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    Searching for a truck I may never find?

    When I bought my truck a few years ago I wanted, very specifically, a single cab 4x4 long bed manual transmission with no rust. So I did a nationwide search with and by the time I finished applying all the filters it really wasn't an overwhelming number of listings to sort through...
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    JD R200 mower

    Do you think the three point hitch is carrying the headstock of the mower too high, so more weight is being carried at the end of the bar instead of by the skid plate underneath the gearbox? I set mine up so the PTO is a straight line, and I think that might be a little heavy on the near end, I...
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    For Sale Add Definitions

    "Run through shop"--took a shortcut through shop to get from one end of the yard to other. What, you thought we stopped and looked it over? Then it wouldn't have been a shortcut!
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    The Life of a Custom Mowing contractor

    Last year we did some round baling for a guy with a few particularly unpleasant hillside pieces. Afterwards I sent him a message that "I dumped one bale way way down in the hedgerow, and another was last seen rolling out the driveway and gathering speed. I have no idea where it ended up. So...
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    TYM T754 for Round Baling?

    4WD will help you in three out of four scenarios--straight up, straight down, and angled climbing up, but if you're going down at an angle or start to turn while going down, the baler is going to want to push the rear of the tractor downhill, regardless of what your front wheels are doing. You...
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    TYM T754 for Round Baling?

    I don't think that's true, the power demand of the baler is the same regardless of 540/1000. The 1000 driveline just transfers less torque with each revolution. The disadvantage is that the engine is probably going to be further out on the torque curve so it would lug down a little faster, but...
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    Ford 7700 Hydraulic fluid capacity

    Reservoir is about 15 gallons. Fill is just below remotes on right side of rear end, it has an expansion plug on it. Dipstick is on left side, it enters the reservoir just ahead of axle and runs back to below the operator's station/cab, accessible from back of tractor.
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    I got a dump truck! How does it work?

    There should be a short shaft off the left side of the transmission--that's the PTO output. Where it exits transmission, follow the air line up into that cab and find out where it leads to. That'll be the PTO clutch control. I agree it's likely to be one of the floor controls, unless on the...
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    If you want to buy cheap tires, just get BKT and be done with it. Hard to go wrong there.
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    Dropped 20 acres last night

    Dry enough to be getting concerning in New England. Very poor regrowth so far after first cut, and I don't think the manure application is going to end up doing too much without water to wash it in. Pastures already looking thin after just one cycle of rotations.
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    2023 What HP is the max you can purchase before it is required to have a DEF.

    SCR is the process by which DEF is used to convert NOX into nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The canister you speak of on <75 hp machines is the DOC, which converts carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and some particulate matter into carbon dioxide and water.
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    You getting ready for 2023?

    Friend of mine I work with a lot says chopping at his dairy starts Monday if weather's good. Had a week of rain, now a week of sun and warm temperatures and grass is really taking off. Trying to finish up spreading manure on corn ground and get it all planted before mowers roll but we'll see...
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    Learn Me About JD 5E Series

    The 5Ms are now also built entirely in India as of the FY23 refresh according to Deere's website. The larger 5Es are now assembled in Saltillo, Mexico, I assume using Indian components, while the smaller ones are still assembled in Georgia.
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    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    LandPro can hardly be worse than United Ag and Turf here in New England. Really a shame what they've done to Deere's brand, at least in comparison to what my local dealers were before the mergers. I've done a lot more business with CNH these last few years.
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    Branson tractor fire

    Personally I would consign it at an auction and be happy for anything above scrap price.
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    Publishing Loader Capacity Numbers That Far Exceed The Capacity Of The Axles

    I'm glad you're spending so much time telling us you don't care about things that aren't important to you.
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Mine for the winter season.
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    New Tractor Sales Are Declining

    The USDA milk price average for our marketing area in 2022 was ~$25/cwt, before cooperative fees, trucking, promotional payments, etc, which is historically pretty high, but on the other hand diesel and grain were also historically high, and the 2023 projection is ~$22/cwt. So far grain is...
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    Haying changes next year ?

