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  1. Jeff Lary

    Lawn-Boy Where to find the serial number.

    I greased the hell out of it pumped her full I did.
  2. Jeff Lary

    Lawn-Boy Where to find the serial number.

    I used the mower a bit today. I ran good I did not end up ordering a belt or primer. The belt I am sure is worn likely original to whatever year it is but the self-propelled portion does work. I took all wheels off for lube but specially the rear. I cleaned out the gear teeth on both the gear...
  3. Jeff Lary

    Lawn-Boy Where to find the serial number.

    I always wanted a 2-stroke lawn boy now I have one. Course I have 2 other push mowers and a Wheelhorse, so I don't really need it. I want to look at the drive belt and transmission before I place my primer bulb order in case i need something else. For all I know the belt may not even be on the...
  4. Jeff Lary

    Lawn-Boy Where to find the serial number.

    Since posting this I went to uncle google and have been reading all manner of horror stories on what a pile of junk this mower is, I sure hope not but that seems to be the consensus of what I have read. Probably why it was free ha ha. Thanks for your response.
  5. Jeff Lary

    Lawn-Boy Where to find the serial number.

    I got a free Lawn-Boy Gold Pro Series 6.5 push mower today from a neighbor. They had a FREE sign on it out beside the road, so I grabbed it. I have always wanted a 2-stroke Lawn-Boy. It Seems to run ok ( ie starts up) I needed a primer which I have found on the ole Amazon for $7.00. On the...
  6. Jeff Lary

    Oil & Fuel Kubota L2950 Bleeding Fuel System

    Yes, I was thinking that instead of trying to start it maybe they mean to say turn to the start position and leave it there for a minute.
  7. Jeff Lary

    Oil & Fuel Kubota L2950 Bleeding Fuel System

    Great information I know this thread is old but I have just been looking at my Operators Manual and it gives very little information on bleeding air from our system. I have cleaned my fuel bowl and filter several times and never had an issue with getting air in the system. I generally just...
  8. Jeff Lary

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    I too made a step for mine; I hung mine from chains though so that if I hit anything while in the wood's I would not bend anything the step would just swing out of the way.
  9. Jeff Lary


    I do the egg carton with sawdust and candle wax. I have never tried pinecones; do you treat them with anything or just light them? I will have to try them sometime.
  10. Jeff Lary

    1970s John Deere Winch parts needed

    I think it is item 14 but now he needs to find one someplace.
  11. Jeff Lary

    1970s John Deere Winch parts needed

    My cousin has a 1970s JD crawler dozer with a broken winch part. He is trying to find one but not having much luck, he is trying to find JD bone yards that may be able to help him. If anyone knows of such a place, please let me know and I will pass the information on to him. We are in Central...
  12. Jeff Lary

    What is this radiator hose for?

    Yea I know but I got to thinking, geese 27 year-old radiator hose ..... better get these changed out. You know where you end up then. I know now that they are all in great shape so I sleep better ha ha.
  13. Jeff Lary

    Kubota L3710 runs for 20 minutes then won't run at speed or at all.

    They say that "when you hear hoof beat think horses not zebras" but that seldom works for me I hope it turns out to be a simple fix for you.
  14. Jeff Lary

    Kubota L3710 runs for 20 minutes then won't run at speed or at all.

    Can you disconnect the fuel line from the tank and pipe it into a container then let the fuel just run out of the tank for a while? to see if there is something that stops up after a few minutes? I would guess there is maybe something in the line between the filter and the tank. The tractor...
  15. Jeff Lary

    What is this radiator hose for?

    You got me It is called drain hose maybe to drain the block? I changed it out now all three and a new thermostat ready to roll, I guess. I discovered this when trying to read the oil filter number the hose is formed to pass below the filter. I said, " hua small lower hose isn't it?" Then when i...
  16. Jeff Lary

    What is this radiator hose for?

