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  1. dragoneggs

    Parallel connecting Generators?

    I have an older Honda EU3000iS and just bought a EU2200i. I have heard that some folks have mated dissimilar models but of course Honda says don't do it. Anyone have experience doing this? Someone said to just take a short 110v 3 prong extension cord and cut the female end off and replace...
  2. dragoneggs

    Today's RV time?

    In the spirit of a few other thread titles, I start this one because I recently purchased a used Class C RV. So many people are jumping into or spending more time in their RV's because in part... the pandemic. But also to see the USA! I was going stir crazy around xmas, and after my son and...
  3. dragoneggs

    Christmas trees... fake vs. real?

    We went out and bought a real tree for the first time in a few years today, after going with a plastic one inherited when my mom passed. Didn't like it but felt bad not using it, sentimental I guess...couldn't bring myself to give it away. Liked the convenience but hated storing it. Anyways...
  4. dragoneggs

    Diving into Ham Radio... uh oh!

    Something that has always intrigued me since I was a little one. Ham radio and building custom electronics. My best friend Tommy, his dad was one of those guys. I helped build and Heathkit TV w/remote! Tommy's dad also had a huge tower antenna on top of his house and I didn't know what it was...
  5. dragoneggs

    Improving AM radio reception?

    Okay, this topic was recently broached somewhere here but after a couple minutes of digging, I decided to start a thread on the subject. I have an AM/FM/CD portable radio in my shop. The AM reception sucks. We live quite aways from the stations so lots of static. Replaced the fluorescent...
  6. dragoneggs

    I turned 60 today and...

    I woke up with a stiff and very sore lower back. Been awhile since I have had this pain and as usual did nothing to deserve it. What a way to celebrate 'my' day. Is this also the new normal? :hissyfit:
  7. dragoneggs

    How do you post a .gif file?

    Trying to post a .gif and not having any luck.
  8. dragoneggs

    Spray Welding, anyone?

    I came across this video and found it quite interesting. It is long and I learned a lot that I will never need to know... but I stuck it out. Maybe this is ho hum for some of you but I thought this guy did a great job executing and teaching. SNS 3: Spray Welding a Blower Shaft - YouTube
  9. dragoneggs

    BBQ Lump coal choices!

    Okay, I have gotten a little obsessed since moving back from gas grilling to charcoal. I've read some reviews and decided to try out several for myself. Wondering what you folks are liking? I've tried four so far (lump not briquettes) and this is my somewhat quick assessment. First I tried...
  10. dragoneggs

    West Coast Smoke, UGH!

    Wife and I jumped in the car and decided to about a week long road trip down the coast. We are having a little heat wave we thought the ocean would be good and also get away from the smoke. Got to Seaside OR last evening and enjoyed the beach sunset. A little bit of smoke helped. After...
  11. dragoneggs

    PKGrill new to me! Lovin' it.

    I just stumbled on the country cooking forum and this has opened up a whole new area of TBN I now have monitor! :laughing: Been BBQing forever I am sure like many of you. In short my BBQ journey goes something like this... I have had the classic Weber chargrill, got lazy and went through a few...
  12. dragoneggs


    I have been on the hunt for a proper anvil for years now without having to bust the big piggy bank. Being in the PNW, I am guessing there aren't the abundance of them as in the Northeast and Midwest. I have a couple of sections of railroad ties that don't really suffice. Please tell your...
  13. dragoneggs

    Noise Insulation for shop compressor?

    I have a 5hp 60gal upright compressor in my shop. Wondering about trying to knock down some of the noise. One thought is to build a little outhouse attached to the back of the shop but I am concerned it will be louder for the neighbors. Also it would be in unheated space but I suppose I...
  14. dragoneggs

    BX rear remote hydraulic connection?

    Help! A hydraulic newbie here... and I do have a build thread going on the subject of adding rear remotes, but thought I should also post over here in case there are some hydraulic experts that might not otherwise chime in. The routing of the hoses from the remotes to the cylinders is a no...
  15. dragoneggs

    Smart Shop tips!

    I know there is a Today's Shop Time thread that I enjoy but thinking we should have a thread for all to share and learn smart shop tips. What might be simple and obvious for some may not be for others. Whether it be good practices, simple jigs for wood or metal working, tricks for cutting...
  16. dragoneggs

    Festools - I hesitate to mention them but...

    Anyone own and/or use Festool? I never thought I would own any because of the crazy price but recently bought a tool and now another and I'm addicted. NOT good. Curious to hear about others experiences? I know what folks will say that haven't tried them because I was there. I will forego...
  17. dragoneggs

    403 Forbidden... Argh!

    I'm getting the subject error message while browsing TBN more and more as the Corona days march on. Is it just me that seems infected, or my laptop, or is this happening to you all as well?
  18. dragoneggs

    Corona Virus #8

    A good portion of us would like to continue this discussion keeping us all up to date and keeping politics out of it. Let's try again... I just learned that two of my friends in New York City have come down with the virus. Both are recovering and did not need to be hospitalized. Hearing...
  19. dragoneggs

    Corona Virus #7

    Com'n guys! Please let's be civil and play by the rules. Let's keep this thread going... For some of us this has hit very close to home. I had a business associate's brother die a couple days ago. A 41 year old city transit driver. My wife's niece is in New York City and her room mate's...
  20. dragoneggs

    My Garage/Shop Heater Install

    Finally pulled the trigger and settled on a Reznor Sealed Combustion 45KBtu propane heater for my little 24' x 28' two car garage... I mean shop. Cars have been relegated to the outdoors for quite some time and that is another story. One of these years I will retire and I really want a...
  21. dragoneggs

    JD LTR166 brake safety switch problem?

