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  1. gtrippleb

    Air Compressor for T2320

    Does anyone know if there is another air compressor that will fit a T2320? I'm being told the compressor is on backorder and do not know when it will be available. This looks to be the latest part #48098945 It looks like a Sanden B507 S19 according to what's on the compressor. I haven't taken...
  2. gtrippleb


    I have a T2320 hydro that's been doing that for a few months now. I haven't looked into yet, but it reminds me of when I don't put the brake on before shutting off the engine.
  3. gtrippleb

    Your towing rigs and trailers

    I decided it was time to retire my 2013 F-150 ecoboost with max tow as I was pretty close to my max with towing my tilt bed trailer and tractor. I picked this up a few weeks ago at a state surplus/county auction for $6k. Probably could of got it cheaper as I was away for work and no one was...
  4. gtrippleb

    Brush Fork DIY Build

    This is what I built for my sc2400. I went this route so I could easily insert a new fork/tine if I broke or bent one and I could also build other tools to insert into the square tubing. I don't remember what the size of the square tubing was but the tines/forks were 1" solid square stock. If I...
  5. gtrippleb

    Framing partition walls for corrugated stee sheathing?

    When closing in my carport this is pretty much what I did. Studs are 16" on center 9' tall. I ran 2x4 purloins horizontal essentially 24" on center. I then installed 1/2" and 1" polystyrene foam board between the 2x4 purloins overlapping the seams. Then covered the wall with 1/4" polystyrene...
  6. gtrippleb

    Sc2400/2450 Fuel Strainer F/S

    I don't see a way to list parts for sale in the classified section so I thought I would post it here. Mods please let me know if this is wrong and I can post this in the correct location. I sold my Sc2400 tonight and I have two new still in the package Fuel Strainer filters if anyone wants...
  7. gtrippleb

    where do you store your tractor - inside or out?

    I put up a 18x21x9 Carolina carport almost a yr ago for my tractors. It was around $1300 plus the gravel I put in on. I'm in the process of enclosing it in now. Depending on the size of your shed, I would look at adding a lean-to off the side or expanding your shed.
  8. gtrippleb

    Tractor News  TYM Sponsors Small Town Big Deal on RFD TV

    While watching Small Town Big Deal tonight on RFDTV, I see that this show is sponsored by TYM tractors. I was kind of surprised as I haven't seen a TYM commercial before. Maybe we'll see more of their commercials on other channels to get more exposure of the brand.
  9. gtrippleb

    Strapping it Down!

    That's my father in-law's thoughts also. He gives me a hard time every time he helps or watches me chain down my T2320. I just like to know it's secured on the trailer.
  10. gtrippleb

    CK35HST trans operation

    Would someone be able to inform me on how the hydrastatic trans works on a ck35hst? I test drove one the other day and I had to press a clutch in before moving the lever to the range I wanted. I thought to myself, why would I need to push a clutch in to put a hydrostatic transmission into range...
  11. gtrippleb

    Quick hitch

    Like puckgrinder85 said, it's proprietary. It does remind me of the JD setup on the top connection with the hook. This is a good picture of what it looks like. This is provided by Katahdin...
  12. gtrippleb

    Where does your tractor sleep?

    Mine sleep under a 18'x21' carport I had put up back in November. Before putting up the carport, the CCY slept outside the past 4 yrs and the NH slept in a heated garage in ND. I'm in the process of closing it in now. .
  13. gtrippleb

    Shipping Container Shops

    This thread has some pretty interesting pictures. shipping containers shops - Shop and Tool Talk - The NEOW Forum
  14. gtrippleb

    2014 Yanmar Sub-Compacts

    I stopped by my Yanmar dealer, Knightdale Tractor, today to order a front tire for my Sc2400 and while there I checked out the new models. Nelson from WR Long was there taking some measurements for some new attachments/accessories for the new models. My first impressions on the 324 was that...
  15. gtrippleb

    Quick tach loader system

    Looking at a 324 with the YL110 loader, the quick tach is proprietary. I can only assume it's the same on the 424 with YL210 loader but they didn't have one on the lot. I stopped by my Yanmar dealer, Knightdale Tractor, to order a tire for my Sc2400. While I was there I checked out the tractors...
  16. gtrippleb

    3 point fork lift attachment

    I picked up one of these a few weeks ago. It's made for a cat 2 connection so I need to modify it to fit my cat 1 3pt. I was looking for a 3pt bale spear but figured this would work for bales and other things. 3 Point Pallet Mover, Bale Mover, Pallet Mover | Agri Supply, 70272, 3-Pt Pallet
  17. gtrippleb

    Attaching a beam to post question?

