zzvyb6

    Stolen tractor in Michigan

    Never heard of this brand Lovol ??
  13. zzvyb6

    Conical PTO Bolt Replacement???

    Yessir. I'd say the original conical bolt was intended to keep the joint tight. And, for all we know, the bolt may be conical because of its loose fitting after starting out in life as cylindrical. These couplings are usually just cast steel so not a lot of trouble. But keep the holes you...
  14. zzvyb6

    Conical PTO Bolt Replacement???

    I'd drill it to be cylindrical and use a tight fit ordinary bolt. Done.
  15. zzvyb6

    Need help adjusting steering arms to go the same speed.

    Kinked hose/pipe, collapsed hose? try this: jack it up so both wheels ar off the ground with the axle level. Put tap or paint a line on both tires so that looking from the rear, the lines are aligned horizontal. start it and trap both handles together with the engine idling. You should...
  16. zzvyb6

    Need help adjusting steering arms to go the same speed.

    Can you return to square 1 and tweak tire pressures to get it straight ?
  17. zzvyb6

    Broken Discbine PTO

    pto shaft assembled incorrectly? sounds like its not phased correctly. bought new or used (as in "worked as intended just before it stb'd.").
  18. zzvyb6

    Ford 9N no fire at any plug

    Bad condensor ? Trip the points manually (momentary short) and see if a spark is generated.
  19. zzvyb6

    Spring Mowing Late this Year

    My F-935 72" front deck REAR discharge mower knocks down orchard grass like what you have, while my F1435 72" front deck SIDE discharge stalls because the deck chokes. I believe same motor as yours in both.
  20. zzvyb6

    Mounting truck tire on 11R22.5 rim tubless

    Perect for starting fluid, its a liquid form. Ether is purely an invisible gas. Will only stay in the tire.
  21. zzvyb6

    Mounting truck tire on 11R22.5 rim tubless

    That will be a problem because the air supply connector senses the valve presence, so no joy. You need a special adapter used with tire changers that passes air with or without the valve inserted.
  22. zzvyb6

    Auger 3rd function hydraulic or PTO

    you could run an external pump to drive higher flow rates, but id upgrade the motor in the digger to spin it better faster or with more torque first. BTW most of these hydraulic diggers are used on skid steers as mentioned above (good observation !) so trade it for a scut version.
  23. zzvyb6

    Auger 3rd function hydraulic or PTO

    I made my own hydraulic digger from a garage sale motor and my current pto auger drill. I used one of the plates from a JD loader QA to mount it one 1 of the loader arms. Nice to see forward to where the hole is needed, especially when its for post replacement in a current fence. The loader is...
  24. zzvyb6

    Mounting truck tire on 11R22.5 rim tubless

    make sure the valve in the schraeder nipple is removed while doing this to get higher air flow and have your air supply connected while you are blasting it. There's a pail of corn starch putty you can buy that can help by sealing the bead area immediately. Then it oozes out as the tire fills...
  25. zzvyb6

    Belly Mower

    Turn knob the other way.
  26. zzvyb6

    Hard water car wash solution?

    Pressure washer with 'spot remover' injection.
  27. zzvyb6

    Mini Ex Advice Please

    Yep. Hard to find. Most are Maxi Ex's
  28. zzvyb6

    Will a JD310 run an irrigation pump?

    if its that important and would be called upon to save my property, I'd trade it for a tractor that would do the jobs required, including loader, pump, pto generator, pto blower/broom. All for prep & recovery from a field/forest fire.
  29. zzvyb6

    Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Story

    The N.Y. State Special: "I can fix that broken headlight you are about to have for $30."
  30. zzvyb6

    John Deere 755 magnetic pto lever

    check the safeties again, especially parking brake and cruise control. once, i had trouble with the pto brake sensor slightly out of position. (if you have these features.) its electrical if you can force the pto lever into the engagement position and the deck spins up.
  31. zzvyb6

    JD engine black smoke when under load

    My 1435 & F935 diesel mowers both smoke black going up a hill in high grass. I believe the governor is calling for more rpm but its falling behind, hence a constant, full, fuel load is being delivered but not helping the rpm. Once the rpm comes up, they are fine. so: torque related: cut the...
  32. zzvyb6

    JD 4010 compact tractor, hydraulics seem to cut in and out

    Sounds like the hydraulic pressure relief valve has some schmutz floating around in it. You can pull it out and inspect. Sometimes the O-ring gets pinched and a small tear will let it leak, too. Max out pressure demanded (rpm up, loader overloaded) and see if it clears up. Could be worse...
  33. zzvyb6

    ZTurn Rear Discharge Deck

    Same blades. Rear discharge clippings spend less time in the whirlwind so exit larger. Also, the side discharge can't handle 18" field grass & weeds. No problem with the rear discharge. Same reason.
  34. zzvyb6

    ZTurn Rear Discharge Deck

    I have both on JD front mowers. Besides the covers & flaps needed to protect the underbelly from crud off the rear, there is a difference in the cut look. Rear discharge gives me a 'pasture' look. side discharge produces that golf course look.
  35. zzvyb6

    NH 276 baler question

    Hay dogs in the downstream bale case ? They have nothing to do with the twine grab off the needles. A few videos on Youtube showing knotter sequences and completion.
  36. zzvyb6

    NH 276 baler question

    Diagram shoes 1 spring #4 143224 $38.00 I'd go to a hardware store and get a spare. The goal should be to have good, fast, smooth motion of the tucker fingers with no slop, specific clearance to the needles during their rise, and then get the hell out of there.
  37. zzvyb6

    Toro Workman 3200 project...anyone have one of these?