    Started up my garden tractor today and now when I release the brake, the engine kills. I am assuming it is a safety switch failure. Any idea where the safety switch is located on the brake pedal system? I looking around but can't find it. And I can't move it to get it elevated. I also need...
  22. dragoneggs

    Corona Virus #5

    Not sure what happened this time? Onward we go...
  23. dragoneggs

    Corona Virus #4

    Okay, here we go again...
  24. dragoneggs

    Garage/Shop Heater Installs?

    I am about to finally install a heater in my 2 car garage converted to a shop. Pretty much settled on Reznor 45kBTU sealed combustion unit. Plan to do the install myself after receiving a quote for $7K installed. My materials for the same thing will be $2K. Looking for any do's/don't's kind...
  25. dragoneggs

    My drill bits cause cancer?

    How far is California going to take this Prop 65 warning?
  26. dragoneggs

    Home cooked but unusual dinners?

    It was a quiet night on Christmas Eve for a change this year as kids and grandkids were doing their thing elsewhere. Don't fret, we will be seeing all of them in the next three days. BUT... this gave us a chance to have a romantic dinner and I decided to lightly smoke a few small lobster tails...
  27. dragoneggs

    Any woodturners out there?

    I am readying to buy a wood lathe. Looking at a mid size 16x24 Possibly a Nova Saturn DVR. Not sure I need/want a full size lathe for say, table legs as I plan to do more bowl turning type of work. Question... do you think I will kick myself for not splurging for a full size? I guess the...
  28. dragoneggs

    Two story Shop on steep grade - Help me Design/Build it!!!

    Okay it is finally time to build my dream shop! Been shoehorned into my two car detached garage for 10 years (both cars parked outside) and I am finally getting to around to 'doing it right!'. We live on 1.5 acres of beautiful sloping view property. While blessed with a million dollar view...
  29. dragoneggs

    Why is an easy repair never quick and easy? (with pics!)

    Needed to replace the BMW hood emblem on my bimmer. Okay no problem. Looked on line, ordered a part from Watched a Youtube vid on process... all set. The emblem arrived today, Aug 12th. Easy fix... just use a wedge and protect the surface and pry around it and it should...
  30. dragoneggs

    Hope for the next gen?

    Trying to keep a long story short... my son who hasn't taken to DIY much, and the enjoyment of tools until recently... said, "Dad, you want to take a Lathe shop class?". With my son at 30 years old, I thought there was no hope for my tools after I pass... but now I think there is!
  31. dragoneggs

    Upgrade my Z122R?

    I have a 42in deck with mulching kit and I love it but... I have about an acre to mow or a little more as I do my aging neighbor's yard too. It gets into tight spaces and I really don't need a wider cut. That said, it does not do as good on the steep terrain I have. Sidehill mowing is a bit...
  32. dragoneggs

    Modding a ground clamp?

    Okay this might be a silly one but I am changing my Miller simple ground clamp to a Magswitch ground clamp. The wire gauge is quite small on my 211 and the Magswitch has a 7/16in bolt. So... I finally found a copper crimp terminal at O'Reilly's autoparts store for two bucks. Problem is it is...
  33. dragoneggs

    Time to convert from small engine to battery tools?

    I have a handheld leaf blower, string trimmer, small rototiller, and a hedger. All small gas engine Stihl products. My wife doesn't mind doing some tilling or hedging but she can't start any of the engines. I have already pretty much converted all of my handheld power tools to Dewalt 20v...
  34. dragoneggs

    The joys of septic tanks

    :mur: One day after removing my backhoe and properly storing it, and hooking up and adjusting my box blade, the basement toilet and shower backed up. :thumbdown: Ended up putting the backhoe back on and digging a couple holes to get to the clean outs on top of my septic tank. At least that...
  35. dragoneggs

    BX rear AC feature?

    I have a BX25D. Back Hoe that I remove and run other three point attached implements... BUT... what are these for... never used them? Look like secondary safety chain attach points.
  36. dragoneggs

    Planning a shop on steep terrain - thoughts?

    I have been pondering how I might add a dedicated shop on my property. We live on 1.5+ acres on a fairly steep property with a priceless view. House and detached two car garage are at top of property. I have come up with 4 options but of course each has it's definite pro's and con's. 1...
  37. dragoneggs

    What tool did Santa bring you?

    Excited I got a 7in Makita Grinder. Holy Moly! :eek: That thing is heavy. I had no idea. I guess the other good news is that it will help me with my New Years resolution to get in better shape! :D
  38. dragoneggs

    The story behind your Avatar?

    With my 10K post I thought it was time to change my Avatar and I got to thinking. There must be some good stories/reasons behind the avatars chosen by TBN members. For those of you that have Avatars, please share the backstory. Should be interesting. My long time avatar was a pic of my...
  39. dragoneggs

    BX25D rear remotes?

    I am wanting to put a Top and Tilt system on my BX25D but my dealer says you can't plumb your rear hydraulics to operate it with rear remotes on the BX25D because of the backhoe configuration. I don't understand why this matters. Even on L series, he showed me in his catalogue, the OEM rear...
  40. dragoneggs

    Box Blade for my SCUT?