    You could attach these beams to your posts like beams are attached to 6x6 posts on decks. Cut 4.5 inches out of one end of the post creating a "L" and then set the 2x8's on the ledge that's created. Then bolt them to the RR Tie with 5/8" or 3/4" bolts that are long enough to go all the way...
  18. gtrippleb

    Brush fork quick-attach ideas

    You could use something like this although they could get in the way of what your carrying. or this. carry-on-trailer-trailer-gate-pin-repair-kit They are used for latching the trailer gate on trailers. There are numerous types available.
  19. gtrippleb

    94BULLITT's Home Built 3 Point Hitch Dethatcher

    Not to shabby. I think I would add some stands/feet to it to help it stay upright when not in use. I added some to mine when I built mine. I've added two stands to the front since the picture was taken as I originally had the feet on the dethatcher and the frame it mounts to.
  20. gtrippleb

    TSC - Shell Rotella T5 10W-40 1 gallon - $9.99

    I stopped in TSC tonight and they had the Shell Rotella T5 10W-40 Diesel Engine Oil, 1 gallon jugs on clearance for $9.99. Shell-Rotella t5-10w40-synthetic-oil Regular price was $21.99 in the store, but online it says $14.99. I bought the 6 gallons the store had left so according to the in...
  21. gtrippleb

    2014 Yanmar Sub-Compacts

    It looks like Yanmar is bringing the red color to the states. Maybe it's time to trade in a yellow for a red. Any dealers have any information they can pass along on these new Sub-Compacts? Maybe Yanmar will update their website with some information soon. The picture of the 324 which doesn't...
  22. gtrippleb

    Need help deciding which trailer to get for my John Deere 1026....

    I started with 2007 4x4 Ranger and a Carry-On 16ft dual axle landscape trailer with an empty weight of 1600 .lbs for my Sc2400. Similar in size to your 1026. I think you're jeep would have no problem towing. When I brought down the T2320 from our farm we're selling in ND, I needed a new tow...
  23. gtrippleb

    grab hooks on equipment for tying it down

    I don't have a grille guard on my T2320 but there are holes to bolt one to it. I drilled two of the holes, one on each side, to fit a clevis like this. 1 1/4 x 3 3/4 Straight Tractor Clevis You can kind of see them in this picture
  24. gtrippleb

    grab hooks on equipment for tying it down

    You could go with some as simple as this. Weld-On Grab Hook - Grade 70 - 5/16 | AW Direct Or you could go with something like this. Weld-On Anchor Hooks | AW Direct There's numerous options available. Greg
  25. gtrippleb

    New Load Trailer

    Kaufman Equipment Trailers for Sale by Kaufman Trailers uses two 2 pin type connections, one on each side. I think it's a 2" cylinder with a d-ring welded on the end. I haven't measured it and I don't have my trailer here so I'm not positive on the size. It's very easy to latch and unlatch the...
  26. gtrippleb

    I suck at using rachet chain

    I used to use the lever type binders but I didn't feel like using a 2ft cheater bar to get them tight and possibly hitting myself. Not to mention when you try and release them, the possibility of the level swinging open and hitting me, wasn't for me. So I went with the ratchet binders. I still...
  27. gtrippleb

    Good landscape rake - cheap (Part 2 - Daver1963's attempt)

    That first picture is one I pulled off of a thread on tbn, not sure where I grabbed it from. I don't have a good picture of mine on the computer, but you can get an idea from this thread. I used 1 inch...
  28. gtrippleb

    Good landscape rake - cheap (Part 2 - Daver1963's attempt)

    Here's a picture that kind of shows the attachment of the hay tine rake teeth. I used the green ones from TSC when I built my dethatcher/rake. They work great for picking up pine straw but for leaves they could be better. What contributes to this is that the spacing I have them at is to...
  29. gtrippleb

    Towing NH T2320 w/2013 F-150 Eco Max Tow

    I kind of figured it was surge breaks but I was expecting it to look similar to what the Uhaul trailers look like. Which, the ones I've seen are very obvious that they are surge breaks. Which is confirmed by the sticker on the underside of the hitch. This makes no sense to me as the hitch...
  30. gtrippleb

    Towing NH T2320 w/2013 F-150 Eco Max Tow

    I'll be hauling a NH T2320 from ND to NC, roughly 1450 miles, with a 2013 Crew Cab F-150 4x4 Eco with the Max Tow and 3.73 gears. I'm looking at picking up a WD hitch to help distribute the weight and I was wondering if there is anything that maybe I'm not thinking about to help make this move...
  31. gtrippleb