    This is a long wheelbase EV from Advanced Electronics. 48V battery, 4 wheel brakes, high & low beam headlights, horn, backup alarm, folding side fences, stiff rear leaf springs. I had 16 heavy square bales on it and crawled up a 13% grade like the bales were not even there. Moves heavy...
  38. zzvyb6

    Having issues with 1987 Ford 1220 radiator fan.

    go to a junk yard and look for separate truck oil coolers from trailer packages..
  39. zzvyb6

    I’m thinking it’s finally time for a change

    Funny to me, as I look back, the tractor I wanted the most but never got was my age with 3 zeros. so you youngsters can save a lot of money by buying NOW !
  40. zzvyb6

    How to remove center console?

    shop vac with a thin snorkle tube. suck it up !
  41. zzvyb6

    License Plate Scanners.

    Michigan has an online vanity license plate ordering system. They can tell you that a plate is already taken and, if not, how it appears. you can print off the image and probably cover over your actual plate. They wanted one of these back. Guess which one. Sent a State Police K-9 unit to...
  42. zzvyb6

    Convert 70's tractor to quick attach plate, use original mount?

    here are the 2 conversion kits I'm familiar with QA and SSQA
  43. zzvyb6

    Convert 70's tractor to quick attach plate, use original mount?

    What is the center - to center spacing of your loader arms in the front view ?
  44. zzvyb6

    Convert 70's tractor to quick attach plate, use original mount?

    There are 3 kinds of QA loader interfaces: Skid Steer, JD, and Universal. You have to decide which one works best for you AND what attachments & features you think you will be using. I bought the JD system because I saw so many problems with flimsy plates, disconnections, handle levers not...
  45. zzvyb6

    Researching a mid mount mower deck

    I don't recommend a mid-mount mower. Mine sits unused for 20 years. PITA to mount & dismount, not so great in corners. Can be difficult to trailer because the deck clips the ramps at the edge of the trailer. Harder to access the blades for sharpening or change out. Instead a 6' or 7' rear...
  46. zzvyb6

    can a rechargeable 12v battery power a pump?

    Her 7 pin connector for a 5055 JD probably looks like this. Id. presume you can piggy-back 12V and ground by add 2 extra wires to the current sprayer feed (so to speak !). You get what you Voltaged for....
  47. zzvyb6

    Stupid money question....IRA

    Create a Revocable Living Trust. This is a You even after you pass. In it, you name all the actions an administrator will take to fulfill your wishes for all you investments, properties, pets, and relatives. It keeps you out of probate court, which in some states means they take 1/2...
  48. zzvyb6

    John Deere 755 loader question

    Buy one WITH a loader already fitted to it with controls. Used tractors like these have high prices because they are in demand: no electronic B.S. ("hey whats code 41.2.3a mean"), no DEF, clutchless, trailerable, plenty of H.P. even to cut & bale hay, fit in a garage, easy to operate & service...
  49. zzvyb6

    can a rechargeable 12v battery power a pump?

    I have found it works wonderfully with a standard car battery on my AE long wheelbase work cart. I found a RAV4 trailer hitch that fits it perfectly and then found a hitch carrier at an estate sale. It holds a 25 gallon spray tank. The pump is what you have shown and has the on-demand...
  50. zzvyb6

    GPS Precision Farming Accuracy

    City folks are going to starve.
  51. zzvyb6

    Corded Leaf Blower

    Eddie: Off topic, but you and your wife can share 1 Prime membership and save an extra monthly charge. You both will have separate charge accounts/payment methods. You tell Amazon who and what their email is, they send a notice to your added member, when they respond, you get a joint account...
  52. zzvyb6

    Rotary Cutter Does Direction of Travel Matter?

    Because of the rotational direction of the blades, 1 direction of tractor turning raises the effective blade speed, the other reduces the blade speed. So: Make sure the pto rpm is correct (540) and slow down your tractor turn speed so you don't outrun the inboard blade. Same thing with an...
  53. zzvyb6

    PTO step up gearbox

    I bought this gearbox as a reducer to scale 2100 rpm down to 540 for running my PTO genny off my lawnmower. It goes both ways, so to speak...
  54. zzvyb6

    I didn't know where to post this so here goes

    It certainly is a clever & appealing concept. I'd presume that the battery is chargeable by regen during braking, but the trailer motors are not engaged full time for propulsion because you want a good battery level when you get to the camping site. To me, the best feature is the...
  55. zzvyb6

    Anyone mow hay yet?

    I've have a Delmhorst meter for over 25 years. The 'calibration' check (hand moisture level) is changing yearly, but isn't the green zone under 20% ?
  56. zzvyb6

    Table saw versus track saw

    My table saw, equipped with a metal cutting wheel, cuts more steel than wood. If your friend needs to use your track saw, have them buy one.
  57. zzvyb6

    Anyone mow hay yet?

    Someone in Owosso is advertising freshly baled hay.
  58. zzvyb6

    Rotary Cutter Finish mower belt won’t stay on

    I've had that problem. I found it to be caused by the vertical alignment of the idler pulley just before the belt heads to the transmission. Probably from heavy tugging on the belt while mowing very tall weeds. When the going gets rough, the extra pull makes the belt climb up and off the...
  59. zzvyb6

    electric lawn mower on backhoe. Yea I am going to do it

    2 questions: Could you add a 2nd or 3rd mower to the pack ? My neighbor uses 3 gas mowers in tandem. Can you manage to operate the mowers while sitting in the tractor operation seat position ? Ideal ditch/bank mower setup !
  60. zzvyb6

    Friend had a close call

    Looks like a heavy tongue load based on the size of the surge brake hardware. What does the boat+trailer weigh ? Doesn't look like the surge brake lockout was set, so she tried to back up a heavy trailer with it's brakes locked up. I'd guess any hitch condition would fail. You can trick...
  61. zzvyb6

    Long term planning of selling your home?