    I have a SCUT (BX25D) which I love. Been using a back blade and a landscape rake for my grading and raking needs. Always wanted to try a box blade and still have the itch. We recently went in with neighbors and paved our joint access road so my need is less now, but I still have about 500ft...
  41. dragoneggs

    Personal Weather Station - Suggestions?

    It is time for me to upgrade my indoor/outdoor 'weather station' and was hoping to get some advice here. I have only own a simple one (temp/humidity/pressure) and thinking I want wind and rain measurement. Also I would like to be able to see saved data. Haven't started my search yet but any...
  42. dragoneggs

    Steel prices - Yikes!

    Went to my LWS store to buy a 1/4in 2' by 4' mild steel plate for some misc projects. Holy Cow! Prices have jumped!!! On average the counter guy was saying 50 to 70%. Especially expanded metal sheets for some reason. Anyone else feeling the pain?
  43. dragoneggs

    A chain saw doesn't make you a logger!

    Watch this video to remind yourself how not to do it. Be safe out there! Click Here - Chainsaw doesn't make you a logger
  44. dragoneggs

    How to stop a rabbit from...

    Peeing! I am looking for a humane way to stop a rabbit(s) from browning the best spot in my small front yard. It is right by the front door and it is the only patch of grass that I actually try to manicure! I tore out a bunch of overgrown plants last year nearby and put in a water feature and...
  45. dragoneggs

    Suspension seat for my little Zero Turn?

    [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000]Okay now that I have paid off my Kubota Z122RKW-42 mower, I am thinking I can splurge for a suspension seat. Today I bounced around a bit too much for my back's liking as usual so I started looking online. Found this one, looks like it will fit... Black Talon...
  46. dragoneggs

    Wag! and you other AU/NZ folk... one question!

    I have been wrestling with my fleece zip up for about 9 years now. Bought it at the Avalon (Australian) Airshow in 2009. The zipper pull is on the wrong side! Wife says it is a women's... I say no, the label says XL (I'm an XL to XX depending). So... the question is, do you upside down folk...
  47. dragoneggs

    BX Modifications - A Picture Thread

    I done quite a few mods to my BX, many inspired by 4shorts and others, as well as a few originals of my own creation. I thought this thread could capture in pictures, what you have done to your BX and provide inspiration to others! Please feel free to link to other threads for details if you...
  48. dragoneggs

    Sharpening knives, blades... with a Tormek!

    Not sure where this post belongs but I just purchased a Tormek T-8 sharpener and started sharpening my chisels and kitchen knives. Only done a half dozen tools so far but I am wondering why I didn't take the plunge a long time ago. Well, actually I am not. The Tormek system is dang expensive...
  49. dragoneggs

    Fabtech 2017?

    I went for the first time last year to Las Vegas thanks to the encouragement by yomax4. This year it is in Chicago. I understand it is a bigger/better show but I can't make it. Who is going? Please report back your experiences, etc. It's a big show and I wish I had more than a half day to...
  50. dragoneggs

    What to do with a Kawasaki 16hp V twin garden tractor engine???

    I have a 25+ year old garden tractor and I am considering selling it or at least salvage the engine and make something with it. I have a Z turn so it will just be sitting now that I am selling my rental house. Any cool suggestions?
  51. dragoneggs

    BX Hydraulics - 101 and maybe more?

    I haven't paid much attention to the workings of the hydraulics system on my BX25D ever since my purchase. I have about 400hrs on it. Yes, I have done all the maintenance per schedule but now I am thinking of doing two things... add a 3rd function for a grapple and boost the pressure. As...
  52. dragoneggs

    Building the Wall! Just not the one you are thinking.

    My next door neighbor has an easement along my property line shared with my other neighbor for his driveway. Thirty years ago a railroad tie bulkhead was built about 100ft long and 10ft at the highest. Well it is time to replace and luckily the bulkhead is not my responsibility. The Wall is...
  53. dragoneggs

    Git 'er done... put a fork in it!

    Thought I would post a thread where we can share our pics of interesting things we have done with our forks. I am loving mine now and continue to find so many uses. Post your pics! Moving a large custom fire pit... Ever play Jenga with them?
  54. dragoneggs

    HELP! Miller 211MVP Transformer Welder Quit!

    Was spot welding some casters on to the base of a patio umbrella stand and after two casters complete I suddenly got no arc. ZERO. I checked my ground clamp. Cleaned the tip on the gun. Tried on manual and auto set. Nothing. Any clues??? Not many hours on this unit. Still on my first...
  55. dragoneggs

    Show us your bench!

    Let's see your bench in various states of chaos or calm. Here is my little 2ft by 4ft 1/2in steel top portable tool chest/bench. Some days it is clean with a vise on a corner... other days...
  56. dragoneggs

    I just wanna say...

    I really appreciate and enjoy TBN and its members. What cracked me up tonight as I opened up the 'Today's Posts' were two back to back threads... first titled, "Did I kill my tractor?"... second, "Help me get my rifle back!" Gotta love it!
  57. dragoneggs

    22LR ammo comparison

    I started discussing the subject in another thread but decided it probably deserved a thread of its own. First time out shooting my new Ruger MkIV, I had about 10% Failure to Loads. After some sage advice from fellow TBNer, K0UA and others, I decided to lightly polish my feed ramp and try...
  58. dragoneggs

    Good Evening!!!!

