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    Thumbs Up to Deere for the Free Stuff!

    I got a card in the mail this week to get a free "FilterPak" from Deere. Always in the mood for free, I went to the dealer and found out the FilterPak (for the 4310) is part number LVA14416 and retails for $119. It includes 2 oil filters, 1 air filter, 1 hydraulic filter, and a fuel filter...
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    4310 Transmission Oil Heater

    I just picked up a transmission oil heater kit but it came with no instructions, specifically where it attaches to the tractor. There must be a threaded plug somewhere that is removable so the heater can be screwed in. Any pointers?
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    BIG Tractor, Really Big

    Came across this and thought I'd share They say it does an acre per minute. Big Tractor Link
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    New 4310 Trans, falls out of reverse?

    I got my tractor back from the transmission recall and now when it's backing up the tractor occasionally coasts to a stop even with the reverse pedal still pressed. Release the reverse pedal and press it down again and the tractor continues in reverse like nothings wrong. Forward pedal works...
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    Troubleshooting Codes?

    Does anyone know of a list list of troubleshooting codes anywhere on the Internet? I had the blinking <font color="orange"> light</font> this weekend and wondered what it meant since the tractor runs fine. Thanks.