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  1. marhar

    Advice on an all terrain vehicle

    I have recently injured my legs. I am interested in a UTV similar to a Polaris Ranger (seating for 2 or more, with a bed on the back and 4WD). I need something that is completely hand-controlled. I have never owned an UTV but now I need one to get around the farm. I have edited the post to...
  2. marhar

    Leveling box Lift link?

    I am thinking of buying a box scrape. If I want to create a slope with the box it will be necessary to raise one side of the box scrape. That being said, I saw a "Leveling Box Lift Link 3 Point Hitch ". How does it work? I assume it is easier than using the threaded side lift arms, is it?
  3. marhar

    Wire Rope

    I want a wire rope assembly with a thimble already crimped into the ends. I am looking for a 3/8in 50ft wire rope I can use to pull trees over or logs out of the pasture. Any recommendations where I can buy it?
  4. marhar

    Advice on putting a tube in a tubeless front tire.

    I have a two-wheel drive Farm Trac 60 with 3 ribbed tubeless front tires. I have a very slow leak and I think it is at the rim. Is there any downside to putting a tube in the tire?
  5. marhar

    Drill bit index recommendation

    I am looking for a brand of drill bits suitable for drilling into metal. I do not know what is better, cobalt vs titanium. I am looking for a recommendation on the brand and type of drill bit index to buy. You do not know what you do not know; I know I need advice...drilling wood is a lot...
  6. marhar

    Bought at HBF and it works well

    I purchased this magnetic drink holder from Harbor Freight; it works great. It is not bolted on; magnets only. I added some leftover 1/2 line to the holder to better grip my water bottle. I bush hogged 6 hours and it never came loose. This is a very small addition but it makes a difference for me.
  7. marhar

    Backhoe attachments

    How difficult is it to detach a backhoe attachment? I am interested in buying a backhoe loader. A friend suggested a put a backhoe on the back of my tractor. I would have to remove the attachment to use any other attachment and I think it would make the tractor more difficult to maneuver in...
  8. marhar

    Quonset Hut vs Conainer

    For about a year I have been mulling over buying a container. What do you think about Quonset huts? Any idea on the "ballpark" price per ft on a Quonset hut? What are the disadvantages of a quonset?
  9. marhar

    Name Brand on tools

    What tools are worth paying extra to buy the name brand? I can think of several but the one that stands out the most is a Nicholson File. The flat b. file by Nicholson is on another level when compared to files bought at HF or any other retailer. If I am taking the time to use a flat file I want...
  10. marhar

    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    What tools (cheap or expensive) have you purchased and thought why didn't I buy that years ago? For me two come to mind: I went years without a toolbox on my truck. I don't know why but after I bought one I couldn't believe I made it without a toolbox. And a farm jack; the jacks have so many uses.
  11. marhar

    Cigarette Lighter

    I am interested in installing a cigarette lighter on my tractor. I do not plan on smoking! It may be nice to charge a phone while working. Has anyone ever added a cigarette lighter to a tractor without a cab.
  12. marhar

    Lynch Pins

    Is there ever a time when you should not use (Heavy Duty) HD Lynchpin? I always use HD pins, compared to downtime while working the pins are cheap.
  13. marhar

    Oil level in a gear box

    I just bought a Country Line post-hole auger. The manual specifies the oil weight and says to fill to the correct level. The level is not specified. What is the correct level? I have a rotary cutter that specifies not to fill the gearbox more than 1/2 full. Are post-hole augers the same?
  14. marhar

    Posthole digger/auger

    I am interested in buying a digger that will connect to the 3-point hitch and PTO. It may not be cost-effective but I would like to have an auger whenever I want to use it; the one-man auger has become too heavy for me to use. What model and brand would you buy? Who has a good price on diggers?
  15. marhar

    Shipping container with side doors for storage

    I keep thinking about buying a container. If you were to buy one what would you place it on? That is, would you have gravel underneath it and how high off the ground would you set the container? What would be best to use as a ramp to access the opening on the end? I have thought about putting...
  16. marhar

    Using a container to store implements

    Yesterday I asked about modifying an old barn. Thank you for your responses. You have me thinking about buying a high cube shipping container with side swing doors. The container would be off gird and I would like to have electricity. Does anyone have experience with solar panels and a battery...
  17. marhar

    Old Barn used for equipment, You think this will work?