    Need T2320 Dimensions

    I'm hoping someone can help me with the width of a T2320 that has R4 tires and a cab. I'm going to be renting a trailer to bring my mom's T2320 down to NC but I'm not sure if a 6ft, inside wheel well, wide trailer will be wide enough. I found a document with specs and it shows minimum width with...
  32. gtrippleb

    Ads between Thread/Category pages

    I haven't seen this before today, but I noticed while clicking on the Snow Removal Forum category, I was introduced to an XBOX ad that took up the whole page. I noticed that there was a Skip Ad link, but I couldn't skip the ad. I think the ad runs for 40 seconds. Once the ad finished, I was...
  33. gtrippleb

    Gravel pad for carport

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I'm going to order the ABC tomorrow. The laddy at the gravel pit calculated I would need 12 tons. I might see what the truck holds and order some extra as I think delivery fee would be the same if the truck is half full or fully loaded. The price is $14.50/ton...
  34. gtrippleb

    Gravel pad for carport

    I know there are probably some threads out there on this but for some reason the search function isn't working. I ordered a 18x21 carport over the weekend as I figured after 4 yrs of being outside, my tractor needed a cover. I also needed a place to store some stuff that's under my other...
  35. gtrippleb

    hey Diamondpilot/eco boost

    I traded in my 2010 F150 STX a couple of weeks ago for this. 2013 F150 XLT 6.5 bed eco, 3.73, 7700 gvwr and max tow. What gets me though is the sticker that's on the hitch. If I read it correctly, towing anything over 5000 .lbs needs a weight distribution hitch.
  36. gtrippleb

    3pt Thatch Rake....

    I would assume it would work great. Here's some pictures of the one I built. It's the only thing I use to rake up leaves in my father in-laws yard and mine. I built the 3pt part to be used on other things I've built like a basket and a sprayer. It comes in handy as I can just build...
  37. gtrippleb

    R4 Rim Size for Ex/Lx Models (Fronts)

    Not sure if this will help you or not. These are from teh EX450 Parts Manaul. You might have to call a dealer to see if they can tell you the actual rim size. R1 Tire Kit R3 - Turf Tire Kit R4 - Bar Tire Kit Thanks, Greg
  38. gtrippleb

    grapple bx25

    The thing with a grapple on a sub compact is knowing your limitation. For lifting brush you would probably be ok, but like MessickFarmEqu said, you're only going to be able to lift 200-250 .lbs. So you might have some problems if you are going to lift cut logs. That being said, I still want...
  39. gtrippleb

    Kaufman vs Gatormade

    I had a Kaufman 30ft gooseneck that I put around 15k on in 4 months hauling less than loads. I never had any problems with it. I don't live to far from the factory so it was nice to go down there and pick out the trailer and haul it home. I had to order it as they didn't already have a 30ft on...
  40. gtrippleb

    Homemade quick attach

    I live close to the Garner store so if you need me to stop by, not that I need a reason to stop by :D, I'm sure I can fit two into a small priority mail shipper which is around $6 to ship. I'm thinking of building a rake for my quick hitch that I built when I built my dethatcher awhile ago so I...
  41. gtrippleb

    SC2400 Turns over but won't start

    I started this issue in the Cub/Yanmar forum but thought I might more answers here. Original Thread The issue that I'm having is that for a few weeks my tractor would turn over but...
  42. gtrippleb

    Drill bit sharpening

    Is this what you're looking for? The font is kind of small though.
  43. gtrippleb

    BX25 Harbor Freight Quick Hitch

    Here's the picture of a JD QH Item 6 in the picture is what I think you're talking about. Part #: PM9206 Description: Lower Link Pin You can get the part numbers here and do a search on...
  44. gtrippleb

    New member looking at a Yanmar 2400

    Welcome aboard. I agree that Yanmar's site isn't much to look at. Here's Yanmar's site on the 2400/2450 Yanmar Tractors: Sub-Compact Tractors: Sc Series There's a spec sheet there. For the price it will be hard to find anything better, but then I haven't priced tractors since 2009 when I...
  45. gtrippleb

    CCY CL400 Loader Manual

    I had a request to find a parts manual for the CCY CL400 loader so I thought I would share this with everyone. I believe this loader was available on the EX450 Thanks, Greg
  46. gtrippleb

    T-N-T on a CCY Sc2400

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of anyone that made t-n-t cylinders for a CCY Sc2400? I haven't measured the side link yet as I'm sure it will have to be custom made but I thought I would ask. I don't think the top link will have to be custom made but I could be wrong. I don't know of anyone...
  47. gtrippleb

    3TNV72 Shop Manual

    While looking online for some stuff on my SC2400, I happened to come across this website for the 3TNV72 engine. It's a shop manual for the 3TNV72 engine. Here's the url: 769-05513 Shop Manual I tried replacing 3TNV72 with...
  48. gtrippleb