    I just finished the cooling system service, that hose goes from the lower right radiator to a barb in the engine block under the fuel pump. When removed there was some coolant in it. I have no idea what it is for when you look it up it is called "Hose drain" anyway thanks for the response, I was...
  17. Jeff Lary

    What is this radiator hose for?

    engine block and rad connects the two?
  18. Jeff Lary

    What is this radiator hose for?

    I am going through the cooling system on my 1995 L2950 Glide Shift tractor. It is 27 years old and I figured it was about time to change the hoses out for new ones. I am not having any issues it runs and cools just fine as is. However if I do have any cooling issues it will surely be in the dead...
  19. Jeff Lary

    Replacement Carb for RT 65 Tiller with Honda Engine

    I have a RT-65 with the Honda engine I think it is a GC 190cc? but I would have to go look to be sure. The reason for this post is the carb on the tiller is the non adjustable kind. It started acting up the second year I owned it now it is about 4 years old now I bought it brand new. Every fall...
  20. Jeff Lary

    Worn Steering Linkage

    Hi all I have a 1995 L-2950 I bought used back in 2008 I think. Anyway I had a front tire I kept putting air in it but it finally got on my nerves enough that today I had the tube patched. When I put the tire back on I noticed the sloppy linkage connection in the photo. The tie rod end has a...
  21. Jeff Lary

    Ballast 2x2x2 concrete weight box

    Well it has been a while but it is all finished up. I and my son placed the concrete 2 weeks ago and today I took the forms off. She is miserable to hook on for sure too heavy to move any so I must get the lift arms lined up almost exact to make the connection. It is still soft probably wont be...
  22. Jeff Lary

    A Dedicated Mower

    Hello everyone my name is Jeff, I have never posted in this forum I usually just read and make the occasional post in the Kubota Operating thread. I am thinking of buying a Cub Cadet to mow with mowing maybe 2.5 acres. I do it now with my 1995 Wheel Horse 12 hp 37" deck with a Kohler Magnum 12...
  23. Jeff Lary

    Ballast 2x2x2 concrete weight box

    Up-date You both were right the thing was about 10" from hooking up. Not even close. I just went out and tried it I took a photo of it the way I had it set up you can see it would never have hooked up. Then I moved the draw bar forward to a point that it would hook up easily and positioned the...
  24. Jeff Lary

    Ballast 2x2x2 concrete weight box

    I am going to try to up load some pictures of the box [[/ATTACH][[/ATTACH].
  25. Jeff Lary

    Ballast  2x2x2 concrete weight box

    Hi all quick question. I have a Kubota L2950 that I wanted a weight box for so... I have built a real nice box that measures 2'x2'x2' that I am planning of filling with Quick Crete in a couple weeks. The box will hold 8 cu ft. Concrete weighs in at 145# per cu ft so 8cf x 145# ( and when you...
  26. Jeff Lary

    Lift Arm Question

    Hi all I will make this as short as I can. I have a 1995 L2950 and it has the normal factory 3pt hitch components . I have a homemade Cord Wood saw that I bought and it is kind of a pain to hook up. One end of the bar that serves as the Category 2 pins is a little lower than the other end...
  27. Jeff Lary

    Loader  L2950 FEL TOO QUICK

    Hi all I have a 1995 L2950 with fel. The problem is that (I think anyway) the fel lever is long and gives you a lot of leverage too much to be delicate. I should say also I am very proficient with equipment i.e. loaders, backhoes ect. The lever is about 16" bty. The loader bucket will move up...
  28. Jeff Lary

    312-8 Need New Seat

    Hi all i tried the search function but i got everything that mentioned any of the key words. That i maybe how it works but not specific enough for my needs. If this has been talked to death i appologize . My origional 312-8 seat is in pretty bad shape and in the spring i would like to get a...
  29. Jeff Lary

    L2950 too much oil in the crankcase

    Hi this is going to sound dumb but here goes. Today while looking at my battery I thought I would check the engine oil. When I pulled the stick oil came out the dip tube. It was full to overflowing. Tomorrow I will drain the oil and measure it, it is supposed to have 6 qts in it. The oil does...
  30. Jeff Lary

