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  1. GSVette

    Mower Enagement RPM

    I engage PTO just above idle and ramp it up to 540 PTO speed marker.
  2. GSVette

    Shop AC Sizing

    In my 40x60x14 foot open ceiling shop I have a 36k btu Mr Cool unit installed. With R19 in the ceiling and R21 in the walls it can generally keep the shop at a fairly comfortable 72-76F when outside air temperature is in the 90’s. Prior to ceiling insulation it was almost impossible to keep the...
  3. GSVette


    I use a Roku TV (TCL Brand) with Starlink- huge streaming performance improvement over using same TV with Hughesnet.
  4. GSVette

    New Home Build

    Thought I’d update-house is nearly dried in. Roofing starts next week. Cabinets are in design and soon to be fabricated at a local custom cabinetry shop ( got a great deal there thanks to a dear friend pulling some strings). Rough plumbing starts in 2-3 weeks. Can see the finish line but it is...
  5. GSVette

    New Home Build

    Our custom house build (just finished the truss setting and roof sheathing) is coming in around $321/ft-although we are under running our cost to build at the moment. Septic, water and power were put for the shop I built about 4 years ago so that cost is not accounted for in the house cost...
  6. GSVette

    Shop ideas to consider

    Hot/cold outdoor spigot. Great when washing vehicles. Can’t have enough outdoor outlets. I have a duplex outdoor outlet at every corner plus 2 30 amp RV outlets outside on the long walls of my shop. Got away from a fixed location compressor (had a 6 horse, 60 gallon two stage in my previous...
  7. GSVette

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    Most 4 post lifts come with ( or offer) drip trays that fit between the ramps to protect the lower vehicle
  8. GSVette

    2 post or 4 post vehicle lift ideas

    I’ve considered both but have settled on a 4 post because of the flexibility to use it for storage as well as working on my fleet. With an air/hydro jack i can lift a vehicle off the tires to do tire/wheel/brake/suspension work. Seemed like the best compromise for my needs
  9. GSVette

    Titan subsoiler

    I have one as well as the pipe laying attachment. It seems to work fine although I don’t abuse it ( much). I generally use it to bury my drip irrigation feed piping in the orchard/garden I’ve been slowly developing. I’ll probably end up using it a bit more to break up some new areas where I...
  10. GSVette

    King County WA cougar attack

    Right there with you! I have a friend who works with the local wildlife biologist and the pro tracker dealing with problem cougars- lots of activity out this way.
  11. GSVette

    King County WA cougar attack

    My wife was not amused when these popped up on my notifications that particular evening! Got a great video of a younger cougar going after a mother moose and her calf at a pond at the bottom of the property- the cougar quickly saw the error of his ways when the cow moose turned on him!
  12. GSVette

    King County WA cougar attack

    Right outside my shop door-NE Spokane WA A previous post hit the nail on the head- when WA banned hunting and/or treeing cougars with hounds in the early 1990’s, they set the stage for future negative human/cougar interactions. The cougars have lost all fear of humans ( and probably dogs) as a...
  13. GSVette

    Tractor decision

    Being the typical engineer I researched the heck out of darn near every tractor brand before I bought the XR4155HC. Each one had certain strengths and weaknesses. I graded out all of the models/ brands I researched and in the end LS had the most bang for the buck. If I weren’t relatively...
  14. GSVette

    Woodchipper Recommendation

    I have a Victory 8H which is basically a clone of the Woodmax or Woodland Mills 8H. There are some small differences but nothing really significant imo. Mostly purchased the Victory because, at the time, the wait time for either of the other brands was too long for my needs. Been pretty...
  15. GSVette

    Dealer XR4140 stalling

    I have this device- there is a picture or two of it plugged in and reading my XR4155H. I still haven’t checked the scan while running nor have I had to pull a code, yet ( probably just doomed myself). I got mine at a discount a while back- don’t recall how much but it was less than what is...
  16. GSVette

    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    I treat my tanks with PS and an algaecide every winter as a precaution. Even though tractor and fuel caddy are stored indoors. Ounce of prevention and all that
  17. GSVette

    Overhead Door Openers

    I have a Liftmaster unit on my 16x12 shop door-really like it. I have 3 of the units at my main house as well. It’s nice having the deadbolt locking mechanism-makes the doors feel more secure. About the only thing I don’t like is the failure mode on the wall control- when mine have failed (...
  18. GSVette

    Diesel fuel storage options

    I love mine-probably be buried with it! Or my ‘66 Mustang ( or maybe both??). It’s nice to have a car that only a few (1000) were built and are individually numbered.
  19. GSVette

    Diesel fuel storage options

    I use a 25 gallon fuel caddy with a crank type barrel pump. Have a water/fuel separator on it as well as a low micron sediment filter. Generally use about 30-50 gallons/ year- will go up when we permanently relocate.
  20. GSVette

    Well&pump questions

    Wow 8 gpm and it barely passed? Iirc around here it less than 1.5gpm that is deemed inadequate for domestic use and then requires the installation of a cistern if sufficient capacity. I lucked out in our little, large parcel development-my well came in at 10gpm ( at 220’)- most of my neighbors...
  21. GSVette

    Nail Gun Opinions

    I’ve found it amusing myself- I started out with the 9.6v Makita and probably would have stayed with them had they kept up. Moved to DeWalt when the 14.4v system came out and have stayed with them for battery/charger consistencies sake. DeWalt isn’t the most powerful ( in many cases) or the most...
  22. GSVette

    Case 580C back tires stopped spinning.