    There's a war with China coming, according to our Defense Secretary (and the Chinese of course), this will change the 'landscape' of the US economy forever. 5 years is way too far ahead to plan. I went with land (they stopped making it quite a while ago), house in the center, no neighbors...
  62. zzvyb6

    Trailer hubs shedding grease caps

    It's not the heat from excess bearing conditions, but usually water vapor from the atmosphere going in and out as the air pressure changes, or the hubs see water from rain. Those caps are usually tapered in a manner that they want to come out, so any little inside pressure will do the job.
  63. zzvyb6

    Trailer hubs shedding grease caps

    The wheel bearing may be too tight, producing more heat that normal. Supposed to be 1 flat off from slightly tight. Make sure the Cotter pin isn't interfering with the cap.
  64. zzvyb6

    Transit mix arrives tomorrow morning at 9:00

    Will there be a break where the apron joins the main slab plane ?
  65. zzvyb6

    New to me TC29D cranks & won’t start

    I bought a very similar Ford tractor model under exactly the same circumstances. Turns out the Ford fuel flow lever at the filter in the motor compartment points 90 degrees off of the direction for flow. The fuel was shut off. 2 minutes after I paid the guy, I turned the valve and drove it...
  66. zzvyb6

    PTO Generator question

    You (and others) presume that all the power capacity will be called on at exactly the same time (as in startup). But who actually does this ? Dryer, microwave, stove, A/C, all the garage door openers, well, etc. all waiting in the wings for you to fire it up, or do you think you could manage...
  67. zzvyb6

    You Know You Are Old When

    You pee at 6:00 a.m., poop at 6:30 a.m., and wake up at 7:00 a.m. !
  68. zzvyb6

    4100 No Crank

    Move the hydro pedals just a little to engage the starter circuit. If they are a bit off, you get the condition you describe.
  69. zzvyb6

    Using a Kioti LK3054 for hay baling

    You have plenty of power to run a 7' or 9' sickle type haybine and a small square baler. I even pulled a 4 place snowmobile trailer behind my JD 14T baler with a 22 h.p. Yanmar (std transmission and NO live power or independent pto). Plenty of Youtube videos showing that it's no big deal. I...
  70. zzvyb6

    Stuck B&W gooseneck ball

    Is it supposed to come out by driving it downward ? That would also be a safety feature to prevent unintended dismounting.
  71. zzvyb6

    Hmmm…tubes? Or new tires?

    I bought tubes for my 1435 tires (your size) on Amazon and they were the more expensive ones, but they are twice as thick as the first go-around. Two suggestions come to mind: Inspect the wheels for weld flash that may puncture the tube because the wheel was originally designated as tubeless...
  72. zzvyb6

    Tractor wont start hot

    Is that a Shibaura motor or similar ? Those I'm familiar with (In Ford & NH machines) need glow plugs even for a hot start.
  73. zzvyb6

    Three point diaphragm pump

    I have one for irrigation. You prime it and get out of the way. Knocked me off my feet when the prime hit !
  74. zzvyb6

    You Know You Are Old When

    ... when you stop buying green bananas.
  75. zzvyb6

    I have a 29hp 4 wheel drive tractor for our 20 acres and front tires are always flat

    Tubes with 'flaps'. These are like wide rubberbands that go between the tube and the tire inner-liner. They will absorb/deflect most thorn tread punctures. Just another level of protection.
  76. zzvyb6

    Trailer: dually to heavy singles, on 10k/12k axles...stability etc?

    Dualled tires are always better for handling stability because: instead of 1 tire pushed nearly to it's peak for lateral capability needs, you have 2 tires faced with the same challenge but running at about 1/2 their vertical load. But, trailer makers play a game with this because they can use...
  77. zzvyb6

    Small farm hay project?!

    Here's a friend starting out for the first time doing what you are asking about. 28 hp and a 7' NH haybine purchased at a junk auction. She painted it up and put new decals on it. 240 bales worth here. Tractor doesn't complain one bit. I forgot to tell her that you need at least 150 hp to...
  78. zzvyb6

    Towable boom lift

    I have a JLG T-350 battery powered towable lift. It certainly changes the way you work by giving you safe access to heights. I use mine for installing & servicing my collection of old farm windmills. Tree trimming, even to repair flags stuck up on a 30' pole. Painted the barn, etc. Mine...
  79. zzvyb6

    Small farm hay project?!

    Where in Michigan ? I'm in Brighton. Stop buy and I will give you the low down. It's more than just an animal feed supply task because it has tax, kid education & learnings, plus self-satisfaction points and a chance to buy some great & useful tools. I just went thru the same 'edumication'...
  80. zzvyb6

    Brainstorm with me!!

    Traditional unit is an old bedspring with a few logs on it.
  81. zzvyb6

    Brainstorm with me!!

    Land Leveler Saw this on Facebook Market place. Made to order.
  82. zzvyb6

    Need a head for a Ford 1210

    That's a Shibaura motor ? I know of one sitting on a floor in a garage because she decided to part it out.
  83. zzvyb6

    Vacant and Vacancy Tax Spreading?

