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  1. BruceR

    Lots of manuals

    On that online auction site that we are not supposed to mention anymore are a load of off-beat Yanmar manuals. Very reasonably priced, covering backhoes, tillers, mowers, etc. Look in the Stores section, sellers name: Reasonably Priced Manuals. I got mine. Bruce
  2. BruceR

    Hey Aaron

    Those are some nice new additions to your site. Keep up the good work. Bruce
  3. BruceR

    Hey Aaron

    Nice new look to the Hoye site. Bruce
  4. BruceR

    First Day on The Job

    I finally got to do some work with my 2000B. I began re-working my drive with a 5' grader blade. I can honestly say that it more than exceeded my highest expectations, and they were pretty high. Bruce
  5. BruceR

    YM2000B Cooling system

    Howdy, Finally got my 2000B home and have been changing filters and checking it over. I can not find a petcock on the radiator to drain the system. The parts book shows one on the lower rear right hand corner of the radiator, but I'll be darned if I can find it. My system varies a little...
  6. BruceR

    New Owner

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the info I was able to glean here before deciding which tractor would be best for me. I have read over 80 pages of old posts. I started out thinking a YM1500 would suit my needs but after learning that anti-sway chains were an issue and that there was no...