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    New Tractor Problems

    The sounds like a bad solenoid and/or not getting enough amperage. I had the same problem with my Kubota. Make sure you are jumpering with thick enough cables. I would take booster cables and hook the negative from the battery to the engine block and the positive from the battery positive...
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    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    Good to hear that you have it resolved. Just a hint for others, if you have a similar problem try running a booster cable from the starter and touching the battery, if it cranks over fine then you can rule out some issues like battery, starter, solenoid, and ground. For a while that is how I...
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    Pulling hydraulics for chipper, why do I need a switch?

    Hi, I have a Kubota L3800 and I need to add hydraulics to the rear to run a chipper, why can I not "T" a pressure line and "T" a return line and use that? The dealership says I need $1,200 in parts and a switch. I do _not_ intend to run the bucket and chipper at the same time. The...