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  1. zzvyb6

    Stolen tractor in Michigan

    Never heard of this brand Lovol ??
  2. zzvyb6

    Impressive Methods for Machinery Repair

    This husband & wife have a company that does some incredible work with all kinds of machinery repair. Be sure to watch the out-takes ! Check out the articulated crane at the very beginning.
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    NH 472 Back from the Dead

    A good friend found a junked NH 472 haybine and fixed it's problems and now has it in production. She even found an eBay seller who make the replacement vintage decals for it. The 472 has the 479 & 488 style wobble box which is bulletproof (imho), unlike the 489/1465 boxes which seem to be...
  4. zzvyb6

    Interesting & Valuable Information on Agricultural Tires (Firestone Interview)

    I saw this and found it to be good info for discussions with members here.
  5. zzvyb6

    Identity of a coupled hydraulic valve or regulator

    Hoping to identify this hydraulic mechanism. Probably Kubota, bought at a dealer closing. I am curious to see how I could make some use of it. Looks like rotary control with 2 valves coupled. Thank you All suggestions welcome, including scrap iron pile.
  6. zzvyb6

    Sound(s) from Multiple Running Generators

    Our part of min-Michigan has a huge number of electric power districts out. Ice and falling trees is taking down poles, and causing transformer burnouts. We have power, but about a 1/8 mile away is a high-end subdivision/neighborhood, each with it's now running standby generator. You can...
  7. zzvyb6

    Tree Puller used as a Shear

    Just ordered a Titan Tree Puller, should be here tomorrow according to FedEx. I thought that a tree shear is really what I wanted and considered making 1 from some target steel. Then I saw the Titan add for a 'puller' and went for it. Picture is from the Titan site. The idea is to sharpen 1/2...
  8. zzvyb6

    Help Identifying this Snow Plow Attachment Conversion

    Picked this up at a local farm auction. Looks to be a front snow plow attachment frame that was adapted for some tractor or loader. Has a single hydraulic cylinder for raising and lowering. Looks to be a former OEM frame with some added welded on arms. Skid Steer. wheel loader? All ideas...
  9. zzvyb6

    Solution: Putting Heavy Loaded Tires on My Tractor.

    My JD 1070 came with 28" R1 ag tires on the rear, loaded with chloride. Changing wheel track was fairly easy, by changing the spider and the rim bracket position. Getting worn after 25 years or so, I started looking for a replacement set with this in mind: For haying, the 28s were a little too...
  10. zzvyb6

    Airbag (SRS) Light on Dash. Easy Fix

    My airbag (SRS) light has been on for a few months. Dealer scoped it and his scanner up came B1811 SRS Code replace ECU. $1200 for the part alone, no oem anymore, need aftermarket. Ok, so I bought an Actron OBD reader finally for another vehicle's issue. Next was to read the airbag car with my...
  11. zzvyb6

    Slipper Leaf Spring Orientation

    I have a Karavan bran 2 place snowmobile, maybe 15 years old. I noticed a loose axle square U-bolt so I bought new ones for each side. I noticed that the slipper leaf springs were oriented opposite each other. The slipper was on the front mount on one side and the slipper was on the rear...
  12. zzvyb6

    Those warning labels are there as a reminder and a purpose

    WHMI 93.5 Local News : Fire Destroys House After Homeowner Tries To Refuel Running Generator
  13. zzvyb6

    Windows 7 Update Disaster Averted

    I knew that support for Windows 7 had stopped but finally submitted to the constant badgering about "updating" drivers and support modules. I selected the option to "DOWNLOAD but NOT install", but then the dam started to leak: My HP laptop battery condition message flashed about "90% full but...
  14. zzvyb6

    More Michigan Farming Deaths

    Michigan man dies after tractor overturns, pins him
  15. zzvyb6

    For those of you with small acreage

    Miniature farming by remote control ! RC Tractor at work - Thanks for 5k subscribers!!! - YouTube
  16. zzvyb6

