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    Cub Cadet M48 deck?

    I have an older Cub Cadet M48 TANK zero turn mower with a 48" cutting deck, does anyone know if I can change my 48" deck to a 60" without any reworking?
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    Old Troybilt Horse Tiller info?

    Hi, I'm working on an old Troybilt Horse tiller and I'm trying to identify the model number so I can look up and order parts. Unfortunately the ID tag is gone and the only info I have to identify this tiller is the following: Cast on the handle is GARDENWAY TH-1019 10/25/70. Stamped on the...
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    Kohler K161T info?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find the mounting and shaft dimensions for an old Kohler K161T engine? I'm working on an old Troybilt hose tiller probably from the early 70's and the mounting dimensions would be a big help before I start tearing everything down. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Check ? replace magneto on Cub 2165 16Hp Briggs

    The left side cylinder is not firing so I suspect the mag may be bad. I read something about diodes in that circuit but I couldn't find anything tracing the wiring. Has anyone ever replaced a mag on this engine and can it be done without removing the engine ? Or better yet, is there anthing else...