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    Landscape Rake

    I have had a pine needle rake for about 3 years now. It does work good as long as the pine needles are dry. When they are damp it doesn't work that good. I also made a stand for the rake to make it stand up by itself when not in use and makes it a lot easier to hook up to the tractor.
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    Grapple choices

    I have the Land Pride SGC0660 and I have been very pleased with it. Works good to pick up pine needles that I have raked up.
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    Anyone else have one of these attachments?

    I have one also. I use it to rake up pine needles. Works good.
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    Kubota L2350 manual

    If you go to Index of Kubotabooks/ you can find the operator manual for the L2350.
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    TBN fuel booster at TSC!

    I thought it was "Trinity Broadcasting Network".
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    Did you guys know this about outlets? I didn't!

    This works ok if it is a dedicated switched outlet. For those outlets where you have half the outlet hot and half switched this won't work.
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    Brand specific forums

    Works for me.
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    What do those symbols mean?

    First one is coolant level and the second one is T/M Oil Filter.