    Source for oval stove pipe or adaptter

    I'm refurbishing a 1910 Donaldson Cauldron furnace. The firebox exit at the top is oval shaped. What kind of flue pipe would have been used ? Would there have been an oval to round adapter or oval pipe, or round pipe squeezed to fit in the oval exit ?
  17. zzvyb6

    JD 47" Snowblower Chute Leakage

    Greetings and 'Have a Happy, New Year'. I just picked up a used early model JD 47" wide 2 stage front snowblower that has all the characteristics of a 59 model (gearbox, shaft drive 2000 rpm clockwise input, (looking forward). I've adapted it to my JD F-935 'front mower' power unit by...
  18. zzvyb6

    Question for Hurricane Area Members

    As the dust settles in Houston and the water is rising in Florida, I would eventually like to know what home generator configurations have worked out the best. There has been a debate about this for as long as I can remember. What are the success and failure stories from the hurricaine and...
  19. zzvyb6

    Mark Twine

    Heard a thud, stopped and could not find anything amiss. When I picked up the bales with my stack wagon, I discovered that I baled a box of twine balls. Does this make it a baled bale balls event? Billy baled a bunch of battered balls...
  20. zzvyb6

    What is It ?

    Good friend of mine is scratching his head over this wooden item donated to the Historical Society he is a member of. Not a boot jack or sling shot grip. I've exhausted the Google Image Search tool. Now I ask the Great and Powerful TBN brain-trust. Thanks for any help !
  21. zzvyb6

    Recommended Concrete Saw Procedure (Direction)

    I have a Makita 14" gas powered masonry saw that I have used for a number of years to cut small concrete patches, blocks, bricks, etc. Now I need to cut a 100 ft section of my driveway to narrow it down to blend into some new surface to be poured soon. I've seen a number of videos where they...
  22. zzvyb6

    How far should you extend an Extention Ladder

    I'd rather be safe than called stupid or silly, but how far do you think you would extend an extension ladder to avoid it bendling or buckling ? The general rule is 3' of overlap for ladders under 36' and 4' for ladders over 40'. The Werner site indicates that a 40' ladder can be extended to...
  23. zzvyb6

    John Deer 47 Snowblower Application Question.

    I have an older JD f-935 front mower that's used exclusively to mow the lawn. But, it starts easily in frigid weather and did have an optional attachment of a "47 2 Stage Snowblower" available. There are a few used "47 Snowblowers" for sale in local want ads, but here is my dilemma: Deere...
  24. zzvyb6

    Train Locomotive Recycling

    I'll bet there's an equivalent yard for old farm equipment, too, but not on this scale. Note where the scrap steel goes to. (72) Megastructures - Train Wreck - YouTube
  25. zzvyb6

    Comparison of Penetrating Oils

    Borrowed this from my windmiller's forum... A study done by Machinist's Workshop magazine in their April 2007 issue looked at different penetrating oils to see which one did the best job of removing a rusted bolt by measuring the pounds of torque required to loosen the bolt once treated. If...
  26. zzvyb6

    John Deere Kubota Yanmar etc Denso Starter Problem and Solution

    My JD 1070 has been having starting issues. It had all the symptoms of a weak battery (which I recognize from having a bad battery and from leaving the key on way too long with the motor off). You get a clashing noise as if the starter is turning but the starter drive gear is not engaging with...
  27. zzvyb6

    Increasing UVerse Wireless to High Speed N (65mbs)

    A few days ago, my UVerse router wireless service quit. TV, phone and wired connections were OK but the wireless radio died. It may have had something to do with the intermittent power blips we've had here because of a recent ice storm. Uverse 2Wire brand routers only support 'G' speed. I...
  28. zzvyb6

    My Windmill Hobby

    FYI: Gusts of the past Restoring windmills a passion for Brighton-area man (with video and photo gallery) | Livingston Daily |
  29. zzvyb6

    Train Hits Tractor

    Dozens of people could have been killed. The only way to stop this madness is to ban or heavily tax diesel fuel so the mentally ill won't be able to get their hands on a tractor and threaten the lives of innocents. Only one or two cylinder tractors should be needed and allowed. No...
  30. zzvyb6

