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  1. keony

    TC29DA Power steering hoses replace

    Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or tools to do this? I can't see how to get a wrench on hoses above the front axel? Thanks in advance.
  2. keony

    Tool tray behind ROPS

    I made a new tray to hold a larger tool box, and added QCs with top and tilt.
  3. keony

    What brand hydraulic cylinder is this?

  4. keony

    NH TC29DA: adding rear remotes, Where can I get power beyond?

    It was recommended to tap into power beyond at the joystick. I'm a newby to hydraulics. I've attached photos of my joystick. Anybody recognize the joystick (it is not as shown on my parts diagram)? How to get power beyond? Thanks.
  5. keony

    Radiator, rust problem or not?

    The paint/coating on the radiator fins has peeled off and is rusting in several areas. Should I try to repaint it or is this fairly normal wear and tear? Not sure if I'm just borrowing sorrow or does this need to be addressed. Thanks. No significant snow yet in Washington Co. MD...
  6. keony

    Snow  Engine heater

    I'm trying to decide between engine block heater (NH freeze plug model), coolant heater (inline hose), magnetic pan heater, or oil dipstick heater? What's your experience?
  7. keony

    Chains  What chains to buy for snow?

    What kind of chains do you all use? Any good sources? Mainly for plowing a hilly gravel driveway, thanks.