    When's the Vacant Bathroom Tax due ? Plus the Occupied Bathroom Tax. They get you coming or going...
  84. zzvyb6

    F3990 vs newer F3710 4wd front deck mowers

    Friend of mine has a Toro Zero turn 72" for sale here in Michigan. Same as the Exmark version. She went with Exmark diesel version so tractors and mower all run the same fuel. No need for gas anymore. All cleaned up, greased & oiled ready to fly. $6000.
  85. zzvyb6

    Cantilever gate, 18' opening, 27-foot overall metal selection

    Make up a model of your configuration with soda straws and super glue. Then you should be able to recognize where the deficiency is: It will 'matchbox' and sag at the unhinged end. If it really must be that wide of a gate, put rollers on it and a good weatherproof guide track so that it...
  86. zzvyb6

    Loose pulley on YM1510d

    How about just replacing the bearing & seal ? Although I don't blame you for wanting a complete new part.
  87. zzvyb6

    Impressive Methods for Machinery Repair

    This husband & wife have a company that does some incredible work with all kinds of machinery repair. Be sure to watch the out-takes ! Check out the articulated crane at the very beginning.
  88. zzvyb6

    Loose pulley on YM1510d

    I'll bet its the water pump bearing if the fan is on the pump shaft.
  89. zzvyb6

    Where to locate replacement Joyang pumps? See if you can match dimensions with a US Supplier. But seriously, when you buy these machine from Korea, Vietnam, India, etc, where do you expect to get replacement arts ? Or is the low price vs. service quality function so strong that you...
  90. zzvyb6

    Anyone Try This SSQA Tilt Plate on a CUT?

    No, but a cheap date can be had by putting a huge weight on the back 3pt and then picking up a 2 ton rock with a chain on the corner of the bucket. When you are done, do it on the other side !
  91. zzvyb6

    Mower operation

    Put gauge wheels on them and let the attachment float independently of the tractor pitch angle.
  92. zzvyb6

    Woods RM600 mower deck, blade balance/shaking

    Gotta look like this, not with inside joints 90 degrees off. But, I see your diagram shows a small button on 1 side of the male shaft that plugs into a corresponding indentation groove in the female shaft. If that's how it goes together, it may be ok and the problem is elsewhere.
  93. zzvyb6

    Woods RM600 mower deck, blade balance/shaking

    Check to see if your PTO shaft is assembled incorrectly. The internal shaft yokes must line up. If not, you will get a bad shake at high shaft angles. Newer shafts have dimensional and pattern shapes to prevent this from happening while older ones with square shafts often were put together wrong.
  94. zzvyb6

    12mm Female Square Drain Plug/ Pipe Plug Socket ?? TYM Front axle drain & Vent pugs

    He said it's F E M A L E ! Grind down a 1/2" extension and get it done.
  95. zzvyb6

    F3990 vs newer F3710 4wd front deck mowers

    "Cleanup under hose 37" !
  96. zzvyb6

    Releasing pressure on QA.

    For twin hose apps: One problem cause is that both hose ends usually have male fittings. If you exchange these (and you must also change them on the pressure source) to a male & female setup, you can plug the two ends of the attachment hoses together. This keeps dirt, water, and pressure...
  97. zzvyb6

    F3990 vs newer F3710 4wd front deck mowers

    Several brands of cabs available. Most of the time, the sound insulation sealing strips are not there. I do wear ear muffs when the leaf vac trailer is behind because the two motors together are pretty loud.
  98. zzvyb6

    F3990 vs newer F3710 4wd front deck mowers

    I have a used JD F935 diesel 2 tanks. 72" side discharge and 76" rear discharge decks. Side for lawn, rear for fields. Runs my PTO genny with a step-down gearbox, too. Bought at auction from the State Metro-parks division. I just picked up a used J.D. 1435 4wd diesel 72" side discharge deck...
  99. zzvyb6

    Best Land Plane?

    Old adage: "The best land planes of mice & men often go astray".
  100. zzvyb6

    Add another Challenger to the TBN inventory

    Nice ! Is that a front anti-roll bar mechanism on the links to the front axle ? First I've ever seen this, if true, and still wonder why more tractors aren't so equipped...
  101. zzvyb6

    Stick Removal

    My JD 60" broom has replaced my 7' snow pusher box and my 8' plow for my long concrete driveway snow removal. Plow & pusher were on my JD1070. Broom is on my JD 1435 front mower. It serves year-round, too, for dust, dirt, mud, branches, evergreen needles, and weeds. Can make a LOT of dust in...
  102. zzvyb6

    Stick Removal

    My large hickories drop twigs, branches, nuts, and nut shells. My front mount 60" broom windrows them nicely followed by my 72" front deck connected to the trailer leaf vac behind it. Collects 100% of what remains. Make nice firepit fuel.
  103. zzvyb6

    Horse fence question

    So much for horse 'cribbing' as mentioned above. I'd like to share my experiences. First of all, don't space your posts 6.0' or 8.0' or 10.0' feet apart. You'll regularly be replacing boards posts and the new boards that you find cheap may not be a perfect length. So space them at least 6"...
  104. zzvyb6

    john deere 2000 series compact tractors hydraulic pressure

    No problem. The hoses, wheels, tires, axles, spindles, cylinders, loader mounts, and loader arms are all replaceable. Your wife says even YOU are !
  105. zzvyb6

    Is a subcompact under 25hp enough power?

    Yes it is. l did all that with 22 hp. Even cut, raked and baled hay. Some are uneasy about the weight effect on loader work. That's why they make weight boxes. I'd forget about a mid-mount mower. Hard to put on & off, in the way for ground clearance, blade changing is a pain unless you...
  106. zzvyb6

    What gear should i be travelling downhill when loaded?

    All the above, but I'd like to add a provision that you pick the range & gear which results in the tach at about 1/2 max rpm. This stays away from the peak engine torque, it will keep the drive wheels from skidding, and you will have sufficient hydraulic pressure to have good steering control...
  107. zzvyb6

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Reality is what doesn't go away if we stop believing in it.
  108. zzvyb6

    John Deere 1445 hydraulic float issue

    Here is an exploded view of the valve from the J.D. Tech Manual. Don't ask me why it's upside down.
  109. zzvyb6

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    Swinging to the side helps if you only turn in 1 direction.
  110. zzvyb6

    Pulled over for a one-ton truck pulling a water pump in CT.