    I have an old barn. Each side of the barn has 4 stalls with a loft over the stalls. The barn is open in the middle. I am looking to put a couple of pieces of heavy equipment in the center. I would like to open the stalls from the outside sides of the barn. My goal is to cut openings in the...
  18. marhar

    concrete bunker blocks pond dam

    I wonder if I could make a small farm pond with bunker blocks. The land naturally slopes toward a wet weather stream. I would place one row of blocks for a dam roughly 15' long. The water would be the depth of the block and extend about 15' from the dam. If the dam failed it would only flood...
  19. marhar

    What attachments are "toys" for you; you would like to own but they are not practical for you.

    For me if I won a powerball lottery I would own these. They are not practical for me but I would enjoy them. Rock picker Self feeding woodchipper Stump plane
  20. marhar

    Paw Paw Trees

    Do you have any experience with the Paw Paw tree? I never knew they existed until a good friend of mine came across a Paw Paw while hunting; he moved the tree to his yard. I am looking to buy a few trees and plant is a shaded area in my yard. Any advice.
  21. marhar

    Tree climbing gear

    I am decent with a chain saw and in relatively good shape. I am interested in buying climbing spurs, a belt and flip line. I am looking for recommendations on what I need, brands, and where to buy. I will not be using to make a living but to cut a few trees that I cannot easily drop because...
  22. marhar

    Underground tank leak

    I am looking at a property that has an old fuel oil tank for the furnace. I know the property has a tank in the ground and one above ground. The property also has a well for drinking water. If I move forward Ior the seller will have an environmental engineer verify the tank does not leak. Have...
  23. marhar

    Most useful attachments

    What are the most used attachments you have? What attachments do you never use?
  24. marhar

    Metal cladding on an old barn

    I have an old barn. It is not in bad shape but it is slowly deteriorating; especially the sides near the ground. Has anyone ever taken metal sheets of roofing and covered the outside of a barn? What are your suggestion?
  25. marhar

    Dealing with sharps in the shop

    I cut my hand taking a garbage bag out of the shop. I guess I was the one that thought it would be okay to dispose of a dull box cutter blade in the trash. I have since taken a used plastic coffee jar and cut a hope in the lid. It is my "sharps container". I keep the jar near my workbench and...
  26. marhar

    Flame Cabinet

    My neighbor had a fire in his attached garage; it spread to his home and destroyed it. He said he accidently dropped a cigarette and it fell into a flammable liquid. Soon after his accident I bought a flame cabinet for my shop. I was able to buy it at a "scratch and dent sell". I look at the...
  27. marhar

    Height of 3 point hitch

    On my tractor I can manually adjust the lift arms to change the height on an implement and I can change the length of the top link to change the pitch of an implement. That being said where does one start at? I can lengthen the lift arms and shorten the top link or I can shorten the lift arms...
  28. marhar

    Rotary Cutter  Sharpening the blades

    I have a 6" rotary cutter I have used for years to clear some old pasture. Like many of us I have hit a few rocks and some branches along the way. All of that being said the "sharp side" of the blades now have a bullnose profile. I have never sharpened the blades. I went by a local shop and...
  29. marhar

    Loctite, where to use or avoid

    Where have you used loctite on your equipment and you are glad you did? Where have you used it and wished you did not use it? Have you ever used red and realized it was a huge mistake? I have used blue on the tail wheel of my rotary cutter and on the stabilizer chain on the side that connects...
  30. marhar

    Pressure washer

    I am looking for recommendations on an electric pressure washer, light use only. I have a gas pressure washer at the shop but I am looking for an electric to wash off patio furniture and other items that do not need a lot of pressure that I keep around the house. I bought a cheap one from HF...
  31. marhar

    Harbor Freight

    I am a beginner; I can stick two pieces of metal together but I do not run a nice uniform bead. Has anyone bought and used HF sticks? How did they do?
  32. marhar

    Wet weather stream in the pasture

    I have a wet weather stream that I used to cross. Now cows get in it and have made a mess of it. The stream has a small trickle of water year round but during a down pour 10+ acres drain through the stream. Someday I will make this a pond. As for now I would like to safely cross the stream...
  33. marhar

    Solar charger

    Does anyone have any experience using a solar charger to keep the battery fully charged when the tractor is not used for long periods? I keep my tractor in a barn that is open on both sides an the barn gets lots of indirect light.
  34. marhar


    Has anyone ever ordered from Alibaba? The prices look good but I am very leery of ordering from the site.
  35. marhar