    Thought I would start an evening thread inspired by the very popular "Good Morning!!!!" thread. Some of us are not early risers but late night owls. Maybe we can post our end of day pics, of sunsets, dinners, special events, even night shots (challenging). I will start with our sunset...
  59. dragoneggs

    Steel storage cabinet guts???

    I picked up a heavy duty steel storage cabinet at an auction. Welded on some casters and tore out the pegboard back plate inside to discover a bunch of supports. Does anybody know what they support? They are on the back wall and the inside of the doors. I imagine they are for some type of...
  60. dragoneggs

    Optimum Small Shop height design?

    I have a detached two car garage 24' x 28' with single door... time (well way past time) to expand the garage so the better half can park inside. I am limited in which way I can expand. Basically to one side and/or up. I can expand to the side about 14' (making it 42' total). Beyond that...
  61. dragoneggs

    BX25D bucket attach dimensions?

    Anyone have the dimensions and geometry for the pins/lugs for the bucket on the backhoe? I want to fabricate a trencher that mounts on the same attach points.
  62. dragoneggs

    Surface prep... sandblast vs. grind?

    I haven't done proper research but curious as to which is a better surface prep process for welding? Is bright metal (grinder) better than grit blasted and solvent wiped? Talking mild steel here.
  63. dragoneggs

    BX OEM QA/Forks vs. Tach n Go and Jery's Forks???

    Been doing some research on the subject and here is what I am thinking... First pricing: Kubota OEM QA = $279 Kubota OEM Fork Frame = $636 Kubota OEM 32in Forks = $338 Sales tax (9%) = $113 Total DIY install = $1366. Jery's Tach n Go QA = $649 Jery's Removable 36in Forks = $699 Shipping...
  64. dragoneggs

    Plasma cutting - what am I doing wrong?

    I have a Hypertherm 45XP. I haven't done a lot of cutting on it yet but for anything up to 1/4in it is doing fine. My setup isn't ideal as I am running a long extension cord from a dryer circuit. I also have to share the one outlet with both the plasma cutter and air compressor so I have to...
  65. dragoneggs

    Cleaning a diesel gas can?

    This might be stupid question but just got done installing a vent cap to improve the flow and looked inside a saw some mold or grime. How best to clean it or not?
  66. dragoneggs

    Fume Extractors... why so much?

    Why do fume extractors cost so much? Are there inexpensive DIY solutions that work?
  67. dragoneggs

    Cutting down a back blade - good idea?

    I have a 6ft Rankin back blade that I pull behind my BX. It's a bit like the tail wagging the dog. I picked it up cheap knowing it was too big but it still works okay especially on wide open flat ground if I don't bite too hard. Now that I have a plasma cutter I am thinking I should cut 6in...
  68. dragoneggs

    Welding dissimilar thickness materials?

    Okay another post to get some chatter going... what are folks thoughts on welding dissimilar thickness mild steel (and aluminum if different). Just wondering about any tricks or techniques that make for an optimum weld in these situations. For instance I am making a stand for my grinder. I...
  69. dragoneggs

    Today's Welding time!

    The welding forum has been quiet lately... so I thought I should start a thread based on a popular concept. Let's post our welds... be it a big project or small, routine or not, and of course please post pics. I would start but I'm on a long business trip and have the jones. I will say...
  70. dragoneggs

    Educate me on 'High Zinc Content' motor oil

    I just had a new rebuilt 5.4L V3 Triton engine put into my F150 and the warranty demands the use of a 'high zinc content' 15w40 oil. I was recommended Delo 400 or Rotella T. Upon getting home I see there are T3, T4, T5, and T6 at least. Interesting that my OEM engine called for 5w20...
  71. dragoneggs

    Miller Classic Welding Helmet - HELP

    Stupid question but I can seem to figure out how to replace the battery (for auto darkening). The manual says to slide the cover off the battery but it appears the whole unit has to come out of the helmet. I pushed and pried a bit on the tabs and such, but I don't want to break it. Clues???
  72. dragoneggs

    BX floor mat replacement

    Decided to give my BX a little spruce up after 330hrs of abuse. Try to treat her special so she stays around.:D Replaced the original floor mat with the latest version. Much thicker is the new one. Here is before and after pics. Did also buy new push pins for securing it as the old ones...
  73. dragoneggs

    New Powermax 45XP! Crap... I was just about to pull the trigger!

    Gents, yes I am using the term loosely. I have been researching and procrastinating for a long time on the purchase of my first plasma cutter. Also hoping it is my last. Had pretty much settled on the Miller 625Xtreme over the Powermax 45 after narrowing down my decision to two. I really...
  74. dragoneggs

    HELP - BX steering wheel removal?

    Actually I am trying to replace the instrument cluster as my tach is dead and likely due to water damage as the sealed unit is condensing badly. Question at the moment is how does one remove the steering wheel? I have the nut off of the spindle and it appears it should just pull off...
  75. dragoneggs

    BX tachometer died... fix clues?

    As mentioned in another thread, my dash glass is collecting condensation. Don't know if the moisture is the culprit but I'm now at 320 or so hours on my 3yr old BX25D and my tach is no longer working. Just pegged on zero. Would appreciate any clues on troubleshooting/fixing while I pour...
  76. dragoneggs

    Help - DIY Paint booth ideas/designs? (5000 posts, crap!)