    Is it a power shift transmission? I don’t recall what Case specifically calls it but you shift from F/R without the need to clutch. If so check the fluid level- my 580D/E will stop moving F/R if the hydro level gets low.
  23. GSVette

    Help Me Design/ Build a Shop

    I ran a 400 (320)A service at my shop- installed a dual lug base and a 200A commercial panel in the shop. Am in process of trenching to the house build site from the shop- will pull another 200A set from the dual lug meter base to the homesite for its breaker panel. 1 meter for both house and shop.
  24. GSVette

    LOUD in the cab. Can you hear the radio??

    The cab of my LS XR4155 is not exactly quiet ( but quieter than an open station by far) so hearing the radio without turning the volume up to a level that over-drove the crap, inefficient OEM speakers was not possible. Installed a pair of reasonable quality speakers and can now hear the radio...
  25. GSVette

    Ford M1C137-A Equivalent

    Need to drain and refill the gearbox on my Ford 917 flail. M1C137-A is what is called out- what is the closest equivalent?
  26. GSVette

    Concrete sealer recommendations

    I used Dayton J20 on my floor back when the shop was built. Acrylic system, easy to apply and reapply ( if necessary). Durable for most liquids ( got to clean up hydraulic fluid as it will deteriorate the acrylic).
  27. GSVette

    New Home Build

    Where I’m at in E. WA build costs for a ‘custom’ build range from around $250/sf to well over $300/sf. My last rough build cost estimate ( a month ago) came in right around $290/sf
  28. GSVette

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    I have exactly the same size building- I went with a 12x16 single door on the gable end of the building. I did provision for another door adjacent to it should I decide to install another garage type door.
  29. GSVette

    Cost to connect to the grid?

    In my case I had to grant an easement, pay for the transformer, base and primary ( as well as the meter base, etc) but not the co-op labor to run primary, set the transformer and hook up the meter. I did the trenching and backfill. Once installed the co-op is responsible for everything up to the...
  30. GSVette

    What Better Speakers Are You Putting In?

    I replaced mine (XR4155HC) using the same speakers described above- well worth it as the LS speakers are unbelievably bad. Not a horrible job but the OEM speaker/grill mounting arrangement leaves a bit to be desired from an accessibility and re-installation perspective.
  31. GSVette

    R.O.W. Problem

    Luckily we all get along in our 6 20+ acre/parcel ‘ development’. Our properties have a set of covenants that laid out the option of a road maintenance association and/or an HOA. We opted for the RMA ( with Quarterly Dues for plowing, gravel, sand, weed treatment, etc). When the ‘developers’...
  32. GSVette

    UTV's and ATV's at work picture thread

    Pulling 1 1/2” HDPE water line from shop to well a couple of years back
  33. GSVette

    How difficult to pull well pump to install a Cycle Stop Valve?

    Mine does not leak water in operation ( at least I’ve never seen any on the floor)- you can see the install in the photo I attached
  34. GSVette

    How difficult to pull well pump to install a Cycle Stop Valve?

    CSV is not a foot valve-completely different animal
  35. GSVette

    How difficult to pull well pump to install a Cycle Stop Valve?

    I installed mine in my shop some 150’ from the well.
  36. GSVette

    need suggestion on wood chipper

    I shopped the heck out of chippers 2 years back and ended up with the Victory 8H mostly due to lead time ( got mine delivered less than 3 weeks after order), free shipping and price. It is, for all intents and purposes, a Woodmax or Woodland Mills 8H clone. My only really dislike is the lack of...
  37. GSVette

    1.00 or 1.25 PEX line from Well

    I run 1 1/4” hdpe from the pitless to the pressure tank/CycleStop valve (reduces to 1” at the tank/valve). 3/4” PEX to a Viega Manabloc. 1/2” PEX runs to fixtures. Well flows about 11gpm. 2 hp pump with about 50’ of head to the shop. No flow or pressure issues. I’m not a fan of PVC for water...
  38. GSVette

    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    Thanks, I was aware of that as a solution. I still would prefer the option of a ‘switchable generator’ neutral as it eliminates altering the ‘as delivered’ generator wiring and would not occupy one of my 110v generator outlets. I have a ‘bonding’ plug that I bought after the main power panel...
  39. GSVette

    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    What I really wish I’d somebody selling a generator with a switchable ( from bonded to floating ) neutral. I have the breaker interlock type install with a inlet plug so that I can hookup my cheapie Predator 8500w generator ( which is a bonded neutral generator)-I really don’t want to pull the...
  40. GSVette

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Avenger, Interesting that we live in the same state ( and I think, in the same county) and got different answers (interesting but not surprising). I reached at to The Washington State Patrol Commercial Enforcement division with the same question and was told that it didn’t matter if it was not...
  41. GSVette

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Eddie, Have you checked into the CDL agricultural exemption applicable in your state? I have a Ford LN7000 dump truck at a GVR of 28,500# normally requiring a CDL however with a WA. State AG exemption I can operate without a CDL within a 25 mile radius of my farm ( 25 is the WA limit- the Fed...
  42. GSVette


    I’d certainly like to know more about the ‘auto heat’ algorithm as well as what are the limits to the function. My internet connection went down a couple of weeks back when we had a couple of feet of snow and a week of below freezing temperatures. Haven’t been able to get over to check antenna...
  43. GSVette

    SO READY to spring on a UTV - Trying to decide gas or diesel, HELP!!

    I’ve Bobcat 3400D- basically the same as the Polaris Diesel but badged for Bobcat. It is a bit noisier than a gas model and certainly is speed limited. I bought a diesel for one simply reason- most of my equipment is diesel and it cuts down on fuel storage. My biggest gripe with the 3400D was...
  44. GSVette

    Do These Actually Work...