    CL100 Loader Changes

    I stopped by my dealer today to look over the Sc2450 so I could take some pictures of the hose routing for the Backhoe and order some parts to start my rear remote project. While looking over the Sc2450, I noticed that CCY changed the connection points on the loader arms to what looks like...
  49. gtrippleb

    SC2450 Backhoe Connection Questions

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how the hydraulics connect on the backhoe to the 2450? When I was at the dealer a few months ago, I thought that there was a connection on the back of the tractor that a hose was connected to that went to the backhoe valve. Then from the backhoe valve to...
  50. gtrippleb

    Is there a quality difference in Quick Couplers

    I'm wondering if there are quality differences in quick couplers? The size of the couplers are 3/8. The reason I ask is I had a dealer give me some prices for some quick couplers from Woods that are used in a Woods kit to plumb a remote to hook up a woods backhoe. The price the dealer gave me...
  51. gtrippleb

    Question Regarding The Rear SCV Kit LVB25606

    I was wondering if anyone knew what all comes in this kit? The reason I ask is that I picked this kit up for around $70 at an auction but I don't know if I have all of the parts that are supposed to be in the kit. From what I can tell it was never used. I don't have the box in front of me so I...
  52. gtrippleb

    FS-Wallenstein Bx42 Chipper - $2000

    I have sold this chipper so it's no longer available. Thanks, Greg
  53. gtrippleb

    FS-Wallenstein Bx42 Chipper - $2000

    I'm selling my Wallenstein Bx42 chipper. I would say it has about 10-15 hours on it. The price is $2000. I can deliver within a 50 miles radius of Pittsboro, NC for no charge. I've used it on my Sc2400 without any problems. I bought it back in March.
  54. gtrippleb

    Hobart Plasma Cutters, Good or Bad?

    I've been looking at the following plasma cutters from Hobart: Hobart Hobart Air Force 500i Plasma Cutter with MVP and the Hobart AirForce 250CI Plasma Cutter Hobart Welders - Products - Plasma Cutters I was wondering if anyone had any experience with either of these? From what I can tell it...
  55. gtrippleb

    Sc2400 50 hour service

    I was wondering who all has had this done and if they did it themself or had the dealer do it? I spoke with my dealer today and to have everything that Cub recommends, it would be between $300-$400. I'm thinking of having the dealer do it due to warranty reasons, but I think I can handle...
  56. gtrippleb

    MF1500 vs MF1600 Series, What's the Difference

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference in the two series. Comparing the 1635 and the 1533 on agcocorp's website, it looks like they both have similar 3pt lift capacities. The 1635 has a higher flow rate. The reason I'm asking is that I'm starting to look for a 30 - 40 hp...
  57. gtrippleb

    Flail mower problem

    I picked up a used value leader/betstco 53" flail mower a few months ago. I've used it about 3 times now. Before my first mowing I greased it and checked the pto gearbox which seemed like it had plenty of gear oil in it. The last time I used it, I noticed while mowing that it seemed like the...
  58. gtrippleb

    PTOs and SubCompacts

    I'm wondering if all sub compacts are this way or if it's just the ccy sc2400. I picked up a chipper this week and finally got it hooked up. I go to use it, turn on the PTO and start to get off the seat and the tractor shuts down. So I start the tractor back up and once again turn the PTO on...
  59. gtrippleb

    Wallenstein Dealers in the Carolinas

    Does anyone know any Wallenstein dealers in the Carolinas? I was given two dealers in Raleigh, NC but they either had never heard of the brand or didn't sell that brand. Thanks
  60. gtrippleb

    Rotary Cutter  Rotary Cutter ? What brand is this

    I was wondering if anyone would happen to know what brand this rotary cutter might be? I'm going to go take a look at it and was wondering if anyone might know what brand it is? The seller wasn't sure. It's a 4 footer and for $200 I think it will do just fine for what I'm going to use it for...
  61. gtrippleb

    CL100 Loader

    Does anyone know who makes the CL100 loader that's on the Sc2400? Would it be a Yanmar, Woods, Bush Hog, or some other company?
  62. gtrippleb

    SC2400 Wheels

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the rim size is for the wheels on the SC2400? I know that the tire sizes as as follows: Rear: 26x12-12 Front: 18x8.50-10 I'm looking at getting some titan/carlisle tru power tires for it and I was thinking of just buying the tires and having them mounted on...
  63. gtrippleb

    What's a good price for a new SC2400

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what a good price for new sc2400 with the loader would be? This is the information I'm getting from one of the dealers around here and was wondering if this was a good deal? Tractor and loader would be $11,100 or package price $13408 with the 0% x60...