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  1. stumblinhorse

    Misdemeanor for operating without a CDL in Colorado Hopefully with this law it becomes more clear what the rules are for needing a CDL.
  2. stumblinhorse

    Real questions that you would like to get an answer…

    I wanted to start a thread for real life things that I wondered if people knew the answer for. Can be anything. Hopefully people will hit the reply button with they have experience in and have an answer. Hopefully these are 1 sentence question and answers and each doesn’t need its own thread...
  3. stumblinhorse

    How close are you to a “Local” dealer?

    I see recommendations to always buy from a “Local” dealer. How close are you to your local dealer? I am rural. The closet dealers to me is a Green dealer and an Orange dealer, they are 98 miles away. My tractor is a CNH and the closest dealer is 161 miles away. How local is “local”?
  4. stumblinhorse

    Kubota UDT or gear lube for front axle case

    Getting time to replace the lube in my front axle case on my L3130. The manual calls for 7 QTs of lube. It says either UDT or 80/90 gear lube is acceptable. I don’t have that quantity of either. But 80/90 is easier for me to get local. What are most people doing? I would put in synth...
  5. stumblinhorse

    Stihl ms290 not oiling enough

    I don’t think my MS290 oils the chain enough. I usually have a full tank of fuel and chain lube last about the same amount of run time. But seems as if the lube is now lasting longer and the bar is hotter than I would like. I keep my chainsaw impeccably clean so I don’t think it is clogged...
  6. stumblinhorse

    Keep current truck forever or try to afford a new one every 5-10 years?

    So what are you all thinking about the cost of new trucks? I am thinking that I am going to buy “disposable” vehicle. Something used that I don’t mind putting miles on that I can replace with something else if it gets to expensive to repair. I would only drive my 1 ton Cummins Ram for hauling...
  7. stumblinhorse

    Is winter fuel getting less #1 than it used to have in it?

    I have been using diesel fuel for 30+ years. This year is not colder than other years, I would say this winter is warmer than last winter. This is my first year ever where I need an anti-gel additive to run properly. It cleared up the rough running and missing/surging instantly. I never...
  8. stumblinhorse

    CNH 75C radio turns off and on as more accessories are turned on.

    Wondered if anyone had seen something like this before. Since new, the radio shuts off as I turn on things, accessories, then turns back on. So if I turn on the wipers, radio restarts. Lights on, radio restarts. All things work fine, except the radio, don’t flicker or anything. Battery is...
  9. stumblinhorse

    Where do you store your filled fuel containers?

    I keep 10 gallons of diesel and 3 gallons of gas on hand usually in my uninsulated shop. I Have my tractors and other gas powered engines in there also. I have an attached garage that stays warmer in winter. I would worry about the cans in the garage being full. But I wonder if the...
  10. stumblinhorse

    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    Since my other thread got off the rails I will start a new one about Bonded or Floating neutral generators. I have ordered a generator/inverter for my house. I have a simple sub panel with a manual transfer switch/lockout. So I assume that I have to have a floating neutral generator to plug...
  11. stumblinhorse

    Plugging in generator to your house dangerous?

    So I have another thread about generators/inverters and looking at getting my place set up in case of emergency. So that got me thinking that the plug configuration is backwards? I have watched some YouTube’s on hooking everything up and most people plug into the generator then go plug into...
  12. stumblinhorse

    Things that happen in your small town that you wonder if it happens everywhere?

    I wanted to start a thread to confirm that there is not much difference in some of the strange things that go on small towns. Anything goes. For me, we only get USPS mail 3 days a week(M,W,F) in the late afternoon. Packages that won’t fit in a small mailbox won’t be delivered. If you get a...
  13. stumblinhorse

    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    It seems the power is not something that can be relied upon as much as it used to be. Seems like in bad weather getting the power back on takes longer than it used to. So I wanted to get some ideas of what people are using to keep critical items running to survive a bad storm. I already have...
  14. stumblinhorse

    Glow plug light

    My 2021 75C is experiencing its first winter in the coldest spot in North America, where I live. So far it hasn’t been too cold, teens or so. But I haven’t seen any delay in the glow plug light going off when turning the key. My kubota waits a bit and then goes off. But the 75C is less than a...
  15. stumblinhorse

    Storing implements for the winter.

    I moved my summer implements to their winter location today. Removed their pto shafts to store in the barn. It got me wondering what else I need to do for sitting out for the winter? What does everyone else do for outside storage in winter?
  16. stumblinhorse

    Tractor online sales scams

    Just putting out a warning for people looking at purchasing a tractor or heavy equipment. Be so careful of buying a tractor on the internet, like Craigslist or even a dealer not in your local area. It is easy to fall prey to a scammer, and they are very good at what they do. The sites look...
  17. stumblinhorse

    Difference in auger teeth?

    I need to replace the teeth on my post hole digger and the fish tail also. There seems to be a lot of choices. Anyone have opinions on what to get? What works well for pretty hard rocky soil? It takes pengo teeth. But I think if I put on a new tip/fish tail it can change. Thanks in advance...
  18. stumblinhorse

    Why are replacement parts so incredibly expensive?

    I bought a used Bush Hog 3008 this year to speed up my mowing. It was a well used unit with some hard use. I got what around here was a decent price. I figured I would have to put a little money into it to keep it going. So I have been looking at replacing some components and just can’t...
  19. stumblinhorse

    Enlarge category 1 sized holes to accommodate category 2 pins.

    Have a new to me large heavy 3 pt implement. My Case is cat 2. The top link holes fit the cat 2 pin but the lowers don’t. Definitely cat 1 sized. There are 2 sets of holes for pins. I hate the sleeves since they often times slide side to side and are a nuisance it get on when attaching. I...
  20. stumblinhorse

    Need advice 3rd function diverter on Case Farmall

    I have a newer Case 75C with factory installed front 3rd function diverter. I have a couple of thing to figure out. First, for some reason the factory installs 2 female Flat face couplers. Not sure what they are thinking. So should I switch out the coupler to be one male and one female...