    So, I bought one on a lark- it works, barely and is certainly not an improvement over either a file with a guide or my Dremel chainsaw sharpening attachment. Minor correction- the “ratcheting” feature is an improvement over either of my other sharpening tools.
  45. GSVette


    Finally got a chance to hook it up. Connected fine- don’t have any codes so nothing to read or clear. Will try to get some live data tomorrow to confirm it is reading engine data.
  46. GSVette


    I view my Swann cameras remotely via my Starlink. The cameras and associated DVR are hardwired to my Starlink router via an Ethernet switch and the Starlink Ethernet dongle. Have no problems viewing live video ( or playing recorded video) or making system setting modifications remotely.
  47. GSVette

    Drain or Pump out the old oil?

    I did my cruising boat that way for years ( had to of course). Never liked the vacuum oil sucker-waaay to slow ( even with pre-warmed oil). The small size of the suction tube that will fit down a dipstick greatly limits the flow. Even a powered oil extractor is going to suffer from the size of...
  48. GSVette

    1.5 inch flexible aluminum conduit

    My shop was done in 3/4 EMT and 12/2 for most circuits (less W/D, water heater, mini split, welder and RV). I’ve added some additional circuits using the combination of 3/4 EMT and flexible armored wire- wish my bends looked anywhere near as good as the pro who did my original installs.
  49. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I was really interested in them after we saw a house nearby that had one ( apparently installed before all the west side regulations were either written ( or enforced)). Still think they are a terrific idea ( particularly when you’ve 30 acres of potential fuel available!)
  50. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Avenger, They seem like a great idea however there aren’t any that are currently ‘legal’ in our state. Have to be EPA certified and then be on the WA approved list-weren’t any last time I checked.
  51. GSVette

    ct445 oil change synthetic or regular oil

    I’ve always used the T6 in my LS and in my Yanmar powered SxS. Still do my oil changed yearly just because oil/filters are cheap (relatively) and engines are not. Really not experiencing the life benefit of synthetic but get all the others.
  52. GSVette

    TMG chipper

    Just an additional manufacturer to consider-Victory. I shopped the usual suspects and was pretty much set on the 8H before stumbling on Victory- their 8” hydraulic indeed model is a virtual clone of the 8H at a lower price point (and free shipping as well). Final decider for me was lead time...
  53. GSVette


    I still haven’t had an opportunity to hook it to my XR4155-I’ll try to remember next time I’m at the ranch.
  54. GSVette


    Not hard at all- I moved mine 3 or 4 times before I finally mounted it to the roof of my shop, I also was using it ‘temporarily’ on the ground while I waited for the roof mount from Starlink. I would stow the dish and bring it in to the shop when we’d head back home at the end of the weekend...
  55. GSVette

    New concrete floor coating advice needed.

    I debated epoxy vs acrylic when my shop floor was poured. After much consideration ( and discussion with the flatwork contractor)I decided to use Dayton J 25 sealant. If would be considered ‘less durable’ than a properly applied (key word here is ‘properly’) quality epoxy. In my opinion ‘less...
  56. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Got the chipper hooked up and started on reducing my limb pile ( again )-one of these days I’m going to figure out that mid-August is not the best time of year for limb chipping-gets darn hot picking and feeding the chipper! Piled the chips up near the developing orchard- going to compost...
  57. GSVette


    We’ve had our dishy up for about 3 months now- moved from temporary ground mount ( which had a very minor amount of obstruction) to shop roof mount ( with no obstruction). I’ve been watching our speeds somewhat closely- we seem to range from 40-140 mb/s depending on time of day. Without a...
  58. GSVette

    Reducing pollution is contributing to global warming?

    Or as it has been morphed “ the truth has been established, beat the facts in to submission “
  59. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    My mini split outside unit specified the breaker size necessary on a data plate on the unit
  60. GSVette

    Pressure washer

    I bought a wall mount with retractable hose from Giraffe tools last year. Mounted it outside shop main door at the H/C bin I plumbed a couple years back- really convenient for washing equipment before I bring it into the shop. Like the ‘tidyness’ of the retractable hose.
  61. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture after I installed it but I intend to remedy that oversight when I get back to the ranch to complete my Dishy install.
  62. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Well, it was actually last weekend but I installed my new grill brush guard-black powder coated from BrokeAnvil Metalworks. I’d always planned to fabricate my own but just never seemed to find the time. Now I can grapple my limb piles for chipping with less concern about punching through my...
  63. GSVette


    As have I-been waitlisted for one at Sportsmen’s for months-not going to pay a huge premium just to get my hands on one-I’ll wait until Ruger gets up to full production and shipping. Sure is a pretty rifle and getting great reviews
  64. GSVette


    Follow up-set up system temporarily ( as none of the mounting options I pre- purchased would give me ‘adequate’ view of the sky)-system linked up fairly quickly and is giving me reliable 100+mbps download and 20ish mbps upload. Waaaaay better than HughesNet-actually could stream Prime Video with...
  65. GSVette

    Woodland Mills WC88 vs WoodMaxx MX-8800 vs WoodMaxx WM-8H for 60HP Kioti DK6010SE

    FWIW, I bought a Victory 8” chipper 2 years back (it is basically a clone of the Woodmaxx 8H). Bought it as the other two brands I was considering at the time either had very long lead times with no committed ship date or a waitlist where you were notified via email when stock was ‘available’...
  66. GSVette


    Just got my email notification from Starlink after a 1 1/2 year wait. Cant wait to get it installed and cancel my horrible HughesNet service. Looking forward to uninterrupted video streaming. Will operate in parallel for a bit to make sure it’s reliable enough.
  67. GSVette

    Grapple Recommendations

    I have the Titan grapple on my LS. Very happy with it-it doesn’t use the same grade of steel as the EA ( or other pricier brands) and is, as a result, heavier-which does impact lift capacity but has not limited my usage thus far. I suspect you’ll be satisfied with the Titan product in your...
  68. GSVette

    HST hydraulic filter and fluid change owner's manual inaccuracy

    It really isn’t that hard to do without losing more than a quart or so of fluid. I did my 50hr service a couple of years back ( did not do the vacuum trick ) and measured less than a quart of fluid loss. Comes down to having everything staged so that there is very little time between the old...
  69. GSVette

    Finally.... LS scan tool!