    Method for Heating Cast Iron for Welding

    I have an old farm windmill to repair which has been damaged when they toppled it. There is a large piece broken out of the cast iron crankcase. It is a "clean" break (meaning just one very large piece is broken out. No small or lost pieces. Unfortunately, this piece has one of the standoffs...
  31. zzvyb6

    Pumping Iron Restoration

    Here is my latest venture into restoration of old farm iron. It's a Flint & Walling Star 37 Zephyr Windmill. Resurrected from a scrap burial pit here in Michigan. The Zephyr has a distinct look because the fan sails are narrower at the outer edge, unlike all other windmill fan designs. This...
  32. zzvyb6

    Windmill Restoration

    This project has been underway since the long rainy season kept me in the machine shed. This is a fully restored Flint & Walling Star 37 also called a Zephyr model. Because its has some extra preminum parts (bronze bushings in the tailbone and roll bearing on the drive shaft), its a "Super"...
  33. zzvyb6

    Furnace Problem Solved (Could be fire issue)

    I have a 20+ year old 95% FUE Comfortmaker which just started to act up. It heats the house, then goes into a 'lockout' mode in which the computer blinks continuously and the fan runs at full tilt. Book says to cycle the power. It starts and runs normal after that until things warm up. The blink...
  34. zzvyb6

    New way to pick up bales in a field.

    Now why didn't I think of this?? Man Hay Bales Himself and other Videos on
  35. zzvyb6

    Close Selector on TBN Membership Popup

    Sorry, but the redesigned popup box suggesting membership can't be closed on my computers because the Kioti ad covers the x-out selector in the upper right corner. Its not getting focus after the Kioti ad loads. I'd like to also suggest you ad a feature to the TBN popup that says "I'm already...
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    Help with Valve Body Port I.D.

    Here is a shot of a 2 spool hydraulic valve body from my J.D. F935 Lawnmower. It currently uses only 1 one-way control to raise the mower deck lift arms. The hydraulic pressure line to the lift arms is labeled "A". The mower comes with a valve body that has 2 spools in it, even though it only...
  37. zzvyb6

    Exploding Tire Kills 8yr old boy

    Hometownlife - Tire explodes during repairs, killing Mich. boy, 8 How terrible. Yes it can happen.
  38. zzvyb6

    Sort Forum Headings (up & Down)

    Would it be possible to sort the forums by Thread headings? For example, If I click on "Replies", it would resort the tables with zero replies on top. Click again and we would get the largest number of replies on top of the table. Click again and it would return to history order. I'm often...
  39. zzvyb6

    540 PTO Added to My Lawn Mower

    I adapted a gearbox from Central Georgia Generator to the front PTO of my JD F935 3 cyl diesel mower. At 3/4 throttle, I get 540 rpm suitable for running my PTO Winpower alternator, a trash pump and my PTO air compressor. Although I have a much bigger tractor that can do the same job, this...
  40. zzvyb6

    Best Way 2 Dismantle a Wire Corn Crib

    I've bought a used 12' round x 16' high wire corn crib a few miles from my farm. I want it to make into a screened gazebo, protected garden bird cage, problem child detention center, dog house, man cave or hot tub silo, not huzactly sure yet. Its bolted together sections of rounded hog panels...
  41. zzvyb6

    How To Measure Diesel RPM

    I have a 3 cyl JD diesel mower with a Yanmar motor. Engine (hence blade) speed seems a little low. There is no tachometer on this machine. So how would I go about measing the engine rpm at full throttle? I see there is a governor adjustment screw on the pump/throttle body, but I don't want...
  42. zzvyb6

    Check your well pressure tank

    To make a short story long, a year or so ago, I replaced the pressure dial gauge on my well because of a cracked glass. No big deal, just shut well off, run out the pressure, replaced gauge, power up pump. At that time there was quite a surge of blackish water after I repressurized it. Last...
  43. zzvyb6

    How much to donate at a Cancer benefit?