    Woods Backhoe hydraulic hose question

    Hi I know it aint large equipment,.... but it is what I am having an issue with right now IMG_1171.JPG IMG_1172.JPG IMG_1175.JPG . Today I was digging out a an Elm stump and blew a hydraulic hose off of the crimp on coupler . The hoe and tractor are in my back field with the dipper in the hole...
  31. Jeff Lary

    Woods Backhoe hydraulic hose question

    Hi I know it aint large equipment,.... but it is what I am having an issue with right now IMG_1171.JPG IMG_1172.JPG IMG_1175.JPG . Today I was digging out a an Elm stump and blew a hydraulic hose off of the crimp on coupler . The hoe and tractor are in my back field with the dipper in the hole...
  32. Jeff Lary

    Wheel Horse 3-12-8 Snowblower question

    Hello everyone it has been awhile since my last post ,..I am back so I must have a problem, ha ha. I Bought a 3-12-8 brand new in 1995 I mow in the summer and Blow Snow in the winter. This last storm was admittedly a little damp but I really did not expect this much trouble. The first pass I...
  33. Jeff Lary

    Why the pop up sign up page?

    When I go to log on every time I get my user name typed in,... then I get the tbn sign up pop up. I have to close it out to get back to the place I started so I can enter my pass word? It is kind of a pain really.Is there a way to get rid of this pop up thing ? Bty happy new year all. Jeff
  34. Jeff Lary

    Tin work on Craftsman walk behind blower

    Hi I have a quick question, About 2 years ago I bought a used blower for my sons in-laws. They are less than careful with things and while tinkering on the unit... (long story) they took off the red tin work around the carb and then promptly lost it. My so got it back after they found another...
  35. Jeff Lary

    Wheel Horse ,..maybe a Gift Wheel Horse ?

    Hi everyone it has been quite awhile since I have posted here,.. I guess that means all has been going well. Now the reason for my post, I stopped by my brothers home yesterday and he said I got something to ask you come with me. He took me into the garage and showed me a large mower deck...
  36. Jeff Lary

    Advice for attaching brass to steel ?

    well you just set your self up for many questions Thanks when I get ready I will let you know how it goes .Thanks Jeff Its done the finger guard is on there was some clean up but for now its good enough.The guard will be shaped to the handle scales once I grt them installed, it will be much...
  37. Jeff Lary

    Flameing crafstman snow blower exhaust ?

    Hi I have never posted on this small engine forum before so please bare with me. 2 years ago I bought a like new craftsman snowblower from some older folks near by.I was going to give it to my son for his yard but his farther inlaw was in despirate need of a blower as well.He was shoveling a...
  38. Jeff Lary

    Advice for attaching brass to steel ?

    I am thinking about attaching a finger guard to a knife I am making and need some wisdom. I know a lot of people talk about silver soilder and I did some knife making research and found out that it can be very messy if your not proficent at it. I was courious if there is a diffrent type of...
  39. Jeff Lary

    This years Deer

    Here are 2 photos for you hope they come through ok.
  40. Jeff Lary

    This years Deer

    Thought I would share my deer photos or a few. I shot him this am bout 8:30 about 30 miles from home but worth the trip.He is an 8 point and has a certified weight of 217 lbs Field dressed. That is one of the Knife's I make on the deer I make a new one for each season. Hope you all have a good...
  41. Jeff Lary


    I was at my dealer the other day getting a set of blades for my 37 inch deck and the subject turned to parts.He was telling me that a wheel Horse Transmission for my tractor was $3,500.00 if I ever had need of one.My tractor is a 95 aand I am the orig owner it goes fine but that got me to...
  42. Jeff Lary

    Need Ford Dearborn Plow Coulters

    I will post this here but if you fellas think it should be moved elsewhere please feel free to do so. I am looking for someone who has two ford dearborn plow coulters and the mounting block's they would sell. I bought the plow to use 2 years ago and the guy said he knew where the coulters...
  43. Jeff Lary

    I Need to change my e-mail add for here?