    Fwiw- I bought one of their scanners for my XR4155. I had a very satisfactory interaction with them. The only delay i experienced was when I was asked in a follow up email which diagnostic adapter I needed. Being remote from the tractor, it took about 3 weeks before I could confirm the type. I...
  70. GSVette

    LS or Kubota

    I drove both when I was evaluating tractors-I’m sure I could have gotten used to the Kubota treadle however the 2 pedal system was immediately comfortable for me. I ended up with an XR4155HC based on my ‘bang for the buck’ spreadsheet evaluation.
  71. GSVette

    This has to be a record !!!

    Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux and has been since 1986. Was originally owned by GM, then White Sewing Machine and finally Electrolux. Electrolux bought GE Appliance in 2014 for $3.3 billion.
  72. GSVette

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I have the Dewalt 20v that I use as a ‘prep’ saw for my wood chipper. More than adequate for reducing limbs for easier feeding in to the chipper.
  73. GSVette

    I need some input on roll around tool boxes

    Take a look at the Home Depot Husky chests as well. I bought the 61” 18 drawer model a couple of years back. Pricing was better than the equivalent HF model (iirc) and waaaaay less than any similar Snap On ( new or used).
  74. GSVette

    backhoe attachment vs a separate machine

    It really comes down to where and what you are digging. I originally planned on getting a tractor with backhoe however when doing septic evaluation trenches using a Case 590 I realized that a tractor based backhoe had very little chance digging through the decomposed granite I hit between 3 and...
  75. GSVette

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    At least on the later model XRs and MTs-rpms will matter as the Mtron diesels use both a DOC and a DPF in the emissions system
  76. GSVette

    TYM T574 vs LS MT355E

    I have owned an LS XR4155HC for almost 4 years now. The Mtron diesel has been as trouble free as any of my other diesels (Yanmar in my Bobcat, Cummins BT-4 in my Case, DD 8.2l v-8 in my Ford-all pre tier 4 of course). I’m sure the Kukje ( a licensed Cummins design iirc) is a fine motor too.
  77. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I replaced all of mine with LED lights. Wasn’t too hard but they did result in significant radio interference ( something I haven’t addressed yet)
  78. GSVette

    Nocturnal creatures

    You could have these type of nighttime visitors....
  79. GSVette

    Simple CAD software for barns and sheds?

    I stalled at Windows 7 for bootcamp and have not felt any need or desire to update. Most of the features that are lacking are not ones that I really need or want (with the exception of being able to import shape files.
  80. GSVette

    Simple CAD software for barns and sheds?

    I have TurboCad 12 for Mac- pretty happy with it although I don’t push its capabilities very hard. One thing that has been frustrating is that when Apple makes a major OS upgrade ( like going to Big Sur)-the previous version of TC wouldn’t work and there was no ‘upgrade’ path-had to buy a new...
  81. GSVette

    Bad news big repair

    My Case 580D has the optional cold start ether injection system too-uses a can like yours-I’ve never used mine either.
  82. GSVette

    Bad news big repair

    Not a good answer- how about just continuing to run without glow plugs? Neither my 8.2l Detroit Diesel nor the Cummins BT-4 have them. Yes they are slow to start in the cold and sound like a clattering bucket of bolts until they warm up ( not to mention the clouds of smoke). But they do start...
  83. GSVette

    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    Just went to the Ram build site and verified that the Aisin 6 speed is required with the HO Cummins. You cannot select the ZF 8 speed with either of the diesel power options. The 8 speed ZF is standard with the 6.4l Hemi. I hope that an 8/10 speed becomes available at some point. As I...
  84. GSVette

    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    Im aware of that-I was just wanting to confirm that the comment regarding better fuel economy was specific to the medium duty trucks. There are so many sources of ‘fuel economy’ comparisons that I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t something out there relative to the F350 v 3500 that I had...
  85. GSVette

    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    I’m thinking real hard about a new HD diesel truck. It’s always been a 2 horse race Ram 3500 SRW w/ Aisin 6 speed ( unless Ram has come out with an equivalent durability auto in an 8-10 speed since the last time I looked) or an F350 w/10 speed. I was leaning Ford because of the 10 speed ( and...
  86. GSVette

    Retaining walls and patio

    4’ is the limit ( without engineering coverage) I’ve always found in the building code regardless of which side of the mountains you are on.
  87. GSVette

    12'h x 16' w Roll up door vs panel door

    No problems-good luck with the modification.
  88. GSVette

    12'h x 16' w Roll up door vs panel door

    This was sourced from a local garage door company that also did the install-I’m not a fan of installing torsion spring door counterbalances ( and the springs on this door are pretty impressive). Door is a Wayne-Dalton.
  89. GSVette

    12'h x 16' w Roll up door vs panel door

    I have a 12’x16’ steel panel door for my shop. Didn’t really even consider a roll up door of the same size as it would have been cost prohibitive. I have a Liftmaster jack shaft drive garage door opener on it as well-couldn’t be happier Btw-I’m at 3200’ in NE WA. Plenty of wind and snow. Door...
  90. GSVette

