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    2020 PTO plastic bushing

    This may sound silly but I have been doing this for many years. As a bit of background info, when I was a kid I’d walk through my grandfathers bone yard and found all sorts of equipment that used wood for items like the bushing you are looking for. For the most part the wood/s used were Maple...
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    Pocket Gopher Control

    If this is a pocket gopher and you are opening its run what ever type of trap you use must not have any light on it or the gopher will cover it with dirt. I used to use a spring loaded rat trap (giant mouse snap trap) in the Ron then place a board over the top of the hole and covered it with...
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    2008 kioti ck25hst no start , just clicks

    I had this problem with my 3012 CK35hst. It was a problem in the ignition switch. I would click but if I wiggled the key it started. Changed the switch and everything worked perfectly. Hope this helps.