    The (lack of) a D.O.T. registration probably got you the rest of the points. Wouldn't have needed it it you stayed in CT.
  111. zzvyb6

    Anyone help diagnose this sound?

    Loose chain ?
  112. zzvyb6

    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    The problem I'm having now is that as a retiree over 75, my IRA is subject to the RMW rules. This plus the latest 'Social Security' raise (followed by an even larger Medicare cost has me on the tax bracket borderline. Yes, it's complex. That's why I employ a professional accountant and have a...
  113. zzvyb6

    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    The big money to be made is from losing it to buy stuff that your HAY BUSINESS needs. This take an accountant and a business name and stuff to depreciate. The goal is to get you into a lower tax bracket. I had a decent haying tractor already, but bought a junk rake, junk baler, and a worn...
  114. zzvyb6


    Not all of us are sheeple... A blond is driving out in the counrty and encounters a flock of sheep being herded across the road. When the shepherd crosses, she asks him if she could have one of the little ones if she had the right count of how many sheep there were. "Sure, he says. "There...
  115. zzvyb6

    Hay baler

    You also need a mower of some sort, also low power requirement. I've run a NH479 9' haybine with 22 hp, not even live power. Then a rake to gather the cut hay ready for baling. Hard to wreck a small baler. Wet hay is the only one I can think of, other than trying to bale a bale already made...
  116. zzvyb6

    Future electric oil

    If you believe that an electric actuator can be as simple, strong, and comfortable to operate as hydraulics, just drive a car with hydraulic steering versus the numb feel of electric torque management. I question even 48 Volts. But having a useless EV laying around as a Miller Bobcat clone is...
  117. zzvyb6

    3 cyl John Deere 820 starter help needed.

    We took a 37 loader off using forks from another tractor. Had to triangulate the chains because of the odd center of gravity. Could you come up with another hydraulic supply and latch it into the loader circuit? With weight in the bucket, the arms with raise up and you can back away from it.
  118. zzvyb6

    I need a new lawn mower!

    I picked up a JD-1435 front mower plus I also have a JD-935, an earlier version. Both are diesels with 72" mowers. The 935 has a rear discharge deck and chomps thru old hay fields no sweat. It also serves as the powerplant for my pto driven home generator. On the 1435 I have a 60" broom with...
  119. zzvyb6

    Buying Advice First tractor for small family farm. Branson or something else?

    Pick a brand associated with a dealership network very close-by, and one with a likelyhood of existing in 20 years. That leaves just a couple. In my case, I have 4 JD dealerships within 15 miles, a Rural King, and several TSCs. I have a 35 HP CUT and do my own hay with a square baler, 9'...
  120. zzvyb6

    When the quick attach doesn't hold

    Wife: " I told you to saw off a few inches to lighten the weight."
  121. zzvyb6

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Red is ALWAYS faster. It's a scientific fact...
  122. zzvyb6

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Ah ! On it's way to be painted it's proper color I hope.
  123. zzvyb6

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    These are easy to install & remove. The lift arm pucks come out and the ramps then bolt in their place. I have marks on the floor to indicate placement when re-installing. Word of caution, though: The mower wheel tracks need to be the same otherwise the machine won't settle in safely.
  124. zzvyb6

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    I like my Twin-post very much because it's not really used for car or truck stuff. Here's what my take is: I used it to position and install the fully loaded 34" tires on my 1070 tractor. Stand them up on one of the arms, drive tractor in, remove old tire & wheel, hang on the other arm. Swing...
  125. zzvyb6

    Why so much tongue weight on 22' car hauler trailers?

    If you want to know the REAL reason, listen up: If the axles were more centered, the center of gravity of the rig would be right around the center of the 2 axles. With a load placed on it, this location would pretty much be the same. Given the total mass of trailer + load, the yawing...
  126. zzvyb6

    What is this machine ???...

    Several for sale around here. Commercial golf course greens mower. Ransomes Frontline 728D Perkins 81 3 cyl 28 h.p. Typically $5000. J.D. and Toro have similar architecture models. You could have 5 log splitters all running at the same time !
  127. zzvyb6

    3038 rolling

    try greasing or oiling the common pedal shaft. There may just be a little too much friction.
  128. zzvyb6

    Gifted a Tractor... need help

    Get some forks for it. Looks like that a self-leveling loader. Nize....
  129. zzvyb6

    Frustrated. Trying to find a rear axle for Chinese hisun 400 utv

    Get him a golf cart. Why put him thru this. Junk the p.o.s. Or, what could be done to repair the bad axle shaft? Make new use the ends, Make new, grind in new splines. Replace with some other nearly compatible brand ?
  130. zzvyb6

    Got burned on Amazon (well, sort of)

    Turns out my J.D. dealer sells on Amazon. The price for a new radiator screen panel was cheaper at the dealership than from the Az shopping cart. Plus no sales tax for AG purchases at a store here. But always watch the reviews, some with a grain of salt. Ignore the complaints about having...
  131. zzvyb6

    PTO Speed Increaser

    It is. The reducer sits above the deck gearbox. The shaft is long enough to extend out to it. Because the input is coaxial to the 'tractor's pto, there is no phasing issue/problem as it remains in a C.V. configuration..
  132. zzvyb6

    PTO Speed Increaser

    I use an Elomatic speed reducer (intended to INCREASE pto speed for pumps, compressors, generators, etc.) to operate my PTO genny off of my F935 2000 rpm mower drive pto. Yes, the genny runs backwards and there is redundant speed down and speed up in the system. It's good for 12kW which is...
  133. zzvyb6

    Loader A gentle reminder that tractors are not dozers

    Whenever it snows, I use my dozer for plowing. Never had it fail. Very hard on the driveway, though, I've had to replace 800' of 5" concrete 3 times already.
  134. zzvyb6

    Farms disappearing at alarming rates

    All that stuff is going down the sewer at an accelerating rate. Which generation will elect a Chinese president ?
  135. zzvyb6

    Is there a way to keep rats from nesting in my engine?