    Real thoughts/experiences with military trucks

    I looked pretty hard at a 6x6 as a farm dump truck option-had a very hard time finding one that was already street legal and registrable in WA. Conversion/mod was an option but got fairly expensive in a hurry. Ended up with a mid 80’s Ford LN700 with an 8.2l Detroit Diesel and Allison auto...
  91. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I’ve been trying to figure out where to relocate mine too ( it’s off right now) for the same reason ( interference w/hydraulic lines for T&T). Never looked at the strut attachments-great idea.
  92. GSVette

    Digger Pine ideas

    I ended up with the victory 8H and am very happy with it.
  93. GSVette


    I suppose a lot of folks are afraid of the maintenance costs and challenges of an industrial machine. I got a pretty good deal on a 580E with a recently renewed BT4. It’s been a great tool- dug 100’s of feet of water, septic and power trenches and moved tons of gravel but it does take a fair bit...
  94. GSVette

    Digger Pine ideas

    I have a Victory 8H that I chip Ponderosa pine limbs and some trunks with. I’m running off an LS XR4155HC. At 6 or so inches at the butt I have to slow the feed down to chip. Haven’t run anything larger than that but would expect I could chip at the max just at a fairly slow feed. Smaller stuff...
  95. GSVette

    Diesel fuel Anti-jell

    I generally use Powerservice white combined with their biocide.
  96. GSVette

    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I have a Bobcat diesel that I got a great deal on- it is no speed demon ( tops out at 25mph iirc). My property is quite hilly. I’ve never really noted a significant drop in speed when climbing any of my ‘roads’ in high when not carrying a sizable load in the bed. I use mine for work on the...
  97. GSVette

    new barn design help

    Luckily my site will not impact the view from the home ( when we build in a year or two). That was one of the considerations when we did our site planning.
  98. GSVette

    new barn design help

    You definitely want to consider the interior finish issues associated with a steel building (I.e. installation/retention of insulation, installation of drywall/OSB/Plywood, running of plumbing and or electrical in walls, etc.). I’m not sure you’re going to get a great reduction in overall...
  99. GSVette

    new barn design help

    It is a wood pole barn-I considered steel at one point but felt that the benefits of wood construction in terms of interior finishing outweighed any benefits that I could come up with for the steel building. Picture shows ‘ commercial’ girts and insulation installation. They are also called...
  100. GSVette

    Regret a cab tractor?

    My greatest joy in my cabbed LS came from watching the bald faced hornets from the nest I just ran over beat themselves silly trying to get at me!! Just the year prior I had to abandon ship on my non-cabbed Case 580 when I whacked a hornets nest while digging the trench for a water line. Still...
  101. GSVette

    new barn design help

    I built a 40x60x14 so that I had sufficient wall height for a 12’h x 16’w high main door (allows motorhome and Case 580E in with clearance as well as allowing for a 4 post car lift to store my two babies on). I went with commercial girts so that I could easily install R21 batts in the walls and...
  102. GSVette

    anyone switch to LED lights?

    I switched all my work lights to leds- haven’t bothered with the rest. Much brighter than the original incandescent lamps but I do notice interference on my cab radio when they are on. Probably need to install a line filter.
  103. GSVette

    Regret a cab tractor?

    My only regret is that having a cab has made more work for me by forcing me to limb the trees I mow around far enough up that I don’t beat my cab to death!! On the other hand maybe I should just not mow those areas[emoji848]
  104. GSVette

    Chipper Woodmaxx WM-8H on mobile base?

    My Victory 8H is on a dolly I made from the shipping fixture. Supports the unit just fine-suppose you could put the legs down too.
  105. GSVette

    Case 580c dead instrument cluster- Anybody familiar with this machine?

    I can’t recall for sure if the c has the same crappy gauge panel as the d that I have but if it does it is very common for the gauge panel to fail because the ribbons and board fail. I replace all of the gauges, panel and connectors and have never had a problem since.
  106. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    About 3 years now-have a lot of experience with pressure tank systems and much prefer this.
  107. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    With the constant pressure valve you get all the the benefits of the VFD without all the added cost and complexity. I have run my pump off of my generator. So I still have water and most everything else when power goes out. My system shown below. CycleStop valve is red item in photo
  108. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Not sure what you are asking-if you’re asking about the ‘drive’ part of a VFD well pump-I don’t have a VFD pump-the constant pressure valve (CycleStop) valve is used with a standard constant speed motor.
  109. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I have the constant pressure valve system from CycleStop on my Grundfos well pump. It does have a tank (I have the optional larger tank on mine) that you draw from for low demand (less than 0.5 hon iirc) until the pressure drops below cut-in at which time it will refill. At higher demand you get...
  110. GSVette

    MT357H vs MT357HC

    I would echo what Avenger has said about his cab. I have the 4155HC and my property ( which isn’t all that far from Avengers) is wooded and hilly. I bash through the limbs pretty frequently when mowing and have yet to scratch/damage a window. I have more than a few scratches on the hood and a...
  111. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    I suspect the ‘permit’ you are referring to is the well log that is filled out by the well driller and submitted to the state for recording purposes. The county health department also gets a copy along with the water quality test report prior to issuing either a COO or (in my case) a septic...
  112. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    The idiotic thing was that it overturned 150 years of western water law precedence and all of the lower court rulings which consistently held for the original application of water law for permit exempt domestic wells. Additionally the ruling basically put the onus on counties ( and thus on the...
  113. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    A couple of years back the Hirst decision effectively killed building permit issuance in Growth Management Act counties (King, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane) where the building permit relied on a Permit Exempt Domestic Well for water. Spokane county allowed you to grandfather your well under the...
  114. GSVette