    I have a diffrent e-mail addresse now and need to change the one you folks use to notify me of a reply to somthing I may post. Can an admistraitor help me make this e-mail adresse change?
  44. Jeff Lary

    What would you charge?

    I have this neighbor who lives a mile above me.He has hired me in the past to do some material moving with my tractor and yard some logs for him as well. He called me a little while ago and hears the deal He want's to cut about 6 coards of Poplar and Hack and wants me to yard the logs for him...
  45. Jeff Lary

    Husky 22 ton splitter at TSC

    Does anyone own one of these, they are on sale $999.00.Briggs engine 190cc Vertical / Horizontal comes with free hydrolic and engine oil. Sounds like a good deal, I own a third of a Troybuilt 27ton w/Honda but sharing is always a problem so I am planning on having one of my own. If anybody has...
  46. Jeff Lary

    Have a Partner 500 that will not start

    I have been putting together old junked out partners the last couple of days ,stuff that I have bought not running for 1 reason or another.The saw I am stumped about is a 500 I bought it for $20.00 all apart in a bag.The guy said his saw shop told him it just was not worth fixing ?so. I thought...
  47. Jeff Lary

    Tractor supply seat?

    My seat is the orig Vinal on my 95 L2950 and shes pretty worn out.What are the chances that if I unbolt the seat (not the sliding sub frame partunderneath it) and measured the seat bolt holes that I could go to ts and find a seat that would use the same bolt pattern? Has anyone ever tried this ...
  48. Jeff Lary

    3 pt hitch wood splitter how many tons?

    My question is, If I buy a splitter for my L2950 how many tons of pressure will it produce ? And do they sell one with a split wood tray that catches the wood before it falls to the ground? I have posted some questions about splitters in the past but could not find them. I had decided pretty...
  49. Jeff Lary

    Partner 5000 and 5000 Plus

    Can someone tell me how and where to buy a service / repair manual? for the 5000 series saw.I have seen them on diffrent sites but they include a lot of other saws ,and I wonder how much time is devoted to the saw I am interested in if they have to share a book with all the other brands. I saw...
  50. Jeff Lary

    My Latest Knife

    I have been making a new knife and finished it today.Every deer season after I get my deer for the last 4 years I have retired that seasons Knife and built a new one.This one will be for the 2012 season if I am lucky enough to get my deer next year I will build a new on for the next season. It...
  51. Jeff Lary

    3pt woodsplitter vs Gasoline powered

    I am a 1/3 owner of a Troybilt 27 ton Honda powered splitter. The sharing thing just is not working and I was wondering if you guys could tell me as far as power ( the 27 ton we have already) how does a 3pt splitter match up? How about speed? I am thinking of buying a 3pt type I will be running...
  52. Jeff Lary

    3pt scraper blade question

    I have a chance to buy a 3 pt hitch scraper blade? I think that is what it is called. The blade is 5' or 6 ' wide about a foot tall and can be angled.The guy that has them says he has 4 or 5 new, but about 4 years old and in un-used condition .He bought them then everybody wanted box type...
  53. Jeff Lary

    what do you use Fluid Film 4 ?

    I just bought my first can ever of Fluid Film Had my tractor battery out and wanted to try coating the terminals with it. I know I have read some people swearing by the stuff. I have never seen it before so I bought a can. I am a guy that fixes most all that I can myself.So I figure I will find...
  54. Jeff Lary

    Woods 7500 replacement backhoe teeth ?

    Is there a place I can order backhoe teeth on line?, or would it be cheeper to go to an "authorized" Woods dealer. I have searched previous threads and found the name Febco but when I went to their site I could not see backhoe teeth. We have a dealer in Bangor Me. about 40 miles from me so I...
  55. Jeff Lary

    need advice building a road drag

    I have searched these threads looking for a homade simple road drag.I have not seen what I think I need. I can get 6' I-beams 4"x6".We have some woods roads that could use a tune up from time to time," hit the high center so to speak". The beam I can get is the same style as a steel guardrail...
  56. Jeff Lary

    Dearborn 2 bottomplow question

    As stated I have a dearborn 2 bottom plow the guy I bought it from can not or is to lazy to find the coulters that he swears he has. I was just reading (diagnose plow problem) and saw that many of the plows pictured did not have coulters.and yesterday I was on the net looking at 2 bottom plows...
  57. Jeff Lary

    Where is my Mid mount pto?