    Friend of mine was thinking about a wheel rake after struggling along with some older double rotaries this past year. Then I pointed out that I bought some bales made with a wheel rake that tested at 13.5% ash vs 9% or lower for the rotary-raked ones, so now he is probably backing away from the...
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    New(ish) tractor purchase

    I think International was the only builder that used the hydro transmission in that era. It robs more power than a geared transmission, so as powershifts came into fashion I guess they were considered close enough to the infinite variability of the hydro, and quite a bit more efficient...
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    New(ish) tractor purchase

    I bought an International 826 the other week. The "ish" is doing a lot of work in that title, as this thing is ~50 years old, but it seems to be in pretty good shape for the age. It's getting put to work mixing feed for cows this winter. Now that I have the horsepower, I'm hoping to be able...
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    Gasoline Tractors are they coming Back ?

    Certainly for much of America, although in general it's probably excellent news for Qatar which controls a huge amount of gas that doesn't need fracking to extract.
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    Gasoline Tractors are they coming Back ?

    No, it's LNG and methanol instead of bunker fuel.
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    Gasoline Tractors are they coming Back ?

    "Loafing around doing basic work" is pretty much the ideal scenario for a an electric machine, plus it'd give you better power under short heavy load than either gas or diesel. The only place electric comes up short is sustained heavy load, until or unless the next big jump in energy storage...
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    Fertilizing for next year

    I'm always amazed by how much tongue weight solid manure spreaders carry compared to liquid tanks.
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    Euro/Global to Skid steer/SSQA adapter

    Euro/global quick connects tend to be on larger equipment, I doubt the extra weight is a meaningful percentage of the loader capacity. Likely as not "John Deere" is just stuck into the name as a keyword to show up in searches.
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    Yikes...What a Way to Go...!

    I guess a life is worth $145,027. Hard to imagine company the size of Caterpillar will remember that.
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    Second Cutting?

    In recent years the strategy in my area, at least for the dairies that are really on top of their game, is to take the first cut off early by the end of May before anything starts heading out, and usually it becomes the highest quality forage made in the year. Second cut typically goes to seed...
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    Comparison Assume dealer and price are equal, does Kubota beat NH in mid-size (100hp+) segment

    There's an emissions threshold at 75hp that means most (all?) manufacturers are able to meet it without a DPF or SCR. It's not particular to New Holland.
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    First electric tractor ride

    I see nothing wrong with this scenario. The dismissal of nuclear by both renewable and fossil fuel advocates is complete hypocrisy from both points of view.
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    A Caution On Hay Bales, Children and Kittens

    But what happened to the kittens?
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    Being ripped off by dealers

    Can I interest you in listening to the gospel of McMaster-Carr?
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    Made 85 second cut 4x4 round bales off about 30 acres today. Considering the lack of rain, a very good yield. At this point it's far enough along in the summer that the lack of functioning AC in the tractor sounds like a project that can be put off again for next season...
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    Chopping some third cut--it's hay adjacent anyway. Truck duty in the morning. Pack tractor later on.
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    Newbie to haying

    There is no baler in the world you can buy for less than $10k and expect to pay nothing to maintain over six years, to say nothing of squeezing a mower into that budget too. $10k buys you a fifteen year old machine that probably needs the pickup rebuilt. Or new belts. Or both. Plus you'll...
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    Took a while, but found the first hillside field to bale this year. Only sent one into the trees though.
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    How many brands does your dealer sale?