    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    Couldn’t have done mine without my 580E. Layer of decomposed (and not so decomposed) granite at about 28-32”. Not getting through that layer without it.
  115. GSVette

    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    At least on this part of WA- unincorporated Spokane County at ~3400’ elevation, I was required to bury my lines 18” below frost depth (24” around here). So 42”. I trenched ( with a construction backhoe) to a minimum of 48”. Knock on wood- no line freeze so far.
  116. GSVette

    Bathroom in the shop

    Put a 3/4 bathroom in my shop when I built it a few years back- had to put my newly drilled well into ‘beneficial use’ as a result of an idiotic WA state Supreme Court decision on domestic wells. I also did the laundry add as it keeps really grimy work clothes out of the house laundry room...
  117. GSVette

    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    At least out here if you permitted and built it as a ‘non accessory storage building’ or in non code parlance ‘a barn, shed, shop or other non living space’ and then converted it to a partial or full living space you’d be setting yourself up for claim denial if you ever had a loss. I originally...
  118. GSVette

    Anyone out there Have a Mini-Split Heat/Ac unit?

    I have 2 units one Mitsubishi unit installed in our current residence (16k btu unit used to heat/cool master suite and upstairs bedroom) and a Mr Cool DIY 36k btu unit I installed in my 2400 sf shop building. Very happy with performance of both units. The DIY unit was less than 1/2 the cost of...
  119. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I used the Viega Manabloc when I plumbed my shop-generally pretty happy with it.. Mine is located in the shop bathroom for ease of hookup. Did have to add foam board insulation between outside steel sheathing and Manabloc just to provide additional freeze protection ( shop is heated/cooled year...
  120. GSVette

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Thanks for the responses-6’-7’ is more than adequate for my needs-I just want to keep the brush back from whipping me in the face when I take the quad or side by side down the trails.
  121. GSVette

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    So I’m seriously contemplating a ditch/bank flail to complement my old, beat to s*** 917. I have a need to trim the brush back on many of my access roads. It would seem that a ditch/bank mower run in the vertical or near vertical position would be ideal for this. I’ve had very little luck...
  122. GSVette

    Buying Advice Buying a backhoe ?

    Having a construction backhoe myself (Case 580D, extendahoe ) I would offer that you need to look at what you are needing to do before buying one. For myself a tractor backhoe would not have realistically been able to do what I needed to do in my ground- I had to trench long distance for power...
  123. GSVette

    Water line question

    I ran 1 1/2 hdpe for my 200’ from well head to shop. Compression fittings were ridiculously expensive ( iirc ~$50 for 1 1/2, ~$80 for 2- I was considering 2” at one point). Install can be a bugger-I used pallet forks for roll and pulled the line downhill (gently) using my UTV. Bedded in sand...
  124. GSVette

    LS Grapple

    Yes-still plenty happy with it. Does everything ask of it.
  125. GSVette

    Woodland Mills wood Chipper wait times !

    The Victory I bought has adjustable legs- I try to get the PTO shaft as close to straight as possible and then drop and pin the legs. I wouldn’t be very comfortable running it using the just the 3 pt as my support.
  126. GSVette

    Chipper Advice on PTO Chipper

    I have a Victory chipper ( basically a Woodmaxx WM-8H clone) that I bought very recently. Very happy with it. Hydraulic feed with dual rollers handles just about anything I throw at it. Only had to wait a few weeks for it. Took some time to assemble-not the greatest assembly instructions ever...
  127. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    This is not at all completely comparable as I’m using it on my 580E full size backhoe but I find stump removal much easier with my 12” trench bucket rather than my 24” digging bucket. I suppose a ripper tooth might be even easier but then I’d have to a) have one and b) switch between the...
  128. GSVette

    Homemade, prefab, concrete and pine post

    My pole building is designed for a 65psf snow load (3400’ elevation, north of Spokane, WA). The pressure treated 6x8 posts are set in 36” diameter x 4’ deep augered holes filled with a 5 sack footing mix. Looked very hard at the perma columns but just couldn’t justify the added cost relative to...
  129. GSVette

    Electric transformer in front of house (on ground)

    I had to grant power company an easement from the junction box all the way to the meter-power company is responsible for everything upstream of the meter in my area. I always thought it a bit strange that I paid for the cable, the transformer, conduit and associated trenching/filling and they...
  130. GSVette

    Does anyone have a Woodmaxx WM-8H with 29 PTO HP?

    I haven’t played with the speed much yet- the dried pine I’m chipping seems to run through at full feed speed regardless of diameter-that may change when I get to chipping some of the greener limbs.
  131. GSVette

    New garage time!

    I have a small, mast type man lift in my shop (GR-18, iirc). Had similar issues getting it off the trailer when I brought it home-also didn’t really k ow how heavy it was ( no manual at the time) and found out very quickly that it was well beyond the capability of my tractors pallet forks to...
  132. GSVette

    Does anyone have a Woodmaxx WM-8H with 29 PTO HP?

    I have the Victory chipper as well. Yes, the instructions totally suck-mine didnt even have the details for the roller reversal linkage shown. Had to figure that out from the photo. Discovered the quick hitch incompatibility as well- luckily my Farm Hand Cat II to Cat I just clears the...
  133. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Mowed about 10 acres with my 917 flail, limbed up a bunch of pine trees do I could easily mow under them-used grapple to move limb piles so that I can chip them up later. Also hooked up the tiller for the first time and tilled a serenity garden area for my wife. This was actually over the last...
  134. GSVette

    How many Attachments?