    This post happens to be my 5000th post. When I signed up for this forum I never expected to contribute or post much but the community here, for the most part, is top notch! :drink: A lot of fellow DIYers and clever thinkers has me checking in regularly and maybe posting too much! :ashamed...
  77. dragoneggs

    BX dash moisture solution?

    My dash seems to be building up more moisture behind the glass and would like to rid the problem. Anyone remove/reseal the glass or do anything to solve the problem?
  78. dragoneggs

    BX front quick attach and forks?

    Just popped in to my local dealer and he quoted me $1250 for quick attach and forks. Asked if he could do better and he said 'no'. Anyone have experience on this?
  79. dragoneggs

    BX Auxiliary Chain Box mod!

    Been thinking a long time about fabricating a metal box to mount on my BX25D to hold my 20ft chain. Up until now I have just laid it on the floor and it was constantly in the way of my feet. Well... I think I have a great solution... what do you think? Found a metal ammo box at Costco...
  80. dragoneggs


    In the spirit of the popular TODAY'S SEAT TIME thread, how about posting your gun time activities. Shooting, cleaning, building, reloading, purchasing, etc. Of course pics welcome. Wondering how active folks are with their firearms and accessories, even when they can't get out to shoot. I...
  81. dragoneggs

    Maybe old hat for you serious welders but saw this at my LWS

    Haven't seen one of these before... found it interesting to examine while I had a few pieces of metal I bought cut at my LWS.
  82. dragoneggs

    Top soil screen ideas?

    One man's trash is another's treasure. I scavenged a roll of chain link fencing from the recycle station and thinking I could use a piece of it to make a screen. I have a bunch of nice decomposing soil with lots of sticks and a few rocks in it left over from the clearing debris. I have burned...
  83. dragoneggs

    Night shots!?!

    Burning the last many burns of stumps, limbs, scrub trees, etc. finally got a good burn going and as always, don't have the heart to dowse so I'm on fire watch. Time to kill... I know... TBN... Hey what about posting a challenge? Who works their tractors at night? Bigger challenge... Pics...
  84. dragoneggs

    Gravel Driveway Maintenance thoughts?

    Guilty here as I admit I haven't used the search engine but just finished grading my shared gravel driveway. It is sloped and about 1000ft long 14ft wide and develops a bad case of washboard bumps over the course of lousy driving skills mostly by visitors. Anyways we graded, added 5/8in...
  85. dragoneggs

    I knew I shouldn't have stopped 'buy' at the gun show!

    Well today I unexpectedly added a little piece to my collection. :D Was just planning on walking the show quickly while the wifey waited outside. She didn't see the value in paying another $9 for her to browse. Sometimes there is jewelry but not this time. She gave me instructions to text...
  86. dragoneggs

    Do I restore a natural pond?

    Finally got a couple hours in the seat yesterday until the rains were miserable enough to shut me down. I was down moving a little debris left from a huge excavated pile of trees, stumps, brush, etc. from clearing three years ago. I have salvaged most all of the firewood, burned a bunch, and...
  87. dragoneggs

    How can I straighten this?

    In one of my more brilliant moves, I managed to bend a couple of studs as part of a caster assembly and figured the fine folks here is the weldiing forum might give a clue on how to straighten them. I don't have O/A only a little propane torch and I am having a heck of a time clamping the...
  88. dragoneggs

    How to Grapple without a Grapple - Pictures please

    There is a Grappling Fun - picture thread I have been following and enjoying all the great 'claws' but for some of us that cannot legitimately participate in that thread and only drool and dream... I offer this one. Again, pictures appreciated. Sure could've used a grapple. :smiley_aafz:
  89. dragoneggs

    223/556 buying tips?

    I have been buying locally but it is costing me about 50cents a round. Someone here posted the following site... Never bought ammo online... Wondering who is buying what from who online with great results. Recommendations please.
  90. dragoneggs

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from the great Pacific Northwest USA! What is your top goal for the new year? :cool2: :drink: :number1:
  91. dragoneggs

    Drone / UAV registration?

    FAA chartered a Registration Task Force to come up with recommendations. Here is their just released report on UAV registration...
  92. dragoneggs

    Welding w/o ?

    Not your normal welding post but changing up things a bit... I was practicing on some scraps after finally making a 240v pigtail so I can run my Miller 211MVP on 220v instead of 110v. Long story but shop wiring isn't yet where it needs to be. Anyways... I remember watching a few youtube vids...
  93. dragoneggs

    Favorite rear PTO implements for your SCUT?

    I have worked my BX hard for about 275 hrs mainly FEL and also back blade and BH work. But so far but have yet to do anything with the PTO. Wondering what your favorite rear PTO implement is and why?
  94. dragoneggs

    Loader  BXing stumps!

    Been working to clear a huge pile of debris that has been down for two and half years. Stuff is breaking down rotting but I have some decent sized stumps I am burning up as well. I am maxing out the FEL and bucket hydraulics. Some stumps I chain and lift and drag if too big. Anyone else...
  95. dragoneggs

    Help with selecting a trencher for my BX

    I have several hundred feet of glacial till (hard rocky ground) to trench to lay water pipe around my property. I have looked on line at BXpanded and BroTek products and I own several products from each company and can attest on the quality and usefulness. But what else is out there? That...
  96. dragoneggs

    Free standing fire pit and surrounds

    I just purchased an artistic steel fire pit for our anniversary and realized we don't have enough level space to set it properly and with a few chairs around. So... got to leveling out an area on our sloped yard. Working with my BX FEL and BH. First couple pics of the fire pit being...
  97. dragoneggs

    Cleaning around your zerks and grease areas?

