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  1. J

    I Hate Maple Stumps!

    Hmmmm..., Looks harmless enough.
  2. J

    Aldomi Forks

    These forks were made by Aldomi out of Gatewood Missouri. Does any one know if they, or anyone else, make any other attachments for the C-50 FEL. I could find nothing on them in a google search ( although it does seem to mean something in Italian ). jh
  3. J

    broken grease nipple

    Hi All, Ok, I have a backhoe on my tractor. The boom of the backhoe has an opening about 1" x 2" to get at the grease fitting for the uper end of the boom cylinder. The grease fitting was a 45 degree angled so that with a little persuation you could get the hose from the grease gun onto it. Of...
  4. J

    Where's my hat?

    Where\'s my hat? Does anyone out there have a Century hat? If so where did you get it? If not. What's up Chipperman? We need hats and toys and calenders and and... Sorry jh
  5. J

    I Love Pine Stumps

    After digging up a bunch of maple stumps (30-60 mins each) I found this pine stump refreshing! First Picture 10:30am
  6. J

    over canopy soft cab

    Hi Folks, I am new to tractoring, and have learned alot from this site. I am wondering if you could help me with a question? I have a century 3045 wih a canopy and I'm going to have to use it this winter for snow removal. Is there someone who sells a cab that i could hang over the canopy? I...
  7. J

    tooth bar c-50

    Hi All Has anyone put a tooth bar on a c-50? I'm new at this and need guidance on which ones are good, and which ones aren't. Thanks in advance! john
  8. J

    Century C-50 hose routing

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post so please bear with me. I have a new Century 3045, with a C-50 FEL. As delivered there is a problem with the hose placement, When making a hard right turn the tire nubs catch on one of the hydraulic lines( return I think). Is this a common problem with the...
  9. J

    Century C-50 hose routing