    I don’t think I have a problem-my wife however, seems to think there might be some indication of a problem. Forgot: Landscape Rake LeeAgra Farm hand quick hitch Sprayer Did I mention the Case 580D and assortment of buckets? Or the LN700 dump truck? [emoji848] maybe she has a point?
  135. GSVette

    How many Attachments?

    This question caused me to count them-now I know why my wife thinks I have an implement “problem” JD MX-7 Ford 917 flail Rototiller Disk harrow Spreader Chipper Pallet forks Grapple Front bucket
  136. GSVette

    Raising The Throne?

    We switched all ours to ‘chair height’ when we remodeled the bathrooms in our house-it really makes a significant difference in ease of getting up. I really notice it as I put one of the old standard height toilets in my shop-lot further down!!
  137. GSVette

    Local PUD/Electric Association New connection Issues

    I had a very similar experience to Oosik when Inland Power did my 400 amp service install. Filled out request form, engineer showed up, made his measurements and sent me the invoice. I trenched from service entrance to just adjacent to junction box, set conduit sweeps and gravel at transformer...
  138. GSVette

    Pole barn roof insulation

    I didn’t go the poly iso route- did consider it. I have R19 batt installed between purlins and then covered with the white plastic paper( don’t recall what it is actually called).
  139. GSVette

    Need Your Thoughts On A New Welder

    Avenger, I’ve only welded off my generator (Predator 8500 w/40 amp 220v outlet)- it worked but I’d be very concerned if I was using it on something like the omni pro with all of the computerization. Maybe an inverter generator puts out a clean enough output for all those ics but I’m pretty sure...
  140. GSVette

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I agree-just wished they’d had linked pedal and a telescopic steering wheel-my only real gripes, frankly.
  141. GSVette

    Hot water heater leaking at relief valve

    My inspector required it-so it may be another county based difference to the National code-like Studor valves (not allowed in my county) or one way floor drain valves in lieu of trap chargers on a floor drain as-also not allowed.
  142. GSVette

    Hot water heater leaking at relief valve

    Here’s a very simple, per code, expansion tank install in my shop.
  143. GSVette

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I’m not sure what the MT series has standard but my XR came standard with cruise and 3 rear remotes-the 3 rear remotes were a huge selling point as I absolutely wanted TnT but still wanted a set of ports available for some other function ( side shift, wing lift etc.) should I ever need it. 3rd...
  144. GSVette

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I own an LS and am very happy with- that said, I wouldn’t advise against a Kioti . During my long, arduous and agonizing years long tractor research project I had it finally narrowed down to Yanmar, LS and Kioti. LS won out because I got a really good deal on one after Yanmar deal fell out of...
  145. GSVette

    What kind of vintage car do you wish you had?

    Hemi ‘Cuda convertible
  146. GSVette

    Inexpensive Laser Level

    I have one of the inexpensive rotary laser levels which I use for much the same purpose as you are proposing Avenger. Iirc, I think I paid less than $300 in 2018 for a package including level, tripod, grade rod and receiver. Manufacturer is iglobalbuy and I found it on Amazon I haven’t used it...
  147. GSVette

    Pole barn plan design tool?

    You may want to check with your local building/planning department. The one I’m in has a series of guides that are effectively pre-engineered for up to certain clear spans, pole size/spacing, wall height, snow loads, etc. You use these guides and the details they contain as your building ‘plans’...
  148. GSVette

    Who make a good grappler? Need one for my 4700

    I have the Titan 72 dual lid as well as the WR Long third function. Been very happy with the grapple and the price was unbeatable. It is heavier than many of the other grapples most likely due to a lower strength steel requiring greater thickness which is a negative however it hasn’t impacted my...
  149. GSVette

    HP and Tier 4 question

    No-Iirc the cutoff for DPF ( or DOC) as well as all the computerized nonsense to meet tier IV final is ~25hp. Everything above that is going to have the emissions stuff and consequently regenerate.
  150. GSVette

    UTV - Trying to Decide

    I own a 3400D- it is a rebranded Polaris. I like mine well enough except for the sticky clutch. It seems that Polaris in their infinite wisdom put a clutch that isn’t quite proper for a diesels torque curve in the Bobcats they made ( and probably in their own models as well). The result is a...
  151. GSVette

    Weight Distributing Hitch on equipment trailer

    I use one on my 12k whenever I haul my tractor or other vehicles.
  152. GSVette

    Hello from Eastern Washington!

    Welcome aboard- we are about 9 miles NE of Spokane Valley
  153. GSVette

    LS Grapple

    It came with the grapple-basically a flexible rod hoop with a baseplate bolted to the non moving part of the grapple.
  154. GSVette

    LS Grapple

    I know that this will cause some negative commentary regarding quality of steel, etc. but I’m going to go ahead and put it out there- I bought a package pallet fork/ dual lid grapple from Titan. Iirc it was around $1800 w/ free shipping to Spokane. Have found the Titan more than satisfactory in...
  155. GSVette

    Mini Split Reliability

    Mitsubishi unit at house has been running in auto mode for more than 9 years without a hiccup. 36k btu Mr. Cool had an infant mortality failure on outside unit 2 months after install. Warranty replacement has performed flawlessly for over a year now.
  156. GSVette

    Anyone here install their own septic

    In my county a soil evaluation and septic design by a licensed septic design engineer is required in order to obtain a permit from the health district. An approved installer is also strongly recommended (but I don’t think is necessarily required). I did the install on my system with the...
  157. GSVette

    New septic and leach line: Infiltrators vs pipe /poly tank vs concrete?