    What do you folks do to keep the tractor clean around your zerks and squeeze out areas? I see a lot of pics of either barely used tractors or very **** caring of tractors. For those of you who do spend a little time detailing, curious to know your methods.
  98. dragoneggs

    Trick for getting the boots on your BX?

    Okay you folks that have replaced the boots on the front steering links... what are your tricks for getting the spring steel retaining ring on the boot? This is pissing me off.
  99. dragoneggs

    Broke the steering pin on BX after 230hrs.

    Working on burning up a huge pile of debris today I lost steering. Looks like an easy fix but the pin threads are wasted. Cotter pin and slotted washer gone in dirt somewhere. The first trick was to come up with a makeshift nut... to get my steering back so I could limp 'er up my hill and get...
  100. dragoneggs

    The Z122rkw just caught my attention!

    Hearing that there is a new Kommander Z122rkw. Saw a bit on a few sites and not much info yet. But this is appealing to me. 42in deck which should be me the maneuverability I am looking for. I guess too new to find a review. If anyone has thoughts or more info than on the Kubota website...
  101. dragoneggs

    Thoughts on mounting a 2500b winch on BX?

    Thinking of mounting an electric winch on my BX. Found this one for cheap at Harbor Frieght. Coupon sale is $59.99 What do you all think? Mounting location? Please share your experiences with winches on small tractors? 2500 lb. ATV/Utility Electric Winch with Wireless Remote Control Don't...
  102. dragoneggs

    Honda Generator battery operation question

    I have a Honda EU300is generator that is absolutely a dream machine. Extremely quiet, easy pull start and has an electric key start as well. I finally replaced the dead battery and am wondering what you all think is the frequency and duration of start/runs to keep the battery from going dead...
  103. dragoneggs

    How many fired off a round or more on New Years at the stroke of midnight?

    I figured it was safe to post this in the rural living thread. :D Just curious if anyone has the same ritual as me?
  104. dragoneggs

    Hypertherm 30xp vs 45 decision?

    Hi guys, been thinking (dreaming mostly) but getting tired of hacking up metal with a chop saw and no good way to cut sheet. So I want some thoughts on the subject. I have pretty much decided I am going to go with Hypertherm. My dilemma is whether to go with the 30XP or 45. Not in any real...
  105. dragoneggs

    My wheelbarrow is lonely!

    I can't believe that ever since I bought my BX, about a year and a half ago, I haven't even touched my wheelbarrow. I happened to see it yesterday around the backside of my house, tilted and laying a bit on its side full of cobwebs and some stray grass starting to envelop it. I sort of felt...
  106. dragoneggs

    BX 200hr club?

    Okay Gents (and the rest of you), I just finished the 200hr maintenance on my BX. I have had my machine from new and it's been 15 months. A few observations... 1. The inline fuel filters (especially the first one) needed replacement. Much smoother running under a load and on hills...
  107. dragoneggs

    Putting a B series fuel filter on a BX?

    While at my Kubota dealer today I noticed the fuel filter on the B series and am thinking why not just install that on my BX and get rid of the two original dinky filters. I like the small size and the ease of checking/replacing. I know others have suggested the Racor filter. What do you all...
  108. dragoneggs

    BX25D Work Shop Manual?

    I have been searching on the web for the WSM for my BX25D. Can't find it. Visited Messick's, Kubota sites and a few others. Anyone know the part number and how to get ahold of it? Need parts (I think) for my parking brake.
  109. dragoneggs

    First breakage on BX

    I have 195 hard hours on my BX and finally broke something today. Well not including busting a zerk fitting, and putting tubes in the front tires to prevent slow leasks. The parking brake no longer 'locks'. I haven't looked at it yet but I assume it will be an easy fix. So, I guess it is time...
  110. dragoneggs

    Wiring a small garage/shop?

    I hope to expand my two car detached garage to make room for a more permanent dedicated shop. As it is now I have most all of my wood/metal working tools on casters. I can still get the wife's car in the garage but it would sweet to have the best of both worlds. I now only have 110v hard...
  111. dragoneggs

    Locating and using a Compact Bender

    I just purchased a HF compact bender and need to locate it in my small shop/garage. I want it out of the way enough that I can keep it installed most of the time hopefully. Plan on using 4qty 1/2in dia. concrete anchors and bolt it down. Sorry for the newbie question here, but I have never...
  112. dragoneggs

    What does BX + PTB = ???

    I was going to post in the 'Life of a BX' thread but decided it would be fun to highlight the Piranha Tooth Bar! This thing has been incredible. Yesterday I pulled a few stumps out of a huge debri pile that an excavator made clearing some of my property last year. I was able to dig/pull them...
  113. dragoneggs

    Ripper/Trencher Attachment ideas for BX?

    I have a BX25D and need to trench about 200ft to lay some poly pipe for underground water supply to my lower property. I don't want to use my 12in wide bucket. Looking for your comments on what is available for my BX and some success stories. Plan on burying 12 to 18in max. Not worried...
  114. dragoneggs

    Cutting up to 1/4in steel - what do you recommend?

