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  1. JeepHead

    New Homestead Implements Pinnacle 55" grapple (pic heavy)

    Received my new 55" Pinnacle series HI grapple last week. I am impressed with the build quality. Here are some Pics.
  2. JeepHead

    My Grapple just got delivered

    Gonna be a long day waiting for the work day to be over. Just seen on the security cam that my Homestead Implement 55" Pinnacle grapple was delivered a few minutes ago. Can't wait to put it to work!
  3. JeepHead

    Middle buster

    I picked up a middle buster this week. Just curious to hear interesting ways you have put this tool to work. Fire away!
  4. JeepHead

    Let's see some homemade log booms

    I am planning to make a 3pnt log boom. Will probably also incorporate a trailer hitch so I can move trailer around too. Just curious if anyone has pics of one they've made. Always looking for ideas.
  5. JeepHead

    Picked up a trailer this weekend

    So I needed a trailer to haul my 2502 around on. I purchased a used PJ 20' dovetail with 5200# axles. Just curious, what all ways have you fellers found that you can make money off a trailer?
  6. JeepHead

    Echo 2511T is an amazing saw!

    I have a slight chainsaw addiction because I cut a LOT of wood... I only buy pro saws and tend to stick to Husqvarna and Stihl but have a few Echos, too. I recently picked up the Echo 2511T and it has became my absolute favorite saw to run. It is so small and light it feels like a toy but it's a...
  7. JeepHead

    Got a new L2502HST

    My new L2502 was delivered this week and I love it.. I only bought the forks and box blade for it so far but will eventually get a grapple and a post hole digger, probably a boom pole, and a 3-point skidding implement. My brother-in-law has a ton of different implements that I can borrow if...
  8. JeepHead

    Kubota 1.8 VS 2.4

    Are both of these engines equally as good or does one have a better history than the other? Considering