    Poly tank hands down-more durable, easier to handle-big benefit if doing install yourself. My recently permitted and installed system has 2 poly tanks (1500 and 1000 gallon dual baffle)-easy to handle off of trailer with my backhoe boom. Have 5 100’ laterals using low profile infiltrators-in...
  158. GSVette

    High Bay Fluorescent for Arena

    I installed these LED highbays in my 40x60x14 shop-5 rows of 3. Great lighting.
  159. GSVette

    Need advice on lighting for new Pole Barn

    I installed 15 (5 rows of 3 fixtures) LED highbays in my 40x60x14 shop-not inexpensive but provides excellent lighting.
  160. GSVette

    Here kitty, kitty

    Got an alert from my video surveillance system at my Spokane, WA area shop-had the following still photo attached Think I’ll be watching a bit more carefully when I’m out and about[emoji3]
  161. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Mowed about 3 acres of meadow with my ,new to me ,rotary mower ( have a Ford flail as well but it doesn’t do well with really high grass). Wife and I limbed and bucked some more of the pines we cleared last year- gotta love having a grapple-makes limbing and bucking so much easier!
  162. GSVette

    Titan 72" Extreme Root Grapple Rake Attachment

    I have the Titan 72 on my LS- it has been plenty stout enough for me thus far. I have horses around some pretty good size pine trees with it as well as moved a lot of brush piles- I suspect the one in the picture was misused if not outright abused.
  163. GSVette

    Tuf-Tite Risers on septic tanks

    Both my tanks have relatively inexpensive risers we installed when we put them in last year
  164. GSVette

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    My current rig-
  165. GSVette

    Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    You and I have similar taste in sports cars!!
  166. GSVette

    **** backhoe's are expensive

    I have an Case 580E that I wouldn’t be without. I considered a backhoe attachment for my CUT but thought that switching out to do 3 pt tasks would be too much of a pain. As it turns out, I doubt a small tractor backhoe could have dug through some of the decomposed granite that I trenched...
  167. GSVette

    48x39x14 shop build

    Here’s my 40x60x14, no ceiling with LED high bays (15 of them to be precise)-don’t lack for light!!!
  168. GSVette

    40 Acres, Steep!, 1 Mile Road; Need Advice

    As I mentioned in an earlier post I have a 2017 LS XR4155HC and am very happy with it. I shopped every brand in the 40-60hp range for over a year. I thought I had settled on a Yanmar YT359 but couldn’t get the price down below my pain point-LS had been running a close second (and actually won...
  169. GSVette

    40x60x14 Shop

    I used OSB to sheathe the inside walls of my 40x60x14 pole building-I actually preferred the look to 1/2 CDX Still have to sheath from 8’ to 14’-need to get scaffolding in place to do that this weekend
  170. GSVette

    Help me pick best grapple for my tractor!

    My XR4155HC is about the same size as yours- I went with a Titan 72” dual lid grapple-many if my uses are similar to the ones you plan. I have pulled logs out of a pile- less width might have been an advantage there but when holding a large log for cutting or moving the wider, dual lid seemed...
  171. GSVette

    Starting our new life

    Interesting-I installed infiltrators with nothing special in terms of infill or cover only minimum and maximum depth of trench. Dug about 8 evaluation trenches over about 4 of my 30+ acres-was a bit concerned as we were right on the edge of ‘acceptable’ soil type for the desired soil loading...
  172. GSVette

    Now ready for the concrete in the pole barn

    I went the conduit and up/over route- I would argue much easier to expand and or troubleshoot than buried but to each his own
  173. GSVette

    Which dump truck

    I have an 85 Ford LN700 dump running 28k GVW. Use it under an Agricultural exemption so no CDL required (with many limitations)-very useful for road work etc.
  174. GSVette

    New XR4155HC on its way!

    Speaking of beast-my XR4155 with new grapple installed-kind of intimidating[emoji3]
  175. GSVette

    Dog pics

    Oosik, Where’s Olly out of? My two chocolate PLs out of Tiger Mountain. Photo at APLA hunt test last year
  176. GSVette

    New XR4155HC on its way!

    And here’s the photo of GrandSport #941 I promised a while back
  177. GSVette

    Setting posts for Pole Barn - what is best way to keep posts from shifting?

    Here’s how we braced mine. We poured directly from the chute of a cement delivery truck-well 3 of them to be correct.
  178. GSVette

    Just closed deal on ‘17 XR4155HC

    And here it is
  179. GSVette

    New XR4155HC on its way!

    Here is my new XR4155HC with a the third function installed( not using the remotes btw) and the hydraulic top/tilt (which is using the remotes)-will be picking up on Tuesday
  180. GSVette

    Just closed deal on ‘17 XR4155HC

    I just finalized the purchase of the subject tractor after a year and a half of often painful research. I had gotten really close to purchasing a Yanmar YT359C but just couldn’t get the price down under 40K-which was a price point I was having real issues with. After negotiations stalled, I...
  181. GSVette

    YT359C Test Drive-impressive

    Test drove (actually wife did most of the test driving) the YT359C at a local dealer yesterday. Must say I was thoroughly impressed with the machine, particularly the i-HMT drive system. The A/B drive mode is a far more useful feature than I had envisioned-allowing an easy transition from...
  182. GSVette

    Talk to me about owning a Dump Truck

    I chose the older dump truck route-85 Ford LN 700. Avoided the CDL issue by licensing it agricultural use only (WA seems to be a bit more liberal in the AG exemption application). It has been very useful but the size does mean lots of trips to the pit. I generally load to a few thousand...
  183. GSVette

    Dog pics

    First post but a topic near and dear to my heart-1 of my two pointing labs