    Looking to spawn a discussion on tools, brands, accessories for cutting steel and I suppose aluminum. I only have a 14in chop saw for metal. Wondering about what to invest in... Oxy Torch, Plasma, whatever. Doubt I will do much of anything thicker than 1/4in and most will be 1/8in or less. I...
  115. dragoneggs

    My little welding table DIY accessories

    Okay guys, don't laugh... I made a couple accessories for my little (2ft by 4ft) portable welding table. The first was simply to adhesively bond three 'super magnets' purchased at Home Depot to a 2ft square. I find this helpful in squaring up parts to be welded. The magnets are small but...
  116. dragoneggs

    Might regret this but... live and learn

    I recently started welding having acquired a Miller 211 MIG. Having a ball and my first project called for 16gauge 1-1/4in square tube for some tables and shelving support in my greenhouse. Maybe a little thin for a first go as I suffered some burn throughs and what I think were some cold laps...
  117. dragoneggs

    150hrs and still lovin' my BX

    Today I hit 150hrs. Working on my huge pile of debris from last year clearing. Ahh... the pleasure of burning stumps and branches using the FEL. So much fun I thought I would try 3 wheeling. This stump about tipped me over! :shocked: Nice day to burn and made a dent on the pile but...
  118. dragoneggs

    Tubing tires on BX

    After tubing my right front tire about 6 months ago due to slow leak, I had my other front tire tubed at Les Schwab due to chronic slow leak. Cost about $25. So, just curious if many other of you BX owners have experienced the same problem? Granted I am hard on my tires as I am frequently on...
  119. dragoneggs

    My 'new' welding table and first welding project

    I recently bought a Miller 211 Mig and and picked up a Harbor Freight Welder cabinet that I really like. Now the story gets a little interesting as I went to the local dump and recycle station in hopes of finding some scrap to practice on. Well, I did go dumpster diving in the metal scrap bin...
  120. dragoneggs

    Harbor Freight Greenhouse Construction

    The weather has finally improved enough to allow me to get on this project. Ultimately for the wife, but I want it to have all of the 'bells and whistles' within reason. I hope to post some video at some point but here are some pics of the construction. These first pics show the ditching work...
  121. dragoneggs

    HF Greenhouse foundation question

    I am readying the ground to build a HF 10x12 greenhouse. Plan to use 4x6 PT timbers for foundation. For those of you who own on, could you provide me the exact outside dimensions of the green house base footprint?
  122. dragoneggs

    Lucky of the draw to be born where I was

    I am sitting in an airport in Xi'an China at the moment reflecting on how lucky I am to have have been hatched by random luck in a country that has allowed me to have a wonderful life. I, and my bet is that most of us on this forum, often take for granted the freedom, land and space we have to...
  123. dragoneggs

    Just purchased first welder - MIG

    Okay this tractoring stuff is getting addicting :licking: A life long dream to get a welder is finally going to be a reality. I 'settled' or maybe I should say splurged on a Miller 211 MVP and also purchased a spool gun. I wanted to take advantage of the 10% rebater that expires end of the...
  124. dragoneggs

    Adding Rear View Mirrors using ClickBond technology

    Here is a simple little mod I made to my BX without having to drill, weld, or rivet on the tractor. Thanks to 4Shorts for the idea, I now do not have to turn my head repeatedly to watch my blade. I made a video (my first) of the install and posted on YouTube. I hope you like it. Kubota BX25D...
  125. dragoneggs

    Home heating fuel vs. #2 diesel

    My son in law is replacing his heating system in his house and has a hundred gallons or so of home heating fuel he needs to get rid of. The guy that fills his tank tested it for moisture and whatever and says it is clean and is the same exact thing as #2 diesel. I am considering pumping out...
  126. dragoneggs

    BX owner considering QA for FEL

    Okay I am considering a QA for my BX25D FEL. I am looking at forks to go along with the bucket outfitted with a Piranha tooth bar, but what other attachments should I look at? I don't get enough snow to warrant a snowblower but dang if money wasn't an issue it would be on the list. So...
  127. dragoneggs

    Location for a small chain box on BX?

    I am wanting to add a small box, probably find or fab a metal one w/lid to store a chain, maybe some misc. tools, pins, etc. Wondering about mounting location. Here is where I am thinking. Pros, Cons, of this location on the right side vertical member of the FEL, ideas??? Also considering...
  128. dragoneggs

    LED light install... BUT look mom, no holes!

    Well almost. There has been a lot of talk about drilling holes especially on the ROPS. My solution involved no drilling of holes for the entire project... except for two. I just couldn't get around drilling a couple of holes in the plastic dash of my BX for a couple of lighted switches. A...
  129. dragoneggs

    Landpride grapple for SCUT?

    Anyone have any experience with the Landpride SGC05 grapple? Looks like it could be a little flimsy from the video but if the price is right, it might be pretty handy for me handling brush for burn piles. I am pretty rough with my FEL. I would probably have to be gentle with this though...
  130. dragoneggs

    Chains  Recommendations for tire chains on a BX?

    I have a BX25D with 26x12x12 R4s and back blade installed. Have 2in wheel spacers on the rears. Figuring I only need chains on rear. Driveway is steep and firmly packed gravel and about 800ft long. I am looking for suggestions on exactly what chains you all would recommend and why. We don't...
  131. dragoneggs

    First time BX25 backhoe removal and 3pt hitch install

    Well I think I finished getting ready for winter (tractor wise). Finally decided it was time to remove the BH for the first time and install the 3pt hitch. It was a good day today with my son assisting. Went pretty smoothly using the BXpanded BH dolly. Rolled the BH easily into the corner of...
  132. dragoneggs

    Thistle epidemic... how to handle?