    Buy a CAT-erpiller tractor. Turn in the bear Cub.
  136. zzvyb6

    Farms disappearing at alarming rates

    I'm not complaining at all. In fact I admire their awesome solution to crime. No need for prisons, just turn criminals into night soil. In my visit(s) there they have addressed the race, education, dei, woke, and military service issues, suitable to my liking. I admired their almost religious...
  137. zzvyb6

    Farms disappearing at alarming rates

    Guess who's buying a lot of it up ! My buddy in Az. is complaining because the water rationing going on there doesn't apply to foreign land owners.
  138. zzvyb6

    DK50SEHC glow plugs not working?

    Pull out the glow plugs and test to see if a direct connection to a battery makes them glow after 5 seconds. If they are dead, the control may give up.
  139. zzvyb6

    Rototilling price per hour

    What does it cost to rent a tiller of any size, then how long to do the whole area, given the width of the machine. I was asked to till a back lawn a few years ago in prep for lawn seeding. It was the day before the Super Bowl. Yes I found his buried cable TV... Ooops. He had to cancel his...
  140. zzvyb6

    joystick not moving

    The joystick movement ought to have nothing to do with fluid content. Check to see if there is a lever or pin feature to lockout the circuits. My Deere has one for when curl or lift is not needed or wanted when using a separate 3rd function on my snow plow. My lever is located at the bottom of...
  141. zzvyb6

    Looking to counter Bobcat's rort with it's ripoff prices for mower parts to suit the CT1025.

    Well you are in the Southern Hemisphere, and an island nation, so your belt AND your blades turn the opposite direction. Can't use Northern Hemisphere parts because they will take the old grass clippings and reattach them to the sprouts. Sorry, Mate !
  142. zzvyb6

    Tillers and PTO HP

    Yeah, that means it shoulda done just fine on the 29 h.p.
  143. zzvyb6

    Tillers and PTO HP

    I ran a 6' Yanmar tiller on 22 h.p. Yanmar Keep your speed under 30 mph and you'll do fine. I even tilled my gravel driveway with it. Wore the tines out, made a hell of a noise, but did a nice job.
  144. zzvyb6

    Concrete Chairs

    I don't view rebar, chairs, or other support elements as giving better bending strain relief. And it's strain not stress that's the problem. The rerod is just there to keep the broken pies in relative position (IMHO). In order to minimize slab stress, the rebar needs to be pre-stretched as is...
  145. zzvyb6

    NH 268 baler

    I'd say that the only parts involved in a repair are needles, knotter frames, bill hooks, plunger guides, and pickup teeth. (not in a likelyhood order of needing). If you go ahead with some wet hay, needles usually pay the price. Pickup teeth are next just because of mileage. this is not...
  146. zzvyb6

    Stihl 036 Hard Starting

    I went with a battery powered saw. Game over.
  147. zzvyb6

    How to back up a pivoting axle trailer

    Having Left & Right brakes on the tractor is one method I use. This immediately changes the tow angle. If you keep high air pressure in the front tires, then their scrub torque is low. Then you can use chains or straps to eliminate the wagon steer angle and back it up just like a conventional...
  148. zzvyb6

    John Deere front snowblower

    Is it the 47 model ? I have one that I put on an F935. Same problem. Now I use a broom and no longer use it. Wonder if there is a different reduction gear in it for gas vs. diesel...
  149. zzvyb6

    How do you sell stuff? I have 21 sheets of Stainless Steel

    Try to find a FB group specific to metal working. Here's a guy I bought a dog from. All CNC, 3D cad setup, and in need of stainless sheets.
  150. zzvyb6

    B2301 Loader Fell Off !

    On a similar note, these Stihl chain saws are crap. I tried to cut a section of a stihl I beam with a saw that was supposed to be good for a 10" cut and the chain broke, bar twisted, and the motor froze up. My 1970's red one is also junk (but I did buy it from an appliance store).. What is...
  151. zzvyb6

    Brand new Kioti rx7320 Dead in the water

    Check the battery water level. If it's all boiled out, that explains the low voltage. A defective alternator putting out A/C (Ba or shorted diode) will boil off a battery.
  152. zzvyb6

    John Deere 4300

    Pedals not in start position (common problem). Just tweak the pedal positions.
  153. zzvyb6

    PTO generator selection help

    I can run mine off my lawnmower. I bought a 3:1 reduction gearbox with a 540 spline output shaft and made a bracket to hold it. The JD935 is on 22 h.p. but serves all our needs. I use a Kill-A-Watt monitor to get frequency. The only 'problem' is that not everyone in the home is savvy...
  154. zzvyb6

    Need Advice on Front Mount Snow Blowers

    I've moved on to a broom: Fast, tosses snow far away from the edge, and scratches thru any ice deposits & trails from tires. Especially good on uneven surfaces. My backup is a 7.5' Western plow. But, the broom leaves the driveway completely cleared. On the front of my JD 1435 mower.
  155. zzvyb6

    Got asked to bid a very unusual project

    I would find a wire rope 'fishnet' used at gravel pits, use a boat to enclose one side of this beaver dam with the net, and pull with cable or chains safely away from the creek bank. The 'fishnet' cables should slip under the bottom of the jam and the top should overlap. Draw the ends in to...
  156. zzvyb6

    Shear pin nightmare

    Leave it parked outside. Its the warm garage melting some schmutz of the chute, falls into the cold impeller, maybe refreezes, and locks it up.
  157. zzvyb6

    Frost heave?