    I have a 1995 L2950 4wd, My dealer was answering a question for me and said " the drain plug is above and to the left of the mid pto". At that point I found the drain plug I was looking for. I asked him what the pto looked like as I could not see any thing that looked like a pto to me. He told...
  58. Jeff Lary

    Moose in Jonesport Me

    I was in Jonesport today measuring Old Cable rail for updateing to newer style rail and going along slowly I noticed this gal on a cottage lawn .We watched each other for awhile before I remembered that I had a camera.
  59. Jeff Lary

    Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer advice

    My wife and I are looking at buying a gas powered pressure washer.We have had a Huskie electric washer for about 4 years and every season somthing diffrent has gone to H$LL with it. So now what brand has had good luck?Looked at ones with Honda power Suburu power and so on. Does anyone have any...
  60. Jeff Lary


    How do I delete a double post I,,, did it by mistake but can not seem to get rid of it?
  61. Jeff Lary

    3-Point Hitch  3-PT Raise - Lower Lever

    This is on my 1995 L2950 I noticed a few times ago the( LEVER )to raise and lower the 3-pt arms is moving harder. Is this just a lube fix at the pivot points on the lever. Or is this a a sign of somthing more serious?. Lets say it used to take 2 lbs of force to move the lever,... now it takes 10...
  62. Jeff Lary

    Dearborn 2 bottom Plow

    I am not sure if I can afford to but if I can where is a place to look for used or new plow coulters for my dearborn plow? The guy I bought it from took them off years ago and cannot find them or is not trying too hard I think the latter. I live in Maine I checked at a place in Dover and he...
  63. Jeff Lary

    power stain sprayer's

    I want to spray Stain onto a privacy fence.Last time I did it I used a pump sprayer then had to go back and smooth it out usung a brush ,lots of work. I am thinking about buyin a power sprayer like a (Wagner) but I want to spray Stain only . The reviews say when it comes to Paint these dont work...
  64. Jeff Lary

    Mid PTO Question

    I have a Kubota L2950 1995 I have a mid pto all it looks like is a shaft traveling along the bottom of the center line of my tractor.The dealer said it would mainly be used for a front Blower or mid mount mower.When I asked how does it hook up to somthing ( it does not have an exposed spline...
  65. Jeff Lary

    the price of oil

    I just paid $22 for 6 quarts of Rotella T 15-40 motor oil at wall mart of all places if it is that expencive there cant imagine how much it is in other places.:confused2:
  66. Jeff Lary

    Castrol Super Clean Cleaner

    I use Castrol Super Clean quite a lot for everything that has greese on it and needs to be cleaned off of it. What does everyone else use? I have tried Simple Green but I think the Castrol works much better. I was thinking a moment ago that i was getting low and soon needed more. That led me to...
  67. Jeff Lary

    finished my Knife and Sheath

    I finished the knife last week and today i did the sheath.I tried somthing i have never done before i used a wood burner and put some deer tracks and and a few trees and a fence on it came out ok i guess. Going to give it to a friend of my sons that lost his dad last year .When we were cutting...
  68. Jeff Lary

    Sharpening Drill Bits

    Been out in the workshop this morning sharpening Drill Bits for a friend.I have been using a General model 825 it works pretty good.Also done the smaller ones by hand the gadget doesnt seem to work well in sizs less than 1/4 so i do them by hand.He also had a few Spade bits also did these by...
  69. Jeff Lary

    My latest Knife

    I am just going to see if i can add a picture and i thought i would try it with my latest knife.If this shows up with no photo sorry i tried.
  70. Jeff Lary

    Want a new seat maybe TSC ?