    I cleared my property earlier this year and am in the midst of a multi-year landscaping project. I have about an acre of sloped property that I am building retaining walls, vegetable garden, orchard, and berry patch and maybe even some grape vines. Problem is that my clearing has been taken...
  133. dragoneggs

    Grapple for BX?

    Wondering if there exists a grapple for the BX25? If so, how big a deal is it to attach?
  134. dragoneggs

    Zerk/grease gun 101

    Okay I start this thread mostly for the newbies like me that are maintaining their BX's. Breaking off my first Zerk fitting provided the impetus. Today I replaced the Zerk after drilling out the remainder stepping from a 1/8in, 5/32in, then 3/16in drills first and then using an easy out to...
  135. dragoneggs

    Stump huntin' with my BX25D!

    Today I finally tackled a big partially rotted fir tree stump. When I started, I wasn't sure it was possible. The challenge was that it was on a very steep grade and needed the stump to go so I could properly backfill my second retaining wall. Difficult to get to except from below and from...
  136. dragoneggs

    Slow tire leak - BX25D suggestions

    Got a very slow front tire leak after 70 hours. I don't see anything wrong on inspection. Suggestions? Filled twice with air during 1.5 months use. What are my options?
  137. dragoneggs

    How many Zerk fittings on a BX25D?

    I seem to be finding another one each time I lube! Haven't seen in the manual, the specific locations for all. Am I missing it somewhere? :confused3:
  138. dragoneggs

    50 hour service on BX25D

    Okay I have been using my BX25D for just under a month and I just hit 50 hours and it's time to service it. I have read some great posts on the subject but unfortunately I didn't bookmark them except for this excellent one started by JohnThomas...
  139. dragoneggs

    My first of many Retaining Walls to tame my slope - DIY

    Okay trying to tame my steep slope on 1.5 acres of incredible view property. Most of the slope is 20 to 25 degrees, some up to 35 degrees near house. Starting at the bottom. First wall will be 4 ft using Allan Blocks. These are 8 by 18 by 12 and weigh about 75lbs. Here are some initial...
  140. dragoneggs

    BX25D - Traversing a slope for mowing... max?

    Okay folks, I have an acre of sloped property. Some have already seen a bit of what I am dealing with but here is another question. I am planning to terrace as necessary using Allen Block, trying to limit my steps (wall heights) to 4ft and I want to gently slope the areas between the steps so...
  141. dragoneggs

    Piranha tooth bar!!!

    All I can say is wow! Came UPS this morning. Installed it with a couple of 3/4in bolts (have to drill two holes, one on each side of bucket). Quick work and wow does it dig! This was awesome in lowering my grade around my garage. Cuts in rocky hard soil. Scooped loose dirt, 3/4in gravel...
  142. dragoneggs

    Great day on the BX25D!

    This almost could be a commercial... but in reality, just a sequel to my recent and now obsolete thread, "First real day on BX25D - need encouragement" I now have 27hrs on my baby and couldn't be happier. It is a joy to jump on and in a couple of hours, really accomplish something. Today I...
  143. dragoneggs

    BX25D - Switching between 2WD and 4WD?

    I am mostly keeping in 4WD all of the time and occasionally locking the differential when needed working on the slopes of my cleared property. Today I was driving across, turning around a bunch on paved road. My question is when I am going back and forth and turning hard across a paved area...
  144. dragoneggs

    Gravel spreading on a fresh cut steep road cut in with BX25D?

    Okay this might be a stupid question, but someone said there are no stupid questions (I can't say I am a subscriber to this) but here goes... I have just finished cutting in a 200ft long by 6ft wide tractor trail to get down to my lower property. It is pretty steep trail but it is now at least...
  145. dragoneggs

    BX25D - Moisture under instrument glass panel

    Took a little time to hose off my dirty new BX yesterday and noticed moisture under the glass on the instrument panel. Didn't use pressure, just basically a rinse. Is this normal? Anyone else experience this? Seems like it should be better sealed than this! :mad:
  146. dragoneggs

    Hours per gallon with BX?

    I just hit 10 hours on my BX25D and it looks like i have a 1/4 to 1/3 tank left. So I am running about 2.5 hours/gallon or .4 gallons/hr. Curious, is this about what you all are finding? I am probably running mostly around 2500rpm. What are your typical rpm's? Do you vary depending on use?
  147. dragoneggs

    BX25D tool box?

    Looking to buy the Kubota tool box but would really like to mount it to the right side due to access concern/desire. In 4Shorts historic thread: I believe he modded a stock unit for mounting on the...
  148. dragoneggs

    First real day on new BX25D... need encouragement!

    Okay, I finally had a chance to get my new BX25D dirty today. :licking: Full disclosure first. This is my first tractor (other than a JD riding lawnmower). I have a sloping some places very steep 1.5 acre of which about 1acre freshly cleared property. Soil is very rocky. I will post some...
  149. dragoneggs

    Landscape rake for removing rocks?

    I just bought a BX25D and Land Pride LR15 series landscape rake. Dealer said rake will do the job of removing the rocks but after getting it home and reading a bit I am not too sure. Anyone have experience with this method? Do I need the optional wheels? I have almost an acre to do of...