    Raise the door track and screw on some round baler belting to act as a flexible seal. If there is ice or snow accumulation also blocking the door base, put some water softener salt in the track. Good for 20 deg & above. Or even put a heat tape down there.
  158. zzvyb6

    MF 135 Runs beautifully for 30 to 45 minutes

    see if it depends on the throttle setting (fuel rate is a problem) or if it temperature dependent (lux capacitor creating spark gets hot, clearence changes so no spark signal is generated. This is a gap issue on the flywheel on some motors.
  159. zzvyb6

    Best Snowblower?

    I've tried them all. Plow works pretty well for huge amounts of snow but I needed to add a 3rd function valve. Snow blower WAY TOO SLOW. Now I'm using a JD commercial rotary broom. No turning back. Running off my front mount lawn mower. Chips off any ice buildup, too. Slush & powder...
  160. zzvyb6

    high output Alternator

    If you have a mid-pto, you can run one direct at a fast rpm. Some Ford (diesel) trucks have them as an option. Junk yard ?
  161. zzvyb6

    Can you guys help me select the right snow removal implement for my specific application ?

    Broom pics. BTW: Take a look at YouTube videos of front mounted rotary brooms used to clear snow.
  162. zzvyb6

    snowblower on my 425 does not throw snow very well

    I had the same problem using the 47" on my F-935 front mower. 'Turns' out, the PTO rpm from the 935 is not high enough because it also needs the pto revereser gearbox. I apparently have the gas engine reverser, not the diesel version. Needs to be a step up. Believe me, a broom is the way to go...
  163. zzvyb6

    truss boom design

    Why not just rent one of these ? I bought one to service my windmills, trees & gutters, but for just a short time, rent one and see if you really need that capability all the time. I can take the bucket off and put on a homemade jib crane arm, all controlled from the ground.
  164. zzvyb6

    Can you guys help me select the right snow removal implement for my specific application ?

    I just started using a 60" brush on my JD 1435 'mower'. I've tried a snow blower (too slow), On my JD1070, I made a QA loader frame to attach a 7-1/2' Western truck plow. To use it effectively you need a 3rd function for angle. I chose an electric push button switcher to set it. By far this...
  165. zzvyb6

    540 pto to 1000 conversion on spader

    How about using a hydraulic motor and throttle it as necessary to get a satisfactory speed ? You have enough tractor, now just a motor, hoses, and connection. Maybe a cooler. Size the motor to get the desired spader rpm plus the ground speed you are comfortable with. Seems to me this allows...
  166. zzvyb6

    Charge light on

    I got it on my Deere from the voltage regulator which overheated somehow and melted a connector, I was trying to use a big jump battery which also saw the dead battery in parallel.
  167. zzvyb6

    Why Can't Someone Make a Good 12' Batwing Cutter?

    Why not get an old NH499 12' hay cutter and roll in high gear ? Don't windrow it, just let it all hang out.
  168. zzvyb6

    1980 65hp massey diesel fuel issues

    May not be a screw adjustment problem. Check the cold starting system. May be stuck on. Some cold start systems add extra fuel during initial operation that should shut off. My Ford 4000 had this. Could even be key switch or timer module related. Something happened unintentionally or...
  169. zzvyb6

    Non CDL F250 towing 12K trailer across state lines ?

    I'd worry more about the truck. What motor is in it ? Turbo diesel ? Ah oh... Friend with a GN horse trailer had the worst experience of her life.
  170. zzvyb6

    Loader JD 2240 FEL quick attach help

    I bought this framework from Deere for my 80 loader. 'They' said it wouldn't work. It does if you make a tiny modification to the curl cylinder pin collars: Grind off 1/16". then I bought a new bucket all set up for the Deere QA, but a grinder can remove all the old bucket's pin fittings and...
  171. zzvyb6

    Brand New Manure Spreader thoughts

    Have you ever tried burning it after it dries out ? I did because the weed seeds in it made it's use as fertilizer a poor choice. After burning it, you get a powder that makes excellent pine tree fertilizer. It doesn't actually 'burn' with flames, but smolders very slowly and thoroughly...
  172. zzvyb6

    Anybody built a Tiny House?

    I'd like to know what a minimum use septic tank and field is required. As in 'Emergency Use' or maybe women coming here to buy hay or barn sale visitors who need privacy. Bare minimu and with heat to prevent freezing in winter. I have water in the room I'd use, so what plumbing below the...
  173. zzvyb6


    Maybe air needs to be bled from the main line.
  174. zzvyb6

    SSQA and Trailer Hitch on a Tractor

    The only 'problem' you face is seeing the hookup. The SSQA plate usually blocks your view of the connection. If you use a high offset receiver insert, (so you can see the connection), its a problem to duck the ball low enough to insert it into the trailer tongue. That's why I use the JD QA...
  175. zzvyb6

    Amazon rant...

    Nobody is forcing you to buy from Amazon. Get in your truck & drive to a store, shop, farm supply, or take a boat to China. Around here, parts for my John Deere stuff are usually cheaper at my 3 local JD dealers than from Amazon. We employ Jack Reacher techniques. Around here, Amazon...
  176. zzvyb6

    Finish Mower on steep terrain

    Buy some sheep.
  177. zzvyb6

    Crushed JD 1070 fuel tank

    Crushed & torn, or just imploded from a bad vacuum break ? Put a Schraeder valve in the cap and blow it up with regulated air pressure a few psi increase at a time. If you are worrying about blowing up your place, it's diesel. It would take more pressure to burst it than you have compressor...
  178. zzvyb6

    Anyone on the South Beach Diet?