    I have not gone to look but has anyone ever bought a new seat from tsc? I want one with fold up/down arms. Just wondering if anyone ever bought one like this .My tractor is an L 2950.
  71. Jeff Lary

    best way to fertilize your garden?

    I am not sitting on rich ground here in central maine but every year i grow some potatoes beans beets and squash.When i was a kid my mom and i marked rows strewed a little fertilizer in the row then lightly hoed it in.But is that the best way? when we put in a food plot for the deer we broadcast...
  72. Jeff Lary

    Anyone own a Troy bilt Bronco?

    Gonna go look and maybe buy one tomorrow it is 3 years old $400.00. Is this a good tiller new they are $600.00 plus or minus . What are your opinions?
  73. Jeff Lary

    Johnsered 2040 Turbo?

    I just bought a used 2040 Turbo never owned one gonna give it to my son i think .Does anyone on one and how good a saw are they?
  74. Jeff Lary

    practicing with my new mig Question ?

    Is it normal for a gas less mig to spatter alot? Also it is able to use gas,what kind of gas do you get .and how is it connected to the unit? On the back of my Craftsman it has a sort of ridged push on nipple coming out at the top rear and on one of the shelves there was a short length of heavy...
  75. Jeff Lary

    Ford dearborn Coulters in Maine?

    If this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it as i cannot find any better place to put it. Does anyone have any ideas on how or where i can get 2 land plow coulters? I bought a 2 bottom 16 inch plow last spring and the guy( my neighbor ) said he had taken the coulters off and put them...
  76. Jeff Lary

    Steadying a rod while welding ?

    Question: is it safe to steady the rod with gloved hand while stick welding? I sometimes do this and i have been ok so far.... but is it relitively safe to do that?
  77. Jeff Lary

    New to me Mig Welder

    I just bought a used Craftsman gas less Mig with a 40% duty cycle. Never welded with a mig in my life but always wanted one. I have always used a stick a couple of years ago i bought a new Lincoln Tombstone AC/DC so this mig will be a nice addition and will be fun to practice with. Any tips on...
  78. Jeff Lary

    Bleeding the fuel system L2950

    I do not need to bleed the system of my L2950 . I was just reading the manual and it said to bleed the system turn on the fuel start and run the engine for 1 minuite then stop engine. How would this bleed the system. I was just wondering it says to do this if you disconnect the fuel line,change...
  79. Jeff Lary

    just practicing

    Trying to up load a photo ,Hey it worked this is just a random photo and not part of any thread. Just a front view of my 1995 L2950. Now if i could just add a photo to my profile i tried last night but so far no luck .I have asked the site for help sitll waiting for a how to. I went to -my...
  80. Jeff Lary

    What is a Grand L ?

    I have a 95 Kubota L 2950 w/L450a loader is mine a grand L? What determines the diffrence?
  81. Jeff Lary

    Cutting fire wood

    Well i finished cutting fire wood today been working on it weekends. I needed to get more sun light to a wet section of one of may main woods roads so i been opening up that section.I thought i would clear cut a swath 40' wide for about 3/8 of a mile. I figured i might get a couple 2 or 3 coards...
  82. Jeff Lary

    New about a month ago

    Hi to everyone boy wish i had known about all the intresting information to be had on here 2 years ago.Having alot of fun every evening reading the the days posts that catch my eye. I do have a question though can some one give me a step by step on how to add a picture to a post? Please dont be...
  83. Jeff Lary

    Mice eating my potatoes in the ground

    Has anyone ever had field mice move into their potatoe rows? A few years ago i uncovered a family or two while digging my potatoes .Kind of cute i said cool even. Well last year I lost at least 40% of my Russet and Superior potatoes to mice. They had eatin almost the entire potatoe.They would...
  84. Jeff Lary

    Polaris Ranger Winch?

    I have been told by dealers that a winch for a ranger is a thousand dollars plus.What is the story? it that what people pay?
  85. Jeff Lary

    Ranger winch?

    Does anyone have a winch on their ranger? i have a 500 efi and have been told by a couple of dealers that a winch for this model is $1000.00 plus what is the story on this?