    Our Deere dealers only sold Deere tractors, but a lot of shortline options especially in hay equipment. One sold Kuhn and Krone, another had Pottinger. H&S and Bush Hog were in the mix too, some others I can't recall off hand. They've all been merged into United Ag and Turf, and now there's...
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    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    Yeah this is about the same timeframe for tractors, they lagged by a few years depending on manufacturer but by 2010 I would say the vast majority of, maybe all, farm tractors were common rail. CNH machines tended to switch over earlier, their 6.7 engine that replaced the ex-Ford and CDC...
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    Found what could be the only mudhole in the state. Property owner said "just follow the path." Much better. After the fact he said "I should have warned you it might be wet."
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    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    Not really, Tier 4 brought exhaust aftertreatment into the picture. Tier 3, and to some extent even earlier, represented what engineers could do within the cylinder, which is more relevant to the fuel discussion. If you want a rule of thumb, the better one is probably solenoid actuated common...
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    Neighbor's square baler went down--literally, the wheel fell off. Time for me to come in for some thrilling heroics and save the day with our round baler. We're getting wicked dry too. There's some rain forecasted for this week, but if doesn't come through second/third cut is going to be...
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    30 acres of really good dry hay down. Stuffer finger comes loose. Parts ordered, parts don't ship. Cob jobbed together. Cob job fails, improved, holds. Bolt for feeder trip comes off. Feeder doesn't feed. Throat plugs solid, overruning slip clutch on PTO driveline fails. Hay pulled out...
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    Learn Me About JD 5E Series

    The loaders Deere puts on those tractors are not well matched at all, they are way too long, and the tractor's rear end is way too light and way too narrow. Our 5085 has a cab, loaded tires, and wheel weights, and I can put it on three wheels without even trying. If your primary use is as a...
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    Comparison The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

    I know what you mean, when we plow soil we're not actually farming, just big time weeding. See, I can say ridiculous things too.
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    Who’s cutting hay?

    Helping neighbor with some squares yesterday. Rounds at my barn today. Yesterday's payloader was sure nicer to run than my tractor.
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    Comparison The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

    Well that's misleading, they're only moving cab production, not closing the whole complex.
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    Need older tractor recommendations for round baling.

    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I hate to use one of those for hay work. Just not enough gears in an eight speed transmission to be efficient. I've used a Deere 4000 with the syncro range for a lot of acres, and the fifth to sixth gap is just too big, and since it crosses ranges you...
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    Off season projects

    Forage harvester heads aren't any more fun. I've never done one, but I'm sure mergers are the worst.
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    JD Parts costs?

    I haven't found them unreasonable at all lately. OEM filters have been within a couple dollars of Napa ones, and occasionally dramatically cheaper. Inner/outer air filters for our 2950 were $30 cheaper each at Deere a month or so ago. Cab glass was <$200 each for a 7520 door pane and a 5085...
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    What are the most reliable tractors to own?

    The only reason machines of that vintage are so desirable these days is because all the ones that were going to blow up already did. What we're left with are the designs that proved themselves over the years. The ones that didn't have winnowed themselves out. The Allis Chalmers engines that...
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    Who is Behind the Curtain Building Compact Tractors for Other Brands?

    Seems to be easy enough to find out by looking at the builders plate...don't know about Europe, but all the 6s I've seen in the US were made in USA, Germany, or Mexico.
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    New Holland Genesis tractors

    I've run it in a TM165. Really good engine, started leaking oil at the valve cover at about 9k hours, other than that don't recall any engine work ever done to it.
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    Comparison LS: Best and Worst

    Yeah, CNH manages to build junk perfectly fine all by themselves, they don't need LS to do it for them. Signed, the New Holland loader tractor that tried to split itself three times in a year.
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    New Disc Mower

    Most large dairy farms, which are the primary market for hay and forage equipment in my area, do little to no dry hay. If you're putting up five or ten thousand tons of silage and maybe a hundred tons of hay, spending the money to buy and maintain a conditioner isn't worth it. You either just...
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    Considering a brush cutting tractor

    I'm looking into doing commercial brush cutting this year, and would need to buy a tractor for that. I want a fairly simple machine, don't need a hydro transmission or anything fancy, just something that'll get the job done for not huge amounts of money. I would expect a ~40 hp tractor and five...