    I'm on the 2nd part of it. Call it Son of Beach diet.
  179. zzvyb6

    Yamaha UMAX: blurring the line between UTVs and golf carts

    I have 2 golf carts AND a very long 6' bed EV Turfman. It has 4 whl brakes, headlights, directional signals, horn, mirrors, backup alarm, battery level, phone charger, and a very heavy duty suspension than can easily support 1000 lb logs, tools, etc. Compartment rails fold down for very large...
  180. zzvyb6

    Ethanol Free Gas

    FYI: My car has gone thru several O2 sensors in it's life (4). In the latest episode, the Check Engine light came on again and rather than scheduling a fix at the dealer, I decided to live with it a while in this condition. Yes the mileage went down. But when I refueled it with E0 gas...
  181. zzvyb6

    Neighbor's cattle in yard

    Refrigerator, freezer, ribeyes, tenderloins, chuck, and burger.
  182. zzvyb6

    Need advice for truck anti-theft device

    Get an On-Star subscription. They can tell the vehicle is in storage and the door just opened. They can tell that it's moving, they can shut off the engine, and they call the police with the position of it. They can even hear what's going on inside. We used it in GM test vehicle parking lots...
  183. zzvyb6

    Water line leaking - how to find it

    Why not just have a well drilled right near the house and quit using the leaking system ? Not worth the time or cost if you have trouble locating a leak. When one of my hydrant lines starts to leak somewhere, I drill some 24" holes approximately where the line is. Pretty soon water will...
  184. zzvyb6

    How do I protect rain gutters from ice damage?

    I add a layer of water softener chunks in the gutter to keep them open in winter.
  185. zzvyb6

    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    I just went thru this passed Summer with a young woman with too may horses. John Deere baler as junk, New knotter frame, shimmed a twine disk. junk rake, and a NH1477 mower. Has less that $1500 in it (had the JD4400 35? h.p. tractor. Baled a couple of acres late in the year. Around here in...
  186. zzvyb6

    JD5203 loader is slow to react

    Your hydraulic pressure relief valve is partially stuck open a tiny amount and should be pulled out and cleaned. might have to pull off the seat to get to it. You might try to fully stall the loader with an over sized load to fully open it and maybe the slug will push out. Or, the o-Ring in...
  187. zzvyb6

    Trailer question - skid steer

    It's not just the base skid steer you will be hauling, what attachments will you need going along with it ? Room for them and their weight adds up pretty fast.
  188. zzvyb6

    How to keep radiators free of grass chaff?

    Finer screens plug eventually. Leaf blowing is good and an air nozzle works, too if you remember to do it on time. But what about prevention ? On many cars now, a reverse fan is used because air no longer is drawn into the radiators from the front, but pushed thru from air coming from behind...
  189. zzvyb6

    Finish Mower Replacement wheels

    It may not be the yokes that are the problem, but that the receiver angle is. Should be absolutely vertical for proper reversing caster action. Otherwise , it can stall in the angle that produces the net vertical receiver angle. Even front to rear angles will/can throw it off. Yes, I know...
  190. zzvyb6

    Muffler Life?

    That's fatigue. I suspect you have a weak cylinder so you are getting a vibration harmonic that's 'Q'ed up the the natural frequency of the cantilevered muffler. You can try to shift the frequency to a lower value by putting a heavy weight/collar on the outlet. Also, set your idle rpm up...
  191. zzvyb6

    Winter Maintenance on Slippery Private Roads

    Snow tires, I have them on the truck and all the cars. truck runs them year 'round. Plow for snow removal, but real snow tires are the only way to travle in winter.
  192. zzvyb6

    Hydraulic Top Link? Moving Hay~UPDATE! Problem Solved!

    Sure you have the right lower links ? If they were longer, the rate of change of angle as you lift would be less. But from the looks of it, your top link is way too long. Plus the top link hole position isn't shown, but that also affects the rate of angle change. It's just a simple 4-bar...
  193. zzvyb6

    Hitch ball / coupler near disaster

    The fork is bent from dropping the coupler on the ball when it was closed/latched. Change it out with new part(s).
  194. zzvyb6

    Digging up old asphalt driveway

    Put a fork in it...
  195. zzvyb6

    Roof Beam replacement.

    Why not just lash another beam along side ? Be done with it. If the wall has pushed out. Pull it in. The building seems shy of enough vertical roof support. Maybe even another truss on each side, appropriately spaced.
  196. zzvyb6

    Ever break a tap?

    I use mine for lawnmower storage & maintenance.
  197. zzvyb6

    My dog's not doing well

    My good friend works as a Vet Tech an animal surgical hospital. They KNOW that all raw meat diets for dogs are trouble because that worked out 100,000 years ago. But most dogs today have been select bred thruout the ages and now to need the amino acids, proteins, and sugars in dry kibble food...
  198. zzvyb6

    How to improve leaf vacuums???

    I have a unit that used to be a Woods Vac. I had to convert it to a RHS discharge for my Deere 48" & 72" decks. Couple of things I altered: 8" hose, chute, and 'blower' input. 6.5 hp Higher power Honda motor: no throttle, just 'On' or 'Off'. More exhaust ports on the trailer. The air flow...
  199. zzvyb6

    Snow plow ? Beginner

    I use a truck plow on my tractor without modifications. It can be used in 2 frames: 1 is a direct tractor frame mount using 2 arms that drop down from the mid-mount mower plates. The second uses 2 pieces from the JD QA mount plates to hold the plow frame using spherical joint rod ends. In...