    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    When answering the question please do not include an accident that caused a fatality. Please do not insult another poster. I will go first: My father and I overloaded a small utility trailer with logs that extended out of the trailer. We were hauling significantly more weight than we should...
  36. marhar

    Caution Lights

    On my FarmTrac 60 I have caution lights on the outside of ROP. Twice in 20 years I have broken them when scraping a farm road. In both instances a low hanging limb has been the culprit. Does anyone have a easy/cheap solution? I have thought about moving them to the inside of the ROP or having...
  37. marhar

    Stump plane

    Does anyone have experience with a stump plane like the one in the attachment? The seem costly and I will probably never buy one.
  38. marhar

    Advice on a farm road

    I have a road (about 275 yards) through the woods linking two sets of pasture. The road is down a steep incline that winds through the woods. I have been able to keep the water from the pasture draining into the side ditch but the road itself collects enough water to wash. Years ago I had a...
  39. marhar

    Drain plug 3/8 +/-

    I have a lawn tractor that has a 3/8" square drain plug (it is a little bigger than 3/8 I cannot put a 3/8 ext bar on it). It is a very tight spot to get a wrench on it. Now I take a 1/2" ext bar and put a wrench on the drive end to turn the plug. The 1/2 is a little "sloppy". Any ideas?
  40. marhar

    Central Boiler Dual Fuel

    Does anyone have any experience with a central boiler duel fuel? I am thinking about getting one. If I do I am thinking about placing it in a non-climate controlled brick garage that sits away from the home. I want to be able to stay dry while filling the stove. I also want to run the exhaust...
  41. marhar

    Mahindra Roxor

    Does anyone have any experience with Mahindra Roxor? I am intrigued by the vehicle; looks like it beats a gas powered golf cart!
  42. marhar

    When is it time to repalce the tires

    I have a FarmTrac60. It is a 2003 model with low hours (less than 2000 hours). When not used the tractor is parked in a barn that is not climate controlled. I do not use the tractor for my livelihood. The rear tire are 14.9x28. I have noticed some tread wear but I am more concerned with the...
  43. marhar


    For a few years I have been thinking about buying a used backhoe. I am looking for advice such as best make for the money, what components my be worn out on a used piece, what to stay away from and what models have the best parts availabilty. As for usage: I would like to use it part time in...
  44. marhar

    Front end blade for a tractor?

    On a website dedicated to older tractors I saw a Ford Tractor with a bade attached to the front of the tractor. The blade was not a FEL it was more like a dozer blade. Does anyone have experience with this type of attachment? If so where can it be bought? I often will turn a scrape blade around...
  45. marhar

    Dealer List

    I have a 2003 Farm Trac 60. (it has been a good tractor for occasional use by a hobbiest) I am trying to find a list of dealers in the Southeast. I have googled and found a few and I have looked at the website, Parts | FarmTracUS - FarmTrac Quality Matters but I have not been able to find a...
  46. marhar

    Garden Tractor Trailer

    Can anyone recommend a heavy duty trailer for a garden tractor (not a 3 point hitch). My family had a 1970 something Massey Ferguson that easily could hold 1,000 lbs. The metal was probably 1/4' thick. The trailers I see today at big box retailers are made of thin metal and not made to haul...
  47. marhar


    Does anyone have any experience adding a winch to a 2 wheel drive tractor? Sometimes I do dumb stuff. I have never been stuck crossing a creek, I lock the differential. I do not want to be calling a tow truck or back hoe to pull me out if I do get stuck.
  48. marhar

    Rock Crusher

    A friend of mine was stationed in Europe after WW2. He saw small rock crushers being used. Has anyone ever seen a rock crusher for a 3 point hitch and PTO? Rather than a forestry mulcher/grinder I am interested in a rock crusher. Realistically I will never own one I am just curious.
  49. marhar

    Looking for a self feeding chipper:

    Can anyone recommend a good self feeding chipper that will run on a 50hp compact tractor?
  50. marhar

    Price Check  Scrape Blade

    What is a fair price to pay for a used 72" rear scrape blade that will rotate 360 degrees and pivot? If you have one and are interested in selling and live in the triad of NC please contact me.
  51. marhar

    Oil & Fuel  Farmtrac hydraulic-transmission fluid

    Fellows, I have been working on my Fathers Farmtrac 60. It has not ran much in the last few years. The oil change is straight forward. My question: I assume the hydraulic and the transmission fluid are the same thing. That is there is one filter and there is one place to add; am I correct?