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    What Model??

    This is an older MF Industrial tractor. The Loader Model No. is MF34A, Ser No 2206000481. The data for the tractor is not known at this time, mainly because we don't know where to look. Following are two pictures which may help. TIA.
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    Manuals Available (very reasonable)

    I have the following manuals which I am willing to part with. 1. Ford Operator's Manual, (SE3503) - Tractors 231, 335, 420, 515, 531, 532 & 535 2. Ford Repair Manual (SE4044) - Tractors 230A, 340A, 445, 530A, 540A & 545 I would expect the recipient to at least pay shipping costs. Anyone...
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    Wolf's Head 10W40 SM, SL/CF Oil

    I ran across this oil today after having not seen Gas/Diesel combo oil in years. It was on sale for $1.49/Qt. at a local hardware chain.