    I don't have a lot of experience with this subject. The son of a very good friend of mine has lung cancer, no insurance and some bills to pay. They are having a benefit for him at the local Elks club. Me and the GF are going. We have no idea what amount to give. Its a meal and maybe some...
  44. zzvyb6

    2 "almosts" in 1 day !

    This was fence post fix and replace day. Started by making new teeth for the PH digger. When I was putting a sharp edge on one of them using a grinding wheel, I had gloves on, and the glove index finger got caught between the tool rest and the wheel. This tore the glove (only) open and made me...
  45. zzvyb6

    Polar Express Steam Engine Road Tour

    For all you steam train buffs, I see the Pere Marquette #1225 will be coming to town here in mid-Michigan for railroad festival. This is not a toy mining or circus engine but the real deal. 善olar Express engine chugging out to festival | | Livingston Daily
  46. zzvyb6

    How to top a tree safely.

    I had a few 40 - 50 ft scotch pines blow down in a wind storm last week. Fortunately didn't hit the house but almost. There are still 2 standing 15' from the house and garage. Don't want a next time issue. Insurance won't pay a cent unless they are sitting on the roof. I'd like to top them...
  47. zzvyb6

    TBN Invitation popup.

    I frequently get a popup about joining TBN. There are 2 options: no thanks or join now. How about a 3rd pushbutton: "I already am a member" With this selection, you could just defocus the popup. In the other 2 cases, the selectors take you back to the main panels. Then you start over with...
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    Fire Extinguisher Checks

    I did a walk around my barn and shop today and noticed that just about all my fire extinguisher's nozzles were all plugged up by insects. Not sure what they are, but they have always jambed up the ground hole in my electrical sockets or even air line tool fiittings. They build a mud nest in...
  49. zzvyb6

    Fell of tractor, run over by the mower.

    Survived for a few minutes. <font color=\"#003300\">LOCAL: </font>Woman killed in fall from tractor | | Livingston Daily
  50. zzvyb6

    JD Parts website now lists 14T & 24T Parts Books

    I have been sending JD 14T baler information to a few of you via PM, but now I see now has PDF files for the 14T and 24T balers. Who knows whatever 'old' but capable stuff can now be resurrected as the need for parts is being realized (FWJ ??). I've never had...
  51. zzvyb6

    Chain Restraints on PTO Compressor ?

    I bought a EoloMatic PTO air compressor on e-Bay. Got a manual from the manufacturer. It shows 2 chains associated with torque restraint during operation. I know this same type of restraint is used with water and hydraulic pumps, but how exactly does one hook up these chains. Seems like its...
  52. zzvyb6

    My Best Nightmare

    Work related:
  53. zzvyb6

    My 4 Adopted Black Children

    Hankies because they all look the same to all but Big Daddy.
  54. zzvyb6

    Baler Knotter video

    I had some free time today to play with a camera and video editing software. Battery only lasted a few minutes (old). Anyways, this should be an interest to BryanM and others wondering what's happening in "Welcome Back Knotter" land. This was just an experiment to see what's involved in...
  55. zzvyb6

    Texas and Oklahoma Flood Help.

    I'm watching TV reports of the horrible flooding in the mid-states and it occurred to me that I have a pto pump on a trailer, hoses and pickups that ought to be able to help somebody in this region. Maybe pumping out basements and utility buildings, holding off weak sandbag walls, unlimited...
  56. zzvyb6

    The Color of Money

    To dispel the many half truths and old wives tales about makin' hay, I took some shots in the past few days of my simple little operation using 'just' a 35 hp tractor and some old equipment I picked up and put to good use. I used to have horses which we were a bit picky about hay quality for...
  57. zzvyb6

    Locating a waterline leak.

    Hello All. My barn water supply line is feed from my house well. The line is tee'd of from within the basement, so I can shut it off from inside the house without turning off water to the house. The basement line leaves the house to the barn about 7' below the ground. Then it's a 50 yard run to...